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Android 7 exposure! IOS? (map)

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Android fans have purchased the latest Android 6 system (M Android) Nexus mobile phone, in addition to this part of the fans, more people are still eating Lollipop or earlier dessert system. We now talk about N Android, that is, the Android 7 system as if it was too early, the first appearance of this system to wait until next year in May or June I/O Google conference.

Analysis and forecast,Next year the arrival of the Android system will also have 6S 3D Touch iPhone function.Google will learn from the 6S 3D Touch function, to provide similar mobile experience for Android users.

In addition, there are rumors that Samsung and other companies will also provide Touch 3D function for its equipment. 2016, Android mobile phone manufacturers will use the pressure sensitive touch screen, and add the necessary code, so that you can no longer need to wait for Google. I do not know if you still remember, in the Google Android system to support the original fingerprint identification, Samsung and individual manufacturers to provide such support.

In fact, HUAWEI has launched a mobile phone with Touch 3D function - S Mate, HUAWEI does not need Android code to support.

Why we say that N 3D will join the Touch Android function, which is related to the application of the design and function of Google.Using Google products and services are very clear, Google wants to provide a unified user experience, regardless of which kind of "computer" - Mobile, tablet, iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Windows or Chrome, Google is hoping to provide a consistent experience for all users.

Google in its various operating system using the Design Material design elements, but also in different platforms to provide users with the same function, but there will be a little difference.

For example, Android on the Google map to get a new feature of the time than the iOS version of the earlier, but you will also find that the iOS version will soon follow, and will not be far behind.

Is with this concept, Google in its mobile applications to join the Touch 3D function. The first Touch 3D Google is Drive for iOS, and then for iOS Chrome. Within a few days, Google released a two application updates, support 6S 3D Touch iPhone function.

This means that Google developers will take time to deploy Touch 3D functions for various applications.

If Google wants, Google can easily ignore the Touch 3D function, because this feature is only for the user to provide a quick way to use, rather than the special features of a revolutionary.

By limiting the potential of developers to develop Touch 3D, allowing developers to develop fast features, so that apple can avoid fragmentation, ensuring the consistency of the user experience.

Recently, Google launched iOS system for beta Chrome through Apple's TestFlight platform.

In the IOS system for the beta version of chrome, Google has also added 3D touch function, chrome for IOS for users to quickly start search function, but also being able to use no mark paging or conventional tags and other functions. In addition, 6S iPhone users can also use the new version of 3D touch, more Bluetooth keyboard screenshot function and some other new features on the phone. For the Touch 3D function, the user simply press the icon on the Home page, you can quickly open the new tags, voice search and other functions.

For iOS iPhone has a Touch 3D on 6S Chrome, there is no 4S iPhone.Touch 3D is the biggest convenience, so you directly from the main screen through the and Pops Peeks access to the application menu, and not need to open the application, and then second steps.

Since Google has now launched the two support for Touch 3D applications, the future will be more and more applications to join. If Touch 3D is becoming more popular, Google and developers will be more interested in adding Touch 3D support to existing applications.

From Google's request for the application of the principle of unity of design and function, Google will actively for the Android system to add Touch 3D features, and now has a iOS version of Google applications support this feature. In general, Google is not to let the two versions of the application in the use of experience difference.

Although the Touch 3D function is also just a quick operation, but it has a great potential for development. In the future, when more iOS devices have Touch 3D screen, Touch 3D will be more and more rich features. Android this is the same, Google will release the 3D version of Touch Android, just do not know when the Google to it from what name.

At the same time, 6S iPhone and 6S Plus 3D users can test the Touch Chrome function of Google's iPhone and Drive applications. Drive for iOS Google allows users to quickly upload photos and search content within the application. In for iOS Chrome, the user can open the new option or no trace of the option and the implementation of voice search, etc..

Recently, there are reports that the lack of "tips" has become one of the shortcomings of Touch 3D. Whether it is the Touch 3D on the phone, or Touch Force watches, they are all through hardware and software combined together, so that Apple's device can detect the user's pressure. 6S iPhone on the light and heavy press will trigger a different operation,But there is a common problem, that is, the Touch 3D operation on the iOS (screen), there is no hint.

The user can through some knowledge on the Internet and its use to know where to use 3D touch, but if it is met with some of the more popular application, so the user and how do you know in which interface can use 3D touch operation? So for most users, in a lot of time on the equivalent of the screen blind, so that will increase the cost of learning.

However, this little problem need not worry, when Touch 3D is becoming more and more popular, believe that either iOS or Android version of the future, this problem will not be a problem.

AndroidAndroid 7.0曝光!又要抄iOS?

AndroidAndroid 7.0曝光!又要抄iOS?

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