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Li: AI is not a new concept, but the next scene of the Internet

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李彦宏:AI李彦宏:AI 不是一个新概念,但是互联网的下一幕

Yesterday (25) 2016 Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum held in Xi'an Xia Jifeng, Baidu founder Robin Li, chairman and CEO attend and & ldquo; the next scene Internet & rdquo; delivered a speech.

What is the next scene?

He referred to the next scene, naturally inseparable from what is on the scene? Li believes the scene is mainly refers to the PC Internet era. In this day and age, a lot of familiar large Internet companies. Google, Facebook, including China's Tencent, Baidu and other companies, are born in this era.

Later, change slowly evolved into the present era of mobile Internet. Similarly, in this era also saw the birth of some new companies, such as the United States Uber, Airbnb; China's US group, drops, etc. Today's headlines. Their appearance, and attitude further change the way of human life.

李彦宏:AI李彦宏:AI 不是一个新概念,但是互联网的下一幕

When we all thought that the so-called next act refers to the mobile Internet era, it underestimated the development trend of the Internet. Li mouth at the scene, referring to the era of artificial intelligence that has been hot.

Artificial intelligence will affect the industry?

Li said in his speech detailed from artificial intelligence technology & ldquo; past & rdquo; & ldquo; life & rdquo; talk, share their artificial intelligence for the transformation of various industries in China. As an entrepreneur, he believes more should be concerned about is the role of artificial intelligence in the market which can play to.

The first to consider what AI can do today, what can you do in the near future;

The second consideration, which will affect the AI ​​industry.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence, affect the development of many industries model. But in Li's eyes, that the impact of the most important industries, China is a very large industry, namely manufacturing.

He believes that, & ldquo; things & rdquo; this in five or six years ago, the popular notion, but there has been no large market. This is because of the lack of artificial intelligence era large background. So, when the era of artificial intelligence comes, things will become a big market, it will completely change our manufacturing. So he said,

& Ldquo; the future belongs to all manufacturing industry of artificial intelligence, or the networking industry. All items must be able to network, to be able to put the data back to the cloud, go through artificial intelligence techniques to analyze these technologies, it can give consumers real value to the user. & Rdquo;

Li pointed out that China is a big manufacturing country, but also need to be very concerned about the development of artificial intelligence in a timely manner using the latest technology to upgrade products and manufacturing capabilities. How to seize the opportunities of new technologies, instead of being eliminated artificial intelligence revolution brought about?

In automatic driving, for example, Li explained the combination of artificial intelligence and traditional industries are opportunities, and artificial intelligence to reconstruct health care, entertainment and other industries to show the audience a broader artificial intelligence technology innovation may, for the presence of business home were painted a picture of the future is the transformation of artificial intelligence.

Clearly, artificial intelligence has always been regarded as the next direction of development of the Internet, he brings convenience to meet us for building a picture of the future, but for the human artificial intelligence concerns also go hand in hand, never stopped. Therefore, how to make good use of the & ldquo; & rdquo ;, double-edged sword for many Internet industry large coffee, everything is still in the exploration into the unknown.

The following is the full text of the speech Li:

Stresses that everyone can understand, then, the next scene talk about the Internet. Because & ldquo; the next scene & rdquo; this word, we have to have to look at & ldquo; this scene & rdquo; and & ldquo; the scene & rdquo; what it is.

Actually very simple, the scene is the PC Internet. It should be said, the Internet since the early 1990s began to commercialization, until about four, five years ago, has been a PC-based network, or system. During this time, resulting in a vast majority of today's familiar Internet companies. As you know, in the United States, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. These are Internet companies in the PC Internet age. In China, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, and so these large Internet companies are also in the PC Internet age.

In recent four or five years, the Internet can be said of the second act, which is the mobile Internet era. We all feel the mobile Internet and PC Internet is very different. In this era also gave birth to a new company, like the United States Uber, Airbnb. In China, like the United States today, Wang's group also came, as well as drops, headlines today, and so, there are some new business models out. But this scene Wireless Internet time is actually shorter than imagined to be a lot of people, only four or five years, we again see the future, rely on wireless Internet before the birth of new business models and innovative Internet company to go to the birth the possibility of actually getting smaller.

This summer I spent a few weeks in Silicon Valley, venture capitalists, and some also chatted. In Silicon Valley, I observed that these venture capitalists are no longer basic Internet investment projects, because the opportunity to feel the Internet is running out of this child, to vote in favor of doing some very simple technological innovation companies, such as investment quantum computing.

In recent years, Chinese economy has entered often say & ldquo; new normal & rdquo ;. & Ldquo; new normal & rdquo; meaning, the first is the growth rate is not as high as before; in the second, I think from the guide national policy is concerned, but also hope that through the so-called & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo; to upgrade traditional operational efficiency industry, with the Internet way of thinking and the quality of the Internet the Internet, bring the whole economy.

But I have just mentioned, the second act of the Internet, which is the mobile Internet, its growth is also slowing rapidly.

Especially for China, I came back to the creation of Baidu, when fewer than 10 million Internet users, ten, twenty years, and today has over 700 million users of the Internet. Overall growth trend just relying on the growth of the Internet population, would be a very frightening trend growth, but this growth trend will not have again in the future. More than 700 million Internet users is already more than 50% penetration, later more and more people rely on the Internet, this thing unreliable. Similarly, in the past two or three years, almost all of them have been replaced with smart phones, and then rely on the new smartphone users come to die.

Therefore, national policies rely on & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo; bring the whole economy to promote & ldquo; new normal & rdquo; to continue to grow, but what depends on growth of the Internet this is the next scene I call the Internet, which we need to consider? , you need to think about.

Someone told me a few days ago, the US capital market is now the market value of the top five companies, all have become Internet companies, they are Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. Of course, Microsoft and Apple, which in the strict sense is not actually in the Internet age, they are the first Internet era, that is, the PC era was born. Today, of course, because they work well, very well managed to catch the tide of the Internet to catch the tide of mobile Internet, it is very good.

So in the future, in what areas will be the birth of large companies, innovative companies, high-growth company? This is the same we need to think about. The answer is very simple, most recently, especially since this year, the word is very hot, simply, it is the words & ldquo; AI & rdquo ;. I think the Internet is the next scene AI era.

AI is not a new concept, that summer 60 years ago, the MIT MIT computer science professor a few, in a relatively relaxed environment for the first time mentioned the term artificial intelligence. At that time they thought that the problem of artificial intelligence with a summer time is sufficient, it can be solved. But in fact, this issue is not only a summer unresolved for several years, half a century, artificial intelligence is not a problem. Until today, the AI ​​is still a very, very difficult problem.

But in the past few years, artificial intelligence actually took place very big change, rapid progress. We see that there are some very influential people like Bill Gates (Bill & middot; Gates), Elon Musk (Elon & middot; Maske), we are beginning to call on everyone to pay attention to possible risks of artificial intelligence that the machine has no possibility to control humans.

Of course, such a rapid development of technology, or technical phenomenon, it must be eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom. I have heard that there are some experts recently wrote to the central leadership is talking about & ldquo; artificial intelligence to be blown too far, in fact, artificial intelligence, and there is no real role & rdquo ;. So, on the one hand it was said, AI will control the future of mankind, on the other hand some people will say, even artificial intelligence to help people not qualified. So What is the role of artificial intelligence in the end?

As an entrepreneur, we should pay more attention to the role it can play in the marketplace of.

For this problem, we consider two aspects from. What to consider first, artificial intelligence can do today, what can you do in the near future; second consideration, which will affect the AI ​​industry.

On the first question I speak today not expand, we are interested can participate in the September 1, Baidu World Conference, where we'll talk about this topic in detail.

For the second question, which is that AI will affect the industry, we are constantly thinking. I think it will affect many industries. I think the influence of the most important industries, China is actually a very large industry is manufacturing. About five or six years ago, there was a word particularly popular in China, called & ldquo; things & rdquo ;. Then we always say, the & ldquo; things & rdquo; what is called in English, just kept on going, said to be called Internet of Things, IOT. However, five, six years ago, this concept does not fire up until today, things are not a big market. After moving up the Internet, a lot of people happy favorite wearable device, but also think it will become a huge market. Today we look, wearable device does not become a big market.

However, when the AI ​​era, when things will become a big market, it will completely change our manufacturing. In my opinion, the future belongs to all of the manufacturing industry of artificial intelligence, or the networking industry. All items must be able to network, to be able to put the data back to the cloud, go through artificial intelligence techniques to analyze these technologies make it possible to our consumers, to our users bring tangible value.

In fact, this is not an imaginary thing, this thing is already a reality. What typical product? Is Amazon (Amazon) of Echo. We do not know how many people have used this, on the surface it is a speaker. Speaker is easy to imagine, is the traditional manufacturing products, there is nothing special, but when it has been given artificial intelligence technology or ability, you feel completely different. It can talk to you, answer your questions, you can sing to you, can give you, and can do a lot of things. It frees up your hands, so you no longer need keys, lose your password, open App, this feeling is very, very different.

Artificial intelligence can transform speakers, artificial intelligence could be turned over today to buy a lot of merchandise, so I think AI will be very profound transformation of the manufacturing sector. China is a big manufacturing country, I think in this regard need to be very concerned about the development of artificial intelligence technology, timely use of the latest technology to upgrade our products and manufacturing capabilities.

The last two years there is a very hot industry, artificial intelligence will be completely changed, the industry is the automotive industry. AI era in the automobile industry, when a start is divided into two camps: a camp is a traditional car factory; another camp that Google and Baidu in the do or unmanned automatic driving car. The two camps each have their own set of logic.

The traditional entirely unmanned depot think is actually very difficult technical problem that requires many, many years later to be able to become a reality, so we need to take a gradual path, step by step, freeing the driver. Today we see the Tesla, in fact, it is typical in such a way to go. All you can think of mainstream automakers also are moving in the so-called & ldquo; ADAS & rdquo; (height autopilot) in the direction of efforts. The so-called highly automated driving, in fact, not 100% autopilot, it is possible to solve the autopilot many common scenarios, but encountered extreme cases, it requires human intervention.

So this idea of ​​what is the problem? Most important thing is safety. Some time ago Tesla an accident is actually a manifestation of this problem specifically: human driver thought I could autopilot, but when it came to the extremes in fact autopilot technology is not treated. And once people get a chance to function on autopilot formed will depend on guard, we encountered extreme cases for the control of driving ability, so the probability of accidents but will be higher. This is what we are worried about.

Of course, for automatic driving, unmanned vehicles, in fact, we are all very worried, the most important security issue. How to make 100% of the cases can be handled by a machine? Now the machine can win the world chess champion, but I am afraid to drive a machine driver but better than ordinary. Because things to deal with is very, very complex, the most important problem to be solved is the problem of artificial intelligence, and then specifically is Computer Vision (computer vision) problem.

One can see that ran in front of a child, but the machine can not know that he was a child? There have roadblock is not moving, the machine can not know that it is not moving? When it rains, the visibility deteriorated, people can identify what obstacles are out front, but now the machine is also very difficult to identify them. All of these issues need to be addressed fully automated driving, and to solve these technical problems is very, very difficult.

The times we have discussed, what the government can help the autopilot earlier that day comes? Which has a more ambitious idea is to make a living each put on a small piece of metal, the metal sheet can be passively self-driving cars to the probe, so that self-driving cars can at least avoid the pedestrian, not least traffic accidents, not dead. Thus, the automatic driving technique will have more space to develop their own, and gradually mature.

Two roads have advantages and disadvantages. The automobile industry is a very large industry in China is probably ten trillion largest industry, is difficult to say which way we will eventually succeed, but we basically still relatively confident, autopilot era day would come.

This is a change in the automotive industry, in fact, many other industries will be affected, such as the health industry, the entertainment industry will have a relatively large change. In recent years, the health industry is very precise medical heat, so-called precision medical is personalized, different people have different treatment methods and different drugs.

What medicine is effective for whom? We need to analyze the genes of his condition, of course, with the environment have acquired great relationship; for the analysis of genes, which are similar to human genes, similar to what disease will be sensitive to what medicine?? If there is a saying & ldquo; cancer chemotherapy only one sixth of the people & rdquo ;, then valid for one sixth of the people which need effective medicine, health technology and artificial intelligence techniques in combination to address these? problem.

In fact, the entertainment industry will be profoundly changed, familiar VR and AR future is likely to become the mainstream forms of content. In fact, behind the AR needs to solve the problem of computer vision, when you shoot something, it needs to be able to identify where it is and what shot Yes. Speech technology in recent years has rapidly matured and matured to the point? In fact, it can almost all synthetic sound. Why this will change the entertainment industry?

Now we have to shoot a film, whether it is movies, TV shows, and big-name actors to sign, ask him to shoot, he wants to be in the field for months, or even longer to shoot a film to. When the voice and image technology to mature, in theory, no longer needed after the big stars to the scene to shoot. He just has licensed to you, his voice synthesized, after taking a photo image also by automated synthesis, so that he can be doing Why, this thing solved. When these things become possible, the entertainment industry is very big change will happen.

Just talking about these industries are very, very large industry, small industry for many AI think we can have a great influence, you can change a lot. My imagination is limited, but if all of you enough for the industry where you learn while to understand that artificial intelligence technology, I believe you can think out more innovative than my space.

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