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Why LinkedIn fail? Give up its independence, which is the best way to integrate Microsoft

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LinkedInLinkedIn 为何失败?放弃独立性、被微软整合才是最佳出路

June 16, after the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn, The Verge website LinkedIn author analyzes the reasons for failure, and said, give up its independence, which is the best way to integrate Microsoft. The main contents are as follows:

Most social networks are fun and easy to use them, but it is difficult to make a lot of money. Facebook mobile ads before finding the gold mine has been struggling; Snapchat similar to television advertising business success is still unknown; Twitter faces turning point, you may want to find a buyer. The problem for a long time to work-centered social network LinkedIn (June 13 acquired by Microsoft with 26.2 billion US dollars) in the opposite: its strong and stable earning power, but was most users disdain.

Over the past year, Tucao LinkedIn has become a true cultural phenomenon. The company's iconic slogan & ldquo; Hello, I would like to add you as a friend LinkedIn career network & rdquo; be held as long-term general subject headings cartoon contest "New Yorker" magazine, no matter with which cartoons are full of humor . LinkedIn also acknowledged hackers hundreds of millions of e-mail and password combination hash from its servers, resulting in a large number of well-known Twitter account theft.

At the same time, the company's aggressive tactics messages & mdash; & mdash; every day unnecessarily to the user to send several messages & mdash; & mdash; user lead compensation last year of $ 13 million. One of the best scripts also born in 2015:

  1. Unsubscribe LinkedIn Mail
  2. Delete mailbox account
  3. Sell ​​the house and lived in mountain forests
  4. He picked up a bottle in the river
  5. Open found a note
  6. LinkedIn is sent to me

Those messages look so brilliant, but suddenly one day exudes the taste of despair & mdash; & mdash; LinkedIn own time too. On-line in 2003 are still alive LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networks. (Facebook even earlier than one year.) At that time, LinkedIn intends to make a career network, and now the same. Create a resume, and you know, trust each other to add friends, perhaps one day Jobs came to her door. Concepts posted online resume only after a long catch on & mdash; & mdash; some early users worried the boss will think you are looking for a job and thus punish them. LinkedIn It took three years to develop to 20 million users.

Black & dazzling growth

But LinkedIn insisted his vision, set up a very clever team, using a variety of dazzling growth of black science and technology, so LinkedIn become ubiquitous. Today, LinkedIn has 433 million registered members, a quarter of people visit every month. The company's earnings before interest, income tax expense, depreciation and amortization earnings (ie EBITDA) this year is expected to quadruple to $ 1 billion. These revenues come from recruiters and sales personnel, the former pay to get full access to a user's history and give you send a message, which led to the company paying to send a message. That the use value of LinkedIn users are basically two types of people belong to this.

LinkedIn for these users a premium subscription service is stable and profitable, but the growth rate is slowing, and the company over the past two years are at a loss. Once the printing machine seems reliable starting to look vulnerable. Over the past few years, the company's focus on expansion: the establishment of distribution platforms, offers a selection of enterprise reform proposals; the acquisition of online learning company Lynda.com; development of a series is not strong enough, users rarely applied. (Even thought the company, users will download a special application to view LinkedIn colleague's phone number.) None of work: In February, the company's results, its advertising business growth stalled, hampered the company's growth potential. The day shares fell 40%.

At the same time, the company's core products are still stagnant. LinkedIn first priority is to give you links to other users, but when you receive friend requests, you can hardly find out who it yes. The company has been providing to the user the minimum information & mdash; & mdash; name, title, and perhaps the company name & mdash; & mdash; allows you to guess whether the other party before you have had with e-mail exchanges. (Although LinkedIn ages ago to ask for and probably stored your contacts.) That you want to view the contact's email address? no problem! Just enter your name, click on the face, turned down a few kilometers, you both skip common contacts, the other a complete resume, LinkedIn added to the list of other groups, other sources say the list of skills which have unproven. The bottom, you'll find the email address.

Flashy, the user is dispensable

Last year, LinkedIn flagship mobile app redesigned user interface, and the hype says the new app more useful for people who are not looking for work. So there is a dynamic message similar to Facebook, the assumptions First, your circle of people will get important career milestone day, and second, you want to know these events. (I do not want to!) To encourage users to the desktop web version crafted resume, the mobile version of the redesigned and abandoned this route, replaced all the time is not endless Guiqiu participation card. Do you want to give Tom a message? Or praise him? Or take a look at his activities? In a recent conference call, the company said the new design improves boasted participation. However LinkedIn app is a foul & mdash; & mdash; all points into worthless.

LinkedIn took 13 years to attract our attention, to get diminishing returns. I do not doubt that every day can help people find work & mdash; & mdash; otherwise it will not reach $ 1 billion annual revenue. But every action the company exudes the flavor of desperation. Most people do not need a bomb user service every day with news career and job opportunities. What we need is a trusted resource to come forward when needed & mdash; & mdash; if not required backstage. LinkedIn congenital refused to step back, perhaps because so many people have wanted it to get out. If it's really gone, who would miss it too?

I think that, from this perspective, LinkedIn as an independent company in terms of failure. Development of very large scale, but never can become indispensable; attention paid subscribers, but ignores its value initially assigned to the majority of users. The company boasted that create economic opportunities & mdash; & mdash; & CEO Jeff & middot; Weiner (Jeff Weiner) said this week, LinkedIn is the gospel robot eliminated laid off workers. But in fact, LinkedIn just white-collar workers who occasionally respond to recruiters and suppliers of tools (the latter two paying high fees for the privilege). From the perspective of the acquirer, the treasures of this rich data used in other places may be more valuable. LinkedIn ultimate vision may be much broader, but if the company did not understand the history of the telephone number of the user where to put it, I think that they defeated the army of robot program is not optimistic.

Give up its independence, which is the best way to integrate Microsoft

Fortunately for us (same is true for LinkedIn), Microsoft has a more practical vision. Microsoft CEO Satya & middot; Nadella (Satya Nadella) announced a plan for LinkedIn in the memo, if the acquisition is completed, will significantly enhance the value of the service. It will give Office 365 bring real social graph, so many Microsoft products (especially email) between collaboration easier. For Microsoft Dynamics suite of enterprise software is concerned, LinkedIn can also provide the same value, making it more competitive when Microsoft faced with Salesforce. Over time, LinkedIn will bring new advertising and subscription-based products and services for Microsoft. Postlight co-founder Paul & middot; Ford (Paul Ford) column of nine potential uses Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, the first is the second time to direct contacts through Outlook message.

In a statement the acquisition of LinkedIn, Nadela and Weiner said that under the rule of Microsoft, LinkedIn will enjoy independence. However, the lower LinkedIn independence, but the better: Nadella led Microsoft is committed under the control of the future of work, but he had just harvested 433 million professionals.

In general, the authors will include the acquisition of a variety of reasons will not hospice. But different from the acquisition, the company was acquired by the occurrence of any change in the status quo than to maintain the good. Weiner wrote in a memo to employees admitted that: & ldquo; Imagine that one day we will no longer be forced to compromise long-term investment, not forced to change their own, no longer forced to give incentives, recruitment way. & Rdquo; this day has finally come, LinkedIn can start according to their willingness to spend money. LinkedIn original vision forever may not be realized, but in it with the help of Microsoft a chance to realize their vision & mdash; & mdash; to control the working of the future.

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