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WhatsApp encryption function has become the United States government in the eyes of nails"

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On March 13 message, according to the New York Times reports, U. S. officials and other stakeholders said at the Justice Department to open and argue that Apple access encrypted iPhone, U. S. government officials privately also discuss how to solve with another technology company, Facebook's WhatsApp during a visit to the popular instant messaging application of long-term confrontation. Although the government has not been this decision, but if the government and the world's largest mobile messaging service WhatsApp opposition to the court will make the Obama administration in encryption, security and privacy issues and silicon valley open up a new battlefield.


Facebook acquired by WhatsApp allows customers to send messages and phone calls through the internet. Last year, the company to encrypt this session, making the Ministry of justice, even if the court can not listen to listen to the permission of the court, can not be overheard.

Officials said last week that the Ministry of justice discussed the issue of how to continue the investigation of crimes under the court's approval of eavesdropping but investigators have been blocked by WhatsApp encryption. In this regard, the Department of justice and WhatsApp declined to comment. Government officials and other people who have disclosed the news are asked to remain anonymous because the court has not disclosed any information about the court's decision to tap the ruling. The nature of the case is not clear, officials only said it does not belong to the investigation of terrorism, the location of the survey is not clear.

In order to better understand this war, can play a world of information is not very appropriate analogy: if Apple disputes compared to the FBI is able to open the door of your house to search your house, then dispute with WhatsApp is how eavesdropping your telephone. There are no clear answers to the two questions in the age of encryption. Some investigators will be more important than the WhatsApp to unlock the iPhone issue, because it involves the future of eavesdropping core. They say the justice department should ask the judge to order WhatsApp to help the government get the information.

Others do not want to worsen the dispute, especially the senator, who said that the law would soon be enacted to help the government obtain data that can be read in a format that can be read. No matter if ends in court, WhatsApp disputes will set a precedent, many law enforcement officials and security experts said, the case may be inevitable, because the wiretapping laws of the United States is 10 years ago to modify the, when people are using a landline is easily wiretapped.

This is not the first time the government has been eavesdropping on the encryption barrier. WhatsApp is not the only company in conflict with the government on this issue. But WhatsApp has 1 billion users and a particularly strong international customer base, which is the biggest obstacle to the U.S. government so far. Last year the United States government for investigation of guns and drugs with apple on the encryption imessages disputes almost resulted in them in the Maryland court showdown. In that case, apple finally help the government, the Ministry of justice has also made concessions.

Enterprises, customers and the United States government also rely on strong encryption technology to prevent hackers to steal information, identify hackers and foreign network attacks. Therefore, the White House in 2013, the report said, the government should not in any way subvert, weaken, undermine the common business encryption or make it vulnerable to attack." Curiously, the government has helped develop the WhatsApp encryption technology. In order to promote the autocratic rule of the civil rights of developing countries, through support allows people no need to fear a monitoring communication technology, promote open society open technology fund, providing $220 million to help develop open whisper systems (open whisper system). And this is WhatsApp encryption based.

This view is also the reason why government officials do not want to rush to WhatsApp and other companies filing. Although there is no hope of immediate solution, but more and more companies to provide encryption capabilities, technology analysts said, WhatsApp for a period of 1 years for all 1 billion customer encryption operations close to complete.

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