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Google return to china! A sigh

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GoogleGoogle 回归中国时间确定!一声叹息

According to the report, Google has been determined in February 2016 return to China, but not including the search business, only Play Google and Android system regression, but the full return of the business should be able to expect.

After a lapse of six years, the Internet has changed the pattern, it seems that all of the Internet field has been dominated by the Chinese Internet companies occupy. Does it still have a chance? FT Chinese net

However, Google still have many opportunities to Recast brilliant, as long as the government will no longer be banished. Google is still the global network overlord, the market value of $5200, more than the sum of the market value of China's BAT three giant, cash reserves of nearly one hundred billion U.S. dollars, and its market value in the last year also rose sharply, rising trend, non Alibaba or tencent.

So strong dragon, said to return to China to compete but the land of the head of the snake, it is too pessimistic. In my opinion, Google if fading, it must be because of the two founders of the division, death or a major event, or when brin and page in office is no problem.

It returned to China, probably as well as the following business to start, and a strong position.

First, the Android system to pay.

Google when the original acquisition of Motorola, has guaranteed that five years can not charge a patent, but five years later? Not necessarily, and the current time is very close.

Google had announced that the Android system is free, first of all marketing needs, but also based on it

Over the past five years, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have gained too much Android system free of benefits, has been enough.The competition in the smart machine has come to the stage of integration, the doctrine is not the long term.Google can be stuck in their neck, greatly contributed to the integration of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers.

The baton is still in the hands of Google, but Google had no use.It's time to give back to Google.This is not a bad, although the Google's creed is not

Second, built-in Play Google, with the Windows system built in IE.

Otherwise all kinds of the present Internet companies have launched local app store app, Google play will no any useless, it comes in is equal to did not come in.

In fact,Google only let the application store in, the motivation should not be purely to make money, but to use the Play Google to strengthen the control of the ecological chain, to achieve power.

Since the.0 Google, Android has been seeking to improve the situation of Android fragmentation, the right to receive the general trend. Similar to the strategy and Microsoft Piracy strategy, to let, wait for it to grow, to recover, frequent lawsuits, called were locked in the manufacturers must obey the Google requirements.

This request is reasonable, regardless of the Android system

Third, big data.

Google committed to the Play Google server installed in China, then its big data cloud services will also be able to. Google does not want to be killed by a stick because of political information.

Big data as long as you are willing to accept the Chinese government regulation, then this with Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba and other in China compete are possible.

The only variable is the attitude of the government.

Fourth, all kinds of innovative projects, need to know the Chinese manufacturers are the best in marketing, manufacturing.

The future of the technology market is still the United States and Japan in the opening, China's science and technology giants, to now also be in the trend of the state. Can replace the smart phone products, whatever it is, is more likely to appear in the Google company, rather than in a Chinese maker, or marketing team.

But this kind of product once, will be Google and other giants to regain the hegemony of the killer Chinese Internet technology.

Google from the exit back to the Chinese, China, this is not to dispute. Google's attitude is still as usual

Facebook's attitude is probably the case, determined not to engage in isolation. This is a reflection of the values. Outside billion level financial technology giants, compromise is limited,It can be said that Google is still

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