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Playing games or watching movies? Shopping is the original life pain points to be addressed VR

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玩游戏玩游戏 or 看电影?原来购物才是 VR 要解决的生活痛点

Text / VR-dimensional real-Sun

April Fool's Day this year, a lot of people must have been Taobao & ldquo; buy + & rdquo; plan advertising brush off screen, though commercials where some fragment also slightly exaggerated, but VR shopping really has come before us.

玩游戏玩游戏 or 看电影?原来购物才是 VR 要解决的生活痛点

VR solve the electricity supplier experience pain points

In May this year, SXSW conference, a VR promotion McDonald's attracted onlookers outside. McDonald's allow participants to wear VR glasses, took them to the happy meal inside the park, so that they add to food decorative abstract virtual brush camel.

玩游戏玩游戏 or 看电影?原来购物才是 VR 要解决的生活痛点

Retailers (especially online retailers) have seen the potential of VR. Electricity supplier this year embarked on a new level: a 42 percent increase in sales during the year of the Amazon, its market capitalization of more than Wal-Mart. However, continued growth in the electricity business is facing a big challenge: people used to try before you buy.

Consumers are generally not seen to buy, but to acquire in your hand, try some trial or after the purchase. This obstacle is reflected in the conversion rate is: online shopping conversion rate of only 2% to 4%, while the conversion of the store is almost ten times higher, at between 20% to 40%.

With all this will be improved VR popularity, improve the user experience makes it easier for shoppers to find online than ever before, and try the product.

玩游戏玩游戏 or 看电影?原来购物才是 VR 要解决的生活痛点

Ericsson investigation

Consumers VR shopping enthusiastically, impatient want to experience one. Ericsson Consumer Lab survey showed that shopping has become the leading cause of global mobile phone users to use VR to attract the 64% of respondents said they wanted & ldquo; When shopping online can see the real size and appearance of the goods & rdquo; . You get a chance to use VR in a shop when half of the respondents eagerly took to their 3D body according to experience VR fitting.

玩游戏玩游戏 or 看电影?原来购物才是 VR 要解决的生活痛点

In order to attract more people to shop, some of the electricity providers have introduced some new way to shop. eBay shopping this year launched a VR application. VR With this application, shoppers can more accurately see the appearance of goods.

For example, if they want to buy a watch, they can see a 3D image of the watch by VR, the design and appearance of the watch to understand more clearly. In addition, they can also browse items through the rotation of the eye, no longer need to handle any keyboard or mouse. Moreover, the eye control can also allow retailers to obtain very valuable information, because this feature can accurately track the customer's concerns.

玩游戏玩游戏 or 看电影?原来购物才是 VR 要解决的生活痛点

In addition, Oculus's Facebook 360 technology allows users to watch video 360 degrees, providing a VR entry for many brands. For example, NARS use of the technology to allow customers to test the makeup on your phone.

Electricity supplier, the attraction VR is huge. VR video content providers YouVisit CEO noted that interactivity brings immersive experience immersive experience brings conversion rate. Meanwhile, shoppers in the virtual store by VR & ldquo; & rdquo ;, instead of hanging around longer facing 2D static pages, so they are more likely to purchase additional goods not originally intend to buy.

VR bit weak, more powerful experience depends AR

AR even better than some of the key aspects of VR, which allows users to real scene and virtual scenes together.

玩游戏玩游戏 or 看电影?原来购物才是 VR 要解决的生活痛点

Last year, a smartphone allows users to try Apple Watch's application has been everyone's favorite. It allows users to enjoy the effect of wearing the watch from different angles, even allows users to watch and try different colors of different sizes strap. Many network opticians and jewelers have started using AR technology, allowing users to try before they buy virtual products.

AR a people excited scenarios is to show the effect of a large home in the furniture later. Difficult for consumers to know the actual place they imagine the effect of furniture, or even offline in-store purchase of furniture will encounter the same problem, but AR good solution to this problem.

玩游戏玩游戏 or 看电影?原来购物才是 VR 要解决的生活痛点

Cimagine introduced a step ahead allows shoppers to the furniture and household appliances & ldquo; virtual & rdquo; placed into their home AR tools. This user AR applications simply the product image overlay to your home interior photo above, we can see the effect of the product display. The important point is that retailers can Cimagine of code into your site.

玩游戏玩游戏 or 看电影?原来购物才是 VR 要解决的生活痛点

BuildDirect AR developed a tool that allows online shoppers to design and decorate their homes. Through BuildDirect's design center, the user can see the practical effects of BuildDirect product Add to Cart After satisfaction.

All of these technologies will solve the e-commerce experience obstacles faced fundamentally. Shoppers will be able to experience online shopping to offline shopping experience try before buy.

Cases many, but still a long commercial VR shopping

So much the case, perhaps it is tempting vision for the future: VR shopping really far away from us. But VR dimension to remind: Case is the case, the commercial but far from easy.

From the point of view step, VR shopping process is as follows:

玩游戏玩游戏 or 看电影?原来购物才是 VR 要解决的生活痛点

However, many companies do only part of the goods 3D scanning shelves, preview the entire VR shopping link has not opened up, not give the user complete VR shopping experience.

More specific look, complete the selection of goods, orders, payments, view order information flow, not just & ldquo; Buy + plan & rdquo; 3D modeling described so simple, but requires a set of mature technologies and specifications: Use What to operate the VR & ldquo; & rdquo ;, how mouse Alipay payment platform can open up, the central bank support, security to be guaranteed & hellip; & hellip; a number of issues have not been resolved.

From the experience point of view, it is possible to achieve a narrow range of goods VR shopping. For now, such as custom furniture, clothing and other highly personalized merchandise is only present value VR experience, there is no food or other commodities 3D modeling necessary.

In addition, VR to the present, one of the most difficult issues is the interaction. Many VR Shopping cases mentioned only interactive visual, auditory, and for shopping is very important interaction touch, smell, etc., current VR technology is far from reach.

Costs, so that consumers feel if each item can be picked up, you need to store all of the modeling clothes, shoes and so on, each of which is only to achieve independent unit to pick up, try other interactive, which takes huge capital.

Some experts said that if you want to do very fine, then the cost of goods 3D scanning 3D modeling than making a game even higher. If you just buy a pair of socks or a very ordinary T-shirt, it is necessary to model them one by one, this really worth it?

Of course, most importantly, it is the most simple thing: there will be so many people buy a VR helmet to shopping?

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