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Microsoft's possible acquisition of LinkedIn 9 things to do

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Technology sector heavy hit big news! Microsoft acquired LinkedIn! The two companies will later fit the scientific community what kind of shock? This paper gives some judgment & hellip; & hellip;

Microsoft said it will acquire LinkedIn group, the total value of their transactions as high as 26.2 billion dollars. This makes it the world's largest software company can be involved in the world's largest digital talent pool. Microsoft will be the price of $ 196 per share, all-cash way to complete the deal. It was up 49.5 percent from Friday's closing price LinkedIn. After the completion of the acquisition, LinkedIn will retain their own brands, the company culture and operational independence. Jeff Weiner remains as the company's chief operating officer.

So, what happens next?

1. Microsoft will LinkedIN as a service to integrate them into the Windows system.

The reason for this is simply too beefed up. If you think about it in Hotmail or Outlook, you can write directly send to your friends on LinkedIn, think it will be more pleasing user's hearts! Think again you are in the Windows client in, simply by pressing a button, you can ask your friends to take you to his circle that the workplace, and how all this exciting ah!

2. LinkedIn can be integrated into Microsoft Office suite.

Now people in the use of the software more and more social. As a career social network LinkedIn, it's level of understanding, even more than some of the people within the company. Imagine, if you are in a Microsoft Word document, together wrote the content, the need for some kind of outlook, or is about to appear in a certain product is described, you can use the mouse to pull out a box, and then automatically triggering a request, in the word, it is sent directly to the product team someone asked him to put the box in the descriptive text associated supplementary completed. In the past, such workflows there may exist only in people's fantasies, or is worth billions, the black hole swallowed numerous capital projects, but Git / GitHub has proved that it is feasible and can go to the center technology to achieve functional. LinkedIn has its own communications network InMail. It is really exciting to think together, LinkedIn as a giant LDAP server has become the key link in our office when!

3. Microsoft can be integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem LinkedIn in other tools, API as a "work environment" under the appearance.

LinkedIN very understanding of the workplace people are busy with something, and Microsoft is constantly developing some specific tools to help people complete the project some complex tasks, such as programming, project management, graphics, database management and so on. If there is now a separate LinkedIn API, allowing you to do the following things, what would you feel? For example, in internal office tool to find your colleagues find this work-related consultants, confirm what skills to solve this problem is needed, this is a can not be realized in the ninety-nine percent of office software, but people dream of function. If Microsoft is smart enough, then it can certainly see great value in LinkedIn are hidden, so that people can in Windows systems more efficient collaboration, process more complex tasks.

4. Microsoft can integrate LinkedIn into the call process.

Of course, Facebook phone was a disaster (Do you remember me anyway, remember & hellip;? & Hellip;), but this does not exclude the mobile phone business can not explore space. More comprehensive relations office environment, Microsoft can take advantage of this to enhance their strength in the field of voice.

5. Microsoft can LinkedIn into a Windows-based publishing platform

If you want to use Microsoft's software to write a blog, you can choose what software? Yammer? Windows Live Server? Xbox? Now, LinedIn become another option, in the above, the company's pimple content marketing alliance began again, be forwarded to expand influence. Here bears great potential, is the whole point of a business cycle ah. However, whether we can really build a content distribution platform, history tells us, whether it is Microsoft or LinkedIn, they messed up numerous times, do not know whether after Talia fit to give us the performance shines?

6. Microsoft could use the data to develop product strategy LinkedIn

That which bears a very large potential for development, but the concept is still in the prototype stage. Indeed, Microsoft is indeed a software company, but from the looks of its size, it is a bit like a country, which has numerous appointments authorization. By contrast, LinkedIN is an incredible data mining platform, it has the world's economy, especially for the technology industry, it has a very clear grasp of the more critical it is to the data in hand. Microsoft will 比扎克伯格 Facebook know what happened earlier, it will resume Google employees know and what added skills; it will also know the various human resource agencies in the last world are doing the kind of research and it will use this information is to start marketing their services to these companies to go. It can be a LinkedIn as their information base, in order to make a more comprehensive consideration, for the long-term role, in order to ensure their place in the future world economy. It can take advantage of LinkedIn information provided will be incorporated into other platforms, such as Windows, Office 365, Bing, Xbox and so on, it also has the ability to answer the question: "Compared to last year, Google employees play XBox time more or less? "Once you start to imagine this spread out, really is scary, you never know what the future Microsoft will use this information to make what an amazing feat.

7. Microsoft can take advantage of LinkedIn's data to develop new advertising products

In view of the above, or that Microsoft has an advertising platform must praise. By contrast, Amazon on the network every day, chasing behind your ass selling a variety of merchandise, looks like a little baby play toys & hellip; & hellip; you know, we're talking about two companies, one company open every day you know how often Microsoft Excel, another company knows how long did you do on the current position, your top leadership is not just promoted up. The world's largest advertising agencies and media buyers to sit together, they are together wondered if the next step would be to do something, it really is worth people look forward to ah!

8. Microsoft may be combined LinkedIn and Minecraft

Just write down this prophecy, does not exclude such a possibility. We may one day, sitting in the torch decorated with a virtual meeting room, at night comes, monsters screaming before, and quickly began meeting & hellip; & hellip;

9. Microsoft allows LinedIn glow greater charm

Microsoft now is Microsoft, after, or we are familiar with Microsoft, but if you're a closer look at its recent application design, which in interaction design on the convey texture, as well as the product itself some thought, I can boldly here said that the quality of their products even better than Apple. Apple again and again to tell you how much they pay attention to design, pay attention to how the consumer experience, indeed, they did not Bluff, but turned around and you begin to use Xcode. Microsoft's design is always considered a group of people to make money, they had to use the computer to do some boring things. This is actually a "nine to five software" businessman ah; LinkedIn is a "nine to five social network" ah! The most likely situation is: Microsoft gradually began to exert pressure, repair LinkedIn presence of some long, long Bug should be addressed to enhance the overall experience of using the product, eventually LinkedIn look full of fashion sense, become focused on the workplace social networking platform.

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