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Register the first 10.Com domain name now fate geometry?

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Recently, there is news that including several early registration Quick.com, the domain name will be in the middle of this month in San Francisco open auction, which Quick.com Qipai price already was fried to $75000.

Although there is a certain gap between the price of the domain name, such as 8888.com than previously reported, but from the perspective of the development of the Internet, these registered in the early domain name has a high degree of recognition and historical value.

Below, we have to look at the world's first 10.Com domain name, and the status of their subordinate agencies it.

1, symbolics.com

This is the world's first.Com domain name, the registration time for March 15, 1985, the registered person is located in the United States, Massachusetts, Symbolics computer company.

The company designed and manufactured the Lisp computer, which is the first commercially available "universal computer" and "workstation"".

But Symbolics did not rely on a Lisp computer in the market plan, but declining. In 2005, Symbolics shut down its equipment in the United States, California, the company has also died in the same year.

2009, the domain name was acquired by the investment site XF.com.

2, BBN.com

BBN.com registered in April 24, 1985, the registered person is BBN technology company.

BBN company initially focused on the acoustic field, and later turned to the computer network. The company had in 1960 participated in the Internet initial research and development work, and in the 1960s and 1970s was also known as with Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of technology industry and Trade University, famous "the third university".

However, in 2009, the Raytheon Co to $3.5 wholly acquired BBN company, in December 2014, BBN.com was redirected to the Raytheon Co's official website.

3, think.com

This domain is registered in May 24, 1985, the registered person is Machine Thinking company.

TM in 1985 after the registration of the domain name, in 1989 began to profit through the agreement with DARPA. The following year the company's total revenue reached $65, becoming the leader in the parallel computing market.

However, after the time TM companies continue to lose, and finally declared bankruptcy in 1994, the hardware sector was acquired by Microsystems Sun, two years later, the software sector has also been its acquisition.

4, mcc.com

In July 11, 1985, the United States microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) registered the domain name.

The agency was established in 1982, jointly established by the United States several large computer and semiconductor manufacturing companies, intended to promote high-tech development in the United States, while coping with the potential threat of foreign may bring to the national security of the United States.

In 2000, the agency voted to decide the fate of the dissolution,

5, dec.com

This domain is registered by the United States digital equipment (DEC) Company in September 30, 1985.

DEC company was founded in 1957, its founder, is a former IBM employee Olsen, who founded the company in order to meet as equals and IBM.

DEC from the beginning of logical memory test software, gradually turned to the computer field, 1963 to 1964 years, the company suffered adverse. But later DEC reversed this situation, and in 1985 ranked sixty-fifth in the United States, the company's 500.

But in the later, the DEC appeared a series of mistakes in decision-making, leading companies in 1998 January 26 is Compaq bought at a price of $96 billion.

6, northrop.com

The domain name has a Northrop company, the company was founded in 1939, the main business for aircraft manufacturing, and the world famous wing design.

In 1994, Northrop merged with Grumman to Grumman Northrop, which is one of the world's largest military industrial companies.

7, xerox.com

This is the official domain name of the Xerox Co, registered in January 9, 1986, and has been in use.

8, sri.com

In simple terms, SRI is not a commercial company, but a non-profit research institution in California.

Its main through the chemical, biological, computer and space systems, economic development and other areas of data analysis and survey for all kinds of customer service, is a think tank similar to the existence of.

SRI currently has a total of 2100 employees, the latest income statistics show that in 2014 the total income of 5 to reach $40000000.

9, hp.com

At a glance, the official domain of the Hewlett-Packard Co. Hp.com was registered in March 3, 1986 and has been in use ever since.

10, bellcore.com

Registered in March 5, 1986, the registered person bellcore.

But at present, Bellcore.com has been unable to access.

注册最早的10个.com域名注册最早的10个.com域名 如今命运几何?

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