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Facebook shareholders: a small bar to further consolidate control into China is still no clear timetable

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FacebookFacebook 股东大会透露了哪些信息:扎克伯格进一步巩固控制权进中国仍无明确时间表

Ji Zhenyu June 22 reported that Silicon Valley

Social networking giant Facebook 20 held a small annual general meeting of shareholders, shareholders attended only 100 people succeed. Overall, this year's general meeting of shareholders to continue to emphasize the fact: Facebook or Zuckerberg this company have the final say, and in the future for a long period of time, such control is difficult to shake.

But as the most direct communication platform between shareholders and management company in the general meeting, questions and answers Facebook minority shareholders and management between, also revealed some issues of concern to the outside world and continue to communicate to shareholders how Facebook investment company confidence.

Among them, Zuckerberg will continue to wield Facebook & ldquo; a long time & rdquo; position, caused a scene shareholder applause, played a decisive affect the stability of confidence, because some people fear will become the next Zuckerberg & ldquo; Bill Gates & rdquo ;, will shift philanthropy gradually fade out the daily management of Facebook.

Class C shares of the proposed increase proposed Facebook4 month passed smoothly, even though this means that minority shareholders still do not have much right to speak, but many just want to get from the investment in value-added shareholders, not a bad thing. Many began holding Facebook stock investors from the listing, it has gained nearly 2-fold return.

8 directors of Facebook's shareholders 'meeting in the re-elected, including the recent controversial venture capitalist Peter Thiel, but he did not appear at the scene of the shareholders' meeting, just before the General Assembly issued one pair of full Facebook open letter of praise.

About to enter China, Facebook aspects still not given a clear signal still indicates & ldquo; learn and study the market & rdquo ;, Facebook COO Sandberg last week in Beijing and Lu Wei, director of the National Network Information Office meeting, but the outside world to be able to obtain information only when a live picture of the two men met. For in the world already has 15 million users of Facebook, China is difficult to ignore the next round of growth in key markets.

In addition, Zuckerberg also stressed that nearly 20 million users, known as its two social product Facebook Messenger instant messaging and Whatsapp are not merged, would still maintain their independent operations.

Zuckerberg further consolidate control over, and said it would charge Facebook & ldquo; a long time & rdquo;

At the shareholders meeting, Zuckerberg said it will charge Facebook & ldquo; a long time & rdquo; (& ldquo; for a very long time & rdquo;), according to the site to participate in the shareholders' meeting, said Zuckerberg's words in scene drew applause.

The reason relates to the question from the perspective of shareholders, because they are worried about Zuckerberg philanthropy and may gradually fade out Facebook management, which affect the entire company.

Late last year, Zuckerberg announced a high-profile couple will donate 99% of the wealth to charity, while access to the outside world in a commendable and also led to the future prospects of the company's concerns about Facebook, Zuckerberg was worried about the future the focus will be on philanthropy, to be the next Bill Gates, Facebook and gradually fade out the daily management.

Facts have proved that this fear somewhat redundant. In the general meeting of shareholders on an increase of the type of class C shares of Facebook in April of this year proposals put forward was adopted, which means that Zuckerberg control of the company further consolidated, such as stock without voting rights, to put it as saying that holders of class C shares shareholders can enjoy the benefits brought about by the growth of Facebook, but there is no right to speak. Outside analysts believe, Facebook The move is to further strengthen Zuckerberg for control of the company, Zuckerberg listed on Facebook, then by dual ownership structure AB shares, firmly in control of the vast majority of Facebook's voting rights, class C shares does not affect the right to vote to join Zuckerberg, while providing convenience for future charitable donations, acquisitions and other activities.

In the shareholders' meeting, the proposal put forward by the small shareholders have been rejected, the proposals include Facebook issue of gender equality in earnings report, giving minority shareholders a greater say and the company's long-term development. Because Zuckerberg firmly in control of the vast majority of Facebook's voting rights, so that these proposals were rejected not unexpected, but it can be seen, for improving minority shareholders the right to speak and other issues still have appeal.

Controversial Peter Thiel still remain on the board

Recently, to dispute ignited Peter Thiel and media between Gawker though it seems Peter Thiel won, let Gawker had filed for bankruptcy protection on the surface, but Peter Thiel's reputation has suffered serious damage.

In early Recode conference, participants will be asked Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg as Facebook board member Peter Thiel, Facebook terms of attitude on the matter. At that time, she reiterated what did Peter Thiel represents only his own, and did not use any Facebook of resources, in addition between platforms, Gawker is also an important partner of Facebook as further defined the Facebook for neutrality issue held .

Before the beginning of the shareholders' meeting, Peter Thiel published an open letter, the letter is full of words of praise for Facebook, said Facebook did not let the computer replace human beings, but by the computer will be the best side out of the relationship between humans, and the people at the very center.

In yesterday's general meeting of shareholders on 8 Facebook board members include Peter Thiel, including both re-elected board seats, but it is worth noting that only four eight directors present, in addition to Peter Thiel, the famous venture capitalists Marc Andreessen, Whatsapp founder and CEO Jan Koum and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings were not present.

Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp does not plan to merge

For Facebook's two most important Facebook Messenger instant messaging products and Whatsapp, Zuckerberg said no plans to merge the two, still will maintain separate operations.

Facebook two years ago, the price of $ 18 billion acquisition of Whatsapp, its independent development of Facebook Messenger is almost the same period of the previous line.

Current users of these two platforms has a total of about 2 billion. In this year's F8 developer conference, Facebook outside these two products also showed great attention to developers and opening a series of loading platforms on Messenger chat robot intelligent interfaces, hope for the future to build a platform product , but not satisfied with the instant messaging tool.

Zuckerberg said, these two products each have a & ldquo; a lot of room for growth & rdquo ;, and each represents a & ldquo; different scenarios and product logic & rdquo ;, he believes, to a greater chance that the two communities kinds of tools rather than the two combined.

About to enter China: still learning to understand the market

For the question of entering the Chinese market, Facebook COO Sandberg said Facebook is currently continue to learn and evaluate the Chinese market. Last week, she was in Beijing and Lu Wei, director of the National Network Information Office were met, but the meeting about the specific content of the outside world is currently unknown.

Sandberg said she met many Facebook big customers in China during the Beijing, these customers through the Facebook platform to promote their products to markets outside China.

Facebook to enter China to conduct business interest has been repeatedly demonstrated to the outside world, in March this year, Zuckerberg in Beijing Tiananmen Square before the running photos caused a sensation in the Chinese social network, in September last year, President Xi Jinping met in Seattle in the US and China when the representatives of science and technology, Zuckerberg with Chinese communicate with him. Spring Festival this year, Zuckerberg couple passed in the form of video, with the Chinese New Year.

Facebook currently in the world already has more than 15 million users, the number of users on how to get further growth then, more than 700 million Internet users in China is an important potential market for it can not be ignored.

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