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(14 hr ago) Yann LeCun, head of research at Facebook artificial Intelligence (AI), said the company's AI lab, Facebook AI Research (fall), is adding new projects to offices and AI laboratories around the world, according to foreign media reports of July 18. Many of them will support robotics research that has only begun in recent months.
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(1 day ago) Officials say they don't run ads that track users, but instead launch a market and draw from the deal. It should be noted that Openbook is not the first privacy-oriented social network. The media has also reported on Dispora*, Friendica, Mastodon and other projects.
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(5 day ago) Tencent Technology News, July 13 According to foreign media reports, the US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether Facebook has issued enough warnings to investors to remind them of possible abuse and improper collection of user data.
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(6 day ago) Mark Zuckerberg and his co-founder moved to Palo Alto in the summer of 2004. Adam Fisher, a technology columnist, recently published "Valley of Genius: the uncensored History of Silicon Valley", which describes the history of major tech companies in Silicon Valley.
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(6 day ago) On the morning of July 12th, Beijing time, Facebook's independent research program has launched its first research. Scholars can obtain anonymous user data of 1PB (1 million GB) from the company in order to understand the role of error information in the election process.
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(7 day ago) In addition, they want to learn more about Apple's behaviors such as data collection. The letter wrote: "We are writing today to learn more about the features of Apple's iPhone devices, especially the collection and use of consumer data and microphone capabilities.
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(7 day ago) According to the Boston Consulting Group, in the United States, more than 80 million people experience augmented reality every month, and this number is expected to reach 120 million by 2021. Snap is considered to be the leader in augmented reality advertising. Apple is also optimistic about augmented reality technology, encouraging developers to use their ARKit development tools to create augmented reality content.
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(8 day ago) This article is reproduced from the public "Jingwei venture capital" (ID:matrixpartnerschina), the author is JOHN MCELBOROUGH, Jingwei venture capital compilation.
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(9 day ago) And Amazon's 13 trading days after listing, there are 5 days below the issue price. Today, Amazon's stock price has doubled 500 times, and Facebook is also the world's first tier company with the highest market value. In fact, great companies, such as apple, Tencent, Alibaba and so on, have lost their stock prices, but they have not been reduced to "junk stocks", because most of these breakages come from the impact of the economic cycle, and the great companies themselves have the ability to cross the bear, once out of the impact of the economic cycle...
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(11 day ago) Zuckerberg is now fourth in the Bloomberg billionaires index, trailing Warren Buffett. By Friday's close, Zuckerberg's wealth had briefly surpassed Buffett's. The Bloomberg billionaire Index estimates Zuckerberg's net worth at $79.7 billion.
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(12 day ago) Beijing time 6, according to CNBC, Facebook co founder Chris Hughes (Chris Hughes) believes that the government should grant cash grants to the lowest income groups to eliminate income inequality, which should be levied on higher taxes for the rich, even large technology companies such as Facebook. .
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(12 day ago) It is reported that the program is under discussion, and the 13 episode is expected to be broadcast on the Facebook Watch platform. The program will be based on the life of the Portuguese idol. C's Facebook page has more than 120 million fans and is also the most popular player on the social media platform.
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(12 day ago) It is understood that the social networking company deleted a post from the Texas newspaper "The Vindicator", which mentioned part of the US Declaration of Independence. In fact, the content that was ruled by Hate as hate speech was quoted from the Declaration of Independence, as follows:
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(13 day ago) In Buenos Aires, there are a number of barter clubs with tens of thousands of members and at least hundreds of people trading barter every week. They have become an unofficial economic “barometer”, highlighting the impact of inflation and high unemployment on South America’s second largest economy.
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(14 day ago) This article is an interview topic compiled by Lei Feng's subtitles group, the original title Facebook AI Interview Questions — Acing the AI ​​Interview, author Vimarsh Karbhari.
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(14 day ago) Beijing time, July 3rd morning news, since the outbreak of the data leakage scandal, Facebook has taken some new measures to prevent such incidents that hurt users again. Today, Facebook has announced several new API restrictions on the application, which aims to continue to help developers create applications like Facebook users and to protect the data and privacy of Facebook users.
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(14 day ago) Using open source software and artificial intelligence, Wildbooks can not only receive data from manually uploaded animal photos. It can also search for images on Flickr and videos on YouTube to see data that might be useful for research.
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(15 day ago) Richard Allan, vice president of policy solutions for Facebook, told a hearing Monday local time, "the last few months have been a very difficult time in gaining the trust of users.
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(16 day ago) People familiar with the matter also said that Facebook will buy Bloomsbury AI in the form of cash plus stock, and the price will be between us $23 million and US $30 million. Analysts say, in addition to helping Facebook to crack down on fake news and solve some other content problems, Bloomsbury AI technology can also be used as an office tool to help enterprises excavate content in documents and help Facebook to improve their search capabilities.
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(16 day ago) AI frontline introduction: In the past few years, the adoption of Python 3 has increased significantly, but it still has a long way to go. Large companies adopting Python tend to run large amounts of Python 2.7 code on their infrastructure, and Facebook is no exception.
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(16 day ago) Mark Zuckerberg is Facebook's founder, CEO, and chairman of the board. He also controls most of Facebook's voting rights. On Facebook, Zuckerberg can be described as "one-handed", not even dismissal or disciplinary action.
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(16 day ago) On July 2nd, according to CNBC, Facebook, the social networking giant, has admitted to giving 61 technology companies special access to their user data. The company previously publicly stated that it restricted access in 2015.
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(18 day ago) This article from the micro-channel public number: Entertainment stuff (EW-Entertainment), something for Digital Research Group based on public information materials and study the past in order, of: Zoe.
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(19 day ago) "Let the Internet be more equal." Four years ago, Zuckerberg said that people around the world must use Wifi for free. However, the third-world Guangdong people did not buy it. In India, this plan Facebook was accused of "digital colonialism" and was stopped by the authorities. Since then, Facebook has also taken the initiative to quietly shut down the service in Myanmar.
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(19 day ago) On the morning of June 29th Beijing time, Facebook was facing public pressure to track user information. A recent patent application by Facebook may make critics' long-standing fears come true.
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(19 day ago) Ethical hackers, vulnerabilities and bounty hunters Inti De Ceukelaire disclosed Thursday that’s third-party quiz application exposes 120 million Facebook users’ data to risk of disclosure. This proves the skepticism of many experts: Cambridge analysis is only the tip of the iceberg.
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(20 day ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, the Dallas local court on Wednesday ruled that Facebook's virtual reality equipment subsidiary Oculus VR (hereinafter referred to as "Oculus") plagiarized the game developer Zenimax technology, to the latter compensation of 250 million dollars.
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(21 day ago) Beijing time June 27th news, Facebook will launch a new feature called "Keyword Snooze" today, allowing users to avoid seeing the second season of the western world (Westworld), or the result of the world cup Mexico against Sweden.
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(21 day ago) From the recruitment information, new recruits will help Facebook analyze and check OpenStreetMap data. OpenStreetMap is the name of a project that integrates crowdsourcing information into maps.
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(21 day ago) Facebook, the social giant, announced that it would reopen the advertising related to digital encryption currency. This platform has banned such advertisements altogether since January of this year. But Facebook's prohibition of such advertisements is conditional, and the advertisers need to apply for and approve earlier. In addition, advertisements related to the first digital currency issue (ICO) are still banned.
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