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The study said the earliest Chinese cat is domesticated from local 5500 years ago

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研究称中国最早家猫是本地驯化源自研究称中国最早家猫是本地驯化源自 5500 年前

China's first domestic cats from 5500 years ago, is formed by the Asian Leopard Cat domestication of, not from in the western countries domesticated cats.

According to the British Daily Mail reported before scientists generally believe that the ancestors of domestic cats around the world from feral cats in North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean, but the latest research shows that is not the case, at present, researchers studied within the territory of the people's Republic of China, one of the earliest domestic cat skeletal fossils, found the earliest domestic cats 5500 years ago and human life together, the skeleton is the Asian Leopard Cat, closely related species.

Prior to this, scientists assumed that the ancestors of the cat is 5000 years ago from Egypt and the Mediterranean transport to Asian wildcat, and ultimately the formation of a huge number of domestic cats today, the preliminary estimate of domestic cats worldwide number reaches 5 billion. The new study suggests that the domesticated cats at least in the world's two different locations, respectively from two different species of wild cats.

In 2001, the, Shaanxi Province, China Mining archaeological discoveries of ancient land reclamation and its history can be traced back to 3000-3500 BC ago, in order to determine the earliest ancestors of Chinese domestic cats and whether from measurement and analysis to the same (Western countries to tame the wild cat genus, scientists are the geometric configuration.

A member of the research team includes from the French National Centre for scientific research (CNRS), French Natural History Museum (mnhn), Aberdeen University, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Shaanxi Provincial Institute of archaeology experts, due to the lack of ancient DNA, geometry determination of analysis is the only way to the small cat skeletal differences, these small cat has similar shape, using traditional techniques, it is very difficult to find the differences between them.

Scientists have analyzed the bones of 5 ancient cats found in Shaanxi and Henan, dating back to the 3500-2900 years ago. Mining found all the bones belong to the ocelot. This is a cat shape similar, but with long legs and small head of the animals. They live in most of Asia Outdoor environment.

Cat is western wildcats, closely related species, its characteristics is frequented by human inhabitants of the region, like feral cats in the Near East and Egypt, the Asian Leopard Cat is likely to is Chinese ancient residential areas to attract, because residential barn to breed large numbers of mice and rats, which for them is the food. The researchers point out that cats and humans began to live together because of agricultural development, which is related to the ability of the cat to catch mice.

This study further confirmed the history of western countries tame wildcats, allegedly, the history of western countries tame Wildcats can date back to 9000-11000 years ago. Until recently, archaeologists generally believe that ancient Egypt began to tame Wildcats in BC 2310-1950 years ago. However, the March 2014 discovery of the skeleton of the kitten will this time extended back to 2000.

This will produce a doubt cats whether from Egypt spread to China or Chinese ancient human living area domesticated wild ocelots. The findings show that the earliest China cat is independent form, is not transported from egypt. But the cat cat position does not become permanent, the Chinese all domestic cats and Europe is the same breed.

This is probably in the late Neolithic period western cat gradually replaced the leopard cat, part of the Silk Road open. Shaanxi is an important area of Western China, and is also the important place of the silk road. The ancient Shaanxi region is the trade route destination, especially has important significance in ancient Rome and the Han Dynasty China.

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