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Is genetically modified food safe? Ministry of agriculture, a positive response

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According to voice of China, "the central Canton news" reported that "we do not understand genetically modified, nor to debate, but our staff restaurant can not use genetically modified oil and food ingredients." This is the chairman of a well-known enterprises recently published remarks. Although the government departments of science has been implemented for many years, but compared to a circle of friends to attract the eye of rumors, the intensity of science seems not enough.

Yesterday, the Ministry of agriculture genetically modified organisms safety management office of the relevant responsible person again positive response to genetically modified safety issues.

GM security has almost become a saying a few times are not too many topics. But whether the subject is willing or not, it's becoming more and more difficult to steer clear of GM foods. Deputy director of the Ministry of agriculture genetically modified organisms safety management office Zhang XianfaFirst to clarify, not all of the food containing genetically modified ingredients are called genetically modified foods".

Zhang Xianfa said that genetically modified food is not infinite.Corn, for example, production of corn, corn, seed corn, corn flour, corn flour these are called genetically modified food, but then go down, the corn fed pigs is not called transgenic pigs, it is not.The production of transgenic soybean oil is called transgenic soybean oil, but with GM soy fried twisted dough strips are not genetically fritters, so the concept of genetically modified food is bounded.


In China, in the United States is more like this. Member, National Security Committee of genetically modified organisms China agricultural food and nutrition professor Luo Yunbo introduction,The United States now contains genetically modified ingredients have more than 70% of the food., according to the Ministry of agriculture genetically modified food safety supervision and Inspection Center for the U.S. supermarket to buy some food to detect, contain genetically modified ingredients.

Luo Yunbo said,In the U.S. market, GM foods are very many in the ordinary supermarket, but not for identification, because it is a voluntary identification. If people do not eat genetically modified products in the country, it is best not to travel to the United States, if you go to the United States to ask the supermarket here is not genetically modified foods, it is difficult to find.

As a regulator of agricultural genetically modified technology and products, Zhang Constitution clearly does not recognize the unsafe.

Zhang Xianfa believes that the world's major countries, the world's major international organizations are taking the means to establish a regulatory framework for the regulation of genetically modified technology. So,GM can not be generally said that it is good or bad, safe or unsafe, only by regulatory approval of the listing is safe.International organizations have some consensus on this piece, by approving the listing is safe. Transgenic food safety there are several conclusive, now we on GM food safety assessment followed is a case analysis, and gradually a principle to carry on the evaluation, now use 20 years, found no scientific evidence of the safety problems.

Scientists from technology recently, rumors also hears. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, former president Xu Zhihong said that if there is no genetically modified crops, there is no transgenic papaya, we can eat papaya today. On the Internet to see some people say that we do not eat papaya, there is such a terrorist? Papaya turns a gene, just like to give people the same as the prevention of needle, but to make the plant resistance to diseases and insect pests, there is so terrible. Not seen all genetically modified, causing everyone's panic. AlsoOnline to see, four wings, four claws (chicken), Arabian Nights, scientists had not so much skill, mass-produced four legs, four wings of the chicken.

Monsanto Company's China President Gao Yongju example is another widely circulated rumors posts: the Argentine want to cry without tears, world's first destroyed by transgenic countries ".

Gao Yong said,Micro letter often heard a rumor post, called, "Argentina want to cry without tears, the first was destroyed by transgenic country." Contrary to reverse people to promote precisely, transgenic technology to the Argentines to earn a lot of money, Argentines laugh very happy, no cry.Over the years, due to the improvement of productivity, Argentina will its soybean, corn, soybean meal, soybean oil and made of soybean, corn production of beef sold to all over the world, including China, for back is a lot of dollars and RMB.

Zhang Xianfa and his colleagues do, is not more, in the implementation of laws and regulations in the teeth of the storm. The safety assessment of genetically modified foods in the world adopts three principles, namely, the principle of substantial equivalence, the principle of case analysis and the principle of gradual improvement. China's genetically modified safety assessment is more stringent than this.

Zhang Xianfa said transgenic safety management system, the United States is to look at the product, the EU is to look at the process, our country is look at the entire process, not only to see your products, as long as you take the transgenic technology, the whole process have regulation, our country comprehensive management mode of the two economies, both products also look at the process, we have special regulations, we are case analysis, one by one. This one is safe, does not represent the other one is safe, so any one should go through the safety evaluation.

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