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Chinese good wife cuckoo: waiting for her husband came out to give him a better country

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Like drizzle, not rivalry, not a virtuoso, never in the decision-making powers showed a trace of desire of Chaoshan wife cuckoo, in a time of crisis, entered the business, to the front, learn and deal, softness, hold the foundation, are difficult to develop.

Gome (000493.HK) has just handed over the 2015 report card in the operating level and profitability given a certain point of support and persuasion.


2015, the company achieved sales revenue of yuan, an increase of 7% over the same period, net profit attributable to the parent company reached. Among them, the United States online transaction volume grew 114.5%, the mobile terminal transaction volume increased significantly by 511.8%, the mobile terminal transactions accounted for 55.5% of the proportion of electricity business transactions. For the 12 consecutive quarter of Gome contrarian growth.

Over the past few years, the United States adhere to the advantages of the line, to maintain profitability and achieve steady growth, is considered to be too conservative in the strategy. But this does not mean that all the cuckoo and the United states.



National beautiful host cuckoo, has a good birth and education background, graduated from the University of Science and Technology Beijing, the former Bank of China loan specialist. 1993, because the working relationship with Wong Kwong Yu met, in 1996 two married, and later joined the United States group. At present, the cuckoo as Gome holding group CEO, Gome Holding Group chairman of the decision-making committee. The annual report disclosed that as of last December 31st, the cuckoo and Wong Kwong Yu jointly owned 32.43% of the shares of gome.


Until 2010, the cuckoo has been standing behind Wong Kwong Yu's wings, Aio Noriko, the style is very low-key. There are very few reports about the cuckoo on the Internet, and only a few photos, all of which are in the case of a pair of children and Wong Kwong Yu. In 2010, wound up in Hong Kong responsible for Cuckoo Gome group investment, acquisitions, mergers and other business, in the United States most in need of the backbone, back to the Eagle building, control the warlords, trader overall.


In the absence of Wong Kwong Yu time, how to keep the advantages and innovation in a rapidly changing market, is the main challenge facing the cuckoo. Specifically, how to solve the problem of people, as well as the two major issues of enterprise development, is at stake in the future of the country's top priority. And never set foot in the retail arena of the cuckoo, must quickly experience, become another type of master Wong Kwong Yu.

As early as 2007, the United States is higher than the market price of large and medium-sized electrical appliances to become a landmark event in the history of domestic retail. Dazhong Electric Appliance, the former boss of zhangdazhong will know how to be grateful for, a pivotal moment in the United States volunteer served as listed Gome chairman of the board of directors of the company.


As for the top division inside the United States, according to Zhang Dazhong said, Rhododendron as the major decisions and the chairman of the committee, responsible for the decision-making on major issues, which is responsible for board of directors to convene working, let issue in the board of directors of the reasonable operation, and get through, Gome president Wang Junzhou is responsible for specific operations, this three ply forces so far with more understanding.

Sharpen the transformation

Woman entered the business, in addition to the need to smooth the wrist and superb EQ, financial and management expertise such hard work near the body, fully understand the direction of macroeconomic policy, grasp the direction of government policy, familiar with the laws and regulations and the awareness of enterprise risk management, the career ladder, further open horizons is essential.


What is interesting is that the role of women in Huang's family in the United States is currently affected. Gome insiders told reporters that the sister Huang Xiuhong, at present in the United States is in charge of the real estate business, also in the field of investment also showed great ambition. Huang Xiuhong execution is very strong, a lot of innovative thinking in the group often start from her.


Late last September 17th, the cuckoo dressed in a guide of the red uniform clothing, the accident appeared in Beijing, Madian, the United States, the embodiment of the identity of shopping guide in the store service. From time to time there are consumers to their advice, but almost no one recognized her. Cuckoo said that the store to do an ordinary shopping guide, a very important point is to increase confidence in the United States employees, so that employees feel the country is right to choose the right way, and can do a good job.

Gome insiders to the era of King timeweekly said over the past two years, Rhododendron gradually sound, the frequency of appearance is also getting higher and higher, which in fact, hidden in Gome holding from a traditional home appliance retail giant began testing the waters to the social sharing as the leading retail 3.0 times.

Gome 2015 earnings report, as of the end of the year, the total number of stores to 1223, comparable store sales revenue growth of 2.32%, but the decline in the cost of sales. This means that the United States store business improved the quality of.

Last year, Gome announced the acquisition of the hands of Huang Guangyu 567 by the management of the group is non listed Gome group stores, GOME stores the number of stores amounted to 1790, covering the 434 of large cities in the.


Zhang Dazhong once said a very classic words: in the past the most expensive retail industry is the lot, and now the most expensive is the traffic, the future is the most expensive link.

Return to the wolf

Overall, the United States is currently operating for good, the past year's report card, but also confirms the success of the United States holding the whole retail strategy, through the period of confusion and slowly groping to the direction of transformation. The United States and the United States in the overall strategic layout and capital operation, but also glow with greater imagination.


Over the past three years, the financial services become cuckoo and Gome holding new hunting grounds, Gome holding has on the new tuyere cultivation for a long time.

The Huang family in the cultural industry show also underestimated the ambitions.

In 2014, Xu Zhongmin, the founder of Gome holdings joint Johnson Chun Shun Ko and fellow Wong Kwong Yu, jingwenchangpian, CO sponsored by the acquisition of star culture industry in China, the Chinese Xingyuan belongs to Huaqiang China Star Group.

September 2015, Hong Kong Stock Exchange disclosed Wong Kwong Yu and concerted action people hold close network entertainment (formerly China Star Cultural Industries) shares reached 70.43%. Close behind more shares of CITIC network entertainment, and the figure of Ma Yun. Cuckoo in the business goal without humility, closer to the network entertainment will focus on the layout of the film industry, through solid IP accumulation and Internet operation means, within three years will be from the quality and scale among the reshuffle after the Chinese film industry in the top five.

At the beginning of this year, Gome's triple the company announced the restructuring plan, the company to 9 billion yuan price of 100% acquisition domestic security intelligent communication terminal operators De Jing electronics, into the intelligent mobile phone manufacturing.

At the same time, Gome honeycomb strategy surfaced, unlisted assets acquisition, overseas purchase, hundreds of thousands of micro shop project launched, will continue to seek a breakthrough.

At present, the United States holding by virtue of the line retail, Internet, smart manufacturing, smart phones, financial investment and real estate development of the six major business sector.

In addition, Gome has 1.5 million members, covering the more than 1700 stores, the ground troops of the hundreds of thousands of sales staff and more than 400 logistics distribution centers and after-sales system, also have social business platform and industrial projects.

In the concept of Rhododendron, by line stores, and hundreds of thousands of micro stores, logistics, after-sales installation service system, build the reconstruction of Gome online, letter beauty social sharing, the United States financial holding, real estate, health and culture industry sector and coordinated development, to complete the construction of a full retail ecosystem.

Well-known home appliance analyst Liu buchen to the era of King timeweekly said for the United States, although line of business, but the home appliance chain by the electricity supplier has a great influence, and Gome electric business industry status and strong enough, still need to worry about over reliance on home appliance chain risk must look the other way, into a number of areas to blossom and bear fruit. Such a layout with logic and long-term development needs.

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