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Windows 10 really should be permanently free of charge?

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A few days ago, Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade activities ended, more than the deadline, only 888 yuan to buy the Windows 10 family of high-level version, or 1799 yuan to buy a professional version. Microsoft believes that 1 billion of the goal is difficult to achieve after free, and the general user, said the price is still too expensive, do not consider the upgrade. So in your opinion, Windows 10 should continue to be free of charge?

The amount of Windows 10 is not ideal.

Windows 10 officially released on 2015 July 29, for faster access to a large number of probability packaging, Microsoft made a surprising decision that all have a genuine Windows Windows 7 or 8.1 users, provided that they meet the qualifications can be a free upgrade to the latest Windows 10 operating system, and Microsoft also provides a fairly long "one year" as a term.

Today, 2016 July 29, has been in the past, windows 10 isn't free, but Microsoft is worried that the problem still exists, because according to the third party market research firm net applications released the latest on the windows system market share report, cut-off by the end of July version of windows 10 accounted for only about 21.13% of global PC market share.

Meanwhile, at the end of July, Microsoft also announced a more precise figure. At that time, Microsoft said: "the current operating in more than 350 million units on the. In view of the and many consumers still use older versions of windows, we strongly recommend that comply with the conditions of PC users as soon as possible a free upgrade to windows 10, enjoy windows 10 new characteristics, effectively enhance the personalized computing experience. "

WindowsWindows 10真的应该永久免费吗?

It is clear that the results achieved by Windows 10 is not ideal, today's Windows 7 is still the market leader, there are still 47.01% of the market share. At the same time, 8/8.1 Windows and XP Windows accounted for a total of about 20% market share. Even Microsoft itself also said, China 49.76% of the PC is still using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 operating system, and these devices are in line with the requirements of free upgrade to Windows 10 system."

Now the question comes, should Windows 10 continue to be free? Or to maintain a permanent free upgrade for consumers rights?

The nailhouse user will not spend money to upgrade

If more than the Windows 10 system provided by Microsoft to upgrade the deadline, charges are certainly a natural thing! Want to get the Windows 10 operating system, only through the normal way to spend money to buy a license authorization. Of course, you can also consider the purchase of a new computer with the Windows 10 system.

According to the retail price of Windows 10 operating system before Microsoft announced. Buy windows 10 home premium need RMB 888 yuan (and earlier windows 8.1 price), another more high-end a Windows 10 Pro price 1799 yuan, and from the home version l Professional Edition need additional 879.99 yuan.

WindowsWindows 10真的应该永久免费吗?

888 yuan, the price for ordinary consumers is not cheap, and for those long-term not optimistic windows 10, or stick with Windows 7 and windows 8.1 operating system user, since free during the upgrade they gave up, now charges, they will more unlikely spend a penny to buy windows 10, let them to experience windows 10 to buy a new PC apparently is wishful thinking.

Windows 10 free upgrade now has only one official way, that is, through the "auxiliary technology users" to get a free Windows 10 system, the premise is to use assistive technology". Of course now also can playing some small means free upgrades, such as adjusting the system date to free technology before "time lapse" Dafa, or continue to use Windows 7 and windows 8 key to activate the and so on. However, Microsoft may soon be plugging these vulnerabilities.

Earlier, a lot of people think that Microsoft will extend the Windows 10 free upgrades, after all, Microsoft does not keep the promise is a name, especially for Windows mobile phone fans. But the fact that Microsoft did not do so, but also that the PC manufacturers and companies are paid to upgrade, the next should be the consumer.

Anyway, the lessons of Windows XP, Microsoft should not forget that Windows XP in 2014 to stop service support when there are still hundreds of millions of PC in the operation is the best proof. There are two main reasons: one is the expensive cost of the upgrade, the second is complex process result is not ideal. In order to avoid repeat consumption windows business failures, Microsoft should be to free way to further solve the most cattle nail this, at least those market share the highest Windows users can at any time to rise up.

Most operating systems start free

Microsoft had the reason to consider the windows 10 completely free upgrades, obviously has been aware of the classic "sell system to make money" business model obsolete, because today other technology giants, including Google and apple are not followed by a similar pattern.

WindowsWindows 10真的应该永久免费吗?

Among them, Google's Android operating system is completely free, Google is more through the system to dig user data to maintain the ecosystem, the real goal is to target the core advertising business. IOS mobile platform can not be installed on other non Apple devices, but Apple's update and upgrade are provided free of charge. More importantly, whether it is Google or apple, both through their own system platform for the application of the store to get 30% of the revenue divided into.

Initially, Apple's X OS system is similar to the implementation of the Windows system pricing strategy, but since the release of X10.9 Mavericks OS in 2013 after the strategy has changed. Of course, which is because Apple's own control software and hardware, any strategy to autonomous control, and if Microsoft to change strategy, will likely lose from OEM windows license revenue, but account for part of windows business lucrative.

To remain competitive and best way to other business more profitable

In the case of the mobile platform defeat, Microsoft to effectively compete with Google and apple, the easiest way is to follow its business model. The only way to do this is to provide Windows 10 free to all consumers, until the user base continues to expand, shop good advertising, applications and cloud services and other ecological systems before large enough.

Indeed, Microsoft has been in the implementation of a similar strategy, especially from the Windows is called a service began, mobile priority, cloud priority development strategy is very clear. And, last month, Microsoft made clear the direction of the company to make money, launched Surface and Windows subscription service. One of the focus is, subscribe to these products, will be packaged Dynamics 365, BI Power and other Microsoft business services, to earn more revenue from.

The past strategy of Microsoft works quite well, non windows business revenue increase, the deadline of June this year of the most recent fiscal year, total revenue in the Microsoft Office for $236 billion, cloud of total business revenue has reached $19.2 billion, and had the support of Microsoft's revenue main windows total revenue now ranked third, total revenue was $147 billion.

WindowsWindows 10真的应该永久免费吗?

In fact, after a lapse of six years, the windows business gradually fell more than $40 billion, and its revenue is the main source to OEM instead of consumers because many consumers and no longer capricious buy windows system upgrade, more only in the change of the new computer only incidentally, upgrade the new windows system. Microsoft also revealed that they plan to achieve $20 billion cloud services revenue milestone in 2018.

Last year the Wall Street Journal has released an article said that acquired from the ordinary consumer 2016 Microsoft Windows license fees, probably only occupy the overall income of windows about a quarter to a third of that accounted for only 2016 annual gross income is less than 3%.

These signs indicate that business outside the windows is Microsoft's future, since the consideration of the windows as a service, if provided free of charge to the consumer, is not more conducive to rapid completion of one windows "grand unification ideal?? Prior to the analyst said, Windows 10 free period ended, it is equivalent to Microsoft in the wrong time, made the wrong decision.

Free period of the fastest growing do you think it should be free?

Undeniable, windows 10 operating system performance is better than previous versions of windows, had not a version of windows that can so fast speed to get so many users, including by far the most successful of Windows 7 and still have a large number of users Bertram did not forget the Windows XP system.

Microsoft has praised: "Windows 10 was a record in the history of Windows's incredible growth, well deserved to be the fastest in the history of the user to accept the Windows operating system."

Before Microsoft also announced some data: Windows 10 system officially released only 4 months time, it has received 75 million of the installed capacity. After the official release of 10 weeks, the number of users has soared to 110 million. Windows 10 growth has never stopped, only 6 months of time to reach 8, 200 million months of growth of 270 million, completed 300 million of the feat took 9 months of time. Finally, 12 months later, Windows 10 reached 350 million.

WindowsWindows 10真的应该永久免费吗?

However, Microsoft is not satisfied with the achievements of the Windows 10 free time for a year, because most of the results obtained from the 350 million free upgrade activities, even Microsoft's official also admitted that. Microsoft strongly said Miss 2014 goal, namely to make windows 10 officially launched in two or three years time to achieve "billions of devices installed capacity. However, failed windows 10 mobile platform, coupled with tepid PC installed capacity, Microsoft had to choose will achieve 10 billion target time until fiscal year 2018.

This is not good news for Microsoft, but so far, Store Windows application store is still unable to bring revenue, a big wave of Windows 7 and XP users do not even know the store. Also initiated by Microsoft one windows "grand unified ecosystem strategy, all progress to stay in a Windows PC, the other smart phones, tablet PCs, networking equipment and terminal equipment, still not able to closely linked with windows 10.

On your point of view, Windows 10 should be free?

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