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Microsoft Translator: breaking down language barriers develop new opportunities for global communication

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Author: Olivier Fontana, Microsoft Research director of product strategy Microsoft Translator

The world is getting smaller, global collaboration, co-innovation has become the norm. At Microsoft Research, we are especially empathy & mdash; & mdash; from Beijing to Redmond from Cambridge to Bangalore without borders worldwide communication and collaboration is the key foundation for our cooperation in scientific research and product innovation. Globalization has brought about development opportunities should belong to everyone, in order to help people around the world across language barriers, to achieve efficient communication and extensive collaboration, we bring the Microsoft Translator.

Microsoft Translator is Microsoft's Machine Learning, big data, cloud computing and natural language based on cutting-edge technology to create automatic translation service, Microsoft is also charged with a number of artificial intelligence research, one of the earliest and most widely used. Microsoft Translator now supports 50 languages ​​text translation, eight kinds of real-time voice and language translation in 18 languages ​​speech recognition and output. At the end of July 2016, the basis of our simplified and traditional Chinese, the latest addition to the Cantonese translation of text, to further improve the support for the Chinese application environments.

Self-learning intelligent translation

& Ldquo; Statistical Machine Translation & rdquo; is the main Microsoft Translator technology behind it to Microsoft ten years research in the field of natural language, based on the principle of adding machine learning and statistics. Simply put, this translation system will be & ldquo; translation & rdquo; transformed into a machine learning problem, let the computer constantly on the artificial training data translation and language translation and learning to judge the results, in the constant correction and correction in promoting self-improvement and optimization of the system algorithms. Through statistical modeling techniques and efficient algorithm to optimize continuous learning machine translation system can learn the context of context, rather than the rigid rules of grammar and the meaning of words to match the most appropriate translation.


Say Microsoft Translator from the smart machine learning, natural language technology, and its reliable operation and continuous optimization, it can not do without Microsoft's resources in various fields. For example, as a cloud service, Microsoft Translator runs on Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Azure provides a platform for running machine learning and other advanced analysis functions, while ensuring high availability and data security as a SaaS cloud services, and it The elastic can expand the scale of operation required. On the other hand, global coverage of the Bing search engine, but also for Microsoft Translator provides global scale and creative language learning materials, the machine learning system to continue to grow and improve.

At the same time, Microsoft's diverse products and services, but also for Microsoft Translator provides a vast world to display their talent. Since 2006, Microsoft Translator will gradually begin more and more Microsoft products to provide automatic text translation, such as Office, Bing search, IE and Edge browser, Skype, Microsoft Huna (Cortana) and so on. Perhaps you do not realize, but it's actually been around you & mdash; & mdash; click & ldquo in the computer's Word interface; review & rdquo; menu item, then select & ldquo; translation & rdquo; icon, you will be able to experience the Microsoft Translator the ability.

Let your natural intelligence exchange voice translation

In Build2016 Microsoft Developers Conference organized by the end of March 2016, Microsoft CEO Satir & middot; Nadella pointed out the direction of development and the IT industry over the next Microsoft: Let natural human language and advanced machine intelligence interact also It is & ldquo; a dialogue that is internet (conversation as a platform) & rdquo; concept and released the & ldquo; Microsoft Robotics framework (Microsoft Bot framework) & rdquo; and Microsoft cognitive services (Microsoft cognitive service), to help developers build new generation artificial intelligence applications. In fact, as a listen Multilingual AI service, Microsoft Translator voice translation service has been a successful practice in advance.


Microsoft cognitive services

Early in 2014, Microsoft Translator voice translation service that is launched, in March 2016 and opened for developers of voice translation API. Microsoft Translator currently supports including Mandarin Chinese, including eight languages, real-time voice translation (English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese). In Skype Translator and Windows, iOS or Android version of the Microsoft Translator application, you can experience the private real-time interpretation.

Speech Translation Translation is much more complex than the text, go through automatic speech recognition (ASR), TrueText intelligent text correction, automatic text translation and text-to-speech (TTS) four steps.


Among them, the automatic speech recognition by means of deep neural network, the audio data thousands of hours in different languages ​​for analysis and learning, in order to achieve & ldquo; understand & rdquo; natural human voice purpose & mdash; & mdash; machine learning, speech recognition-based effects also with the accumulation of data and will continue to improve. TrueText intelligent text correction is responsible for the people colloquial AC converted to standard text, for example, to remove the & ldquo; ah & rdquo;, & ldquo; ah & rdquo;, & ldquo; the & rdquo;, & ldquo; the & rdquo; superfluous words like and repeat, stuttering and other speech disease and add punctuation, punctuation, so that the text would have been closer to the user's intention, but also easier to read and interpret. In a text translation on the basis of enhanced voice translation engine, adding more spoken text corpus, so as to translate spoken language conversation classes to build a better model. Finally, the text-to-speech conversion process, if the target language translation is one of 18 kinds of Microsoft Translator Switch language currently supported, you can use speech synthesis technology to translate text into voice after playing out. Entire speech translation process, the introduction of deep neural networks (DNNs) technology, greatly reduces the error rate translation, to improve reliability.


Bring your personal translation, navigate the world

In order to allow more users anytime, anywhere, easy access to translation services, Microsoft Translator for different platforms launched a mobile client application. This application not only apply to Windows devices, and also supports the use of iOS, Android platform devices, and even Apple Watch and Android Wear smart watch.


Run in the intelligent terminal Microsoft Translator through continuous improvement and upgrade, has now developed a very mature, not only supports numerous language translation feature, but can also provide offline translation options. Users can either use the keyboard or paste text, you can also use a microphone input voice directly, or will see foreign languages ​​filmed, let the software automatically recognize and translate. In the latest version, we also added support for eight languages ​​real-time voice translation feature that allows two people of the language barrier, a cell phone alone can face to face real-time voice communication.

Microsoft Translator mobile client application is absolutely essential tool for overseas travel, it can not only help me to ask the way, but also to rely on photographs to identify streets, shops and no pictures of the menu, and even let me new friends all over the world to conduct a truly meaningful conversation, really appreciate the cosmopolitan fun communication.

Increasingly popular in China & ldquo; scouring the sea & rdquo; is another arena of Microsoft Translator. Based on technology Microsoft Translator Bing Translator (bing.com/translator) provides an online text translation and web site translation, simply enter your URL sea Amoy, the entire page will be able to realize a machine translation, and also supports 50 languages let your overseas shopping accessibility. Windows 10 users by adding extension Edge browser Translator, you can translate an entire web page or a key text.


In your most familiar micro letter, there are Microsoft Translator figure. Just dialog interface, long press appears in the dialogue bubbles French, Japanese or Arabic text, select & ldquo; & rdquo ;, translation occurs & ldquo; Microsoft Translator & rdquo; to bring you the Chinese translation.

Enterprises to international, or localization? We can help

In today's global market integration, Microsoft Translator application prospects in business and enterprise market is also increasingly clear. Whether Chinese enterprises to expand overseas market, localization transformation, or the development of Chinese enterprises to sea & ldquo; go & rdquo; strategy, we can help.

Microsoft Translator supplied text and voice translation service that can help multinational companies implement barrier-free internal communication and internal training, provide customer support for the global market, building online communities, and to achieve the site, documentation, business intelligence, real-time, two-way or multi-directional translation. Compared with the traditional means of localization, appearing as a cloud service Microsoft Translator provides a pay-as-low-cost, customizable cross-platform development and access capabilities, to ensure compliance with corporate IT security policies, and provides the industry's only industry custom translation corpus. Currently, Microsoft Translator has served to thousands of enterprise customers worldwide, including Amazon, eBay, Twitter, HP, Dell, etc., in their respective business globalization and localization field was Microsoft Translator help.


In the WPC 2016 Microsoft Partner Conference just concluded in July, Microsoft announced that it will provide Skype Meeting Broadcast Services to Office 365 business users before the end of the year, it can automatically add captions to web conferencing, and conference in real-time translated into different languages unfolded & mdash; & mdash; which also are based on the Microsoft Translator implemented.

Open API to bring development opportunities open

Today's productivity with Microsoft is a platform company, we are committed to creating a common development platform for innovation will enable our partners and ecosystems. Application promising intelligent text and voice translation field, Microsoft Translator but also for people to bring innovation opportunities.

In fact, since 2011, Microsoft Translator will open the API, and the form of Azure cloud platform SaaS cloud services provide access services to third parties. Currently, the world has thousands of customers using this service to achieve website localization, multilingual customer support, e-commerce, social media, online gaming, business intelligence and other typical application scenarios. Microsoft Translator API can be easily cross-platform access to third-party systems and applications, developers only need to register to use the Azure Data Market website (datamarket.azure.com/browse/Data) on, it can get 2 million characters per month free translation service.

Microsoft's mission is to be a global force for each person, each organization enormously successful. At the same time we hope Microsoft Translator through Microsoft products to provide services to consumers, can I force more developers and companies, providing a variety of translation services for more users worldwide to break language barriers between people around the world to promote communication, communicate with.

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