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You have a letter from Google's founder.

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Every year, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will write a letter to shareholders, tell their enterprise development highlight the latest and development vision. This year, they intend to take to try something new. For the first time invited Google CEO Sundar Pichai penned, interpretation of Google's development strategy and vision for everyone.

Last August, I announced the establishment of Alphabet and announced the company's new architecture, but also to share my thoughts on the future development of the enterprise. For the current development of Alphabet, I am very pleased, but also very much appreciate the performance of Sundar as Google after the new CEO. Because Google has focused on most of our investment and expectations, I would like to give Sundar the largest space to show Google's achievements, to share his vision. In the future, Sergey, Sundar, and I will be here to share our understanding of the current situation and future development of the enterprise, please look forward to.

--- Alphabet president, Page Larry

When Larry and Sergey were created in 1998 Google, the world has 300 million people to use the network. People mostly sit in a chair, log on to the desktop, and then on a large and clumsy display connected to the big keyboard on the knock on the character, to search. And now, the number of Internet users has risen to 3 billion, many of them can also search for information through portable devices at any time and anywhere.

Over the years, Google has been adhering to the founding of the mission since 1998: "the integration of global information, so that everyone can access and benefit from it." This mission is now becoming more realistic and critical. Because, in today's world, people have been used to the use of equipment to help them to arrange daily life, to travel around and keep in touch with each other. Mobile phone has become a remote controller to manage our daily life. People are using mobile phones to communicate, consume, educate and entertain in many ways that they can't imagine in the past.

Search and support: meeting people's desire for knowledge

As we announced the establishment of Alphabet, said: "this new enterprise architecture will enable us to focus, grasp the Google business in a variety of excellent opportunities." We also integrate these opportunities in the enterprise mission, and the most important, is to let everyone can get information and knowledge.


Help you to get information and use this information to spend every day is far more than the traditional search category. Think about you and your family a total of how many pictures carrying the memories of memories? Generally speaking, this year, people will take 1 trillion photos by their own equipment. So we released the Photos Google, in order to make people more relaxed and convenient to organize photos and videos, to ensure the safety of photos at the same time, so that you can find any equipment at any time you want to. Photos less than a year ago, and now has more than 100 million active users per month. Right, and our Google map, when you asked us to address, you should not only want to know how to get from point a to point B, according to the different situation. You may also want to know to avoid congestion and the best time, want to stroll the shops are still open, and for the first time visit to have any fun.


And these are just the beginning. We still have a lot of work to do in order to make the search and Google services work around the clock to help your daily life. In the future, you will be able to travel through the Google services, and get help from your environment, situation and needs, and we will respect your privacy and protect your personal data. The needs of parents and college students are different, the user in the car or at home is not the same as the need to help. Smart support is needed to understand the differences and provide the right help at the right time.

The power of machine learning and artificial intelligence

It is our long-term commitment to machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is them so that you can through the voice to search for information, the conversion between different languages, filtering out spam email, find photos and "hug" photos... To solve the many problems faced in our daily life. In the past days, they make Google products continue to grow, more and more help.

Over the years, we have committed to building the best AI teams and tools, and some of the recent breakthroughs have made us have the opportunity to do more. In the past 3 months, deepmind research AlphaGo beat the legendary chess player Li Shishi, become self go the most complex game was invented first ever defeat program of professional players. It is no exaggeration to say that this victory has influenced the old game of go, and the final victory belongs to us. The artificial intelligence in surface to assist us, including complete daily tasks and travel to the final solution of the more significant challenges, such as climate change and cancer diagnosis, it will be another important stage.


In more places to provide more quality content

In the early development of the Internet, a mention of information, people will think of the first page. Over the years, we focus on a core mission, from the index picture, video and news to the Google play and Youtube platform construction, we take many actions have contributed to the content discovery, creation and realization. With the content to the mobile terminal continue to migrate, people are than ever watch more video, play more games, listen to more music, read more books and applications that use more.

Therefore, we will make great efforts to Youtube and Google play to build a discovery and delivery quality content and effective platform, allowing users to anywhere, on any screen viewing from the creator and developer of premium content. Play Google covers more than 1 billion of Android users. YouTube is also the preferred platform for people to watch the video, there are more than 1 billion users per month to visit the YouTube website. In addition, YouTube is one of the most downloaded mobile applications for the year. In fact, people watch the video on YouTube long time to achieve sustained rapid growth, of which more than half of the length of the watch from the mobile terminal. In the future, we are committed to providing more options for YouTube users, so that they interact more with the creators and other users, and in more ways to obtain quality content. To this end, we introduced the Kids YouTube and other special applications, and launched the Red YouTube subscription service, so that users enjoy the viewing experience without advertising. In addition, users can also enjoy high-quality Music YouTube experience, watching from the Lilly, Singh PewDiePie and other well-known YouTube creators of the original film and television drama.

At the same time, we continue to invest in mobile networks, which has become the most important source of access to the vast majority of sites. Over the past year, Google has worked closely with publishers, developers and other parties in the ecosystem, working to provide users with a more fluid, more rapid mobile Internet experience. "Accelerated mobile page" (AMP) project is a good example of this. This is an open source initiative launched by our press release, designed to help publishers create mobile optimized content that can be loaded instantly at any location. "Imitation native application web application" (PWA) is another example of this, by combining the respective advantage of web pages and applications, the application can allow enterprises to create rapid loading and send push notifications, with home screen icons, and more characteristics of the mobile site. Finally, we continue to invest with the improvement of the performance of the Chrome mobile terminal. Since its launch, just four years of time, Chrome mobile terminal monthly active users has exceeded 1 billion.


Of course, quality content requires capital investment. Whether it is on Google's Web search or for the New York Times or the guardian compelling news articles, or for viewing on YouTube video, advertising is a help for the vast number of users to enjoy the content to provide financial support. To this end, we are committed to creating an effective quality advertising products for the creators and publishers to create revenue.

Powerful computing platform

In ten years ago, the calculation was also equivalent to those on the desk of a large computer. However, only a few years later, the key processors and sensors that support the powerful computing power have become smaller and more economical. Thanks to this, easy to carry super computer - mobile phone, to rapid development. Android operating system to further promote the popularity of mobile phones. At present, the Android system has more than 1 billion 400 million of the monthly active users, and this figure is still continuing to expand.

Today, the rapid development of electronic equipment containing screen, has long been not limited to the scope of mobile phones, desktop computers and tablet PCs. With the application of the screen extended to the car and the wrist, Auto Android vehicle system as well as Wear Android wearable platform also came into being. In addition, virtual reality technology also show amazing potential -- Google cardboard has more than 500 million users take to unique, vivid and has good educational experiences, to show the unlimited potential of the virtual reality technology.


In the future, the concept of "equipment" and we are drifting away. One day, all kinds of computer will be in all aspects of our lives, to play the role of intelligent assistant. The world will change from "mobile device priority" to "artificial intelligence" priority".

For business services

In the future, the vast majority of the calculations will likely be carried out in the cloud. Whether it is for automated operation, machine learning, or for efficient and intelligent office tools, cloud operation is more secure, economic and efficient, but also more conducive to the use of these latest technology.


We have long invested in the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence to support the product, and thus significantly improve the way people work. In the future, your cell phone will be able to automatically extract the correct files, planning the meeting schedule and track the progress of the meeting, to inform others that you can arrive on time, draft text messages, and be able to handle your expenses and so on.

Service to everyone

Whether it is to promote the research and development of new application developers using Google public cloud, or via YouTube found the creators of new sources of income and the audience, we believe that Google will provide a platform for fair competition for everyone. The Internet is one of the world's most powerful equalizer, so that more people enjoy the service, but also is always our aim.

This is the core principle of Google from the start. As early as before the birth of the Google advertising, Google search has been widely used. We are in the advertising business because it can make these services free of charge. Google search is also committed to providing equal services for every Internet users, regardless of whether he is in a modern city or rural homes.

But achieving that goal is far more complex than simply introducing a product or a domain name that is enabled in the country. Poor infrastructure so that people around the world hundreds of millions not through the network contact with the outside universe of 1,000,000,000 universes. That's why we're going to make $50 a Android phone or $100 for a Chromebook notebook. Is also why this year we launched the line can be used offline navigation. Even if the speed is slow, people can quickly load, and the flow of Google search. We want to make sure that no matter who you are, where you live, no matter what level of equipment you use...... Google can do for you.

Through unremitting efforts, we are committed to enabling technology to serve everyone. For example, farmers in Kenya can use Google search to focus on crop prices, to sell a good price, Wisconsin students can use cardboard glasses to the Sistine Chapel "field trip"; through on youtube and watch the video, people everywhere can share their ideas, and others communication. For 17 years, Google has not forgotten the beginning of the heart: do Google to do, in order to complete the mission. In this regard, I am very moved.

For us: technology, not just the equipment or products we create, because that is not the ultimate goal. Technology is a kind of democratic power, the information it provides is the source of strength. And Google is such a Information Company, set up so far, always adhere to the original intention, has never changed. At the same time, the use of information, but also continue to give me a surprise and inspiration.

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