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Samsung S7 Galaxy information summary: the appearance of small change or will support the expansion

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In March last year, Samsung officially launched in 2015, the flagship product S6 Galaxy and Galaxy S6 edge mobile phone. Now, we have entered the 2016, it is time to look forward to the next generation of products. Although in recent years, Samsung in the high-end models seem to have potential of Nandi apple, but's Galaxy S series still is regarded as the Android camp of king, every update have attracted much attention, especially this year's Galaxy S7 is a day exposure of a rhythm.

三星Galaxy三星Galaxy S7信息汇总:外观小改 或将支持扩展

(the designer makes the Smit Galaxy S7 Jermaine concept machine)

So far, this is very concerned about the S7 Galaxy in the end what news?

S7 Galaxy shape local small change, the camera position is strange

We look forward to a new product, the most concerned about is the appearance of it. Last year's S6 Galaxy a million years of large plastic, the use of double-sided glass metal box design, is indeed a stunning. But this year's S7 Galaxy has not changed so much. According to foreign mobile phone protection set manufacturer ITSKINS release of the design, S7 Galaxy will continue the design style of the previous generation of products - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.

三星Galaxy三星Galaxy S7信息汇总:外观小改 或将支持扩展

The most obvious is that the S7 home Galaxy key will be a change in the past oval appearance, the use of rectangular design. However, the home key and the past is still convex, easy to wear. Secondly, S7 Galaxy will be used in the Android phone gradually began to popularize the Tpye C USB interface. Surprisingly, the front camera on the right side moved to close to the edge of the screen position. At the same time, S7 Galaxy rear camera projection is significantly greater than the previous generation of products. Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing, maybe this indicates that the phone to take a picture of another upgrade it.

三星Galaxy三星Galaxy S7信息汇总:外观小改 或将支持扩展

In addition, Samsung this time the card slot from the power button to move to the lower position. Don't, this is in order to give the card slot more space to support micro SD card? Of course, the card slot on the box also means that the S7 Galaxy will not return to the demolition of the back shell era, the battery is still not removable. But thankfully, S7 Galaxy will be equipped with an infrared sensor, like S6 Galaxy.

三星Galaxy三星Galaxy S7信息汇总:外观小改 或将支持扩展

Maybe some people will think, this exposure to fly it? In fact, according to the truth, Ke Ke is not allowed, after all, there are too many exposure flying, especially the number of all kinds of appearance is not over. But speaking from experience. ITSKINS is reliable, don't know everyone still remember once had a iPhone 6S design early exposure, and finally, Apple released products is almost the same. Yes, that design is ITSKINS exposure.

Return to good tradition, support SD Mircro extension

Finished appearance again, we look at the function, appearance in Galaxy S6 is indeed very satisfied, but Gao Yan value also allows it to sacrifice a lot of you very valued functions, such as: can remove the battery, to support the micro SD card expansion. Now, after the memory of a function of the user may be blessed. Recently, the mobile phone sector broke the God Evan BLass in the U.S. tech blog VentureBeat Bowen released, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will support micro SD card memory expansion.

三星Galaxy三星Galaxy S7信息汇总:外观小改 或将支持扩展

Of course, since it is claimed, is not necessarily 100 reliable, even God broke the same. Actually mobile phone manufacturers do not support micro SD card expansion is not only in order to make more money, you know, the application is installed to micro SD card read than directly installed in the mobile space a lot slower, not to mention the cause application cache failure, flash back to the, even security also has some hidden trouble.

In fact, this is not the first time there is news that S7 Micro to support Galaxy SD card expansion, before this, similar messages have been reported. Whether these rumors are not true, this at least indicates that the user has a certain demand in this regard, it is not accepted to see Samsung adopted.

As for removable battery, S7 Galaxy can not have, as has been said above, the box has a card slot, it is not likely to have removable rear lid and removable battery.

Equipped with a larger battery, the body becomes thick

These two days, the British website uSwitch jointly broke the @onleaks and exposure of the Samsung S7 Galaxy another set of rendering, while the S7 Galaxy will be equipped with a larger battery.

三星Galaxy三星Galaxy S7信息汇总:外观小改 或将支持扩展

From this set of rendering we can see that the S7 Galaxy thickness is 7.9mm-8.7mm, slightly thicker than the S6 Galaxy. This new product is thicker than the old product is not impossible to appear, 6S iPhone on because of support for Touch 3D than iPhone 6 thick.

At the same time, the thickening of the fuselage also allows us to think whether the S7 Galaxy will increase the battery capacity. Samsung launched shortly before the end of the models of Galaxy A9 battery capacity as high as 4000mAh, indicating that SamSung of battery capacity and battery life more and more attention, and naturally will not ignore 2016 flagship Galaxy S7 battery life.

Xiaolong 820, double Exynos 8890 version of the escort

At present, Galaxy S7 configuration message unified: Qualcomm snapdragon 820, exynos 8890 two version of the processor, 4GB of ram, super AMOLED screen 2K. However, there is news that the S7 Galaxy two versions of the screen size will be different, S7 Galaxy size of 5.1 inches, while the curved screen version of the S7 edge Galaxy is 5.5 inches.

In addition, there are reports that the S7 Galaxy camera or will be changed, the pixel will be lower than the S6 Galaxy, down to 12 million. While the news that the performance of S7 Galaxy in low light environment will be improved, but Ke believes that this is still worth the question of its accuracy, after all, go back is not a common technology style. (as for the 6S iPhone why thick, and that the people are apple, is a self willed it!


Recently, the United States is being held in Las Vegas CES 2016, the Samsung did not bring S7 Galaxy, we want to see this new flagship Samsung should be to wait until MWC. On the appearance, S7 Galaxy should not have too much change, may be a little partial adjustment. As for the configuration is naturally a floor. Such as S7 Galaxy S6 Galaxy like to let everyone a stunning one, let us go to find the answer on the MWC, always feel that Samsung has what black technology to give us a surprise.

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