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Alipay(支付宝)News list

(3 hr ago) Alipay announced that from August 8th to August 31st, Alipay will start the late-night warm-hearted operation, and free night-time buses can be used in seven major cities across the country. If you are in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xi'an, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, every night from 11:00 am to 6:00 am, you can use the Alipay scan code to take the bus. There are two free opportunities.
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(20 hr ago) In addition, he also took a task, the executives went to the front line, experienced work, found pain points, improved the system, and performed poorly to the rider to mung bean porridge. The mischievous Alipay official micro also forwarded Wang Lei Weibo ridiculed: "Come on, hungry, the CEO himself went to take delivery, a few pounds of sweat and fell!! Hahahahahahahahaha, I will open now Are you hungry and ready to order a cup of tea?"
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(23 hr ago) Previously, Ant Financial became a senior member of the IEEE Standards Association. As the world's largest non-profit professional technology organization, senior members of the IEEE Standards Association, including Apple, Google and other well-known technology companies, have developed international standards including WiFi. It has a wide range of influences around the world.
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(2 day ago) According to statistics, at present, 70% of taxis in Singapore, 70% of Singapore Airport stores, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios and other core attractions, three major department stores on the Orchard Road, China town food street, tax rebate service points can be directly paid by Alipay through mobile phones.
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(3 day ago) Two years ago, Linyi in Shandong thought that the uncle who was synchronizing with Alipay became popular, and then went on a variety show. But the days after the popularity were mixed, and the grandfather said that he often faced online rumors and ignorance, and he did not know how he became a "tool"... Uncle Ali said that he still only wants to do his own business.
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(4 day ago) On August 10th, according to the data released by Alipay, since the opening of the "small program collection" in July 31st, the number of users of Alipay's small program active collection has increased 1.2 times compared with that of the previous week, and the number of user week collection programs has increased 3.7 times compared with the same period.
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(5 day ago) August 8th news, after repeatedly denying all kinds of rumors, ofo co-founder Yu Xin yesterday in the WeChat circle of friends publicly roared black draft: "Recently black drafts are flying, but I would like to ask the person who wrote the black draft a little professional One point, don't give me the chance to fight back." He said ofo suffered an unprovoked attack, ando is collecting evidence and intends to report it to the relevant authorities.
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(6 day ago) Ma Yun said: "If I don't do it, I won't have these difficulties, but if I don't know it, I will go to jail, so I called my colleague that day, we will do Alipay, but we will write a report every month or three months. To the government, what did you do, what you want, put it on the table, if someone wants to be a prisoner, the first one is me. If I am in prison, I will continue to do it for the individual, and this will go to prison and then continue to do it. .
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(8 day ago) On September 21 last year, Alipay's small program announced that it began to open beta for users. At that time, in the face of the wave of WeChat applets, Guan Zhong believes that the advantage of Alipay's small program is user operation and empowerment. After opening the collection of Alipay's small program collection last week, Guan Zhong once again said that the value of the Alipay applet to the merchant is more commercial ability and shorter service path; the value to the user is more abundant service scene and more convenient. Service experience.
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(8 day ago) It is reported that Alipay's group window is launched in cooperation with Taobao. The products are all from different Taobao stores, covering more than ten categories such as daily use, food and clothing. However, the price of the group will be lower than that of Taobao, and many of them will even be discounted by 50%.
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(8 day ago) Recently, Alipay has been quietly online collage functions, according to the Tencent "line" observation, in the bottom of the Alipay page can find a collage page. Alipay said that this function is "time limit collage", which will recommend different collage products to users in time period. The products are all from different Taobao stores, covering more than 10 categories, such as daily food, food and clothing. The group price is lower than that of Taobao, and many even cut the price by 50 percent off.
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(8 day ago) As you can see, all of these products on Alipay come from different Taobao stores, covering more than 10 categories, such as daily use, food, clothing and so on. But the group price will be lower than that of Taobao, and many of them will even cut the price by 50 percent off. Alipay's Collage function is also diverse, in addition to self - initiated collage, inviting friends, and can be matched by the system to join the already started spells.
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(8 day ago) On the evening of August 6, the central bank's business management department made three administrative punishment decisions today. Guofubao and the linkage advantage were given warnings due to relevant regulations on payment management services for illegal non-financial institutions, and were imposed at RMB 46,462,102.94 and RMB26,398,899.28 respectively. fine.
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(8 day ago) On the evening of August 3, Huatai Securities issued a public announcement that the company had privately issued 1.08 billion A shares of common stock, with a total fund raised of about 14.208 billion yuan. Investors involved in the subscription included a number of "big names," the most "glamorous" names being Alibaba and Suning Easy to buy.
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(9 day ago) Visit: Ali Yun - the highest 1000 yuan general voucher immediately available in addition, Anxin securities, China's state-owned enterprises reform structure reform fund, Shanghai North credit Fung Fung management company, Sunshine Property Insurance Company also participated in the subscription, the fixed increase of the lock period of 12 months.
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(10 day ago) Recently, an article "This is nothing." The post of "" was published in Douban. The article tells a netizen who got up in the middle of the night on July 30 and found that his mobile phone received more than 100 SMS verification codes from Alipay, Jingdong, Bank, etc., and then found Alipay, Yubao and related bank cards. The money has been turned away. Moreover, its Jingdong account has also opened functions such as gold bars and white bars, and was borrowed more than 10,000 yuan.
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(11 day ago) Visit: Alibaba Cloud related article: The money in the mobile phone was turned away overnight. What happened?
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(11 day ago) From August 1st, Alipay “City Week” was officially opened and the event continued until August 8. During the event date, you can receive the red envelope by using the payment red envelope code. In addition to the regular dime red envelope, there are four red envelopes of 8.8, 88, 888 and 4888, which are randomly distributed throughout the day.
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(12 day ago) On August 18, 2017, the Alipay applet was open to developers and was tested on September 20th for general users. Today, the Alipay applet has been around for almost a year.
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(12 day ago) Today, the two main players in the small program: WeChat and Alipay, unveiled similar security reminders, reminding businesses to beware of various small program development scams, especially with "exclusive agents", "official authorization", etc. Nominal offline sales activities.
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(12 day ago) On the occasion of the public beta year, Ant Financial Co., Ltd. announced that it has officially launched the "small program collection" entrance on Alipay's homepage (or search for "small program collection" in Alipay). Users can use and view the collected applets at any time through this portal. This also means that the use of small programs is greatly shortened.
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(12 day ago) When the service window of Beijing car management service is handled, the Alipay is opened, and the two dimensional code presented by the staff can be paid, and the business can be done without purse. In fact, more and more affairs in Beijing have allowed people to run errands.
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(13 day ago) In August 1st, the "City Week" of Alipay was officially opened, and the activities continued until August 8th. In the date of activity, the payment is to find the red packet first, and the scavenging code can lead the red package. In addition to the conventional red envelopes, there are 8.8, 88, 888, and 4888 yuan four kinds of big red packets all day.
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(14 day ago) In the future, only one mobile phone application is needed, and users will be able to remove money from a bank account and transfer them to a merchant by scanning a two-dimensional code, and use a built-in user authentication system, including a password or fingerprint. "The original multilevel payment and settlement process will be minimized to reduce the Commission," said Lee Jong-yeol, head of the ECB electronic finance department, who expects businesses to pay less than 1%.
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(14 day ago) From tomorrow, Alipay “City Week” will officially start, and Ma Yun’s father will start to make a big red envelope again! The “City Week” event date is from August 1st to 8th, and Alipay says “will not let you get rich overnight, but it will keep you cool for a while”.
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(14 day ago) Sweep: in the date of activity, the payment is first to find the red packet, the scavenging code can lead the red packet, in addition to the conventional red packets of a few cents, there are 8.8, 88, 888, 4888 yuan four kinds of big red packets all day random release. Change: after receiving the balance treasure red package, remember to change the order of payment, click "my - Set - payment setting", put the balance treasure in front of the most, when consumption can enjoy the red packet deduction.
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(14 day ago) A day earlier, some developers said that Alipay was in the internal test, adding "small program collection" to the default application of the first screen. According to the developer's product sketch map, the "small program collection" in the internal test, as an independent entry, is placed at the top of the Alipay home application center.
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(14 day ago) In China, many people have become accustomed to going out without a wallet. Is it possible to do so overseas? The answer is yes. Summer outbound travel is on the peak, and many tourists find that the popularity of foreign mobile payments is more than expected. Not only duty-free shops, scenic spots, restaurants, taxis, even some night market stalls and fruit stalls are supporting Chinese tourists to pay for Alipay.
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(14 day ago) It is understood that in order to attract foreign tourists to shop, many countries will introduce tax rebate services, tax rates ranging from 6% to 20%, up to 20%. And the amount threshold is not high, such as Germany, shopping more than 25 euros (about 190 yuan) can be rebated, Spain even introduced a zero threshold rebate.
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(16 day ago) In early 2017, after the Tencent launched a small program on WeChat, the ant gold suit announced Alipay's small program for developers in August 18th, in September 20th, for ordinary users, and users could use a certain payment Bao Xiaocheng through a line scavenging, a search in a Alipay App or an entry by another. Order.
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