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(1 day ago) (screenshot via CNET) Benioff criticizes Facebook as a new era of tobacco, addictive, attractive and harmful to adults and children. At the same time, he also called for the repeal of Article 230 of the communications regulation act of 1996, as it became an excuse for social media companies to exempt users from joint and several liability for publishing content.
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(2 day ago) The white-wall building, which occupies a block in New York City, is located in the heart of the city, opposite Madison Square Garden and two blocks west of the Empire State Building. Vornado Realty Trust is trying to transform the former post office into a 740000-square-foot office building on four floors, including a new roof platform, which will have outdoor gardens.
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(3 day ago) TikTok's new office, just a few miles from Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters, escalated the competition between the two companies from attracting young users to a talent battle. TikTok, released by Bobble in 2017, is known as the overseas version of Douyin, which allows users to watch and make short videos that are usually singing.
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(4 day ago) Senator Elizabeth Warren's sponsors said: "the latest news: Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have just supported Donald Trump's re-election." The statement was immediately confirmed to be false, but the shock factor used in advertising has two purposes: to emphasize Facebook's recent policy decisions in order to avoid factual verification of political advertising; and second, to draw attention to the Trump campaign's alleged use of false information in its own ads.
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(6 day ago) Tencent Technologies News and Facebook's Libra Currency Plan have caused many troubles and disputes for the company since its announcement. On Friday, eBay, MasterCard, Visa and Triple, four payment companies, announced their withdrawal from the plan and "poured cold water" on Facebook.
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(9 day ago) Shortly after the project was announced in June, however, legislators around the world raised concerns about its impact on financial markets, cybercrime and consumer privacy, and voices of opposition grew. Regarding whether Libra can withstand regulatory scrutiny, the encrypted currency project seems to face complex internal and external doubts.
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(10 day ago) Bian Ce Qianming is from Aofei Temple. Quantum Bit Reporting Public No. QbitAI
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(10 day ago) In the next phase, Helen Dixson (Helen Dixon), Ireland's chief data regulator, will release a draft decision, which is expected to be released by the end of the year. This will be the first time Ireland has made a decision related to US multinationals since the European Union's General data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018.
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(11 day ago) (via New Atlas) it is reported that the open letter came from US Attorney General William Barr, deputy secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan, British Home Secretary Priti Patel, and Australian interior minister Peter Dutton, calling on "not to continue to implement end-to-end encryption in its messaging service".
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(17 day ago) Earlier this month, the family member of Qin Chen, a Chinese engineer who had committed suicide at Facebook headquarters, had hired a law firm to investigate the specific cause of his suicide, which was announced on Monday by the company on Monday.
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(19 day ago) IT Home News Sept. 29 Chen Qin, a Chinese Facebook employee, jumped to his death in his office on Sept. 19, causing concern among the local Chinese community. In response to this matter, Chen Qin's attorney said that a comprehensive investigation was under way to try to determine the truth as soon as possible.
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(19 day ago) For a long time, social media has been criticized for its lack of management and monitoring of potentially dangerous information. Recently, a new agreement to be signed between the UK and the US government may force big companies like Facebook to take more action.
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(19 day ago) British Home Secretary Priesti Patel (Priti Patel) had previously warned that Facebook's plan to allow users to send end-to-end encrypted messages would benefit criminals and called on social media companies to develop "backdoors" to give intelligence agencies access to their messaging platforms. As part of the deal, Britain and the United States have agreed not to investigate each other's citizens. Under no circumstances can the United States use information obtained from British companies to carry out the death penalty.
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(20 day ago) However, attempts and efforts to push encrypted currencies to mainstream use have been subject to global government regulation and political scepticism, with France and Germany saying they want to stop the use of Libra in Europe. Bertrand, managing director of the Libra Association, headquartered in Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland. Peres (Bertrand Perez) said the association is continuing discussions with regulators in Europe and other countries to allay concerns about Libra.
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(20 day ago) Tencent Technology News, about 10 days ago, about 10 days after the headquarters of Facebook, an American social networking company, a shocking employee jumped out of the building, the employee died on the spot. According to the latest news from foreign media, Facebook confirmed on Friday that the death of an employee on September 19 was a suicide, but the company did not disclose specific information such as the truth about the jump.
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(20 day ago) An anonymous Facebook employee said that Chen Sheng worked hard during his lifetime and had been busy with projects for the past six months, but was rejected by the leader when he changed his group. If he did not change his group, he would be included in the PIP quota, which meant that he might be fired and lost his work visa.
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(21 day ago) Facebook is only being tested in Australia and will be extended to other countries in the future. Facebook is not sure. Facebook spokesman responded that they were just collecting feedback to see if they could improve the user experience.
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(22 day ago) At the main forum of "Flying Sky Intelligence" of "Yunqi Conference 2019", ten young talents from Aliyun delivered hard-core speeches on the research and development, application and database of Aliyun AI technology.
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(22 day ago) Original title: Facebook says it will build AR glasses and map the world
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(22 day ago) In the Horzion world, you can create an avatar without legs. You can go to public spaces, such as city squares, through portals (or telepods). Horizon lets you explore and play games. You can build communities through groups or activities.
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(23 day ago) Foreign media pointed out that although Facebook's approach is to seek neutrality, some politicians may use the platform to disseminate false information and malicious speech. The company tries to tell the facts by itself. Clegg claims that the idea is to let users "judge the words of politicians themselves".
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(24 day ago) On September 19, an employee jumped down from the fourth floor (the highest floor) of Facebook's Silicon Valley headquarters park. Subsequently, the police found that the instant death, no suspected murder, belonged to suicide.
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(24 day ago) Although the Facebook Watch platform is not as popular as YouTube and Twitch, it has more and more sports content, including the Major League (MLB) game and the (NFL) highlights of the Major League of Professional Rugby.
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(25 day ago) "Block chains require teamwork, our customers are ready to work with Facebook, and we are ready to work with all our customers and integrate them," Kelly said. Kelly believes that competing companies like Facebook can help bring more legitimacy to block-chain technology.
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(27 day ago) Tencent Technologies Facebook's announcement of the issue of Libra coins met with objections and queries from global financial regulators that it would pose a huge threat to the existing financial system. According to the latest news from foreign media, Marcus, head of Facebook's Libra Money business, told the media recently that despite some obstacles, the company will issue Libra Money next year as planned. In addition, foreign media also reported that the U.S. dollar currency will account for half of the reserve fund of Libra Money and the other four legal currencies. The proportion was also made public.
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(27 day ago) Original title: Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps in response to Cambridge Analysis row
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(28 day ago) Original title: Facebook Worker Dies After Jumping From Headquarters Building
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(30 day ago) Insert Portal TV into TV via HDMI port, log in to Facebook account, and then you can start using Messenger and WhatsApp to make calls. WhatsApp phones are end-to-end encrypted, which may be one of the selling points of Portal TV.
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(30 day ago) (Image: FB, via Venture Beat) It is reported that the information was disclosed by Facebook in advance of Congressional hearings. It discussed how technology companies, including Facebook, Google and Twitter, can control violent content in their communities.
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(30 day ago) Sources said the augmented reality glasses, codenamed Orion (Orion), were designed to replace smartphones, allow users to answer phones, display information to users on a small screen, and transmit their location to friends and fans of social media in real time.
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