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iPhone SE cheaper useless? Actual strategy has been successful

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In iPhone sales eliminate gradually slow in the first quarter, Apple released a new iPhone SE, this machine with the 2013 release of iPhone 5S in many respects similar to the two are similar to the 4-inch model, the design is completely no change, the biggest difference is A9 chip. Therefore, when discussing iPhone SE purposes birth, most experts and analysts agree that, iPhone SE is nothing more than the product of old and new generations of Apple iPhone in order to compensate the transitional period only.

iPhoneiPhone SE便宜没用?实际战略上已成功

However, this 4-inch model, not only help Apple get more users from other platforms to quit, and it succeeded in attracting many new users. Apple iPhone SE eyes whether it played any role?

iPhone SE not only for the Chinese market more than a flowering India

IPhone SE due to the strong demand, Apple executives agreed that there is room for growth in the future iPhone SE. Yesterday, in a conference call, Apple released the fiscal 2016 third quarter results later on, Cook talked about in detail trends in supply and demand and sales of iPhone SE.

He said, "Our initial sales figures have told us, iPhone SE are very popular in both developed and emerging markets. For the first time consumers buy iPhone iPhone SE sales accounting for more than the first iPhone in every generation in the past few years week sale figures are higher.

Cook in the earnings statement, we can find the facts proved, because from the regional point of view, Apple's US and European markets fell very slowly, even in Japan there has been growth, but the performance of the entire Asia-Pacific region, led by Greater China has become even worse. This is enough to explain, iPhone SE initially against China or India This lower spending power of the emerging role of the market, it is clear that the effect is not ideal or almost non-existent, but for European and American users but quite effective.

"We see iPhone SE publisher worldwide have been very successful, it needs more than the beginning of the quarter is expected to supply the entire quarter." Cook went on to add that "we have added more output is expected in the third quarter to achieve a balance of supply and demand. "

Undeniably, after the release of iPhone SE does appear in short supply, before consumers want to buy iPhone SE, Apple's official website can only choose to order, had to wait two to three weeks or so, there is no cash offer, luck consumer good, some different color and size models may be reduced to seven to ten days. For stores, many businesses also said that rapid inventory on hand almost empty, 64GB sold out a few hours of arrival.

This iPhone SE shortage situation lasted for about two and a half times more than the new iPhone a non-normal release time, and from the crazy Christmas shopping season just over two months, after taking into account the later iPhone 6s Department the users have purchased, iPhone SE can have such "demand" performance is surprising. Of course, as Cook puts it, Apple is currently China's official website iPhone SE delivery time has been restored from the original is reduced to 3-5 days for 2-3 weeks, Apple has almost solved the problem of supply.

Some low profits was more beneficial to the ecological

iPhone SE success does come at a cost. Apple said in the earnings report, the most talked about iPhone sales from last year's 45.734 million men slipped to 40.399 million, down 15%. At the same time, the same time period iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6s Plus high-end models sold compared to last year iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus to drop a lot.

Apple CFO Luca Masterton (Luca Maestri) recognition, iPhone SE to some extent eroded some high-end models of the iPhone market, but in fact have little effect, he said, it will not cause any loss of sales.

"We can see the old iPhone users have high demand is the amount, they really like the 4-inch model." Luca Masterton said, "We have not seen the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s or 6s Plus conclusive evidence of killing each other. "

In addition to recognizing iPhone SE eroded demand for high-end iPhone models outside Luca Masterton also frank the small size of the iPhone down the fact that the company's profit margins.

iPhoneiPhone SE便宜没用?实际战略上已成功

As we all know, two years ago, the average price of up to $ 600 iPhone, and with the release of iPhone 6 Plus, once rose to more than $ 700. And now, according to Apple after the earnings figures, only $ 399 of the initial launch of iPhone SE, the average selling price of the iPhone has declined by 7 percent to $ 595.25.

In fact, Apple's gross margin fell only slightly by 1.4%, which depend on the profitability of the Apple iPhone, the impact is minimal. Luca Masterton think this thing is worth it, because "to getting more consumers into the iOS ecosystem greater opportunity." He further explained the large revenue decline another factor, that is the exchange rate, leading to a strong dollar in US dollar-denominated earnings are affected.

In addition, Cook once again stressed the positive impact of the iPhone SE iPhone lineup as one, that the lower price of this device has some strategic significance behind. He said, "The launch of iPhone SE added to the iPhone line-up, but let us in a better position, more to meet user demand for those four inches of the phone, which helps to attract more customers into our ecosystem . "

Cook added that: "We are very satisfied with the iPhone SE performance, but in fact, it is equivalent to a door, let us get more user groups would not otherwise get."

IPhone SE strategic role as Apple has begun to wish

Although Apple's iPhone SE recognize that low-priced products will be undermined by Apple's high-end market, low profit margins, but earnings did not confirm the display iPhone SE in the end is how many sales, but Cook kept two people and Masterton collaborate with each other, repeatedly boasted iPhone SE strong demand, favorable ecosystem.

To be honest, Apple does not exactly bragging, but also have the right to commend the iPhone SE performance. After all, some of the details from our point of view, you can still see this machine so that earnings had a significant change. As Cook and Masterton said, more and more users use Apple ecosystem encompassing services, including iTunes, App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Care, iCloud and Apple Music and so on.

Specifically shown, it said third quarter Apple service, regardless of the number of users or revenue hit a record high, compared with $ 5.028 billion in the same period last year, an increase of 19%. If measured in years, service revenue over the past year the figure reached $ 23.1 billion. Cook even think, "is expected next year to bring the benefits of scale will be comparable services Fortune 100 companies."

In any case, iPhone SE meaning of existence is not a lower-priced iPhone is so simple, it has become one of Apple's fundamental strategy. Although profits may further be low, but it led to the growth in service revenue, which is like a hot summer day a sudden downpour brought coolness. In have more users on the basis of long-term focus on software and services that allows Apple again usher in the next decade at least brilliant achievements.

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