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If there is no Play Google in China

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After an absence of five years, Google Play as a pioneer in the Google service, will be the first to return to the China market. Just this five years, miss it too much, the game market of China and five years ago very different, Google play probably will have to pay a five years, to fill what is missing in your life.

假如在中国没缺席假如在中国没缺席 Google Play会是什么样子

Biography Play Google Chinese version launched next year

Since this year, Google China will return to the market in the second half of the year to raise a Babel of criticism of the news. Reuters recently said that Google will officially enter China next year, after the launch of the Spring Festival in February 2016. The Play Google app store will be localized, the introduction of customized Chinese version, as the first step back to china.

But informed sources, Google Play is no longer linked to the overseas server, but to China tailored for the user, that is to say, Chinese version of Google Play will not associated with the overseas edition, the server generates the data stored in the local Chinese will, and hope into Alipay and WeChat payment as Google Play payment.

So we assume that Play Google did not leave China, then what can it get?

Chinese Mobile Games prime time five years

Google exit the Chinese market for these five years, is the rapid development of China Mobile's Internet stage, followed by the rapid rise of the mobile gaming market, all the data are in the survey Agency shows that China's hand travel market size will be more than the United States and Japan in 2015, becoming the world's first hand travel market. Which Newzoo data, 2015 China Mobile game market will reach 41300000000 yuan size, from 2010 to 2014, China's mobile game market soared from 27500000000 to 6200000000, by 2015, the projected increase in about 14000000000, the number of hand travel players reached 366000000, the number of 400000 games, 68000 games.

假如在中国没缺席假如在中国没缺席 Google Play会是什么样子

Android phones in China accounted for more than 80 of the largest, the rest of the iOS (WP? What is that?) , so that the size of the about 40000000000 hand travel market, even if the Android game to buy genuine and games are far less than the iOS, but a huge user base here, Android platform game revenue in fact than the iOS platform to be higher than a lot of.

That is to say if Play Google has been in China, then the 40000000000 inside, perhaps more than half of them belong to it.

An application platform that is comparable to AppStore

Even now, all kinds of mobile phone assistant flying, users can into the Appstore installed IOS games and applications, but the app is still firmly in control of the IOS ecosystem of a ring, is still the biggest IOS release for download channels. If Play Google is still in the case, so Android can do this.

However in China, due to the Google play years absence led to a gap in the market, so each channel in the melee bigger and more intense, Tencent, Baidu, 360 and other Internet giants have squeezed into the market, third-party applications, mobile, Unicom, the three major telecom operators also eyeing, not only so, millet, Meizu manufacturers also attempted to regain the initiative in the app store from the hands of the platform for third-party applications.

假如在中国没缺席假如在中国没缺席 Google Play会是什么样子

China's domestic third-party applications market and a high degree of fragmentation of, the lack of uniform standards and norms, the Android Market how a "random" Zile de! The application of audit lax, rampant piracy, malicious spam application, amphitropous user privacy, interests are frequently violated. Because of strong domestic channels, platform and developers convention is divided into 55. Some big channels even is divided into seventy-three (channel 7, developers), and even developers can only take a, so that domestic travel, how can not the money pit?! Because the developers have been very bad, the money can only get back from the players.

In foreign countries, the distribution channels of the Android platform is firmly in control of Google, gathered a large number of developers and users, but also easy to monitor and control, the formation of a healthy ecology, more conducive to the developers and consumers. Play Google is still in the words, at least Android game developers who can and AppStore, according to three seven into (developer seven) profit, Android game market will be more orderly than now, the players of the genuine awareness and consumption ideas, will be much better than now.

A copy of the capital to compete with apple

Such a big market China, even apple will not dare to neglect, but not the slightest relationship and it is Google. Currently on the Chinese market, there is no official authentication Google authentication system, the system is based on the use of domestic mobile phone system is based on android. Android channels are mainly in the hands of several major Internet companies and mobile phone manufacturers, the profits and Google has nothing to do.

And its smart phone in the field of old rival Apple, five years in the Chinese game market has been ahead, whether it is hardware or software, including ecology, are developing in full swing, the follow-up there is a greater layout. Google if you know this market should have so much potential, absolutely not to leave the dead.

假如在中国没缺席假如在中国没缺席 Google Play会是什么样子

So the topic is screwed back said, Google play in the absence of these five years. It missed the five year of China tour vibrant vibrant, missed a 40 billion size of the huge market, now here has been size channels, operators and mobile phone manufacturers to set up a separatist regime by force of arms is completed, it even can not find space can be settled, and then looked up rival Apple, has been in the market play a piece of broad world the.

I miss myself to fill out the back.

Want to land, natural can only be used to grab, China's smart phone after high-speed penetration of the market has been saturated, the future is difficult to grow the future of new users, Play Google first to grab from other channels, and then grab back to developers, and then compete with iOS.

No matter from which point of view, this is a tough battle. Android is an open and open system, it is doomed to have no way like apple, with mandatory means to install Play Google on all Android phones. Rapid development in China's third-party Android Market melee that within a few years, Google play in the overseas market lived a rely on Android a single day, never exposed his face not fought, which in complex Internet environment in China is a fatal problem.

假如在中国没缺席假如在中国没缺席 Google Play会是什么样子

For developers, the Chinese version of Play Google is like a "castration edition" of the application store, can not be common with foreign servers, it will not be conducive to the internationalization of their games to promote. As for Android users, the past days Play Google why things are very few people know, we have to take time to understand and adapt to the new Play Google. But with the Play Google, at least the developers and users are greatly benefited, I believe we must hope that it comes back. And grasp the most important two ends of the platform for the audience, it is equivalent to grasp the lifeblood of the direction of the words sooner or later you can get success. Fortunately, there is no Play Google, in this regard, there is so little advantage.

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