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Foreign businessmen rebuilt class: Qualcomm, Microsoft, Jon IBM caprice

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外企重修课:商人高通、任性微软、老姜外企重修课:商人高通、任性微软、老姜 IBM

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"House of cards", psychological entanglement between President friend nuclear power plant tycoon Tusk and male master Underwood, enterprises and government between subtle and profound relationship between photo.

Foreign companies this stock, in the Chinese market has experienced many years of trading, to a new point, the biggest variable is from the policy oriented.

Market for technology era has passed, in the fermentation of national security, high-tech industries, new economic growth points of multiple factors, high-tech enterprises have greatest impact, these enterprises and the Chinese market to a new understanding of learning stage.

This stage, who can be in a limited policy conditions, to maximize the room for maneuver, or to find a new breakthrough, will determine the future fate of foreign companies in china.

This time we take Qualcomm, Microsoft and IBM as the sample, to look at foreign companies in China to rebuild the path of political economics and transcripts.

Merchant Qualcomm

Qualcomm was anti monopoly, once fell to the trough, the legitimate business model is seriously questioned. However, a veteran in battle Qualcomm, businessman with sensitive, quickly out of the shadow.

On January 17, Guizhou province government and Qualcomm signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both the first invested $2.8 billion was incorporated in Guizhou China core through Semiconductor Co., Ltd., R & D and production application in China of ram server chip. This joint venture, Guizhou accounted for 55 of the shares, the U.S. Qualcomm Corp accounted for 45.

The joint venture company enjoy the Sino foreign joint venture company in the history of the highest level of treatment, the Guizhou provincial Party committee secretary Chen miner, provincial deputy secretary of Sun Zhigang, national development and Reform Commission Director Xu Shaoshi, Huai Jin Peng, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of industry, Chinese Academy of Sciences vice president Zhang Yaping, the network office deputy director Yu Zeng, Qualcomm chief executive officer Steve

The luxury lineup declared a series of Qualcomm efforts to regain recognition.

Two years ago, Qualcomm suffered antitrust investigation in china. China market accounted for Qualcomm chip shipments more than 50, there are close to 90 companies to Qualcomm patent fees, antitrust investigation, the government crisis after a high pass emergency public relations. July 2014, Qualcomm's best-selling Xiaolong 410 chip to SMIC foundry.

June 2014, under the State Council, the Ministry of industry has just released the "integrated circuit to promote just", plans to use 15 years China Semiconductor reconstruction, and in core international is the strategy in only the most strategic position of the enterprises, chairman of the Zhou Zixue served as core is evident. At this time, Qualcomm decisive betting the Ministry of industry, in the international of the core in 28nm advent of less than half a year's time, 410 to SMIC and hand teach manufacturing process, Qualcomm can be described as is introduced in the powerful integrated circuit industry ministry of foreign aid, can be described as the intersection to insignificant. Subsequently, Qualcomm and the core international, HUAWEI, IMEC set up a joint venture company. Sublimation of the Department of the Ministry of revolution and friendship.

At the same time, Qualcomm in the betting Guizhou. Many people wonder, in remote, economically backward Guizhou, why dare propose a large data center Chinese? This has to mention the Guizhou provincial Party Secretary Chen Miner. In 2012, Chen Miner took over as secretary of the Guizhou provincial Party committee, shouldering the mission to invigorate the economy of Guizhou. Subsequently, in 2013, 2014, 2015 of the two sessions, Chen Miner has been proposed to develop a large data center, which is his most important economic magic weapon. The strategy has attracted many domestic and foreign investment, Qualcomm is one of them.

How many of these collaborations to provide a breakdown of how many plus, is not known. February 2015, Qualcomm antitrust case, the Qualcomm shares rose nearly 3. After the antitrust, high pass political line is still playing a huge role. In the domestic manufacturers and Qualcomm re signed a patent agreement period, part of the negotiation cycle is longer mobile phone manufacturers continue to receive development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of information, accountability.

After the mobile phone manufacturers patent agreement basically all signed, the high pass and the joint venture company in Guizhou has finally landed.

Obviously, in cooperation with the international of the core in, and Guizhou Province joint venture projects, Qualcomm in government plays a timely and generous help role. It is high to intersect with the government, and government relations with a chip, patent genius.

Wayward Microsoft

Also in the antitrust whirlpool, Microsoft is not so clever.

In the antitrust investigation, Microsoft is far more powerful than qualcomm. Qualcomm antitrust for more than a year closed, while Microsoft antitrust in the same period of time will fall silent.

Because of product, the special influence, Microsoft's position in the Chinese market often and Sino US relations, trade strategy is closely related. It also allows Microsoft to become the focus of bilateral high-level government attention, Microsoft also from the formation of a strong style of acting.

In 2006 when he was Secretary of state leaders after his trip to the United States, Microsoft in the domestic harvest, Lenovo and Microsoft signed $12 billion worth of procurement, followed by the country including China Mobile, including the six group and Microsoft signed purchases of billions of dollars, and Microsoft in the Ministry of education and the large central enterprises mighty legitimate human rights action are carried out in full swing, all sorts of aggressive behavior and so on.

Need to point out that the majority of these contract is signed by the Chinese enterprises and Microsoft's U.S. headquarters directly, most of the revenue included in the U.S. market, the Chinese government and even a penny of taxes are not received. So, later Ballmer dared to publicly talk:

Microsoft's government passes in China continued until 2013. After the prism door exposure, WIN8 because of security problems in the government ban, while SAIC Microsoft launched anti monopoly. In crisis of Microsoft and China network security review team Xuyuweishe, on the one hand walk the new government's top line.

However, today's foreign companies in China's environment has been completely changed. Whether it is to consider China's economic, industrial situation, the international influence, or information security national strategy, are destined to Microsoft's upper line is difficult to bear fruit. Last September, the original Gates private dinner, also Chinese leaders visit the United States to cancel.

But Microsoft Surface Kung Fu is full, China Internet Conference, Microsoft in October 2015 announced a partnership with CETC, subsequently Wuzhen Internet Conference, Microsoft and with CETC in December officially announced a partnership, established C

In the meantime, never formally responded to the Administration for Industry and Commerce SAIC Microsoft also invited public interviews, written report

May be limited to 2004, Microsoft has made to the Chinese government

Accustomed to a strong Microsoft, and did not see the situation, Microsoft is the Microsoft, but his wayward capital, the environment, have no longer exist.


Compared to Qualcomm, Microsoft, in China for many years of IBM is fully deduced what is called

In September 2014, China Banking Regulatory Commission issued "guidance on the application of safe and controlled information technology to strengthen the banking network security and information technology construction", put forward the requirements of autonomous control, commonly known as the 39 text.

Interestingly, No. 39 released in the second week, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Shanxi in a rather baffling downtime. The crash did not affect the normal business, but also in the IBM after the scene, quickly repaired the fault. From beginning to end, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China did not find the problem. This coincidence is the bank aspect of ridicule

The demonstrations at the same time, IBM is also good. Before and after No. 39, IBM has to the domestic enterprises to open the Informix database and openpower chip source code. Among them, Informix database open to TEAMSUN, South common, and openpower is authorized to Institute of computing dominated Sheng Wang core, two cooperation have been the strong support of the Ministry of industry, which openpower program easily from the nuclear high based for more than 20 billion to fund, the value of visible openpower, side also reflects the government's emphasis on IBM this investment.

But IBM and not freely open, on the one hand, openpower open and need to charge a certain percentage of the license fee, the specific location of the amount and IBM also hopes to by Chinese companies to join and compete with Intel x86 server the strong impact of. The Infomix source code is open, it is more clever, IBM is not only authorized fees, if Chinese companies want to truly develop their own products based on this source code, IBM will charge a price called expert advisory fees. Moreover, in the Infomix series products, IBM only open GBase8t products, IBM next generation product is about to come out, but there is no open plan.

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