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The overlord of the virtual machine -- the story behind VMware

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Diane Greene is now cloud computing virtualization industry one of the giants of the VMware co-founder, she led the VMware in 2007 successfully listed, but in 2008 left the company.

Green as including nicira and cloudera, many start-up companies to provide consulting and angel investment, the former in July this year is VMware acquired at a price of $12.6 billion, the latter also has grown as the premier cloud computing service providers. Now Green sat on the Google board of directors. Recently, Google has appointed Green as head of cloud computing business.

虚拟机的霸主——VMware虚拟机的霸主——VMware 背后的故事

(interviewer Greylock partner Jerry)

VMware early stories

VMware is my third company. We invented the idea of virtualization, with some research work made a thesis, specialists in many large companies see the feel good. After that, we apply for a patent and holds that it is necessary to do the market. We talk to students about whether to open the company, and at last they join us. At the same time, I was pregnant with second children. My original plan was to come out from the outside CEO. Based on my previous entrepreneurial experience, I write down our mission, vision, core values and each of the early team signed let everyone stay on the same page.

虚拟机的霸主——VMware虚拟机的霸主——VMware 背后的故事

Virtualization is what?

Virtualization is a layer of software between the hardware and software, is a simulation of the hardware. This allows you to run multiple virtual machines in a machine, you can be on any machine running any system - such as OSX and windows on a single machine, dos and windows 95 in a machine, Linux and Microsoft together. When it comes to service, virtualization to solve the host does not make full use of the expansion of the problem, can run multiple virtual machines in a machine, to maximize each machine utilization. VMware's vision is to build a full set of server products. We challenge is not the customer need to unload their operating system, and put them on the server we super regulator. How to test these concepts? Linux up at that time, we did a tool to allow developers to run Microsoft's things in Linux. The next step is to run any system on the desktop Linux. All people think we are smart, just Linux began to mature and we have good luck.

Maintain culture in expansion

Diane thinks it's hard to start recruiting. The beginning of the idea VMware is not well defined, it is difficult to make others to join, each person is not simple. When VMware expansion, a month recruited 100 people, in fact, when you scale the big easy to recruit, but you do not lower standards. Even bigger, the first talent opponent is Google, and Diane or Google director. In fact Larry and Sergey why I joined the board of directors of Google, because things before they lose their talent to VMware, which is seldom happens. Diane of the candidate's persuasion is if you want to be a 7 * 24 hours of work, you can go to Google, if you have some interest, in the family or work outside the home do you want you VMware to. VMware will not work as long as Google, the staff on the normal time.

When you have quite a lot of good people, if it is not appropriate, they choose to leave. We observe carefully if it is not appropriate to help him to leave. In general or from the outside to look for talent. But we don't go to VP or very senior management. We're looking for someone who's a good person. Such as Jason is very clever, graduating from Stanford, him in the independent contribution of individual contributor, in our professional service team, he has done very well let him operation of the Department. He took the professional services group from 3 people to 450 people, income also to $. We just want to do a balance of this department, but Jason or turn it into a lucrative sector.

Exchange of progress

I was very shy, the speech is not confident. I have a week to speak, when we gradually become larger, with more and more people said, through the speech over fear. When we get bigger we get Email. We have an executive meeting on Monday - write down the things in the group, especially the other groups. I let every executive on Sunday 9 o'clock written, I put them together, write on my comment emphasis then put it out to other groups. This report can be shared by other people, and in the end each group has a weekly report. This allows you to know the circumstances of the other groups.

In the business, the company has not colleagues, for example, are often subjected to challenges to the designers. Didn't I with the designer dealing with, need to respect them, I hope can make them rather than for them. We also do the same reporting structure to let other people know about everyone. This is the so-called consent of the words, on the same page. When we have new people to join - I send them a report they know the progress. And the new communication tool Slack also makes things easier.

Strategic relationship with Linux

Greene Diane: we start from the first day to do Linux and Windows products. Our desktop business is very successful, with 100 million of the revenue. At first we wanted to make the tool free because Linux users thought that everything should be free and open source.

Michael Dell on CNN said he invested a lot of Linux based company, because he wanted to be with Microsoft in this field competition - but in the end in all investment lost. From the beginning we were cash flow, when we started to publish server products but no one to buy. We do next is to replace the existing desktop products, name server product (GSX server), put it in our a published list of re released.

Remain neutral

Greene:VMware Diane try any channel, but the focus is on the hardware. We're just like Switzerland, and we rarely see it - some companies give up on the right, the priority, and so on. But VMware don't know people with the hardware platform, we need to run all of this platform, everything can be based on. Our first priority is the customer, and then partner, and finally our own. We use this priority to make decisions. I told all the partners: the same. I promise not to let other account registration (such as VMware sales in HP and Dell, they do not share information cross company). If the partner has developed something on the VMware, we will protect the intellectual property rights. If VMware has developed a new thing, it will share with all the partners. We clearly write down all the rules. If VMware is against this, they will leave. We also quarrel, but in the end still like this arrangement, or because of trust.

Sales driven

Greene Diane: sales are new territories. When we start recruiting sales - I don't know what it's like to be in a good sales job. We recruited a lot of different sales and looked at each person's results. Early relatively difficult is not to know that they are not good sales or product. I personally go out to learn sales, with each of the sales VP. At last, we learn that we are now in Standford's sales model. VMware is difficult to deploy technology products, sales team:

Sales, talk about our business on the phone;

Sales engineer to understand how VMware is running on special hardware;

Direct sales to complete deal.

These three people form a sales team.

Cultivating innovative culture

1 the best people can self drive. We look forward to some of our own set high standards, but also expect the best engineers.

2 we have a release schedule to give some extra time. Our philosophy is to give people an extra time to play with the product - we are released from the moment of dissatisfaction.

3 we have proposed the topic, any employee can propose how to improve the VMware and to show the whole company. The best people can take the prize and make the proposal. We want to know is if you show some new progress, you will not have trouble and we will love and praise.

We believe that VMware can be run on all hardware, is also a neutral platform. VMware single is also useful, individual developers can try and test the virus spread to the company. We want to buy our products through agents rather than other leadership clappers. These buyers can discount and commission from the seller, but also enjoy the benefit of each other.

Container and Docker revolution

At the beginning of the VMware has not yet done the container, no one believes in virtualization, so we do not want to do so to subvert. Now companies are aware of the value of virtualization, you can do a lightweight container.

Low-key style

The advantage of low profile is that you can set the pace of the pace of. When you are ready to do it, until the product is good to release, but also easy to generate trust. VMware allows you to run complex systems on the above products, must be trusted. This is less pressure to operate more easily. If the engineer says we need to change something - we have plenty of time to do it. This is my personal favorite way.

Upgrade the team's signal

Example, a sales that we can do 1000W revenue, if we are lucky to 2000w. That's how it should be upgraded, and I know that it can be more than 2000w. And a marketing staff to sell us on the confidentiality of information companies want to sell the company, we fired him.

I am no sales experience in VMware, I don't know a good sales vp what, we regular rotation and upgrade until we find good so far. In the new Venture Company, the design has the same problem. I need to read the book, go to the coffee shop and talk to me. I asked my friend to know the great designer and went to study until we found the person responsible for the design.

Final recommendations

Greene Diane:In school, I often ask, how many people would like to go to the company? Almost everyone raised their hands.

The problem is, if everyone goes to the company, no one can. Do something very well, but I want to be an entrepreneur before I start a company. My main reason is that there is not much good big technology companies can go to work at that time.

I suggest that if you have the attention and want to do something, look for the best environment for you to do. Maybe it's a Your Own Company, or doing it in a company. It's important that you build something with whom you are going to do it.

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VMware with Diane Greene Scaling

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