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Pro iPad a month experience: Pencil Apple is the focus

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Unconsciously, the first user of Pro iPad has been a month of experience. Compared with the traditional iPad, the main feature of Pro iPad is that a 12.9 inch large screen, faster processor and Pencil Apple. After using a month, what can the user share? For those who are still waiting to see, the experience of the user may affect whether they will eventually choose to start.

No Pencil iPad Pro Apple

iPadiPad Pro一个月体验: Apple Pencil才是重点

If Pro iPad does not match the use of Pencil Apple, it will be hard to define. Without Pencil iPad, Pro Apple is just a bigger and stronger iPad. Wi-Fi iPad Pro 32GB is priced at $799. Due to the iPad Air 32GB 2 has been discontinued, and therefore the price of Pro iPad is the closest to the Wi-Fi iPad version of Air 64GB 2, the specific price of $599.

Perhaps the first idea in your mind is that no matter what type of Pro iPad is purchased, it will be more expensive than the same type of Air iPad 2. It is a strange thing that people are shouting at the Wi-Fi Cellular iPad Pro 128GB, because it's priced at $1079. But at the same time, the same group of people, but the Wi-Fi Cellular iPad version of the Air 128GB 829 expressed satisfaction.

Don't forget, the price of a 200-250 dollar can make you buy a bigger screen, a more powerful processor, and more running memory, as you do in MacBook and Pro MacBook. Indeed, Pro iPad will make you spend a lot of money, but the same configuration of the Air iPad 2 need to spend less money to go. So, the price is not the biggest obstacle to the success of Pro iPad.

Back to Pencil Apple. As we said above, if you feel that Pencil Apple has no help in your work, study, or life, Pro iPad is not for you. Before I get Pencil Apple, once and some of the use of its friends and colleagues to communicate, all told me that this is a new experience will bring accessories. A month later, I have to say that I really agree with them.

Apple in the design of Pro Apple and Pencil iPad, they are positioned as a whole, so this is the old iPad or iPhone Apple does not support Pencil. Pro iPad between the screen and the Pencil Apple between collocation simply can not be more praise. In the past, Cintiq Wacom has been the main screen device on my desk, so I need to use a stylus every day. Before the appearance of Pencil iPad and Pro Apple, I have always thought that the experience is unparalleled.

The iPad Pro is optimized, and can fully play the role of Pencil Apple standalone applications, such as Adobe Photoshop Sketch, the effect is to use the "cool" to describe. This is not just Pencil Apple can help you solve a variety of professional issues, but also including it will give you a very realistic pressure sensing, this experience is never appeared.

Those who often need to touch up photos, sketches, graffiti, painting on the Pro and iPad users will Apple the Pencil combination of love. Without Pencil iPad, Pro Apple is just a bigger, faster and more expensive iPad.

Limited by the operating system, but it can also point praise

iPadiPad Pro一个月体验: Apple Pencil才是重点

Maybe a lot of people will say that the biggest limitation of Pro iPad is that it runs iOS, not OS Mac, which is a problem. But at the same time, running iPad is also one of the reasons why Pro iOS can point praise. From the advantage, you can use the application that is completely for the touch screen and optimize the application, a lot of desktop programs can not do this. If you want to say the shortcomings, that is, the function of the touch level application has not reached the level of the desktop level.

However, I don't think Pro iPad will last for a long time in this area. Developers are still limited by the relatively poor performance of the central processor and lower running memory, Pro iPad recently can not run the full version of the desktop CC Photoshop. However, with the passage of time, the developer will design a large wave of excellent software applied to Pro iPad. In the current Store iPad, 99.9 of the Pro App software are transplanted from the original iPad platform.

For me, the most unexpected advantage is that it allows me to leave the Intos Pro Wacom iPad Pro. And, with excellent iOS/Mac like Astropad, I can take Pro MacBook as a wireless / wired screen for the Pro iPad, so it can be another option for me to travel. Today, I only think about the Pro iPad and Pro MacBook when I'm out.

About Surface series products

iPadiPad Pro一个月体验: Apple Pencil才是重点

When it comes to Pro iPad, it is inevitable that the "why not buy a Surface". Microsoft's launch of the Pro Surface 4 and Book Surface are very good products, their target group is to want to have a tablet and notebook computer experience consumers. Now I have a Pro Surface 3 and a Book Surface, which can run the full version of the Windows desktop operating system.

This means that they can run professional software like Photoshop CC Lightroom, CC Premiere, Pro CC Adobe, and it is full. Sounds good, you can use a laptop and a tablet with a stylus. In terms of these features, maybe Pro Surface 4 and Book Surface can attract more potential consumers than Pro iPad, but I want you to remember the following two points when making a purchase decision:

First, as mentioned in the previous, because the Surface series of products is running a desktop operating system, so most applications are not well optimized for touch. Yes, Photoshop CC Lightroom, CC Premiere, Pro CC Adobe such a professional software has been well optimized, then the rest of it? Unless you are a consumer that only needs the professional software, the Surface series products are very obvious shortcomings. "

Second, if you think the price of Pro iPad has been a bit high, then please do more money to buy Microsoft new products to buy. Pro Surface 4, which is the 128GB capacity, 4GB running memory version of the price of $899, it looks like the same 128GB capacity and 4GB running memory Pro iPad also cheaper $50, but do not forget that the former is equipped with a desktop level operating system, running the desktop level applications.

This also means that if you choose a minimum configuration of Pro Surface 4, then the experience of using the application will be affected. If you want to upgrade the configuration, such as 256 GB capacity, 8GB running memory, as well as the Intel i5 Core processor, then please pulled out $1299 to purchase. If you also want to top with version, then the amount of the need to pay to become a $1799.

Book Surface says it's not about it, it's starting to cost $1499.


Pro iPad is a huge and sophisticated, but not so important products. If you want to see a movie on a bigger screen, then Pro iPad is for you. If you are a designer, graphic artist, professional photo repair staff, then Pro Apple Pencil iPad will be your best choice. For other people, the need to buy a Pro iPad depends on what software you usually use.

Can it replace personal computers? If you are still troubled by this problem, ask yourself what you can do with your personal computer.

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