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We experienced Hololens real machine, Microsoft's promotional video did not lie to us

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我们体验了我们体验了 Hololens 真机,微软的宣传视频没骗我们

Although Hololens Developer Edition has been sold, but the country can get the real machine can be lit Hololens still rare, there are a lot of video special effects synthesis MagicLeap front, Microsoft's promotional video to let all kinds of cool people can not believe it. In the public number & ldquo; oct canteen & rdquo; the help of friends, I have a small stone, 36 krypton several colleagues have the opportunity to come247 Science and TechnologyThis company (in this special table thanks), to experience the multiple applications of Hololens. Experience complete general feeling is that while there are all kinds of problems, such as the viewing angle is indeed small, but the overall display is stunning, with Microsoft promotional video about the same.

我们体验了我们体验了 Hololens 真机,微软的宣传视频没骗我们

(Since we do not have time experience screen recording, this figure and subsequent pictures are from the network or 247 SCIENCE Recording)

The experience of a number of applications, involving games, education, tourism and other aspects, but still wearing start talking (with a summary of the tight schedule can directly see summary). From the appearance you can clearly see, Hololens by the headband and the outer layer constituting the inner glasses. Behind the headband has a knob to adjust the rotation of the elastic headband, wearing before you need to first send the tone knob, and then put on tight. Different people in different head sizes, adjust the headband worn when required to take some time, female colleagues have long hair bigger impact on. Glasses Hololens touches does not affect the wear.

After wearing headband, you can see the saw about 2 meters around a 40-inch display. Translucent screen itself is better, so there is content in the screen display, and other transparent portions can see the background environment, the screen edges and integration environment is also good, the border is not particularly conspicuous. Screen position in the height direction by the impact of glasses and headband body relative angle, just before the front of the glasses is not very easy to adjust to, and experience the process from time to time to fall a little, occasionally need to adjust lower.

我们体验了我们体验了 Hololens 真机,微软的宣传视频没骗我们

After the adjustment finished display, our attention in the main menu. The default screen is a bit like win10 Start menu of the main menu, accounting for about half of the screen width. Inside the box are arranged according to a plurality of applications show up, some state information on the lower display. Right of the screen there are & ldquo; + & rdquo; number, after the opening of similar application list win8, which lists all installed programs, and you can scroll to view and select. Main menu like a plane floating in the air, turned around and it will be followed by moving to a new location (there is a lag of about half a second), and always keep in the center of the screen, front facing the user.

我们体验了我们体验了 Hololens 真机,微软的宣传视频没骗我们

Before specific operation, we learned about the interaction index finger in front is click, click, holding fist is expanded back to the main menu. At present, these two interactions specific program also supports voice interaction.

We first opened a three-dimensional model display applications. In the main menu, click the app, a flat screen menu appears, and prompts me to choose the placement of the menu. I put this menu onto the wall, and the wall parallel to it automatically. Click OK fixed menu, select a person from the inside of the three-dimensional model, click OK, the sky appeared cube containing the model thumbnails, so I chose to place the model. I click on the table in front of the model will begin loading. After a few seconds, the model is loaded, a villain standing on the table.

Here we must emphasize an important feature Hololens display things displayed on the screen is positioned in the real three-dimensional space. Although the feeling 2m 40-inch screen, the whole bit like Epson BT-200 AR glasses like a lot, but the core difference is that a lot of AR glasses seems, is to put a large screen placed in front of the plane, but more like Hololens is a window, through the window, you can see in the room superimposed virtual goods. Like above, this villain, no matter how I walk in the room, which are firmly on the table, just like a real thing in there, I do not follow sports. I looked at the table, you can see it, his head away to look at the wall to see is the walls, close in time to see it bigger, stay away it becomes smaller.

After we experience a game. When the game starts, first let me look around the room, look at the program to scan the room, you can see the shock in a grid like a wall spread, the program gradually identify the main plane of the room. After the scan is complete, exciting to the wall in front of the open hole, only to fly a monster ran out. And I turned around and put it through the center of the line of sight to aim it, then click the index finger emitting laser to destroy them. In addition to flying strange, there are scorpion drilled from the wall, the wall run around and attack me. And I fired the laser, if not reached the scorpion, it will blast a big hole in the wall.

In addition, we experienced a tourism application. After entering the application, I feel like being in a square in Rome, to look around you can see all kinds of buildings and abortion four weeks. See a building, it will emerge out of the above text description, accompanied by voice to explain. Here's a bit like the feeling with the VR head was feeling, but the difference lies outside the center of perspective is reality.

我们体验了我们体验了 Hololens 真机,微软的宣传视频没骗我们

After a virtual application detection impressed us. After scanning the room, a virtual police officer appeared in the room, introduced me to one case where several experts standing around the table began to review the case. Thereafter, the corner of the room, appeared on the ground crying a little boy, a rat crawling around on the ground, a short while, a man with a gun appeared in the side of the little boy, the boy at gunpoint, and then they They disappeared together. . . Later part of the application we did not experience complete, but a kind of feeling in the room to reproduce the scene of the crime.

Finally, we also experienced some Skype, browser and other traditional applications. These applications interface with Hololens phone is not much difference on the computer, but shown as a plane in space, it can be attached to a wall, or hanging in the air.

Overall, the experience Hololens feelings, with commercials saw very close, a lot of the movies, such as the monster can Poqiang out, the application can be attached to the wall browsing, you can put a virtual item on the table, etc. , can achieve quite amazing. But there are also aspects of a variety of issues. Important aspects of the merits of the different sub-specific instructions:

Wear on. Headband to wear some people take a little time. Body glasses and headband can be relatively rotated, but also easy to loose. Hololens whole is still pretty heavy, wearing a long or tiring. Clamping head headband is not comfortable, will encounter a barrier ear glasses produce body downward turn. Myopia does not affect the wear Hololens.

Display area. Flat-screen main menu and other applications display is quite delicate, no VR so rough, three-dimensional objects are displayed brighter, significantly higher than the environment, indoor lights on will not lead to see the model. See floating in the air feeling similar model with many movies, a kind of holographic feeling. Application of three-dimensional models are generally not very fine, but unlike the VR model needs to be done in the complex lighting effects match the look and feel is quite realistic.

我们体验了我们体验了 Hololens 真机,微软的宣传视频没骗我们

Many people criticized perspective on the issue, really only 30 degrees, compared to the small number of the human eye, but with the positioning of objects in space, into a sense is good, but still should be another big point, so 50 of the above should be relatively perfect.

The interactive aspect. The current main index finger clicks and interaction fist unfolds, relatively simple, but the situation is not allowed to experience the process of identification, or more. Hololens inside the overall interaction design is not yet very natural, the initial experience if no one will know what to do guide. According to 247 staff, the average person after 4-5 hours in order to operate more skilled.

我们体验了我们体验了 Hololens 真机,微软的宣传视频没骗我们

Hololens when text input is required, it will float in the air, a virtual keyboard, visual center to see the letters will highlight, with a finger in the air and click to confirm. In this way the whole feeling is still relatively slow, it seems more appropriate voice. Hololens also supports a variety of voice input, such as handles. The overall feeling, interactive Hololens to be strengthened.

Aspects of life. Life is a big surprise. Several colleagues have been playing for more than 1 hour, the middle has been running a variety of 3D applications, but not a lot of power out. According to the staff of the 247 introduction, continued normal operation of a variety of applications, they found in about 3.5 hours of battery life, but if you use a mild, can reach 7-8 hours.

Localization and Reconstruction. Start by applying the scanning results, we can visually see the build out of the plane by SLAM. SLAM entire speed is very fast, eyes sweeping their path can be completed quickly create planes. The scanning process will be somewhat flat hole, but a few seconds the program will automatically fill in the hole. For wall reconstructed plane is not completely flat, slightly undulating. Room large planes such as walls, tables, floors or better identified. Some windows and other transparent material or where the reconstruction can not scan the corresponding model.

我们体验了我们体验了 Hololens 真机,微软的宣传视频没骗我们

stability. Experience more than one hour, the system itself, there have been no Caton, only three-dimensional model, such as load itself takes a few seconds to run, it is relatively slow. In normal walking speed to observe from all angles, or move back and forth to see virtual objects placed on the table, feeling is firmly fixed where. More than one hour, and there have been several cases of individual loss of position tracking, or jitter, overall is quite smooth.

Online issues. The experience Hololens are stand-alone operation, and no two Hololens-line, but can imagine it, if many programs online, the effect will be much better. For example, placed on a table of a virtual object, then multiple people can wear Hololens onlookers with an object, which is useful in many scenarios to discuss design solutions.

empathy. Due to the strong monster break out of such a thing to happen to the genuineness of the room where, individuals can also move around in the room, many applications being brought into the still very strong, like this, and VR. In Rome Travel application, if the increased field of vision, dark ambient pressure, is simply a VR experience. From the perspective of the game, in fact, the entire room structure as a basis for input, based on this game takes place in a completely virtual room space structure, from this perspective, the entire application with superimposed virtual reality and augmented reality AR different, perhaps this is why Microsoft put Hololens called MR.

Cross-platform portability. Win10 beginning of the birth played a slogan unified a variety of platforms, but everyone's feeling is not obvious. The running Win10 on Hololens variety of common applications, such as browsers, social networking tools, then let us find a Win10 unified little shadow. Such an obvious advantage is that users can integrate a lot of habits and applications. But we do not know these applications directly from the PC and other platforms can be simply transplanted to Hololens, or separate development for Hololens do.

In general, for VR, we often say, speaking a few hours as a direct experience of his head was put on a clearer, Hololens true. But experienced numerous VR head was, I think, Hololens really gave us another new world opens up a door. The last time I had this feeling, is to experience after HTC Vive.

If you want to experience Hololens, we are helpless. But if you are interested in Hololens, AR et al., And I welcome the (micro letter: 838 848 010) and small stones (micro letter: 2479422239) AC.

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