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HTC and trap door bet VR loss alleged uncertainty

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HTCHTC 又陷亏损门押注 VR 被指前景不明

In the hot competition in the mobile phone industry trend, HTC and depression losses door & mdash; & mdash; 2016 second quarter results, the current losses about 881 million yuan, which is already a loss HTC fifth consecutive quarter.

HTC and Samsung once, comparable to Apple, its market capitalization has reached $ 33.5 billion in 2011, but now has shrunk to less than $ 2 billion. The industry believes that the decline in the year starting from HTC's lost patent litigation with Apple, after hit by this, always adhere to high-end line of HTC are still reluctant to cast aside, thus, under the premise of high-end machine failure, and also its rapid rise China's low-end smart phones (such as millet) missed market.

Currently, HTC has its own half of the field of VR services to bet, trying to hope in transition to improve the plight of nowadays, which the number of respondents said, VR market has not really rise, not to short-term financial HTC revenue bring much contribution.

In addition, the "China Business" reporter on the issue of the future HTC mobile phone business and VR Business What adjustment and layout contacted HTC relevant person in charge, the person said a spokesman for frequent travel, inconvenience interview responses.

Performance decline highlights midlife crisis

August 2, HTC released the 2016 second quarter results, current revenue of NT $ 18.9 billion, or about 4 billion yuan, 11.4% gross margin, operating loss of NT $ 4.2 billion, or about 881 million yuan, operating margin was -22.5%. In this earnings report, HTC's latest flagship smartphone and HTC 10 HTC Vive, the profit was not a very good performance.

This was the second quarter in 2015, HTC fifth consecutive quarterly operating loss. So far, HTC has consecutive losses of 231 billion Taiwan dollars, or about 4.85 billion yuan.

In this regard, communications expert Xiang Ligang pointed out that now HTC is going through the throes of transition, a growing market share in the mobile phone business, while small, but also into the VR field, although HTC Vive products have been well received, but given the smaller market share of VR , in order to rely on it more difficult to make money, in this case, the loss is inevitable.

In fact, HTC was once ranked the world's first mobile phone manufacturers camp development, with Apple, Samsung rival, and to reach the peak in 2011, the market value of up to $ 33.5 billion. According to publicly available data, HTC mobile phone sales in 2011 reached 43 million, accounting for 9.1% of global market share.

Unfortunately, two years after they appeared for the first time HTC deficit, four years after the market value has shrunk to less than $ 2 billion.

According to the latest data TrendForce disclosure, HTC2016 mobile phone shipments in the first quarter to 2.67 million in 2016 annual shipments expected to be 13.17 million, compared to the 26.8% decline in 2015 of 18 million, more than in 2011 43 million decreased by 69.4%.

It is reported that, so HTC really took a plunge, is the 2011 patent litigation with Apple to defeat. 2011 US International Trade Commission ruling finds HTC infringed Apple's iPhone patent No. 647, and from April 19, 2012 relates to the patent HTC smartphones banned imports. Xiang Ligang think, by this hit, HTC rapid decline in the global market.

Missed stick to high-end Chinese market

Android system by means of wind and water, HTC in July 2010, announced the official to enter the mainland Chinese mobile phone market. When he was CEO of HTC Peter Chou has also expressed the importance of building channels: & ldquo; we will build on the upstream and downstream industry chain, HTC's sales channels, operators and retailers are our very important channel. & Rdquo;

However, HTC ultimately did not grasp the opportunity of the Mainland mobile phone market.

HTC had to Fudan University Department of Business Administration Professor Lord Ren Suyong depth study pointed out that the decline of HTC mobile phone business has two main reasons: & ldquo; First, China Huawei, millet and other mobile phone manufacturers to rapidly rise, this original HTC the mobile phone market has created a significant impact; Second, HTC under intensified competitive situation, their product positioning and strategic positioning have some problems. Although HTC has been proposed to go the high road, but in the high-end market is Apple, Samsung and other mobile phone giant, which has firmly occupied the high-end market. & Rdquo;

In reality, HTC seems to stick to high-end line of thinking has not changed so far. It is understood, HTC's latest HTC lifestyle 10 has started selling overseas, priced at 52,800 Indian rupees, or about 5185 yuan, HTC 10 disposed in the domestic release of the former is relatively low, as high as 3799 yuan pricing.

In addition, Xiang Ligang also pointed out, HTC Taiwan has a background as a business, is present on the mainland have a certain affinity, but its poor strategic operations, resulting in the relatively poor performance of the mainland market, even the consolidation of the market, there are a great challenge.

Furthermore, compared to Internet phone brand marketing of speculation, Xiang Li Gang represents channel construction HTC Peter Chou era in the value of the performance is not very good, the lack of appropriate and timely adjustments.

VR desperate or not put City

When the entire mobile phone market development has touched the ceiling, its own mobile phone business profit growth is difficult to support, HTC turned to the VR field, and in March 1, 2015 officially launched the HTC Vive.

Faced with a loss of performance in the second quarter of 2016, HTC president Global Sales Pro Chia said the company expects shipments in the second half than the first half of HTC Vive increased, and hope this will help achieve the company received in the third quarter breakeven.

According to market research firm IDC predicts that in 2016 the global virtual reality devices will be shipped over 9 million units. Meanwhile, in 2016 China's VR virtual reality device shipments will reach 48 million units, this figure compared with 2015, an increase of 476%.

VR good market outlook, prompting more determination HTC transformation of VR. HTC chairman Cher Wang told the media that the proportion of mobile phone company and VR services for & ldquo; 50% to 50% & rdquo ;. For this proportion, Xiang Ligang, said millet, Huawei and other Chinese enterprises, VR is still in the speculative stage, a company like HTC such large-scale investment has not yet appeared.

Analysys analyst Zhao Ziming in this regard that, compared to HTC mobile phone business in the global market slump, we can say at present is already the HTC HTCVive lifeline lies.

Not long ago, HCT also announced at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, will join the world's top 28 venture capital firms, venture founded VR coalition, is expected to invest tens of billions of funds to promote the global virtual reality industry. In addition, more it confirmed the nascent VR split the business, set up HTC VIVE Tech subsidiary fully controlled by HTC.

It is noteworthy that, on August 9, HTC and Ali cloud announced the establishment of a strategic partnership to jointly explore cloud computing and virtual reality technology, the new solutions.

& Ldquo; In the development strategy, VR is an exploration of the direction of HTC, HTC for the most important thing is to sum up the past, the advantage of technological innovation route. Because HTC to enter the mobile phone industry and not a very early start OEM start, and then step by step to create a brand, and now the mobile phone industry from sudden jump VR, there is no accumulation of technology, is a completely start their own independent research and development . & Rdquo; Su Yong think, VR current prospects business remains less clear, HTC to leveraging VR back to the top are still many problems to be solved.

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