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I/O Google the most complete record, after reading we can not sleep!

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Weaving reinforcement and led the open-air stage, backpack and shirt combination of dense population, fairs and booth in full swing, and across the sea of 100 million Chinese viewers, do you think this is a carnival music festival, in fact, it's called Google I / O.

Welcome to the latest release from the future.

Assistant: Google a OK, Google, how many fingers are not used on the


The reason why Google assistant is conference first unveiled the product, because of the subsequent appearance of the number of products based on this technology. Google with nearly ten years of time, to improve their speech recognition technology, more emphasis on natural semantic and dialogue type search.

In the words, Assistant Google can not only answer your question, it can fully understand the context of the context, around a topic to accompany you to talk about, rather than you ask a sentence it back to a.


For example: when you ask Google tonight what movie, Google assistant first can tell you the answer, immediately when you said you would have children to go to the movies, Google will automatically remove x-rated movies, when you determine the oral, Google not only the tickets two-dimensional code sent to you, will show you the film critics.

Google hope Assistant Google will not only appear in your mobile phone, but in all aspects of your life: watches, cars, computers, living room. And all of this is connected through speech recognition.

Google Home: a can with you chat box


Google home is conference debut first hardware product, it is actually a can based on Google Voice Control Assistant intelligent speakers. In addition to playing music, search, the proposed arrangements for common functions of a to-do list, etc., the Google home can become center of smart home products, according to user needs, adjust the temperature, open lights, and other tasks.


Like Amazon Google, Home Echo also supports a lot of entertainment features, such as it can and before the launch of the Chromecast and Audio Chromecast linkage, to achieve a number of speakers synchronous playback function.


In addition, the user can use the Assistant Google voice assistant on Home Google. For example, when you are ready to go out, Home Google according to your habits, to make you to avoid traffic jam in the peak period of intelligent choice, and after you confirm the best route to your phone.


The appearance of the part, Google Home is like a small bedside lamp can be replaced with the base, there is always a right for you.

Google said, Home Google needs more third party partners, in order to better connect each scene in life, and Home Google will be officially launched later this year.


From Gtalk to hangouts, Google chat application do not know do the number and closed many, but I in front of a range of children love logo assurance, released today this is called allo chat application is definitely seen you the coolest chat application, because it can think what you want, you can chat.


Allo whisper shout "function allows the user to type by sliding change font size, in order to avoid each other to see not see my every word a gem.


Allo also according to that location mentioned in the conversation, recommendations for the selection of phobia proposed restaurant to determine want to go to the restaurant after only need to click the restaurant card, allo can automatically jump to the similar OpenTable such third party applications to complete the booking, and then cut back to allo continue to chat with friends.


And when the other side sent a photo, Allo still be able to identify the contents of the photo, and then give you a reply to the proposal. From the scene of the Demo, Allo more than you will chat.

Allo also provides Mode Incognito, so that your personal information is more secure, end to end encryption, the user can permanently delete their chat records.


In addition Google also launched a video chat application Duo. Duo biggest bright spot is the user before deciding to switch on, you can see each other in the video ahead of time, you can take this to decide whether to connect this video call, this wonderful function is called Knock-Knock.

Duo based on Google's new quic and webrtc webrtc is abbreviation of real-time web page (WEB real-time communication) communication, support web browser on the technology of real-time voice chat or video conversations, six years ago, Google through the acquisition of access to this technology.

QUIC (UDP Internet Connection Quick) is a Google development of UDP based on the low latency of the Internet transport layer protocol, Chrome is also one of the reasons why so fast. Compared to other video chat software, Duo needs less data, video is also more stable and clear.

Of course, the most important is that iPhone's friends, Allo and Duo did not ignore you!

When the head of Android, has now become a supporting role

androidauthorityandroidauthority android-n-Google-IO-2016-840x472

(picture from:Androidauthority)

The Android operating system almost is the highlight of the year Google I / O, but you ask: Android on a version of the heavyweight function is a what?

In fact, Google as early as two months before the release of the N Android preview version, so developers and Android users ahead of the addiction. This year's N Android focused on three dimensions: performance, security and productivity. That sounds boring?

Compared to the previous generation system, Android n more emphasis on safety, chrome will automatically detect web security, all on-line application of the Google play store must also after a security review, the Google play safe net every day will be the application of detection of 80 billion to ensure the safety of users.

N Android will be based on user habits in the background to retain the commonly used applications, will automatically remove completely not yet shut down the background process. Multi task switching interface card more than before, although less app can be displayed, but new multi task button is good enough, double-click the button can be returned to the application, multiple clicks can be individually before switching applications.

As for the N Android what is the name? Google didn't think well, it hopes to mobilize people to benefit by mutual discussion.

Notification bar improved, new Emoji, smart power and provincial traffic in the conference was with a pen, it seems that Google has not put android as the focus of attention, obviously all participants attention and soon was under a heavy plate attracted in the past.

Google virtual reality, is a day dream!


Daydream contains three parts, respectively, is to strengthen the mobile phone reaction rate of the VR model, for the third party vendors VR reference design and VR content platform.

Smart phones as the core of the mobile Google, Android N VR provides the VR model, specifically for smart phones to improve the mobile VR experience.



In addition to the news, movies, games, Google also hope to achieve some of the functions of the more close to life through VR. For example, Google will launch the VR version of the Google street view service.


Google announced that Samsung, HTC, ASUS, HUAWEI, LG, millet, ZTE and other vendors will support the Daydream, and Daydream will be launched in the fall of this year.

In the eyes of Google to build a can win business cooperation, quality content platform, will than a virtuoso of the VR benchmark equipment are more important.

Wear Android 2: you can lose your cell phone and type on your watch!


The application of Android Wear has been the need to rely on the mobile phone, mobile phone if you forgot a face Meng force. But starting from the Wear Android 2, all watch applications can run independently, which means you can abandon the phone, to use their own smart watches.

Android Wear 2 will be from the system level to support smart watches alone card, using the cellular network. If your smart watch support LTE network (such as LG watch Urbane). You also can be on the watch through Bluetooth headset directly listen to streaming music, but the watch battery life I'm afraid I can't give you the time of a few songs.

Android wear 2.0 design also began to material design style closer to ensure more content can be displayed in the screen of finite, Android wear 2.0 interface for a circular dial are more display optimization, but also open API, dial developers can in the dial in access to other third party application data, such as calendar, Google fit and spotify, even photos downloaded from Microsoft onedrive.


(picture from:TechCrunch)

Google in order to solve the difficulty of the input in the smart watch small screen, in the original speech recognition and Emoji based on the increase of intelligent replies, handwriting input and support for the full keyboard sliding input.

Perhaps the typing on watch needs to exist, but when I see the picture below, really very worried.


(picture from:Engadget)

Want to experience the smooth flow of Android 2 powerful, I am afraid, but also look forward to a new batch of better performance of smart watches equipment.

Developers of two tools like, there is a cattle breaking new function


In the press conference Google launched the Studio Android 2.2, can help developers to better develop and compile Android applications, with a faster compile speed and be able to intelligently analyze the problems. New firebase can help developers realize application written in the process of automatic Baozhang, and will be open to the public free of charge to the developer.

studio_22_hero_imagestudio_22_hero_image (1)

Relying on the Google play store app for Android instant may be a strokes, it can let users in the installation is not related to the application of the premise directly by clicking the link on the phone to run the application, and the Google play store will only download the required functions.

Drive without distraction, the new version of Auto Android can be fully voice control


(old version of Auto Android need to connect the picture from the data line:Digitaltrends)

In the car itself to support the provision of Wi-Fi hot premise, Auto Android no longer need to connect the phone to the USB line, the car directly through the Wi-Fi connection can be used Auto Android.


(modern custom Auto Android app pictures from:Androidauthority)

In order to allow Auto Android to be more used, Google allows car manufacturers to develop vehicle related applications, Honda and Hyundai have begun to adapt to Auto Android.

Wireless connectivity, support voice wake up, and to support the application of custom car manufacturers, so that the new version of Auto Android ease of use. Of course, the premise is that you need to have a car that can provide Wi-Fi hot spots and support Auto Android.

After reading this on a future conference, why we sleep?

Between speech, the future of the good and today's hard as if only separated by a Google.

In short, a conference about the future, Google hopes to the implantation of artificial intelligence to every scene in your life, on the surface like Google assistant Siri, like the echo of the Google home, like micro channel allo, in fact, are hidden the heart of one of your more active machine.


Although the future of early life, but risked their lives all through the night, is sleepy and tired. However, when the thought of a Google shishuyi and across the sea of 100 million Chinese viewers, overlooking the San Li Tun a piece of dark Apple logo a light white light, one evening thousands of ideas, sleepiness has nothing.

This paper is completed by Zhang Bowen and He Zongcheng.

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