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OPPO, vivo dig pits Huawei millet will jump off it?

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OPPO、vivoOPPO、vivo 挖的坑,华为小米会跳下去吗?

(Guangzhou Panyu street in vivo and OPPO dealer, Feng said on this map)

Text / Western Swordsman

Since the second half of last year OPPO, vivo two brothers, blue and green sales meteoric rise, since the first two quarters, more like an irresistible trend, millet and Lenovo fell far behind, followed by Huawei sales rankings, becoming the domestic mobile phone market second and third.

For a time, & ldquo; the channel is king & rdquo; cliche again in China mobile phone industry spread, some media and the so-called analysts is the blue-green two brothers attributed the success to the victory line channels, as if growth OPPO and vivo sales another trend has become phenomenal millet pattern after.

Impetuous and marketing-oriented vices Chinese mobile phone industry once again shown. Some few years ago, not only to rely on traditional channels manufacturers began to restart the line channels, even millet, 360, plus a number of other so-called Internet phone manufacturers, have begun to sit still, have said next to a large open line channels.

Millet said Lei Jun, two years to build the next line terminal 200, which is three days a rhythm; 360 phones are a second-tier cities began to build offline sales outlets, ZTE, Lenovo and other manufacturers are also in a different way to the line under channel advance, Huawei also launched at the end of 2015 & ldquo; & rdquo ;, Chin County plan objectives and although other manufacturers are not the same, but the line is not self-evident to strengthen the channels. For a time, the Chinese mobile phone industry is overwhelming.

For weak product manufacturers, offline channels can be an aphrodisiac? Enter the mobile phone market to improve demand periods, can improve market sales do?

Like four years ago Swordsman not exactly optimistic, like millet, Swordsman today is still not optimistic about the so-called OPPO vivo and marketing & ldquo; myth. For life has become an essential consumer electronics mobile phone in China's mobile phone market, any ideas easy, and do not help the development of the industry.

OPPO、vivoOPPO、vivo 挖的坑,华为小米会跳下去吗?

Two brothers, blue and green rising sales, just shows the limitations of resources and low efficiency of the line channels

Swordsman in the previous article "OPPO mobile phone sales has been ranked fourth in the world, but why so few people around to see with" talked about in the next OPPO line network has reached 200,000 of the giant, but in a, second-tier cities and rarely OPPO mobile phone users have seen vivo use. In fact, from the case of the article reader feedback, the market in three to six lines, and under OPPO vivo line shop has surplus trend.

The fact is, with blue-green two brothers currently huge advertising and hundreds of thousands of sales outlets nationwide, but failed to form a core group of users in a second-tier cities. This phenomenon explains the one hand, a different second-tier cities and three to six user-line market, consumer behavior, but also shows the next focus for OPPO offline channels vivo and in terms of, one, second-tier cities and the channel did not play much of a role . It is also for this reason, folk legends and OPPO vivo is & ldquo; sister factory machine & rdquo; target not without reason. As user feedback, labor-intensive medium and small cities in the South and the majority of the forty-five market, Samsung and Apple accounted for high-end, red rice and millet to occupy the low end of the market environment, OPPO vivo and in an appropriate mid-price and plausible product design and quality, to win the trust of users is also reasonable.

Indeed, many people saw the blue-green two brothers enhance sales, but not necessarily see the two brothers Mishap in the market distribution.

A second-tier cities, especially form the core user group is not in a city, it is the biggest pain in the blue-green two brothers encountered during the upgrade of the brand.

Meanwhile, two brothers, blue and green under a huge amount of current line channels and two together sold about 100 million units, and unit sales outlets not to mention the efficiency and Apple Authorized store sales ratio, and Huawei is the country more than 1,000 sales outlets than single-store sales, but also the difference between the geometrically. Two brothers, blue and green everywhere sales outlets, and sales did not improve the efficiency of resource allocation system, more like a dozen years ago in the era of the slave-day language and a number of cottage manufacturers approach.

In addition to the rise in millet product positioning advantages, more in its online marketing tools, greatly improve the allocative efficiency of resources in the process of enterprise marketing, which is in all sectors of Chinese society is undergoing great changes. In the mobile phone industry, simply learning path barbaric growth under blue-green line two brothers, vendors and the entire industry will not have a positive meaning, in a certain sense, this is an anti-historical progress approach.

The value of traditional electricity supplier in the retail industry that greatly saves the user's shopping behavior in time, effort and cost of capital. For already fully standardized cell phones, sale of part of the main form of comprehensive steering line just a matter of time. The blue-green two brothers succeeded in three to six cities the online channel, just proved in China second-tier cities significantly increase electricity supplier permeability brought about consumer habits change reality, the line a second-tier cities weakening channel capacity is not hard to understand.

OPPO、vivoOPPO、vivo 挖的坑,华为小米会跳下去吗?

Situation Hailong Electronics City

Zhongguancun Huaqiang North today is the future of the next three or four lines of cable channels tomorrow

A few days ago a friend of mine in the article said that in Guangzhou Panyu largest flow of people on a street, OPPO stores one after, almost the whole street were OPPO & ldquo; occupation & rdquo;, expansion under OPPO online store may be beyond many people's expectations. Unfortunately, however, turn a street friend, salesperson told him that a large department store was empty!

Any form of fraud, and ultimately had to manufacturers for their own short-sighted and bad faith to pay, millet so today OPPO vivo and remain so.

In fact, this year, due to the economic environment affected the Chinese people gradually formed the habit of shopping online, offline stores the past two years the rapid decline of the state of affairs is getting worse, in the clothing and some other consumer areas, thousands Close family business a few counter sales outlets, but in the mobile phone industry has emerged against the tide movements, can not help but be vigilant.

In fact, the first-tier cities of digital stores, once renowned Shenzhen Huaqiang North, and Beijing Zhongguancun, showing a very frustrating situation. In some media reports, Huaqiang North little man to the floor of the mouth feel, and in the Beijing Zhongguancun E world since last year closed, to mark this year's Zhongguancun Hailong closed, causing the industry exclaimed.

Beijing Zhongguancun Dinghao only remaining digital stores, but also as Higurashi Western Hills. Swordsman recently went to Ding Hao looked at a third of the counter has been covered up with a cloth, and the counter is barely few people interested. In the basement of the cell phone store, in addition to maintenance and foil the counter occasionally patronize someone outside, not to mention other counter business, even passing people do not, and this compared to previous years, crowded past, far more than is heaven on earth !

And a counter boss chat that now business, faceless one day a few people, can not lose on the good, money is very difficult, if not press the hands of a large number of goods, he would flash people a.

Shenzhen Huaqiang North, and Beijing Zhongguancun, once the glory of China's electronics industry. However, when cities turn to online consumer behavior, its decline in the offing. In fact, now the flow of people to see Ding Hao, also closed its only a matter of fate electronics stores also generally the case.

When the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and Chongqing cities main consumer groups between 18 and 45 years of consumer behavior from line to line, whether or Wanda Commercial Plaza Zhongguancun digital stores, its decline is a matter of necessity, decided to user behavior the business model. Especially for standardized mobile phone products, for the user, there is no need in the store experience, on-line information is adequate for their purchase decision.

Unbalanced Chinese community resources, including information consumption, not only resulted in the North-South differences between users and the market, but also with respect to a second-tier cities, three to six cities have more noticeable lag in the formation of information consumption, which is causing the current three one reason for the city to six phone lines physical retail channel hot. Due to the relatively slow pace of life and habits of online shopping is not fully formed, people buy big-ticket items will depend on physical stores, but this is only short-term phenomenon, it does not mean that will not change in the future. Rural house painter sports Taobao, Jingdong and Lynx, is to see the broad prospects underdeveloped and rural areas in the electricity supplier market, the future is bound to be the dominant provider of electricity consumption scenarios. Because at least from now on, the electricity supplier not only reduces the consumption cost of the user, more important is the Chinese society is changing resource unequal status quo.

In the long run (in fact, is a few years), today Beijing Zhongguancun and Shenzhen Huaqiang North end, is the future three to six cities including the future of the rural market sales of electronic products store, it can not be changed.

Everyone not beat the trend.

OPPO、vivoOPPO、vivo 挖的坑,华为小米会跳下去吗?

Select the marketing approach is to adapt to different consumption habits of people regional market

For mobile phone sales, the important thing is not the next big line sales ratio or large proportion of online sales, it is important whether they can adapt their marketing spending habits of local users at the present stage, shouting to restart offline channels manufacturers, a few years later because the three and six-line market, consumer shopping habits change, will eventually make their own channels once again become a burden.

If some speculation vulgar, OPPO vivo and historical reasons, had to take from three to six lines cut into the mobile phone market by market sales of the line mode because relatively Huawei glory millet and influence a few years ago, two online nearly negligible. When its line sales especially to achieve greater advantage in the underdeveloped information and did not become mainstream consumer market, the market advantage through the line against the advantages of the Internet online brand through less developed regions to market advantage against a second-tier cities of Internet brand advantage, when the mire of the Internet under the brand pull-line channels, two brothers, blue and green online but calmly expanding the advantages of their line, the future of the comprehensive advantages of the manufacturers have to re-examine .

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the sound echoing in the media industry and large V, the lower OPPO vivo and line channel model seems to be the trend in the mobile phone industry. And not only have to be involved ZTE, Lenovo and a number of former heroes of today's decline the manufacturers, but also rely on the Internet started millet, Huawei glory and 360, in this sense, the two brothers in blue and green line force when the channels, the Internet brand successfully pulled into the mire offline channels.

OPPO and in vivo dug pit, Huawei glory millet and already jumped half figure. The earliest jump a plus, since the beginning of this year, has been unable to maintain business line shop, the store has begun to close the line, this is a joke, but also the Chinese mobile phone industry in recent Jigong force blindly follow the trend of the results.

For the Chinese market, whether it is a second-tier market, MERCOSUR or three to six lines and markets, there is a big difference, whether under the previous millet pattern, blue-green and now the two brothers-wire mode, do not possible in a marketing-take the entire market. In a complex market environment and different people's spending habits, mobile phone manufacturers need to really understand the local market, the user's spending habits, do not attempt to solve all the problems in one mode.

For the moment the mobile phone market, if the manufacturers of the products are low-end market positioning, restrained the construction offline channels is a way to improve short-term sales, but in the beginning you have to enter after exiting understand way, make it now OPPO Panyu in Guangzhou streets is shop, shop no status quo, that is, their own digging their own jump.

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