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Mobile phone business prospects bleak HTC intends to how the next big game VR

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Sina Technology / Ding Zhuang, Zhou Feng

In the science and technology industry, the pioneer seems to have never been a lucky identity. For example, Google and Baidu is not the first search engine, iPod is not the first digital music player, Facebook is not the first social network. Was shot dead on the beach, people forget the countless waves, but this does not prevent HTC to high-end VR market in China's first to eat crab.

Recently, HTC also announced a quarterly in 2016, net 2.6 billion new Taiwan dollars (about $80 million). This is four straight quarterly losses. The mobile phone business faltered and talk of VR, HTC chief financial officer, Zhang Jialin said that vive will become a new impetus for the HTC's earnings.

While Wang Xuehong also insisted that the mobile phone business and VR business is equally important, she has repeatedly for the Vive platform: the mobile phone industry has reached a bottleneck, and VR to the new world.

On Ecological

From the technical level to talk about, the mainstream immersive VR helmet is mainly composed of four parts of the electronic components composition: chip and sensor, display system, optical lens and the shell structure and location tracking system of the optical system. If you want to achieve the immersive effect, the display system is the top priority of the VR.

In addition to the underlying hardware area, as one of the core of the VR, the lack of content of this pain is still in front of Vive HTC. Based on this, HTC Vive, Iqiyi and other partners, Youku will put the key link in the content of the cooperation. And they also put forward their own content strategy.

In CES Asia, Youku and Tudou announced through and global top production companies, top star unfolds or copyright cooperation, industrial chain and the strongest hardware partners Union, and input VR fund, such as a full range of initiatives, to expand the 3000 million VR user within a year.

While Iqiyi will VR on the opening ceremony of the 2016 Iqiyi World Conference, highlighting the importance of the VR. Iqiyi claimed that will start the VR ecological incentive plan, take the lead in in 10 high IP full realization of VR, open 100 top IP for the cooperation and development of the game, with 300 partners together to create a VR ecological, within the next 12 months to assist domestic and foreign VR hardware vendors common development of 10 million VR user.

Domestic video website support energetically, can quickly will enrich the content of VR, however, the bonus content not only HTC an exclusive. The VR startups in the presence of capital, already, such as bamboo shoots, they perhaps is the video sites are concerned with the key.

For HTC, the core competitiveness is to win over a number of their own developers. Less than six months time, Vive HTC has opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, the 4 developer conference. In early March of this year, Shenzhen developer summit, Bao Yongzhe revealed that HTC vive platform already have thousands of individual developers, at home also issued more than 200 Developer Suite, the number is still increasing. Between March and April, HTC held a content development contest, has received more than 800 pieces of work, covering the game, education, real estate and other vertical areas. And the latest data show that the depth of cooperation with the HTC gaming platform Steam already has over 200 Vive HTC virtual reality applications.

Compared to allow consumers to pay for the purchase, the current more effective way to popularize the VR path or the construction of the line under the experience shop. In the Internet bar can experience the VR game, is near at hand. HTC has reached a cooperation and network technology, VR will be rolled out in the cafe room experience. Shun Hua Yong, chairman of science and technology said 50 cafe has completed the transformation of the VR and settlement system also completed the test, the future experience will be a long time charges.

Content gap is still difficult to fill

2016 is known in the media for the first year of VR, international, the three major manufacturers launched consumer products, Google, Microsoft and other giants are also in full swing in the layout of the VR. While the ants as VR, Dapeng Venture Company cooperation, promotion of products. But it is undeniable that the current VR industry is still facing problems: the hardware experience is too poor, easy to cause physical discomfort; lack of content, lack of burst point.

If VR would be as popular as the smartphone, adjust and content providers, is placed in front of the HTC a problem. In HTC's Strategy Conference, Youku, iqiyi and game makers are HTC vive ecological system is an indispensable part of, and in the conference of Youku, iqiyi, HTC is many hardware partners a. This situation implies that, based on the Vive side of the PC want to rely on video sites to provide content, perhaps only a piece of paper with no real content.

On VR, HTC is the first mover advantage, generous investment of resources. However, VR consumer market still need to continue to fire, this is still a full of uncertainty in the future.

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