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(11 min ago) Z1d instances are mainly for applications that require more computational performance, especially those that rely on CPU for more than GPU. Amazon said that Z1d is suitable for electronic design automation, providing high-performance computing for financial services and relational databases.
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(4 hr ago) On July 18, US stocks closed higher on Tuesday, and technology stocks performed strongly, once again pushing the Nasdaq to set a new record. Amazon, Facebook and Google's parent company Alphabet all hit new highs. Streaming video service giant Netflix also narrowed sharply from early losses. Decline.
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(5 hr ago) Consumers have expressed on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that they “can’t settle prices according to the price of the product”, or “click on various promotional windows, but only go back to the homepage” or “can’t open the website and APP” ".
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(15 hr ago) Brainstorm TECH 2018 is the annual technological event of the famous commercial media Fortune magazine, and this year's event was held in Aspen, USA on 16-18 July local time.
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(21 hr ago) It was a November 2015 day when Victor Collins, a 47 - year-old former police officer in Kansas, died in a Bates home in a massage bathtub when he attended a family gathering of friends James Andrew Bates. Is it an accident or a murder? This is the answer that the police are looking for first.
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(23 hr ago) Original title: Amazon's Monday member day urged to become a new overlord in clothing retailing, but brand traders are reluctant to be Prime Day in July 16th, a bit like the 618 years of domestic shopping carnival. According to CNBC analysis, Amazon wants to try to prove itself as a "fashion marker" through membership day, not just an ordinary e-commerce website that sells daily department stores.
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(1 day ago) On the morning of July 17th, Beijing time, thousands of employees of Amazon's German warehouse will go on strike this Tuesday, and they hope to urge Amazon to provide them with better working conditions. Before the Germans, the Amazon workers in Spain and Poland also went on strike, and the time they chose was just before the start of Amazon Prime Day.
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(2 day ago) Apple's research site, Above Avalon, pointed out that technology giants including Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft are not far from the market value of $1 trillion. Whoever will take the lead in reaching this milestone is undoubtedly a major attraction in the industry, but this Behind the competition, there are more interesting and interesting questions: Can these giants always stand on the top? Will we see the rise of a new generation of corporate giants?
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(3 day ago) At the end of 2018, it is expected that Amazon will account for nearly half of eBay's retail market in the US e-commerce retail market, which is only 6.6% in the US e - commerce retail market, followed by Apple's 3.9% and WAL-MART (which is considered to be the number one competitor of Amazon in the e-commerce market) of 3.7%.
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(3 day ago) Amazon is still nibbling the market share in the field of electronic commerce. According to a recent research report, the business giant has reached 49% of its market share in the US electricity supplier sector.
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(3 day ago) Amazon's cloud computing business, AWS, is considering stepping into the hardware market and launching its own network switching device. Affected by this, the shares of Network Appliance Inc listed in the United States fell on the same day.
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(3 day ago) On July 14th, the US stock market continued to rise on Friday, with the Dow back at the 25000 point. The S & P index broke through 2800 points at a 4 - month high, and technology stocks pushed the finger on the finger. In China's concept stocks, research and control technology rose 12.42%, blue flood increased by 8.33%; on the other hand, the prosperous world fell 7.69%, and Le Xin fell 6.84%.
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(4 day ago) Amazon's annualized total return is 80%, far higher than the S&P 500's 16% total return. Wald said that the trend of the bond market will also support the rise of Amazon's stock price. "As long as the bond yield curve continues to level off, it should continue to encourage people to invest in growth stocks. I think Amazon will also enjoy this shareholder wind.
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(7 day ago) But not long after, Amazon bought the Whole Foods Supermarket in June 2017. The acquisition's goal is to give Amazon access to the rich data behind more GM supermarket customers and access to all of its own brands that organic food retailers have accumulated. Since last summer, Amazon has been looking for ways to expand its physical business with services such as Amazon Lockers and Amazon Go.
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(7 day ago) Amazon shares closed at $1739.02 on Monday, and Daniel Elvis's target price of $2000 was 15 cents higher. Daniel Elvis raised Amazon's price target to $2000 for a number of reasons.
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(7 day ago) By next year, the e-commerce giant will occupy about half of the market share in the United States, according to Daniel Ives (Daniel Ives), an analyst at GBH Insights. But Ives said Amazon bought the whole food supermarket last year and took a series of measures to combine Prime members with high-end supermarket chains to further boost their online retail business.
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(8 day ago) The source code that TechCrunch found in this Snapchat app contains a pop-up text that says, "Press and hold to identify objects, songs, barcodes, and more! This will transfer data to Amazon, Shazam, and other partners.
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(8 day ago) The smart speaker integrated with voice assistants invented by Amazon has become the most important invention in the technology industry in the past decade. Numerous companies have imitated Amazon to launch similar products, but currently Google and Amazon are far ahead in the industry. Alexa and Google's assistants also started to catch up.
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(8 day ago) Currently, Amazon is the market leader, and its Amazon Echo smart speaker market share will exceed 50% this year, but will fall to 34% in 2022. Google is close behind, its Google Home smart speaker market share will reach 30% this year, and will increase to 34% in 2022.
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(8 day ago) When Geoff - Bezos (Jeff Bezos) attended this year's sun Gu Feng meeting, he knew much more about the media tycoons than they knew about themselves.
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(10 day ago) These items are obviously aimed at children, such as the Nazi-themed Pepe the Frog fidget spinner and a child's bodysuit with a burning cross.
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(10 day ago) In order to gain a foothold in the fast-growing e-commerce market, Amazon has recruited hundreds of small companies locally to help them deliver packages to remote users, including using airplanes to transport parcels to Leh at an altitude of 3,524 meters (Leh) ).
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(11 day ago) The US "Connected" magazine said that with the help of drones, robots and luxury goods, Jingdong is advancing into the Western market. Amazon should suddenly "wake up" and pay attention to Jingdong.
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(11 day ago) [Tencent Technology Editor's Note] With Netflix and Amazon accelerating the search for new users overseas, both companies have begun to view India as a huge market. Although the Internet infrastructure is lagging behind and average household income is relatively low, the world's second-largest Internet market has shown great potential in recent years. It turns out that conquering the Indian market is still a tricky issue for the two streaming video service giants.
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(13 day ago) Gartner, the authoritative market regulator, released the global public cloud IaaS (infrastructure services) market report in 2017. Among them, Amazon's AWS revenue of $12 billion 221 million, the market share of more than 54%, the unbeatable general existence, but also because the volume is too large, a slower growth rate of 25%.
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(13 day ago) Earlier this year, Amazon's first Amazon Go unmanned convenience store opened, and customers could scan when they entered the store. Then, through sensors and cameras, Amazon automatically tracks the items purchased by the user and charges accordingly, and the customer does not need to go to checkout. The first Amazon Amazon Go unmanned convenience store opening scene visit: Jingdong Mall
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(13 day ago) Earlier this year, Amazon's first Amazon Go unmanned convenience store opened. Customers could scan their phones to shop when they entered the shop. Then, through sensors and cameras, Amazon automatically tracks users' purchases and charges accordingly, and customers do not need to pay the bill exclusively. Previously, Amazon plans to open Amazon Go unmanned convenience stores in Chicago and San Francisco, but the opening time is unclear. Visit: Jingdong mall
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(15 day ago) Tencent technology news, in the Tesla demonstration effect, the world's automobile industry set off a wave of development of electric vehicles, the application of electric vehicles is also more and more widely. According to the latest news from foreign media, Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce enterprise, has also "a fire" for the global electric car market, which ordered the first batch of electric wagons.
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(15 day ago) Interestingly, trucks may not be used for long trips due to their limited cruising range. The eVito vehicle can only travel about 100-150 km on a single charge. This limited cruising range may make this car an ideal choice for Amazon Prime Today's same-day delivery service, which delivers products from local warehouses to customers in some cities.
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(15 day ago) The two companies announced that the cooperation will last for 3 years, covering the relationship with global suppliers, and jointly buying private brand products and non resale products. As the first echelon of the largest retailer brand in the world, Tesco and Carrefour said this cooperation will enable both parties to improve the quality and choice of existing products while reducing product prices, which will improve their competitiveness.
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