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(1 day ago) Access: After the Huawei Mall is bright, the front chin is very narrow, and the status bar is arranged at the top of the screen. It seems that the possibility of using a water drop screen is very high. At the same time, a number of accessories for the Mate 20 Pro have been exposed, including protective cases, wireless charging boards, memory cards and so on.
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(1 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall However, because Mate 20 needs to wait until October 16th to appear, pure performance, only GB4 single core can be compared, Apple A12 increased from 4,300 of A11 to 4,800 points, and the official score of Kirin 980 is 3360 Minute.
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(2 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall On the evening of September 22, Huawei consumer Yu Chengdong and glory president Zhao Ming interacted on Weibo to break the rumor that glory will be independent. Zhao Mingfa Weibo said that the glory mobile phone was established more than four years ago, and it is changing and growing with the acceleration of youth. Whether it is the glory of the "Young People's Science and Technology Tide" positioning, or the consistent Huawei and glory dual brand strategy, it has been fully verified by the market.
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(2 day ago) Three years ago, he left Huawei at the end and reviewed Huawei's many years of workplace experience with a reflective attitude. He wrote a paper titled "Don't, Huawei's Eight-Year Science and Technology Women's Resignation", which has received much attention. After that, at the invitation of the publishing house, the book "The Altar is on the Left, Huawei is on the Right" is written.
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(2 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall In other words, although the younger brother has grown up, he still has to listen to his brother, after all, is still a family. However, some media reports recently said that the glory brand will be completely separated from the Huawei system and set up an independent company; that is to say, the younger brother will have to establish a door from home.
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(2 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall reported that according to Tencent Technology, for this news, glory related people responded that glory will continue to maintain independent brand operation, but it will still be part of Huawei. Huawei previously issued a notice saying that Huawei's consumer business CMO Zhang Xiaoyun will return to the glory of mobile phones, serving as the chief strategy and brand development officer of Glory.
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(2 day ago) Interview: Yu Chengdong, Huawei Mall, said, "I joined Huawei in 1993. This is the first company I worked for. It has been 25 years since I first joined Huawei. A lot of people ask me why I have been able to stick to this, I want to say, because I like this company, like the atmosphere here.
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(3 day ago) Interview: Huawei Shopping Mall Huawei Noa 3I uses a 6.3-inch Bang full screen design, 19.5:9 slender ratio, double glass fuselage. It carries Huawei's latest Kirin 710 processor, manufactured at 12 nm, and integrates four A73 2.2 GHz, four A53 1.7 GHz CPU cores, known as a 75% improvement in single core performance and 68% improvement in multi-core performance.
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(3 day ago) Tiger Smell exclusively learned that the glory of Huawei's mobile phone Internet sub-brand, will be completely separated from the Huawei system, the establishment of an independent company. Honor, Huawei's Internet mobile phone brand, launched in 2013, saw the potential of millet-initiated Internet mobile phone models, with glory, plus, INUI, Nubia and other Internet sub-brands set up one after another.
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(3 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall recently, foreign media exposed a set of Mate 20 Pro official shell high-definition rendering map, and the previous explosion of many information points are consistent, high credibility. In addition to Liu Haiping, the three squares behind the square are very attractive. Seen from the picture, the new camera and the flash around a square, this model has also been friendly netizens as a "bath bully".
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(3 day ago) Visit: Although Huawei Mall is a latecomer, glory is backed by Huawei's big tree, which has natural advantages in technology, channels and after-sales programs. After several years of operation, glory has already established itself, and has surpassed its predecessor Xiaomi in terms of shipments. Zhao Ming, the president of glory, has repeatedly said that glory is the largest Internet mobile phone brand in China today (although Xiaomi has no longer advertised himself as "Internet phone").
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(3 day ago) Interview: The P20 Pro in the hands of Huawei Mall Roland is shown to be longer than the P20 Pro (6.1 inches). The Mate 20's screen size is expected to be more than 6.3 inches, if you look at the current rendering image, remove the frontal fingerprint (narrower jaw) and use a bang / water drop screen.
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(3 day ago) On the morning of September 21, Huawei and glory mobile phones cannot be WeChat fingerprint payment will become history. Recently, Huawei and Glory announced that several models will be upgraded in support of WeChat fingerprint payment in September. It is reported that the fingerprint payment scheme of WeChat cooperates with Huawei and glory, all fingerprint information verification and storage work is completed in the local TEE OS security system of the mobile phone.
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(4 day ago) Interview: A few weeks ago, Huawei revealed some progress in its own folding screen smartphone at IFA 2018, saying it is expected to replace the PC. But earlier this week, Huawei chairman Ken Hu said in a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum that the company's first folding screen smartphone would also be the first to support 5G.
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(5 day ago) Yu Chengdong’s previous guns said that only three or four mobile phone manufacturers were left in three or five years. After years of development, it is becoming a reality. For the price of 2499 yuan to 2999 yuan, Huawei nova focuses on the main, nova will be more independent of the Huawei brand.
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(5 day ago) Visit: Roland Quandt, a well-known breaking person at Huawei Mall, showed Huawei's upcoming Freebuds 2 Pro in a tweet. According to the tweet, the headset has a battery life of 3 hours. Similar to AirPods, it can be charged through the casing and the battery life can be extended to 20 hours.
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(5 day ago) Access: Huawei Mall is the first "underwater mode". At this time, the volume down button is for taking pictures, and the volume up button is for recording. Huawei has also developed a waterproof case for models that are not waterproof. The second point is the AI ​​Camera (AI camera), which makes full use of the power of the two NPUs to highlight the target subject, and can also change the background, distress, blur effect and so on.
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(5 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall in accordance with another previous information on the big god onleaks, Mate 20 Pro Liu Hai at a vertical width of 6.8mm, the bottom border is 3.8mm. There are other small details in the picture, such as the integrated volume button on the right side, the power button on the red handle, and so on.
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(5 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall as early as more than 10 years ago in the 2G, 3G era, in order to cater to the strong desire of users for the separation of life and work numbers, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers began to add two SIM card slots in a mobile phone, a machine with two cards greatly facilitated the life and work needs of users, since then the dual card dual-waiting mobile phone has gradually risen in China. And become popular trend.
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(5 day ago) Interview: Huawei Mall mentions the dual-card dual-standby, I believe most domestic consumers will not be strange, a mobile phone with two SIM cards and standby at the same time, this function in fact in the domestic mobile phone has already been popular, and has evolved N versions, even now hundreds of mobile phones, whether smartphones or functional machines, dual-card. Almost all the double treats are standard.
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(7 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall has news that the main photo of Mate 20 is more advanced than P20 Pro, from 40 million pixels to 42 million pixels. At the same time, it has also made in-depth optimization in depth of field capture and wide-angle shooting. Considering the previous Kirin 980 conference, the official deliberate mention of support for ToF technology may also be integrated in the rear camera module.
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(7 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall cited the newspaper's assistant police chief Khemraj Lochee as saying that the project, known as the "smart city", aims to reduce the crime rate in the Indian Ocean island nation.
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(7 day ago) Interview: Huawei Mall has approached Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Cisco and NEC for the development of 5G applications and related experiments at the suggestion of Arogyaswami J. Paulraj, an honorary professor at Stanford University, a member of the expert group on 5G spectrum planning.
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(7 day ago) Interview: Huawei Mall combined the case information leaked yesterday, Mate 20 Pro back is a square camera module, three cameras are expected to use L-shaped arrangement, fingerprint cancellation or screen fingerprint technology. On the interface, the 3.5mm headphone hole is not retained, which seems to support IP67 waterproofing as well as the previous generation.
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(7 day ago) In May, I have already mentioned my departure. It was dragged to September because the leader hoped that I could stay in the second half of the year and put an indicator for the assessment of C for the department. In the Huawei performance appraisal system, most departments will hardly assign the performance appraisal ratio of performance A/B/C. Even if all the doors perform well throughout the year, there is no way to avoid someone being beaten.
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(8 day ago) Beijing Business News (Reporter Shi Feiyue) September 14, India's "Economic Times" reported that the Indian Ministry of Communications (DoT) has banned Huawei and ZTE from participating in the country's 5G use case test cooperation, which Huawei and ZTE responded.
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(8 day ago) In view of the recent refusal to adopt Huawei equipment in the United States, Canada, India and many other countries, many people speculate that SK Telecom did not choose Huawei for the same reason. However, the South Korean government said it has no plans to stop Huawei's bidding, while South Korea's third-largest operator, LG Uplus, said it plans to use Chinese company equipment, but has not announced its preferred bidder.
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(8 day ago) "We have excluded Huawei from participating in these trials." She said this was for security reasons. The Indian government plans to showcase India's unique 5G use case in early 2019. According to people familiar with the matter, in addition to Huawei, another Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, was also excluded from the 5G test by the Indian government.
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(9 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall is followed by a pearl screen design. Liu Hai has only one front camera, and it is also the first exposed Huawei brand pearl screen mobile phone. Finally, it uses a rear dual camera + back fingerprint design, the back layout is very similar to the Huawei P20, considering the number of cameras, it is likely to be Huawei's mid-end brand nova new products. Pearl screen + leather back cover, we can see that Huawei will bring a lot of new things to consumers in the second half of the new machine design, we will wait and see.
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(9 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall Now, Huawei has finally begun to re-support WeChat fingerprint payment, and nova 3 has been the first to open in recent days. Inquire about Huawei's intelligent customer service, as there are as many as 32 Huawei models to upgrade to support WeChat fingerprint payment, including 5 Mate series, 4 P series, 6 nova series, 1 series of Maiman series, and enjoy the series 2 10 models, glory series, 1 glory series, and 3 Huawei tablet series.
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