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Chinese Mars missions to Mars Road Project: how difficult?

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The trip to Mars in China will be on the road! On the afternoon of April 22, in a news conference at the State Department, Xu Dazhe, director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced that Chinese Mars exploration mission officially approved, China will be in 2020 and launch Mars probe, launched the first Mars exploration.

Xu Dazhe said, what we do is to want to achieve a fire around the detection and landing of the tour, which is quite difficult. What problems will be encountered on Mars in China? What is the situation in other countries?


According to Xu Dazhe, January 11, officially approved the first Mars probe mission, each window to 26 months to encounter, are closely to develop the project plan, strive in 2020 the window emission detection and inspection of Mars landing. Because it is now able to successfully landed on Mars in the United States, the landing of Russia, we have to be able to step in place, it should be said to be a great leap.

1 how will the Chinese probe landed on Mars?

According to the previous plan, China plans to launch in 2018 to launch Mars probe, space experts Ye Peijian during the two sessions this year, saying that China's previous Mars exploration program has a new change. Ye Peijian said that Mars once every 26 months to close to the earth once, so the launch window of the Mars probe is limited, from the current point of view, the launch window in 2018 has been too late, but there is still hope in 2020.

According to the design of the China Academy of space technology, the Mars Orbiter and lander started as a whole was launched into deep space, after the satellite separated from the rocket, Mars will be in Mars exploration under the control of the engineering and technical personnel have started solar sail board, open the directional antenna and the implementation of the engine ignition start, went to Mars.

在在 2014 年 11 月第十届中国国际航空航天博览会上,火星探测器原尺寸模型首次与公众见面

In the November 2014 Tenth China International Aerospace exposition, the original size of the Mars probe model for the first time to meet with the public

Compared with the earth and the moon, thanks to Mars in the solar system in Earth's lateral farther from the sun, so the Mars rover went to Mars and in Mars orbit, the solar panels can absorb solar energy to much smaller than the earth and the moon orbit near, so Mars rover in the design process, the solar panels to much longer than the earth satellite or lunar solar panels.

China Academy of space technology of 3D image demonstration shows that China's future launch Mars probe in igneous transfer orbit and after about 10 months of interstellar flight will fly in the vicinity of the advent of the Mars when the earth control personnel will begin implementation of Mars orbit capture Mars detector. From the time of flight, the future of China went to the journey of Mars should Beor Russia in March this year of about 3 months time, to China for the first time went to Mars, this to not be a problem.

33 月 14 日,欧俄火星探测器——ExoMars 在“质子”号火箭的帮助下发射升空

Aerospace expert Pang Zhihao said that Mars orbit capture detector control technology is particularly important, if the errors and detector or will and Mars pass or will have a direct impact on Mars, which leads to the failure of the Mars exploration project. As a result, the Mars orbit capture process is a critical juncture for China's future Mars exploration. In October or so, China will be able to take a good look at the European and Russian Mars probe is how to be captured.

After the Mars probe successfully captured by the Mars orbit, the spacecraft will go into orbit around Mars. Thereafter Mars Orbiter and landing device will choose the separation, the orbiter and run in the Mars orbit for a period of at least one year of operation, key region of Mars shooting, the Martian environment monitoring and so on a series of work; and a lander in the ignition and orbiter leave after will start landing on Mars.

2 is the same as the moon landing?


The film "Mars rescue" stills

According to ye Peijian said, China will launch the Mars into, detector size and structure, and prior to landing the moon goddess, and lunar rabbit cars have similarities. This means that in the future on Mars is likely to implement Chang'e 3 on the moon as the detection mode, both into reactor in the landing place using a variety of magic and the portable equipment always stay in a fixed place and detect, strolling around the rover made all kinds of explorations, they will be together as we find in Mars some of the secrets hidden, this is not really looking forward to it?

A few years ago, China's scientists set Mars Lander detection time is at least 7 days, but according to the current situation of the lunar rover in the work of the moon, it can work much longer in the future.

3 chang e two in 2009 almost went to Mars

According to Ouyang Ziyuan revealed that in order to detect Mars, they have started 12 years ago, the organization of personnel on Mars to carry out a special study, so far, China's Mars Exploration of all scientific objectives have been developed.

Reporters also learned that in support of 863 major projects, in recent years, our country has been proposed to carry out the technical route of Mars exploration, has completed the Mars exploration orbit design, communication, measurement and control, autonomous navigation, a soft landing on the surface etc. key technology research, for our country to carry out self main Mars laid the technical foundation.

Ouyang Ziyuan said, in fact, China's independent exploration of Mars's plan almost in 2009 became a reality. Before the launch of Chang e two, it was sent to Mars and no longer perform related tasks on the moon exploration.

He also stressed that the implementation of the relevant tasks of Mars exploration in China must proceed from reality, not to engage in some unrealistic goals can not be achieved. In Mars exploration, this attitude is very important, because it is directly related to the future of China's Mars exploration process and results.

4 for countries around the world, the same challenge

Want to go to Mars, for other countries, it is not so easy. The European Space Agency's recent years' exploration of Mars has many twists and turns, and has repeatedly postponed the launch time. They started the project in the beginning of this century, after more than 10 years later finally hit the road!

In early 2013, the Russian Space Agency began to take over the United States, as the European Space Agency's collaborators. Its main goal is to launch 3 probes to Mars. The basic idea of the project is to look for clues to life, and to verify that the future can be used for the latest technology of Mars exploration.


Proton Launch Vehicle

And lander will test for the next third detectors that ExoMars Mars rover will use some of the key technologies, the latter is expected to be launched in 2018 or 2020.

ExoMarsExoMars 火星车将在 2019 年登陆火星,预计在火星全球沙尘暴季节结束后到达

ExoMars Mars will be landing in 2019, is expected to arrive at the end of the global dust storm on Mars.

It is understood that this Martian car can be drilled two meters deep in the Martian surface, in such a depth can shield the cold, dry and strong radiation environment. Find life on Mars in the past or present biological markers on Mars, Mars research situation of water resources and to study the planet's environment with judgments of the future and the risk of a manned mission to Mars is its important mission. Just now landing site is still under investigation.

In March, there was another Mars exploration blockbuster, but it was delayed. By the end of 2015, the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) management decided to suspend the original plan launched in March 2016 to launch a mission to Mars (InSight). The reason for this decision is that the repair attempt at the leak of a part of the main equipment in the scientific payload of the detector failed to succeed. When they will launch, NASA did not announce. It is understood that this year's launch of the best window of time for March 4th to March 30th, NASA is clearly too late, and the next launch time at least until 2018.

今年今年 3 月,NASA 宣布于去年 12 月搁置的 InSight 将于 2018 年再发射。InSight 是 NASA 利用地震勘探、地质测量以及热传输技术对火星内部进行深层次探索的重大项目,旨在帮助人类进一步理解火星岩石地表的形成原因。

March of this year, NASA announced last December on the use of the InSight will be launched in 2018. NASA is a major project of InSight using seismic exploration, geological survey and heat transfer technology to carry out deep exploration of the interior of Mars, which aims to help us to understand the formation cause of the surface of Mars rock.


However, NASA on Mars mission is still ambitious, including the person will be sent to the red planet. Despite the decision to delay the launch of an insight into the number, but NASA's road to Mars will continue as planned. And there's no one detector for NASA's Mars exploration mission open, including working on Mars by rover, still in exploring the surface of Mars, opportunity and curiosity rover, still in orbit around the Mars Exploration of Mars Odyssey detector and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and recently helped scientists understand the atmosphere of Mars occurred what Maven and so on. In the exploration of Mars, the United States has the absolute strength, at any time can not ignore their strength.

Wen / Li Peng, published March 14th "Life Weekly" in science and technology

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