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After the burst Li-Fi WiFi is what?

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There are users found that apple from iOS 9.1 began in the system cache file added to the Capability LiFi (Li-Fi compatible) description. This message is one, immediately attracted the attention of domestic and foreign science and technology media, reports, many colleagues have also made a bold guess: this year's iPhone 7 is likely to support the Li-Fi technology. Then the question also comes, this "mysterious" Li-Fi what is it, and we are now familiar with the Wi-Fi what is the difference? Today's "I want to ask the digital" and everyone to talk about this topic.


What is Li-Fi and how does it work?

From the point of view of the information available and accessible, Li FI is a LED visible light communication technology, and the crooner is is in 2011 October Global Technology Entertainment Design Conference (Ted global) by professor at the University of Edinburgh, UK, Professor Harold Haas Harald Haas first publicly raised out.

And Li fi working principle is to visible light as the signal emission source signal optical, by controlling the installation special micro chip of LED lights, bright, and between the receiver terminal communication (optical signals are translated into common signals). And play the role of the connector LED lamp, according to our current understanding, it is only the common LED lamps used in our home, which is also much for the future of a wide range of Li-Fi to reduce the threshold of a lot.

There may be a lot of people are worried that the lighting of flash will not on human visual produce adverse effects, researchers said due to lighting flashing (light pulse intensity is low, frequency fast, invisible to the naked eye and not feel changes of LED lights, will not produce adverse effects.

It is faster than the transmission rate of Wi-Fi?

According to earlier media reports of the test results, under ideal laboratory conditions Li fi transmission speed can reach 100GB per second, the theoretical peak about as per second 224GB, a nearly 100 times faster than the existing Wi Fi transmission speed, future Li fi download high-definition Blu ray movies is completely not the thing it.

In addition, it also has a very good security. That is, you use a laptop, mobile phone or tablet connected to the Internet, the information is not leaked to the outside of the Li-Fi.

Li-Fi also has its own weakness.

Speed, security is not bad, it seems pretty good to listen to this Li-Fi. Then the Li-Fi is really perfect? But not in the front of the Li-Fi security is actually a double-edged sword, safe outside it can not penetrate the walls of the characteristics of the use of it is destined to become one of its weaknesses.

This means that if your living room is equipped with Li-Fi, and there is no such equipment in the bedroom, but also led to the bedroom Internet experience worse. If you want to be in the home through the Li-Fi no dead end Internet access, that must ensure that each room has a chip LED light bulbs. In addition, if the sensor is outside the range of the light, the communication will stop.

In addition, the network data transfer problem should not be ignored. Internet is a two-way transmission, not only need to download also need to upload. Light exposure to mobile phones, computers is relatively easy, but we how these devices for data upload, with Li FI is not there to mobile phones, computers also installed a LED lighting, much is appropriate?

Li-Fi and Wi-Fi are complementary to each other

As said Li FI is not a substitute for Wi Fi, currently owned by the R & D capability and current situation from the point of view, in the short term the Li fi certainly cannot replace the Wi Fi, Wi Fi and more likely to form a complementary situation, Li fi within a period of time is still in to the development period, playing Wi Fi network supplementary seems more appropriate.

There are a lot of applications in the future.

Have learned about the merits of Li-Fi's own characteristics, to see what areas Li-Fi in the future may be more widely used. Li-Fi seems to play a bigger role in closed environments like cars, trains, planes and so on. In addition, the family, the office of these fixed residence, the building is also suitable for Li-Fi to flex its muscles. At the same time, Li-Fi technology related researchers are also optimistic that the Li-Fi technology will create about $6 billion in the size of the information market in the future.

That this year's release of iPhone 7 on the Li-Fi it?

At the end of the article, we will be back to the beginning of the article, iPhone 7 will join the Li-Fi it? Although a user in the apple in the recently released IOS system code library found with the contents of "Li fi" character, but it should be perfect Li fi technology should not so radical appeared in this year's iPhone 7 products. Of course, this also seems to understand that Apple will be filling in the Li-Fi technology investment.


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