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(1 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft's official mall in China - Windows in Intel, Microsoft said that in November 2019, it will update and support the 10th generation core processor and Xeon e-22xx. Although the specific models of Celeron and Pentium are not listed, atom j4xxx / j5xxx and n4xxx / n5xxx, Celeron and Pentium are also supported.
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(9 hr ago) Today, Microsoft has released a new patch numbered kb4497165, integrating the latest Intel microcode update, supporting the Haswell four generation core family released in 2013, as well as a number of low-power Pentium, Celeron and mobile platforms.
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(9 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China official Mall-Windows has an old bird trying "shutdown / s" and "shutdown / s / f" commands, or not responding. Jason of the Windows Insider team says there are still similar shutdown and restart problems in the preview version of Build 19002 pushed today, but there are already solutions, and users who encounter them can try the following ways to solve them:
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(14 hr ago) Visit: in the support document of cumulative update kb4520062, Microsoft explained: "Microsoft defender advanced thread protection (ATP) service may stop running and may not be able to send report data.
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(19 hr ago) As of the end of June 2019, Microsoft has acquired 20 start-ups with a total investment of more than $9 billion, becoming the company's third-largest financial year to date, geekwire reported.
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(1 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official mall-home now, Microsoft has launched a new Garage project called "digital marketing center" Marketing Center. The tool is supported by artificial intelligence to automate the digital marketing of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
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(1 day ago) Visit: Microsoft's official mall in China - Windows image credit: in the update of edge dev 79.0.301.2 released yesterday, Dr Kellerman introduced a new function in addition to the regular repair: users who log in to the browser with a work or school account can display work-related content instead of news content.
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(1 day ago) Tencent's tech news, according to the media's latest news, has been climbing further with Microsoft's business goals, and Nadella, the chief executive of Microsoft, has received more pay in a recent fiscal year from Microsoft.
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(1 day ago) Visit: Microsoft's official mall in China - when Windows opens high contrast chrome and chromium edge in Windows 10, after migrating edge browser to chromium, Microsoft not only adds new features and migrates classic edge features, but also hopes to bring care browsing and native support for high contrast mode to chromium edge.
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(2 day ago) Visit: Microsoft's official mall in China - Windows, Google Chrome browser has provided a high contrast mode by expanding the program, and now Microsoft is trying to integrate it into chrome. At present, the two companies cooperate to provide high contract mode for chromium of Windows platform, and the flag is marked as "forced colors".
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(3 day ago) Apple introduced a dark mode in IOS 13 and iPad OS. When it is turned on, it can switch the UI of the system and some applications to black, so as to avoid the dazzling white main color causing visual fatigue to the human eye when the environment light is insufficient, and extend the battery life.
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(3 day ago) Visit: windows, Microsoft's official mall in China, including resetting mobile phones and using windows device recovery tool (WDRT), will cause all applications to disappear and can no longer be installed. The windows 10 mobile version is not affected temporarily, but by December, general support for this version of the operating system will also stop.
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(3 day ago) Ballmer said that Microsoft's failure in the field of smart phones was due to the right strategy at the wrong time. Ballmer himself believes that Microsoft should get involved in the smartphone business, and believes that Microsoft still has opportunities. According to the data, Ballmer has worked at Microsoft for 34 years, including 14 years as CEO.
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(3 day ago) Visit: Windows KB4517389, Microsoft's official mall in China, was released on Tuesday, October 8, this year, as an activity day patch. It also has the same start menu problem that appeared in the previous cumulative update of KB4524147.
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(3 day ago) Interview: Smith, Microsoft's official Chinese mall, said the solution should be twofold: federal regulators should pass a national privacy law similar to the European General Data Protection Ordinance (GDP R), which Smith has been advocating since 2005.
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(3 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official mall, Windows Future World or Internet of Things as a well-known enterprise with Windows operating system, Microsoft has transformed into a service-oriented technology enterprise in the past few years.
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(3 day ago) According to the official planning arrangements, Office 2010 is scheduled to end its support services on October 13 next year. Microsoft started reminding users and organizations that are still using the Office 2010 feature suite this week to start the upgrade process as soon as possible. Microsoft said that once the service is over, it will terminate a series of "after-sales" work, such as technical support, BUG repair, security patch push, etc.
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(3 day ago) Visit: Microsoft's official Chinese mall, Windows, wrote on September 19 on Windows Health Dashboard: "Up to now, Microsoft has not found that the search and start menu problems are caused by the cumulative updates of KB4515384.
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(4 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Home Page has applied for a patent for more accurate battery residual hints, hoping to help users more accurately determine how long the device will last before charging it. The patent document describes a new technology that allows the device to measure its battery power more accurately, and then provide precise usage time according to various situations, so that users can optimize their own usage.
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(6 day ago) Visit: Windows, the official Microsoft China Mall, is worth noting that the problem is reminiscent of two patches in September that also broke the start menu on the Windows 10 1903 (updated in May 2019) computer.
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(6 day ago) Interview: Apple Online Store (China) returned to its highest market value again. Last night, Apple closed 2.66% higher at $236.21, a record high. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Apple's share price was weak due to fears of sluggish demand for the iPhone, which seems to have eased in the near future.
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(6 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Video Screenshots (from: Microsoft, via MSPU) Future rents are rising, or driven by operating costs of property (rather than market pricing), rents will be much lower than the surrounding market.
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(6 day ago) Original title: Dow spikes as US and China reach initial trade agreement NetEase technology news, October 12 news, according to foreign media reports, local time on Friday, improved international trade relations related good news led to a surge in market confidence, the stock market rose sharply, the three major stock indexes closed high.
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(7 day ago) Visit: the two parts of the Microsoft Surface product purchase portal have a three-dimensional orientation sensor system. The first and second three-dimensional orientation sensor systems share data to determine the orientation between the two screens. After the location is determined, Android will automatically adapt and adjust the functions of the device.
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(7 day ago) Visit: The new stable version of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's official mall in China - Windows, seems to have completely replaced the classic version of Edge. Once installed, the old version of Edge can not be found in the "Start" menu of the operating system.
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(7 day ago) The DB-Engines database popularity ranking was updated in October, with the top 20 in the following list: this issue of the data is more interesting, only last month said that the Microsoft SQL Server score showed a rare decline, and the largest decline.
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(7 day ago) For years, Microsoft has been in a strong position among large enterprises as the only truly viable productivity suite option. Now, as companies continue to cross the hurdle of moving to the cloud, Gu Geyun's G Suite has become-and will continue to be-an important viable alternative to Microsoft Office 365 (O365).
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(8 day ago) Interview: Microsoft China official Mall-42 percent of teenagers from 25 countries said they had a problem with parents posting their messages on social media platforms, according to statistics on the home page of Microsoft China Mall. Eleven percent of them thought it was a big problem; 14 percent thought it was a moderate problem; and 17 percent thought it was a small problem.
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(8 day ago) With the release of the new system, Apple's game subscription service, Apple Arcade, can now be used on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and Mac. Apple Store will also sell Xbox wireless handles from October 11, because the service supports Xbox and PS4 wireless handles.
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(8 day ago) Interview: Windows, Microsoft's official Chinese mall, said after an investigation that the start menu problem was not due to cumulative updates to KB4517289. In the solution, Microsoft said: "for the time being, Microsoft has not found that the built-in search and start menu problems are significantly affected by the installation of KB4515384 updates."
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