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Why Sogou are besieged on all sides?

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On December 30, god horse search twitter announced, officially Sogou issued a lawyer's letter, sued the via mobile phone input method the hostage taking of god horse flow. Prior to Baidu because Sogou input method hijacked Baidu flow events and deal with the court and losing Sogou, court decision, such actions constituted unfair competition. Therefore, the chance of winning Sogou won't be too much.

This is not the first time Sogou search traffic was hijacked what. In May this year, god horse search user feedback received, in Hebei, Shaanxi and other places, users search for god horse, keyword of the input, the output of Sogou search results. In this regard, the famous Internet experts, microblogging Dumbo president Xiang pointed out that god horse which is suffered a hijacked by the flow of the telecom operators, mastermind behind may be Sogou, also has the possibility is Sogou search agents to promote.

One of the interesting things is, in 2013 Sogou has because 360 security aide to tamper with the default browser, and against the court, sued 360 on the user's computer malicious tampering beyond legal bottom line, and get the final win.

Sogou finally become the person you want to sue the.

Why Sogou mobile era will become like this? Maybe we can from the analysis of its several products, Sogou and Baidu, UC browser, High German map all belong to the same technology driven company, so through the mobile era of several heavyweight products can glimpse of Sogou current situation.

One, cell phone input method, the business value is weak

According to AI media of the 2015Q1 China mobile phone input method market quarterly monitoring report "shows, Sogou input method accounted for 35.5, baidu is 28.3, QQ is 11.6, iFLYTEK is 10. Basically four points in the world.

Mobile phone input method of the biggest problems is difficult to directly produce commercial realization and foreign users habits charging mode, and so are willing to pay for skin replacement input method, but after all, this is just a drop in the bucket.

In addition to the PC era through the input method to the browser diversion to the search for diversion

Therefore, even if the Sogou occupied the market of mobile phone input method still won't have too much commercial value, and the pursuit of the final commercial value in search of end. Therefore, the the input method to Baidu and god horse search traffic were closure operation, it can really bring its commercial interests, but a violation of the law.

Two, mobile phone browser, It is all up with

Besides the mobile browser market share, according to AI media consulting the 2015 on the first half of the year, China Mobile Browser Market Research Report "shows, UC share for 54.1, QQ is 35.8, baidu was 16.9, and Sogou browser only 4.5.

Browser default search engine is still can guide, even still occupy a major traffic mobile search entrance, which is the UC browser released god horse reason for the search. The problem is that the Sogou three rocket

In fact, transformation of the mobile, Sogou's greatest loss is too dependent on the experience, or too much to energy bets in the input method of the competition, while ignoring the importance of competition in the browser market. And although the strategy of Tencent invested Sogou, but still did not give up their own QQ browser, this also let Sogou browser disadvantages to further increase.

Three, mobile search, is high dimension to play low dimension

According to cnzz "2015 March China mobile end users use search engine proportion report shows, Baidu search share is 79.61 ranked first, followed by god horse search share to 13.35, Sogou search share accounted for only 580 in third place. Without the diversion of the browser support, Sogou browser market share is indeed very small. Compared to Baidu and Ali what force is Tencent investment Sogou more lonely.

Current Baidu and god horse search and strong integration o2o up, users in search ticket, train ticket, hotel, the movie can provide users with o2o reservation service, baidu integrated Department of Baidu to where, glutinous rice, baidu takeaway o2o resources, and god horse but also the integration of the Ali's Ali travel, word of mouth takeaway, Taobao movies a series of o2o resources. Sogou is not any o2o integration, which led to the Sogou and opponent of the competition has not in one dimension, Baidu and god horse competition has risen to the dimension of o2o war, while Sogou still mobile search residence, high dimension low dimensional, very dangerous.

Four, mobile map, BATSqueeze the battlefield

Lastly, the market share of mobile phone map, according to AI media consulting released the 2015 on the first half of the year, China Mobile Map Market Research Report "shows, High German map and Baidu map occupied the absolute position, and even the map of Tencent's market share also ranked before the Sogou map, the 95, while Sogou only accounted for 7.4.

Mobile map is natural local search for o2o war in a very critical war fortress, Baidu Baidu's map, Ali's High German map played as a bee, and Tencent map market though weak, but can the use of micro channel diversion, the future market is still underestimated the.

Due to the status of mobile map too important, therefore bat third party personally will map to master in their own hands, never rely on third parties. For example, Tencent launched the map 0 flow, with micro letter QQ and diversion, and Baidu and high moral character of the voice navigation topic of marketing will continue, continue to occupy high ground to contrast, Sogou's voice is weak many, Sogou, although in this war, although there are a number of seats, but the final pages may in bat third party fierce offensive continues to shrink the market share.


Finally, we see Sogou in such a state, because Tencent is Sogou strategic investment and, therefore, there is no inclination to give full support to the Sogou, at the same time in the development of mobile phone browser, mobile phone map, o2o multi line products. While Sogou in mobile browser, mobile search, mobile map aspects have lose the advantage, the although in mobile phone input method to seize some opportunities, but due to the failure of a three-stage rocket mode, resulting in the weaker its commercial value that finally had to return to input nondestructive method of closure means.

Sogou mobile territory is getting smaller and smaller.

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