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Baidu really in the BAT left behind?

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百度真的在百度真的在 BAT 之中掉队了吗?

2015, although the Internet is still the pattern of BAT three points. However, whether it is on the market value, or in the strategic layout, Baidu seems to have lagged behind Tencent, alibaba. Especially since the merger Xinmei, even industry insiders said that Baidu is likely to fall out of the Internet companies in the first camp. Admittedly, no rapid completion of the transformation of mobile Internet Baidu, really let Wall Street investors see, which also led to Baidu's market capitalization was not able to break the hundreds of billions of dollars mark, and with three giant Alibaba and Tencent, in terms of value respectively in the $200 billion under.

Why is Baidu BAT big three left behind?

As everyone knows, Baidu started to search, Alibaba strong in e-commerce, Tencent has social soil. But in the mobile Internet era, web search is no longer the reins of control flow. With the rise of micro channel, microblogging and other social media, coupled with a variety of vertical type APP hot, Baidu's dominance over the search again and again. Although in recent years, Baidu search has gradually completed the transformation of mobile search, Baidu maps and other mobile products have also begun to layout to the mobile Internet field. However, compared to Tencent, Ali, Baidu in 2015 exposed the following issues:

  1. O2O deep disadvantage. With the United States public comment merger, Ali shares of the dust settled, and now in the field of domestic buy, Baidu glutinous rice market share of only about 20. In the takeaway O2O industry, the U.S. group take away and hungry, the two are accounted for 80 of the entire market, leaving Baidu takeaway living space is not much.
  2. Mobile payment is flawed. Mobile payment is a relatively hot topic in December, to occupy the domestic mobile payment market more than 80 of the Alipay.com and micro channel payments, UnionPay Pay, Samsung Pay combined with Apple to give back. And in this tense confrontation, Baidu wallet become forgotten in the corner of the foundling. Whether in the field of O2O or the future of the Internet in the financial sector, mobile payments are an important entrance and chips. However, compared with the Alipay and micro channel payment fast, Baidu wallet with the day is really too cold.
  3. The siege failed, backyard fire. Since 2007, Baidu has been trying to enter the field of electricity suppliers. Baidu has ah first on Taobao Ali, but soon announced the closure. Subsequently announced Japan's cooperation with the electricity supplier, launched the cool days soon with broken halberds defeat. Next is the launch of the line under the business of music life, the same did not harvest, bleak end, in addition to the glory of 100, it did not take long to disappear. 2014 is with Tencent, Wanda together, investment in the establishment of the company business, eventually in Wang Jianlin manage, set up not anything special net. Of course, Baidu mall remains elusive.

In Baidu always attack electronic commerce the city, Alibaba is not only the acquisition of high Delai against Baidu map, more make the search for God. As Tencent, although Tencent map is mainly their own use, but its not only to come up with the search resources to Sogou is brokered Sogou and know almost cooperation, while Sogou and knowledge almost corresponds to the core product of Baidu search and Baidu know.

Reasons for supporting Baidu's deep squat jump

Although the market value can not explain everything, but is often left behind as evidence of theory. In my opinion, the market value of the reaction is the stock, the status quo, is the surface phenomenon we can see. Compared to the stock, the increment is clearly more critical. Because the incremental or the future development of the expectations, the company determines the future development trend. And incremental often hidden in the bottom of the image, is not easy to be perceived by the outside world.

For Baidu, 2015 is a year that can be included in the company's development history. Because Baidu year by two structure adjustment, not just to sort out the business of its layout to become clearer and more efficient, more important is, in this year, with Baidu's local life, Ota, travel and other areas of strategic layout, merge until landing and force in the Internet banking. Baidu to the outside world to show a picture of such a picture: Mobile Baidu, baidu map, glutinous rice is used as important mobile Internet traffic entrance, connected with the line from all walks of life and meet the user's search, shopping, tourism, catering, travel, entertainment, etc..

This is the use of a series of words. For example: connection, the entrance, the big data, o2o, voice search, robot, artificial intelligence, scene...... such competition strategy, so Baidu lay a foundation for long-term ecological layout.

In the face of Tencent and Ali's onslaught, Baidu comeback chips where

1, the commercialization of technology will bring huge incremental market

Actually, since 2013, Li began to introduce a variety of sophisticated technical personnel, such as Silicon Valley renowned scientists, artificial intelligence experts Enda joined Baidu chief scientist is a significant signal. And in the forefront of scientific and technological innovation in Silicon Valley in the United States, baidu also invested heavily in the establishment of R & D base in the United States, a snare to Silicon Valley excellent scientists, increase research efforts in large, artificial intelligence, and promote the commercial application.

However, the technology from the input to mature, there is a cycle, in the preliminary stage often requires a relatively long time to cultivate the market and the education, and prior to Baidu's share price fell to a low point and Baidu in the full development of the new technology also fails to be market acceptance and understanding of a great relationship. In recent years, with the big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies are widely used, the market began to slowly accept, Baidu layout of the new technology is usher in a bright period of steady climb. Especially after two or three years of preparation, the baidu investment in technology is slowly transforming into commercial products recently Baidu driverless cars completed the test pavement is a clear proof. In addition in this year, baidu World Congress, equipped with artificial intelligence and data technology of Peru's appearance and so on, all these prove Baidu over the past few years in terms of technology R & D investment is slowly transforming into commercial return. And these technologies to transform the business results, it is clear that Baidu's original search business model before the breakthrough.

Obviously, in the past few years, Baidu as a search engine giant, the aura is too bright, that people ignore the Baidu in the search behind the technology layout, also ignore the layout of these technologies can bring huge incremental market. Face the challenge of the future, Baidu is the pursuit of the new market, rather than the stock market, which is different from Baidu and Alibaba, Tencent and Alibaba two biggest difference between the Internet giant. Such as Tencent, has been around the depth of social mining, the use of their social resources to carry out a variety of commercial realized, in general, in the stock market

2, a massive attack O2O and explore social electricity suppliers

Baidu at the end of October this year released a 2015 third quarter earnings report shows that the company's mobile business revenues accounted for 54. The growth rate of the mobile business has three consecutive quarters of more than Alibaba and Tencent. At the same time, Baidu mobile search monthly active users increased significantly from to 26, which shows that mobile users and mobile terminal traffic continues to grow, enough to support a more huge market layout.

According to Baidu's plan, the new era of Baidu is not only to do the search, but also to connect people and services, and O2O is an ideal entry point. Therefore, at the press conference held at the end of the 6 Baidu glutinous rice strategy this year, Robin Li straight to the point:

In the first effect of O2O service outside the electricity supplier, the new model began to be born, but also gives Baidu a new opportunity, such as social electricity supplier. Difference from the traditional business, social business does not depend on to search engine and artificial recommended, but through the social networking platform between users of the interactive relationship between goods to complete the transaction, and Baidu 12 years to create the stick is the most potential of social business platform, has become the hands of Li does not play a big. In fact, after more than ten years of development, Baidu post bar, registered users has exceeded 1 billion, more than 300 million monthly active users, and the number of monthly active users has more than twitter and microblogging and other well-known social products at home and abroad.

In the last year, Baidu has tried to increase the realization of the Baidu Post Bar social flow, and through the test to test the water entertainment, finance and other vertical industries to carry out a large number of social oriented business model to explore. Especially in the outbreak of the big entertainment industry, Baidu post bar is a good resource savings. For example, for the 9 F bewitching tower "and other popular movies, and by starring star stick head map a key to jump Baidu glutinous rice complete the purchase, similar case also attracted more film and television producers Baidu Post Bar as the main dispersing positions. In addition, Baidu post bar also through cooperation with CITIC Bank, launched a personalized credit card, as well as watching movies, online shopping and a series of preferential to carry out the exploration of social electricity.

3, with the help of financial services to connect people and services

Middle of last month, Baidu and China CITIC Bank in Beijing announced jointly established Baixin bank, according to reports, Baixin banks will be a direct bank

Internet companies to add financial business is the trend. Ali's business growth under pressure, while the ant payment service (operating under Alipay and Commercial Bank) may become a performance impetus; Tencent through micro public bank subsidiary, to provide small loans and investment products; some analysts believe that O2O is the current Internet model derivatives, Baidu is also the important direction of the transformation. Financial very close to O2O and add the financial business, Baidu has become the only way which must be passed.In terms of Internet banking, Baidu's footsteps behind Ali and Tencent, Baidu, want to catch up with ALI and Tencent in the financial aspects, only rely on their own strength is very difficult to do. Compared to their own to set up a private bank, and CITIC Bank such a traditional banking cooperation is a good choice.

And this is for the Baidu to adjust the internal structure of a signal again. The newly formed financial services business group and the other three major business groups tied by the consumer financial services, wallet payment services, internet securities business composition. Baidu vice president Zhu Guang served as general manager of the financial services business group, former American Express senior vice president Wang Jin served as deputy general manager of the financial services business group. It is reported that Zhu Guang was responsible for Baidu's marketing public relations business. WANGJIN in the express of 17 years, served as the core product, customer and functional departments important leadership positions, and has rich experience in risk management, econometric model and data analysis in the field of. These information shows that the significance of Internet banking and the importance of Baidu, Baidu has become the fourth pole.

In the strategic investment business layout, while Baidu also does not forget to attract more investors, in order to form a strategic alliance. Early in July this year, the media have exposed, Baidu internally launched a

Overall, despite the current Baidu in market capitalization and Alibaba, Tencent some gaps, but Baidu in the technical aspects of the layout is far more than these two giants, in emerging o2o electric business service and social business and Internet banking service, baidu is also shock is dye in the wood. Once Baidu input of artificial intelligence and data technology is mature, Li connecting people and services the o2o ecosystem will be accelerated to achieve, and Baidu climbed to hundreds of billions of dollars in the market value of the peak may is ripe.

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