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Former Apple executives: why Apple will sell Car Apple

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Apple Car reports on noisy dust, seems to follow the pace of walking towards us. The current automotive industry is highly competitive, and the net profit is small, it is hard to imagine apple as a technology company to enter this field.

However, former Apple executives Gassee Jean-Louis but in his personal blog wrote, when Apple's use of MP3 into the iPod music player market, also be questioned. However, iPod has created an apple, apple from the old Computer Apple company has become today's strong Apple brand.

Gassee Jean-Louis in the blog, a brilliant analysis of why Apple to build an apple car:

Lead the auto industry's earnings trend

Ford, the United States automotive industry in the development of a better brand. The latest annual report of the company is as follows:

Part of Apple's revenue in the 2015 fiscal year:

Ford's revenue and operating profit: $3.9

Apple's revenue and business interests: $40

Or, we look at the world's largest two car companies: TOYOTA and volkswagen. Both companies have more than $2000 in revenue. TOYOTA has just announced that its profits have been more than 10 of the previous year, as a contrast, Apple's profit is 22.8.

Yes, the car market is very big, about 200000, but the growth is slow. In 2015, the growth rate was only 2, even so, in 2015 was considered a bumper year.

The problem is not that Apple will make money in such an environment, but why Apple needs to worry about these issues?

In October 2001, Apple launched the iPod, resolutely into the MP3 music player market, this let many people do not understand. They think, what is the apple in the end, the market is very competitive, and has been very mature, apple now come in to earn less money.

We are all aware of the results: design iTunes distribution. ITunes ecology, let people buy music... Store Apple change from the beginning.

Apple iPod has won a high profit, this time, Apple also can beat TOYOTA and Ford?

Only a style of a color, this should be a quick way to get profit apple. Rose gold? Or white more likely). As much as possible to simplify the Car Apple models, like iPhone,

Want to get a higher profit? Simplified design.

You are now looking at the car manufacturer's website, you will see a lot of similar models, different options, different configurations, so that you are dazzling, difficult to do. Don't be so complicated, simplify them.

In addition, Gassee Jean-Louis also said that apple can use its cash flow to the supplier to open an attractive condition.

User interface will be a huge advantage

Accenture the latest survey shows that the user is concerned, compared to the driving performance, they pay more attention to the technology inside the car. This is just the weakness of the traditional automobile manufacturers, is precisely what Apple's strengths, which can become Apple won a key opportunity.

Gassee Jean-Louis wrote in a blog: Car UI's Apple can easily kill Ford's UI Sync or UI Cue.

Charging stations will be everywhere

As I explained before, even though the volume of the car sales growth, the charging facilities will not become a big challenge to the electric car. Promote the growth of charging facilities has two factors, first, the construction of charging stations is cheap, and easy to maintain. Second, the value of home charging is underestimated.

Now more and more places to open a charging station, so when the Car Apple release, looking for charging is a very easy thing to do.

Lighter weight.

Weight is a key factor in the design of a car. The same speed, the kinetic energy and the weight is proportional to 1/2*m*v^2. The heavier the weight, the more power it consumes, the more it can be returned, in most cases, the number is less than 25.

NISSAN Leaf weighs about 1493 kg, the carbon fiber I3 BMW is lighter than it 20, about 1195kg. This means that the I3 BMW 22kWh (vs 24kWh), but not affect the performance: the driving range of two cars are 80

Apple seems to be on the I3 BMW carbon fiber material is also interested, just, apple in this regard and BMW competition, BMW recently announced that the next 10 years, 100 of the flagship car will be electric cars. (electric cars, not pure electric vehicles).

Provide a brand new way of distribution and service

Once there was an article that sales people do not sell electric cars, and some sales staff refused to show clearly in the library Prius plug-in car, and some have denied Ford made the electric car.

In this regard, some analysts say, this is because the sales staff did not have time to understand the latest technology.

For this analysis, Gassee Jean-Louis disagree. He believes that the sale of a lot of time, many times are waiting for potential customers. And, in the agents and sales staff, electric cars is an enemy. Because, the agent is through the maintenance contract to obtain profits. However, a lot of people do not realize that a lot of cars, a lot of good modern car only need a little maintenance.

For apple, this is an opportunity to provide a new way of distribution and services, to provide the opportunity to simplify the purchase experience. Apple can provide a simple lease terms

It sounds good, but where is the place? Apple Store does not have the facilities to show car, let alone provide the test drive experience. This is a problem that needs to be solved.

In the maintenance, no oil, no water, no delivery of these things, do not need to provide $15 maintenance packages, including refueling, maintenance and water pumps.

Users can also change the tire, just like this. Most of the small maintenance, such as the replacement of wiper and the like, can be directly in the user's home or office replacement, some relatively large maintenance can go to the Apple authorized stores.

Although the analysis of so many, Gassee Jean-Louis himself said, these are just his personal guess.

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