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Opera 26.0.1632.0 Developer 发布

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Opera 浏览器 Dev 开发版昨天更新至 V 26.0.1632.0 版本,同时兼容Windows、Mac与Linux系统,升级内核至最新的Chromium 39.0.2145.4,加入了新的书签分享功能。此外还加入了bug修复与其他改进。

Opera 26 Developer for Windows

Opera 26 Developer for Mac

Opera 26 Developer for Linux

26.0.1632.0 – 2014-08-05 – blog post

CHR-3097 Update chromium on master to 39.0.2145.4

CHR-3152 Block redirection of mouse wheel events from window created by Thinkpad mouse driver.

* DNA-3111 Favicon is displayed outside the tab when tabs are shrinked

* DNA-9608 Insert key (overstroke) doesn’t work

* DNA-17827 Geolocation permission dialog does not respect global Full keyboard access setting

* DNA-18181 Devtools rendering glitch on Mac (flashes off, then back on)

* DNA-21297 Can’t drag and drop bookmarks from other Browsers to Opera

* DNA-22344 Autoupdate errors due to misconfigured proxy (missing or broken) for SYSTEM user

DNA-22385 [Windows] Tab menu – Add the menu container (bubble dialog)

* DNA-22736 “Text to Speech” does not work

DNA-23042 Normal tab reopens between pinned tabs

DNA-24837 [Windows] Add scrollbar and possibility to scroll the tab menu.

* DNA-24921 Unable to exit from fullscreen when PDF file is opened in Adobe Reader plugin

* DNA-24997 [Win] Win8 tile icon is not upgraded when Opera is upgraded

* DNA-25113 Chrome tabs create returns opera://startpage/#speeddial instead of opera://startpage/ when no url supplied

* DNA-25443 [Windows] Download callout should be empty when downloaded file is deleted from the disk

* DNA-25471 Clearing search resets the folder view to the default tile view

* DNA-25559 Too long title overlaps share UI

* DNA-25593 [Mac] Tab preview should be deactivated when typing in address field

DNA-25598 Replace Flash Icon with Opera Icon on windowed fullscreen mode preview.

DNA-25602 Favor explicitly declared apple-touch-FOO and favicons over the ones at the root

* DNA-25618 [Linux] no crashlogs dumped

DNA-25630 Expose an API to import bookmarks on share.opera.com

* DNA-25633 Close button too small on new speed dial tiles with HiDPI

* DNA-25671 Hidden tab-modal dialog is not properly hidden

DNA-25713 [Linux] Tab actions cause 1-second hang

* DNA-25717 It’s not possible to drop file to already opened PDF viewer

* DNA-25759 When a preinstalled folder is moved from the manager to bookmarks bar, its name is underscored

* DNA-25761 Tab preview should animate with white screen when a page has not loaded yet

* DNA-25797 Imported Bookmars folder is not visible in Bookmarks menu in application bar menu/Opera menu

DNA-25803 Implement Import Bookmarks

* DNA-25816 [H264] Player is crashing/stopping after using buttons (like, share, watch later) and seek on Vimeo.com

* DNA-25819 Bookmark manager background partially disappears when the window is too short

* DNA-25829 Crash on shutdown

DNA-25843 opera://tracing shows chrome://tracing in tab title

* DNA-25872 Blank Speed Dial for phuturephillies.com

* DNA-25878 The text cursor in the Google search box on the new start page is for a couple of pixels too high

* DNA-25879 Highlight showed after pressing “tab” key on the new start page doesn’t look good on the side panel

* DNA-25894 Address bar doesn’t allow you to search or show search suggestions

* DNA-25897 [Mac] Tab menu shall have a right click context menu

* DNA-25898 Render crash in loading a page

* DNA-25904 [Win] Notifications browsertests tests either Windows 8 toast or views toasts, not both

* DNA-25928 Bookmarklets cannot be dragged to the bookmarks bar anymore

DNA-25948 Browser window is undocked on exiting fullscreen mode triggered from docked mode

DNA-25972 [Linux] Access Keys Absent from Opera Menu

* DNA-25988 Suggest bookmark title when sharing single bookmark

DNA-25991 Make the tiles view centered

* DNA-25999 Tab preview stuck when hiding window just before tab preview activates

* DNA-26006 “List view” thumbnails in grid layout after messing in bookmark manager

* DNA-26009 [Mac] It shall be possible to open a Tab Menu with a shortcut

* DNA-26014 Tab follows dragged tab on ctrl+tab

* DNA-26022 Erratic behavior when setting empty folder title in bookmark manager

* DNA-26036 HiDPI for all images

* DNA-26066 Switching between grid and list view folders doesn’t reflect indicator state

* DNA-26067 [Mac] Selected item shall be the same as the active item when menu opens.

* DNA-26073 Start page’s and bookmark manager’s backgrounds are misaligned

* DNA-26089 Wrong font when opening new start pages too fast

* DNA-26115 [Linux][Win] Speed dial button on address bar not vertically centered

DNA-26120 Define fallback font family for the fallback tiles

* DNA-26122 Tab menu pop-out needs to be wider

* DNA-26125 Close button should only show for hovered selected tab in TabMenu

* DNA-26127 Clicking tab close button should not close the pop-out

* DNA-26142 Tab menu pop-out needs to be wider

* DNA-26149 Clean up the TabBaseView interface.

* DNA-26151 Open tab menu with Crtl+K on Win/Lin.

* DNA-26169 When a preinstalled folder is moved from the manager into a subfolder on the bookmarks bar, its name is underscored

* DNA-26183 [Mac] Closing tabs quickly from the tab popup menu will crash the browser

* DNA-26193 One click extension installation does not work with non-default preferred language settings

DNA-26194 [Mac] Move DownloadsPopupView to NSPopover

* DNA-26198 [Mac] Not possible to go back from full screen videos by Esc or fullscreen button

* DNA-26199 Crash on opening O-menu from private window if feature #synch is enabled

DNA-26210 HTML5 validation bubble left open in browser after closing tab

* DNA-26217 [Mac] Default favicon (document icon) and the close icon are too dark.

DNA-26220 Add a Progress Indication when Creating Link in ShareDialog

* DNA-26221 [Linux] Address bar toolbar one pixel too narrow

DNA-26238 [Linux] Bookmarks menu broken on Unity

* DNA-26240 [Win] When two windows are opened overlapping each other and tab is moved, focus is moved to the background window

* DNA-26246 “Grid view” thumbnails in list layout after switching between list views

DNA-26289 [Mac] Move HeartPopupView to NSPopover

DNA-26292 [Linux] Bookmarks bar expander doesn’t expand while dragging items

* DNA-26293 Enable notifications API on stable channel

DNA-26296 [Linux] Undocked web inspector window has no decorations

* DNA-26301 [Linux] Geolocation icon in address bar is off-center

* DNA-26306 [Win] Crash when dropping a tab on the bookmark bar

DNA-26308 [Linux] Tab bar has no context menu

* DNA-26318 Wikipedia search engine icon is not displayed properly

* DNA-26322 [Win] Selection list in dialog doesn’t have arrow down to indicate that it’s a list

* DNA-26359 Bookmark/folder edit dialog in list view is quite broken

* DNA-26375 [Mac] New download callout is not accessibility enabled

DNA-26383 [Linux] Address bar is too narrow

DNA-26397 [Windows] Implement login popup

* DNA-26405 Reduce fadeout on the right-edge text in tab menu

* DNA-26406 Context-menu actions close the tab menu

* DNA-26408 Invert icon color on select/hover

* DNA-26414 [Mac] Command+k does not open tab menu from address field.

DNA-26416 Deleting bookmark from bookmark bar folder crashes Opera

* DNA-26417 [Linux] Reduce the right tab bar spacing in Gnome

DNA-26420 [Mac] Move ExtensionPopupController to NSPopover

DNA-26432 [Linux][Win] Bookmarks bar toolbar has border left and right

* DNA-26466 Closing a tab keeps bookmarks popup open

* DNA-26477 [Win][Lin] If you have two or more CPU-consuming tabs pinned, no animation is shown for new tabs

* DNA-26488 Order of folders in bookmark menu should be “My Folders”, “Bookmark Bar” then “Imported Bookmarks”

* DNA-26491 [Win] Name with underscores is shown when editing bookmark folder

* DNA-26516 Cannot install Opera to Program Files with UAC off if Opera used to be installed with UAC on

* DNA-26525 [Mac] Opening tab with auth dialog causes crash when clicking on “tryout our new start page”

DNA-26552 [Mac] Send crash email and stream name when requesting for a crash id

* DNA-26554 [Win] Super-ugly transition on hover on popup blocked button

* DNA-26599 Menu on Discover is not appearing “Categories Menu” and “Setting Menu” when resizing to a small windows

DNA-26620 File -> Save Page As doesn’t work (from Unity menu)

DNA-26623 [Linux] Send OPERA_CRASH_EMAIL and stream name when requesting for a crash id

* DNA-26708 Enable one click installation of Amazon 1Button extension

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