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Google's VR daydreaming, sounded the horn VR popularity

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Google does not need to get an excellent device certainly in the short term, they want is to get control over an area.

According to foreign media sources,Google has long been ready VR platform Daydream will be & ldquo; coming weeks & rdquo; in the launch.

Google recently has been the preparations for cooperation with other companies to complete content creation, content to Daydream platform launch as a support.

Daydream, another Google Play Store?

For now, Google's & ldquo; the wishful thinking & rdquo; by applying a lot of games and content promotion Daydream internet.

This year's Google I / O conference, Google had said that it would appear on the Daydream platform Google's own range of products, including VR Special Edition Street View, Youtube, Photos, Play Movies and other services.


Above-mentioneddiscloseHe said, Google has partnered with YouTube on the net a lot of red, helping them to make 360 ​​& deg; video, but also with EA, Ubisoft and other game makers, NBA and other sports to achieve cooperation. In addition, Google video site Hulu will help to promote some projects. It is understood that, Hulu will release a new video on Daydream, but may not be exclusive.


Daydream platform in a music application TheWaveVR co-founder Finn & middot; Staple (Finn Staber) said:

Google Daydream on the application will be a huge amount of investment.

The objective of the investment is certainly not just to support the development of VR content, more reliable guess in advance that & ldquo; exclusive & rdquo; content.

Daydream VR to pave the way?


Daydream established after the launch of the first mobile VR obvious & ldquo; & rdquo ;, reference design means that many and complex VR hardware and software vendors, there will be some impact extrusion, but another point of view, to the mobile VR a Daydream setting uniform standards, the hardware market is no longer mixed.

TVR Fangxiang original co-founder expressed, Daydream gives a uniform standard for content companies, especially the game makers will be very helpful.

If you want to make the content fit different mobile devices work will become very complicated.

Appropriate, Google can get some benefits on the content. Daydream Like Windows system, under the system, the game manufacturers, content creators have a standard to follow, outputs and output is more convenient.

Imagine, Daydream content creators to fix the road, then the road to run up & ldquo; car & rdquo; will continue to increase. Google and content producers, their own profit.

DayDream not & ldquo; & rdquo ;, daydreaming VR is Google's future


Previously, Google Offer Google Cardboard, although experience a sense of difference, but the price is cheap and easy to operate, the cardboard box to help Google users salvaged a lot of impressions of Google VR. However, a cardboard box is not enough. Google hopes to continue to promote user acceptance of virtual reality technology to ensure its position in the VR development by Daydream.

Back to the virtual reality market in the past, VR display equipment manufacturers numerous, larger non-mobile display manufacturers are Sony PS VR, Facebook's Oculus and HTC Vive, but their prices are not cheap, but also require additional purchased hosts in use must also be towing a & ldquo; whip & rdquo ;.

The focus on mobile display VR products that can really only be compared with Google Samsung Gear VR. In effect, Samsung really did a good job, but with the Gear VR have to determine the type of mobile phone use, which greatly limits the development of space, at most, can only be considered a Samsung mobile phone & ldquo; & rdquo ;. bonus items

Mobile VR matter in respect of Google do? Because the a huge natural advantage.

According to foreign media reports,As of the second quarter of 2016, Android mobile phone market share has reached 86.2%. Meanwhile, Android N system has been enhanced to increase the virtual reality features such as graphics processing speed, head tracking capability, sensor data utilization.


Image Source:First Financial

With Android's market share expansion VR market, which is the advantage of other VR platforms dream want.

But Google does not just want a new & ldquo; market platform & rdquo; so simple. According to Fan love child (Micro Signal: ifanr) understand, Daydream will work with the new Android phones, virtual reality equipment and handle with the launch.


Image Source:engadget

Google's I / O conference announced, Samsung, HTC, Asus, Huawei, LG, millet, ZTE these partners will support future mobile phone products Daydream.

Although so far no handshake once said to & ldquo; friendly cooperation & rdquo; the manufacturers to Daydream strong platform, but Ximmerse CEO Jay He guessed: & ldquo; a few months to reach the mobile phone manufacturers should be there will be movement. & Rdquo;

From DayDream see the future of mobile VR

SuperData expected until the end of 2016Global consumers will buy 16.8 million for mobile platforms VR equipment. This view, Google launched Daydream to develop mobile VR standard is more like homeopathy.

DaydreamDaydream googleio201611

Image Source:androidauthority

Google VR business leader has said in an interview: & ldquo; Google mission is to organize the world's information and make it able to access and benefit from, VR is no exception. & Rdquo; from a strategic platform released Daydream view, unreasonable.

With Daydream, mobile VR might be something like this:

  • Hardware: phone + support + internet + Daydream head was a single remote control
  • Other standardized platform + content Daydream games, videos, and other applications: Content

Daydream allow Google to found the VR another development path, even said that a higher level of road: rule makers.

However, with foreign Daydream, but for various reasons, Google's Daydream bring to the China VR, can imagine, there may be a replica of Daydream & ldquo; App Store & rdquo; it.

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