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In addition to 58 city, these Internet companies rumored favorite "996"

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Recently, the 58 city was traced to require all employees to work must be & ldquo; as early as 9:00, 9:00, 6 days per week & rdquo ;, beginning in September, for a month. Have friends that wanted to lay off 58 city made clear, in particular, wanted to lay off older, higher wages, better than the old comrades creativity of young people, this disguised layoffs layoffs formal way than the cost of much smaller.

& Ldquo; 996 & rdquo ;, refers 9:00 to 21:00 to go to work, six days a week, if commuting operators 1.5 hours, it means going to start to be more than seven per day, in the evening a little before nearly you can get home, and only one day of rest per week.

Media calculations, since 996, buy food to cook into a fairy tale, they might even encounter mass transit income classes, and takeaway APP network of about 996 cars it is right to open the way, resulting in a conservative estimate of the additional cost of at least 35 yuan a day. At the same time often get home at eleven, only on Sundays, to accompany time lover and family pitiful, greatly increasing the risk factor of love and marriage. Fitness with less time, learning time becomes less & hellip; & hellip; feeling wreck.

Xiao Bian search for some Internet-employed personal experience, which the Internet company for your inventory Favorites & ldquo; 996 & rdquo ;.


1, Alibaba

& Ldquo; do not accept overtime does not move & rdquo;

Wei, executive vice president of Alibaba before at school recruit clear that & ldquo; do not accept overtime does not move & rdquo ;. Ali Love & ldquo; 996 & rdquo; the evidence as well as online very famous & ldquo; question the letter & rdquo ;, employees wife wrote to Ma, & ldquo; Alibaba working hours in the morning than the others half an hour early to go to work, late at night than others five six hours work; one day sleep six hours, it is a very extravagant thing & rdquo ;.

2, Huawei

Employees want to sign a "striver Application Protocol"

After the signing, it will give up paid annual leave, overtime and non-mandatory paternity leave, in order to ensure their own performance appraisal standards and obtain the relevant dividend, allotment. Huawei into overtime hours and overtime, days off work overtime on Saturday. According to insiders, usually work overtime without overtime pay, said it is the focus of the project unless the normal work until eight or nine, are not eligible for overtime pay. & Ldquo; now striver after signing the agreement, annual leave completely gone. & Rdquo;


3, Qihoo 360

"China Smart Travel 2015 Big Data Report" ranked first in the latest work

360 Hours canteen up to 16 hours, even at 0:00 the next morning between 7:00, canteens still 3-4 stationed master, which is to take into account the employees to work overtime at night.


4, Jingdong cloud

The verbal message is to encourage executives to 996, actually, huh you know.

Management to lead by example, building Jingdong cloud entrepreneurship, from tomorrow onwards, all with a team of T and M, and the T5 or more director-level employees, a week at least 70 hours working system (commonly known as 996) & mdash; & mdash; He Gang (Jingdong Mall Technology Vice president and chief scientist)


5, Tencent mutual entertainment division

& Ldquo; hope mutual entertainment less overtime pinpointing & rdquo;

Tencent employees karoshi, his colleagues to the leadership post, & ldquo; do not remember when to begin, Mark began to appeal to reduce overtime. We also understand that this is Mark understand their thoughts and feelings. However, the reality is like? In my department, for example, to go home by the time 21:00 was extended to 11:00 or even later. Weekend basically most of the time spent in the company. Body a long period overload condition. & Rdquo;


6, Baidu

& Ldquo; birthday holiday overtime over & rdquo;

It seems black material is not much, but in the & ldquo; 2013 Baidu annual conference & rdquo; play on mobile cloud division yard chip appears lens a lot of employees in the company on a holiday birthday of the screen, users Tucao & ldquo; overtime is the theme & rdquo ;.


7. Where (Shenzhen)

Strange wood West: I go where the work of female votes in every night to pick up, usually ten at night from work, eleven home.


Perhaps the reason why the Internet is & ldquo; 996 & rdquo; high incidence of industry, not the leaders did not sympathetic to the employees, Ma in reply to question the letter also wrote & ldquo; excessive consumption of our physical overdraft our personal lives, we must insist on the near & rdquo! ; he would prefer employees to balance work and life.

& Ldquo; 996 & rdquo; frequently, perhaps because the Internet company's multi-operating system project, & ldquo; The deadline & rdquo; the staff had to work overtime. & Ldquo; No customers lost a lot of time program, immediately do a modified version. & Rdquo; but as friends say, the Internet companies to beware of forming a & ldquo; 996 & rdquo; culture, the Internet company's development is inseparable from innovation, & ldquo; perhaps 12 hours in different states of output compare six hours, first internal environment of innovation nurtured bar & rdquo ;. If you need emergency overtime, should also be paid overtime, do not let labor law became a joke.

Finally, if employees believe that the employer violated the legal requirements, may apply to the labor dispute arbitration committee, after arbitration may initiate civil proceedings to no avail.

I hope you can avoid the minefields in the next perfect gold 9 silver 10 season quit, to find a satisfactory job.

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