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Facebook the story behind the grand vision of the whole world

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Zuckerberg and Connectivity lab team in charge (left Hamid

The United Nations press conference on the site of a serious female staff is not sure who I want to interview, she suspects that I made a mistake.

After a while, I went into a two storey circular hall, dressed in a dark suit and tie Mark


Two years ago, Zuckerberg launched the Internet.org, the goal is to connect the people of the world through the internet. Zuckerberg estimated that the world's 2/3 of the population, that is, about 4 billion 900 million people have not been on the network. Actually, most of these people not connected to the network, the environment has the infrastructure of the Internet, but this group of people or simply can't afford the cost of Internet access, or else feel no need to go on the Internet (imagine, an Indian family a year the average cost of living is only $1570, if you are such a condition of life, the Internet does not like life); in addition, there are 10 to 15 people, is entirely live in does not have the Internet infrastructure services remote and backward areas.

In order to let all people can access and Internet.org multiple measures: Facebook and many countries, telecom operators reached a cooperation, in the local launched free internet service, a user can use mobile phone free browse, including more than 300 sites Facebook, Jane version of the; also, through a by the name of connectivity Lab (connecting the laboratory) similar to Google x R & D projects, Facebook is also working on different Internet connection method, including laser, unmanned aerial vehicles, with new artificial intelligence of the enhanced version of the software, after the development of these technologies, a lot still needs to become open source of, to make it convenient for other people also use and commercialization.

What is the real purpose? Constant questioning

With the sun bright, full of ideals and feelings of the perspective of Silicon Valley, this vision is simply wonderful. Zuckerberg himself did not expect setbacks to his ideal and later incurred criticism. Skeptics say it makes it clear that Zuckerberg wanted to put the whole digital world

To counter these criticisms and promote Internet.org, Zuckerberg has transformed himself into an aspiring politician. Single over the past year, he was in Panama, India (two times), Barcelona and other places through the Facebook personal home page, and went to Indonesia and china. In Beijing, he made a speech at the Tsinghua University, in the Facebook headquarters, he received the India Prime Minister Narendra

For Zuckerberg, Internet.org is more than just a business or charity project. He will use the Internet to connect all people as a lifetime of efforts and goals, is the future he wants to be remembered for the heritage of the world, and Internet.org is the core part of this goal. Zuckerberg said that the Internet will not spread itself. Actually, now Internet users growth rate has begun to decline, most of the enterprises just hope to help those may develop into middle-class people online, then bad, but also the development of those with money to buy Internet traffic of people, these enterprises can not attend to help those in the poorest crowd the Internet, send hope in these decades later to become a real target market. And Zuckerberg has this ability. As chairman of the board of directors of Facebook, chief executive officer, and shareholders with the largest voting rights, he can make Facebook's board of directors to support the project.

2016 has begun, Zuckerberg also Connectivity laboratory work as one of the three key work this year. He plans before the end of the year in the Sahara to South Africa over the launch of a satellite, shortly after the first non ergonomics test. Additionally, Facebook has developed with artificial intelligence map software, can people what region detection needs through the mobile Internet, a team on the ground has also begun to more inland village exploration from the refugee camps in Kenya to explore new can help people access method.

At the same time, Zuckerberg also went to a lot of previously did not have access to the occasion

Wide embrace of talent, solve technical barriers

Hamid of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Propulsion Laboratory Jet)

This background is, in 2013, Zuckerberg repeatedly called Internet.org team meeting, the participants of the 40 year old Massachusetts science industry and trade, and connectivity Laboratory Engineer, director of the Yale

In these meetings, Zuckerberg asked Internet.org team has a new idea, previously in the months after the launch of Internet.org, Facebook will focus and resources are put in can get effect instantly, such as existing networking development can enhance the speed of software, development consumption rarely flow applications such as, after that, Mr. Zuckerberg began seeking more long-term project based, some may need ten years to mature, but once mature may completely change the Internet connection project.


Facebook Laser Laboratory

A attracted his attention: the data by way of laser transmission from Earth drone launch in the team put forward the idea. These invisible lasers can provide very high bandwidth, and are not subject to control. Facebook's laser team is studying and improvement of laser technology, so that it can be to 10 times the current rate for data transmission, but the main problem facing is, the large-scale application of the laser technology does not exist yet, if this technology to reach the degree of commercialization, I'm afraid to continue for at least 10 years of time.

Zuckerberg asked the team to the list of experts in this field.

Hemati new office in an industrial park in Los Angeles, he and the team's goal ambitious, realize the difficulties, they must technology to improve the existing laser targeting, and due to the laser can penetrate clouds, they need and connectivity laboratory cooperation research study cloudy rainy day programme of work.

Hemati almost every day to yell

Another important factor in the laser transmission data program is the UAV, the UAV project named Facebook

Local regulation and the obstruction of foreign governments

Eventually, Facebook hopes to launch 10000

On Facebook to the sky of the impact of the efforts, Zuckerberg also attracted a large number of critics, they questioned its real purpose, outside the main point of attack, through collaboration with all over the world operators, Facebook launched a free flow of costs, including the application itself, a few websites, other sites and services is therefore in a disadvantageous position, in violation of the principles of network neutrality (net neutrality).

In this regard, Zuckerberg through the Facebook response, the company has no intention to violate the principle of network neutrality, but gave those who had no access to any network services to contact some of the services of the crowd. He wrote:

Critics did not move, in May 2015, 31 countries of the digital power organization signed an open letter to Zuckerberg, said Internet.org

Facebook's response will be renamed Internet.org free Basics (original name sounds is like this application contains the entire Internet). At the same time, Zuckerberg has taken more action, the Indian Prime Minister entertained at the company headquarters, to Indian Institute of Institute of Technology (Indian Institute of Technology) presentations, in his speech, Zuckerberg mentioned, in India, 100 million people in the use of free basics, the application has helped 1500 million people in the Internet.

However, by December, the India government or halt the Basics Free, not after, in another important country of Egypt, Basics Free service also suspended. Zuckerberg, who still has a direct response to the criticism of his father's maternity leave, said in a post at the end of 12, when he published an article in a India newspaper.

Biggest challenge: a lot of people don't want to surf the Internet.

Although the voice of doubt terrible, but for Zuckerberg, the biggest challenge is that these people do not have access to the Internet, a lot of people do not think they need access to the Internet. For example, in September, in Johannesburg, South Africa, I went to interview the staff of Free Basics Facebook in Ruian

When we arrived at the village, chicken kebab stall does not where, in the vicinity of a Facebook and project Isizwe deployment of Wi Fi hotspots, we see a used Samsung mobile phone, he did not in the Internet. Wallace and told he can use the hands of Samsung mobile phone is connected to the free Wi Fi, and picked up his cell phone for a presentation,, the man quickly retrieve their phones, completely can surf the Internet and became excited.

What technical challenges, bureaucracy, criticism of the outside world is not important, many people do not want to surf the Internet, only Zuckerberg's vision of the greatest challenges. Later, the Chicken Skewer stall appeared in her stall next to a Wi-Fi hotspot, she knows what

Therefore, in Wallace seems, local some like chicken kebab stall such a small businessman, for the promotion of free basics is crucial, he felt and her Co, Facebook and project Isizwe can help her build more comfortable chair. Wallace said this mode has been introduced in some villages in northern India, the chicken stall can become that persuaded the previous people networking Samsung mobile phone, but it needs to be more dialogue. Wallace has set up a team in many villages and some cities in this way.

Such difficulties may make many people lose confidence, but Zuckerberg will this as a long-term work, he told a story: launched a Facebook before the evening, Zuckerberg and Computer Department of friends in a starting point for a pizza while eating side chat, he told his friends that will have to establish a social network, because it is too important, there must be something. But at that time, he did not know that he would become the person, then, why is he?

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