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IBM why not talk about the wisdom of the city? How many cows are cognitive computing?

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Die Zeit correspondent Lu Yifu from Guangzhou

Today in the IT giants have fallen, has hundred years history of the blue giant IBM is trying to transition again to maintain the tip of the pyramid position. This time, IBM will give cognitive computing established as one of the important strategic pillar, and the Chinese market become an important part of its global strategic transformation.

Liangbinbanbai chairman of IBM Greater China, Chen Liming is perhaps one of the Second World Conference on the Internet the most busy people.

In Wuzhen, a short span of three days, he needs IBM's new

Chen Liming to attack China local competitors in the field of cloud computing on the IBM campaign. Held in December 18th

Chen Liming also needs to be IBM

In December 17th, as the only representative of the entrepreneur, Chen Liming in the General Assembly held the theme

More importantly, he must represent IBM, establish a corporate image and re positioning, in order to obtain the trust of the government Chinese.

The 55 year old Chen Liming took office in February this year, China IBM. Chen has many years of operating experience in the market Chinese, before joining IBM, Chen BP served as president of the company (BP) China district. But as IBM for a few without it industry background of executives and its face is a huge IT enterprises difficult transformation of the complex.

Cognitive computing

In the second session of the World Conference on Internet, IBM's cognitive business solutions debut, according to Chen Liming view, cognitive computing plays a crucial role in the transition of IBM.

The IBM shows the calculation of related technology innovation and cognition six industry. These demonstrations show, cognitive computing, data analysis, networking, heterogeneous computing, neuron chip synapse, cognitive type machine system a number of emerging cutting-edge technology gradually into the new energy utilization, pollution control, urban management, ecological improvement and medical, transportation, food safety traceability, community services and other fields.

In 2014, IBM introduced the relevant strategy. IBM has given a new name and its big data analysis platform

Continue to use the acquisition to enhance Watson in the past year

But this strategy can reverse the IBM of this ship's performance is still doubtful. IBM released 2015 third quarter earnings report shows that the company's revenue for 19.28 billion dollars, than the same period last year 223.97 billion US dollars fell 14. By the adjustment of exchange rate movements and stripping system X (rack server) business decline over the same period last year 1. Net profit of $29.62 million, 34.55 billion more than the same period last year fell 14. This is the fourteenth consecutive quarter of revenue decline in IBM, IBM is also the fifth consecutive quarter of revenue fell by more than expected.

What's more, the decline in the performance of IBM covering almost all the doors. Classified according to the sector, IBM Global Technology Services Revenue to $79 billion, down 10; global business services sector revenues of $4.2 billion, down 13; software sector in the third quarter revenue of $51 billion, down 10; hardware department third quarter revenue was $15 billion, down 39; global financial sector in the third quarter revenue of $4 billion, down 8.

IBM had to quickly transition is known, on the one hand, it can quickly let go into business recession, on the other hand can as a pioneer involved in emerging markets, but now its action but not fast enough.

Die Zeit reporter combing found from 2011-2014 may, more than $20 million in venture capital inflows to cognitive technology research based products and services. At the same time, more than 100 companies mergers and acquisitions, some of which are Internet giants such as Amazon, apple, Google, IBM, or the acquisition of Facebook. All of these investments are in the cultivation of a variety of company profiles, these companies is accelerating commercialization of cognitive technology.

IBM contrast, which has been in the adjustment of internal structure, some non core, long-term benefits department sold, while expanding the core of high profit business, but in recent years the transformation direction of cloud service is not satisfactory, in China faces the challenge of local software companies.

For IBM, cognitive computing can change the former decline? Cloud computing market competition is so fierce, IBM can deal with from aliyun price war? The core technology of Power architecture to local enterprises open, can win the trust of the government and enterprises Chinese? For the above questions, IBM (China) public relations manager Zhang Zhihua

Transformation cloud computing

It is worth noting that cognitive computing is a part of the IBM transformation. Since IBM is a major supplier of large enterprises and government agencies of IT infrastructure, but as more companies have turned to the use of cloud services to replace the traditional IT infrastructure, IBM is the part of the business income appear continued to decline, so the company from ten years ago began plan transformation, however, the formal transition nodes is 2005 IBM PC business at a price of $17.5 million sold to Lenovo.

The IBM stripped the hardware business of the reason is very simple: they do not make money. Die Zeit found that access to IBM past earnings, after the sale of its PC business, although IBM's revenues declined slightly, but gross margins and profits have increased significantly, mainly due to operating costs dropped significantly. Coupled with IBM's main customer is American government departments, forces, large companies and financial industry, its production of PC products are not according to the level of ordinary consumers, for IBM, sale of its PC business to Lenovo is to get rid of a burden.

But in the era of cloud computing, IBM hardware, software and services to the three traditional business system suffered a huge impact. More and more customers no longer purchase servers, but moved to the cloud service, it also forced IBM Xiang Yun transform.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2007 so far, IBM invested a total of $7 billion to acquire 17 times, including $20 billion to buy softlayer, $10 billion pushing bluemix service and investment 12 billion around the world to build new cloud computing center network.

SoftLayer IBM is regarded as an important piece of cloud computing in transition, its effects have been emphasized on different occasions. It is understood, softlayer in the world have 13 data centers, can provide users, including the bare metal, cloud computing, private cloud, such as on-demand services.

Since 2012 served as CEO of IBM, Virginia rometty began to lead the company to the cloud service transformation, continue to increase investment in cloud computing research and development resources. Last February, she started it.

2014 IBM overall Cloud Calculation of income increase of 60, including cloud computing, data, social mobile this several parts (belonging to the IBM overall growth business) revenue reached $250 billion, accounting for 27 of IBM's revenue. But the transformation does not give much improvement to the performance of IBM. By the end of 2014 the debts of the company has been as high as $408 billion, and by the end of 2008 only $33.9 billion; due to transition into a dilemma, IBM has repeatedly traced to layoffs.

In addition, IBM in

In the Chinese market, IBM cloud service has no breakthrough. With the large number of cloud computing service compared IBM service more stable, fast and safe, also can meet the needs of the large and medium-sized enterprises, but the price is one of the mishap. And the current domestic IT infrastructure design too poor, many businesses also cannot be migrated to the cloud, plus China cloud computing company is more oriented toward developers and startups, little demand for cloud computing, and the price sensitive, this is Ali cloud, the cloud service enterprises can advantage of the rise of one of the reasons.


In addition to performance pressure and competition, IBM also faces more complex problems. In the banking system, there have been

And China pay more and more attention to network information security. Xi Jinping, general secretary repeatedly said,

In order to deal with the IOE monopoly in the Chinese government has been actively promoting domestic Internet companies owned by information technology, in order to ensure such as financial, military and other key areas are not foreign Internet companies control. especially

It is worth noting is that three quarters of IBM in the Asia Pacific region revenue decline was the largest revenue of $41 billion, down 19. And IBM earnings in recent years show that over the years, IBM's revenue has been the worst performing in the Asia Pacific region repeatedly showing negative growth trend, especially in the

It is understood that due to the United States

And this also contributed to the domestic it speed, regardless of the government, organization and enterprise, accelerate the process of localization of the information technology, data display, Langchao Shuguang, Lenovo, the Chinese server vendors shipments in China for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2013 over the foreign manufacturers, to the IBM in the development of China caused great pressure.

In September this year, the Ministry 2015 China's software revenue before the release of hundreds of enterprises development report report disclosure Tissot Inspur server accelerate replace the process of IBM, Oracle and HP Minicomputer in the financial, energy, power, government agencies and other field, and full access IBM disk server business in China's customers and partners. Deputy general manager Li Feng wave information told die Zeit reporter, the wave of the host Tiansuo K1 system is indeed replace IBM minicomputer business, but not all areas.



November 2008 IBM proposed

After a year, IBM in China held 22 games, the wisdom of the city's discussion, and more than 100 city government leadership for the exchange and discussion, and with more than 20 cities and some ministries signed a letter of intent. IBM Greater China Chairman money crowd has said publicly that the future IBM will and Chinese cities government leadership and communication smart city floor plan, cooperation will focus on include public safety, food and drug safety, electric power, medical and health, water resources management, transportation, service type government.

But in September 2009, Chinese Ministry of industry software and integrated circuit Promotion Center released called "IBM

Today, IBM has very little in public propaganda

And in order to continue to consolidate its market position and win the government's confidence, IBM had to put down the figure, take the initiative to seek cooperation with local enterprises.

In December 2013, IBM announced the opening power chips, by IBM, NVIDIA, mellanox, Google and Taian computer initiated the establishment of the open fund for power, the hope is similar to the arm model to promote the development POWRE chip. It is understood that foundation members of the manufacturers can in the micro architecture based on, realize performance optimization and functional development, even its own processors and server system design, and not set technology licensing deadline. Open POWER foundation has been in 24 countries with 125 members, including a considerable number of China members.

In a sense, IBM is equivalent to the current profit space to the domestic enterprises, let them in key areas to master core technologies and fight for market space. In June this year, Suzhou Sheng Wang Core Information Technology Co., Ltd. released the first domestic based on the power of high performance server chip CP1, to create a self controlled information technology industry taken the first step.

In addition, IBM initiated

At present,

In August 2015, IBM announced the Greater China region

Obviously, in the transformation of IBM war slightly, can gain a foothold in the Chinese Internet based services market will affect the direction of the transformation of the company.

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