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Chinese players waiting for Pokemon GO AR game craze is approaching?

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中国玩家苦等中国玩家苦等 Pokemon GO AR 游戏热潮将至?

REVIEW: Although very popular in the short term, but Pokemon Go no plot in the traditional sense, but also a lack of high frequency of human-computer interaction, they rely on the IP gave their chances of quickly became popular, but it can not evade its game story weak. Thus, the industry has also had its & ldquo; how long can the fire & rdquo; questions.

Since the game Pokemon Go (Pokemon GO) in early July on the line since a search for & ldquo; Monsters & rdquo; boom staged simultaneously around the world.

July 11, at home in Beijing, Wang Wei pleasantly surprised to find the game Pokemon Go's & ldquo; lock-in & rdquo; seems to have been lifted: Previously, due to the influx of excessive flow within a few days, to provide technical support for the Pokemon Go the company Niantic blocked players in some areas, including most parts of China.

But Wang Wei, the excitement did not last long. 11 noon, Niantic Asian co-ordinate marketing manager Suga healthy people on a personal Twitter said it has an emergency repair of the "Pokemon GO" is a BUG, ​​Chinese players will no longer have access to the game.

So that a large number of Chinese players in the bittersweet half-day Pokemon Go, is a based on AR (Augmented Reality) and LBS (location-based service) game, has 20 years of history content from popular IP & ldquo; Pokemon & rdquo ;. Since 1996, the first Pokemon role-playing game released in Japan since the topic has launched the movies, comics and even a theme park.

& Ldquo; very interesting idea, but I never thought the game would be such a fire. & Rdquo; Chen Yue-day Innovation Works investment director told reporters, Pokemon Go involved in making the line position becomes extremely interesting.

Vice president of Blue Harbour interactive Wang Shiying said, Pokemon Go win in the & ldquo; IP + Creative & rdquo ;.

Chinese players waiting

"Pokemon Go" produced by the three developers to develop: The Pokemon Company (Pokemon Company) offers support, design game story; independent from Google out of Niantic provide technical support and AR technology; Nintendo (Nintendo) is responsible for game development and distributed worldwide.

Well, Pokemon Go Dubbed mounted & ldquo; Earth level & rdquo; IP the AR game exactly how the fire?

Since the line on the first day of the game only runs in Australia, making friends all over the world flock to the Australian region, causing the game company's server directly paralysis. The next day, the game runs area expanding to New Zealand, but the network still occur paralysis. For domestic players, starting with the first wave of Pokemon Go in the country heat is Australia's Chinese students.

Chinese players if you want to play Pokemon Go, you first need to have an Australian App Store account, in addition to solve the problem of map: Google Maps does not support the use of mounted game in mainland China. Even so, you may still be unable to play the game: because the domestic mobile phone GPS is a lock-side game.

But this did not hinder the enthusiasm of the Chinese players. As of press time, & ldquo; Pokemon Go & rdquo; the Baidu Post Bar concern users reached 14 million, posting a total of 390,000. Pokemon Go on a micro-blog, in a short time forwards tens of thousands.

So, when Chinese players to play to Pokemon Go?

Many industry insiders told reporters that despite the existence of the audit, you can not use Google Maps and other obstacles, but its view that Pokemon Go was introduced into China just a matter of time. Insiders said, Pokemon Go into the Chinese market needs such as Tencent more powerful agents to solve the obstacles.

A domestic listed company executives told the game 21st Century Business Herald reporter, it received the news that, at present the country has a leading game publisher in contact with Nintendo. But there had been no direct evidence that domestic companies have any substantive progress in the introduction of Pokemon Go on.

Obviously, for the agents, the introduction of Pokemon Go mean high water and profits.

As a free hand travel, Pokemon Go profit mainly rely on props charges. Wang Shiying told reporters, in addition to props charges, Pokemon Go also through hardware & mdash; & mdash; for example, a monster watch (upcoming sale Pokemon Go Plus, a ring with a light hand Bluetooth connectivity) to be profitable, in addition in accordance with the domestic carriers of ideas, also be able to profit by other means advertising.

In fact, Pokemon Go has brought a huge amount of value to its global agency and the issuer Nintendo. Since July, Nintendo's share price has risen more than 16%. From July 6 to July 8 closing closing, the Nintendo market value in just two days time increase of nearly $ 400 million.

Detonated AR game?

A player with the words, Pokemon Go special is that almost all of the previous game & ldquo; fixed & rdquo; of: PC's in Internet cafes playing games, even if currently using the phone or Pad can play games anywhere, but and the lack of actual scene interaction.

Pokemon Go in the game, players need to look in every corner of & ldquo in the real world; elf & rdquo ;, which reverted to their pets. For example, you might find in a cell downstairs Kabi Qiu: Of course not really exist, but through the phone screen to find technology that is dependent on the AR (Augmented Reality).

But fireworks Mania CEO Lou pool do not agree with this point. & Ldquo; the success of the game is more dependent on the value of IP, at the technical level does not have the difficulty. & Rdquo; he said, & ldquo; AR is useless to any special algorithm & rdquo ;.

& Ldquo; before Ingress has been very fire. & Rdquo; Wang Jialiang TouchPal CEO told reporters, in fact, based on AR mobile game is not uncommon. Ingress production team is also Niantic Labs, also based on Google Maps data, the players themselves and the GPS confirmed enemy position, intrusion, access and empowerment through other operations.

Even so, there is not yet reached an AR game Pokemon Go heat. Therefore, Pokemon Go are Some industry insiders believe is phenomenal AR gaming content and even a landmark.

But the other hand, the game is no story in the traditional sense, but also a lack of high frequency of human-computer interaction, they rely on the IP gave their chances of rapid detonation, but it can not evade its weakness in the game story. Thus, the industry has also had its & ldquo; how long can the fire & rdquo; questions.

In this regard, Chen Yue-day Innovation Works Chief Investment Officer believes that the market has played the game by driving or by content-driven, given the & ldquo; Pokemon Go very typically rely on content-driven & rdquo ;, therefore think it is affected by the heat of the game cycle is relatively small.

& Ldquo; the electronic pet had been very fire, but in the end seems to have been a lack of movement similar theme. & Rdquo; Qu Yun Kai Kai former venture capital investment manager, told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, Pokemon as a popular explosion models IP undoubtedly have potential, but Pokemon Go sustainability is a popular issue to be observed.

Another concern about Pokemon Go is whether it will detonate the entire AR game market?

Wang Shiying answer is yes. & Ldquo; Examples of the type of explosion models, Pokemon Go likely to drive this type of show explosive growth. & Rdquo;

But Qu Kay believes that the game's major flashpoint in Pokemon IP itself, AR plays a minor role & mdash; & mdash; it is difficult to say a single game hot, they can bring the whole rise of AR games category. & Ldquo; players play mainly Pokemon Go, is not AR. & Rdquo; Qu Kay told reporters.

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