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Alipay(支付宝)News list

(3 day ago) [global network technology reporter Fan Junqing] today, Japanese news media The Japan Times published a critical article saying that a monorail railway company in Okinawa County, Japan, announced on Thursday that it would implement Alipay, the three party payment platform to the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba group, to facilitate the use of Alipay passengers. Fast exit and exit.
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(3 day ago) Visit: the Alipay, which is already very popular in China, is a two-dimensional code form of mobile payment. Because of the time needed for settlement, the automatic ticket checker of the Japanese bus system has not been used yet. However, the Okinawa experimental system is a high-speed settlement system.
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(5 day ago) It should be noted that the user cannot obtain 100% of the balance treasure consumer red envelope, and the amount and the number of balance treasure consumer red packets that the user obtains on a single occasion are all randomly distributed by the system. The balance treasure consumer red envelope is only used during the payment of the balance treasure, including offline and online payment, such as physical stores, Taobao shopping, water and electricity coal payment, credit card repayment and so on. Visit: Ali cloud
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(7 day ago) In the past year, Alibaba and Tencent were caught in a money-burning battle in the field of mobile payments. This spring, Alibaba’s Ant Financials announced a rare quarterly loss. Previously, the company paid a lot of money to offer discounts and rebates. The purpose was to expand the number of Alipay users and keep up with Tencent’s WeChat payment in terms of users.
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(10 day ago) In order to attract foreign tourists shopping, many countries will introduce tax rebate services, the tax rate ranging from 6% to 20%, up to 20%, and the threshold is not high, such as Germany, shopping over 25 Euro (about 190 yuan) Can refund tax.
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(10 day ago) Although many cities now have mobile phone scanning to use public transportation, the biggest disadvantage is that there are no bus card offers. Many small partners still prefer to use public transportation cards. Now, Alipay has launched the “Huabian Public Transport Weekly Card” service, which has recently supported 4 cities in Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Tai’an, and Anyang.
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(17 day ago) The day before, Starbucks "star said" Alipay officially launched a small program. According to the official introduction, the use of the small program can not only send coupons at any time, express feelings to relatives and friends, but also support regular appointment and delivery functions.
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(18 day ago) On June 6, news of the "Visa payment system was down" spread over the world over the weekend. The disruption of Visa's services directly led to millions of users in Europe unable to complete the transaction.
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(18 day ago) After receiving the gift certificate, click to save it to the Alipay card package. When spending at a Starbucks store, click on the card and select "Use Now" to present the QR code to the clerk. In addition, the "Star" program also introduced a humanized "timed delivery" function. After purchasing related gift cards, important birthdays such as a friend's birthday can be set in advance. By then, the "Star" program will automatically send gift cards. Send out.
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(18 day ago) Today, Alipay officially announced that Starbucks "using the stars" Alipay applet officially launched. According to the official introduction, using this small program can not only give gift certificates at any time, but also express their wishes to relatives and friends. It also supports scheduled appointment and delivery functions.
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(20 day ago) Today, the use of Alipay car code by bus and subway, has become a lot of people choose to travel. How can we take out the mobile phone in the shortest time and instantly take out the bus code and scan the code? Today, the official shared 4 ways to quickly open the Alipay car code. Take Yangcheng electronic bus card as an example. Let's take a look.
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(21 day ago) In recent days, Alipay has updated many functions, covering all aspects of people's lives. No matter whether it is learning a car, driving a car or riding a car, Alipay has provided it, whether it is buying a house, buying drugs, or buying tickets.
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(23 day ago) Not long ago, WeChat Apple opened the official account, Apple introduced the product to the world and to provide technical support services, but many people may not know that there is a Alipay Apple. Recently, Alipay Apple launched a series of activities and functions, with a look.
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(24 day ago) The guests use Alipay to sweep the two-dimensional code to pay, but no money in his account. Recently, Mr. Ho, who was doing business in Kaifeng, encountered such strange things. According to the Dahe newspaper, in May 26th, he received a group of foreign tourists at the smoking hotel in the Dragon Pavilion area of Kaifeng. Among them, people have a value of 1288 yuan to buy alcohol, and Alipay to scan the code to complete the payment. What is fishy is that Mr. ho has not received the money since he paid the bill successfully.
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(25 day ago) Zhang Hui, the real name of "father's engineering lion", is named Zhang Hui, who is the head of the chain of ant gold clothing technology laboratory. He used a rat king to eat the most authentic cheese story and tell his son what a chain is. In order to eat the most authentic, freshest and safest cheese, the mouse king came up with a clever idea:
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(29 day ago) Apple iPhone user feedback today, if in Alipay try to open the Taobao APP, will automatically jump to another APP, seems to be "hijacked".
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(31 day ago) The following is the full text of the article: two years ago, Alipay azure Logo began to appear in the China airport in Hongkong, welcome to rely on this popular payment application for mainland tourists. In recent months, the Hongkong taxi started using alipay. Now, shops and boutiques have also accepted this payment application.
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(31 day ago) Recently, Zhang Zhongjing pharmacy and Alipay jointly launched the country's first Alipay future pharmacy in Zhengzhou officially opened. This also marks the initial success of the famous chain drugstore brand in the intelligent exploration of stores.
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(32 day ago) By 2025, the Southeast Asian e-commerce market is expected to increase to $88 billion. However, more than 70% of the local 600 million people do not have bank accounts, which is much higher than the global average of 30%. Convincing consumers like Phuong to use mobile payments can be tricky.
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(34 day ago) The two men signed an agreement in Japan on February 25, 2017, agreeing that Ms. Zhu voluntarily gave up her Alipay account operation rights, ownership rights, and dominance rights, and even transferred the debt incurred with the Alipay account to Mr. Tong. The debts and profits generated by Alipay are also borne by Mr. Tong.
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(35 day ago) The taobao ticket responded that: "In recent days, some users have noticed that some of the theaters saw print ads that caused discomfort due to discrimination. After monitoring complaints from users, the company immediately conducted internal verification: the poster was used during the Spring Festival. After the activity was put into operation, the self-discovery of this issue, which may cause ambiguity, had taken place for the first time.
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(36 day ago) After seeing Ma Yun, the netizen was very excited and sunk on Weibo: “Wow! It was here to see Ma Dapa, who was still using Alipay to buy a newspaper!!” After the photo was exposed, the netizen commented on the pan: “ His balance, I'm afraid the calculator does not show up. "Last time did you say Ma Yun didn't have to pay for Bora?" "I want to know what the balance is in him." "I want Taobao to read the same newspaper." The mobile phone can be taken away. Then I can walk towards the peak of my life."
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(49 day ago) As a public project, Alipay said the ants in the forest can be popular, not only improves the product activity, let us through some green low-carbon behavior, can truly be a tree of their own planted in the desert, both publiclyprivately good how great.
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(51 day ago) Alipay is still taking over people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. Today, another new Alipay function is on the line: Alipay can accept the itinerary. Alipay officially announced that from today, when you purchase tickets in 12306, you can choose to use Alipay to accept the itinerary on the payment success page. After the selection, notices such as ticket purchase, change of signature, refund, etc. can be notified to you through Alipay.
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(51 day ago) The growth of Alipay ' s global service subscribers is inseparable from the global expansion of Alibaba Group . In the fiscal year , Alibaba Group ' s cross - border and international retail business has grown steadily . In the fiscal year , Alibaba Group revenue totaled US $ 2.66 billion , an increase of 58 per cent over the previous year , the highest increase since the IPO .
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(53 day ago) Nowadays, no matter the roadside baozi shop or the small vendor of the vegetable market, the small and micro businesses under the domestic line can do business with a "two-dimensional code". Two dimensional code not only helps the small and micro businesses under the line to collect money more conveniently, but also the beginning of their digital operation.
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(54 day ago) The number of outbound users is mainly in coastal provinces and developed regions. The largest cities are Shanghai, followed by Guangzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and Wuhan. The destinations visited by users in each region are also different. Beijingers go to the United States most. Shanghaiers love to go to Japan. Wuhan people prefer Hong Kong. Chongqing people prefer Thailand.
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(60 day ago) On April 25th, today, the author discovered that Starbucks has launched a small app called “Using Stars” on Alipay’s low-key website. It can be opened by searching “Starbucks with Stars” on the Alipay homepage.
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(67 day ago) Do you use much of the Siri on iPhone? Are many of the fronts, like the little editor, only using Siri to set the alarm clock? But starting today, Siri will support a very practical function: Alipay App upgrade to the latest version, can arouse the payment code by Siri!
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(67 day ago) Last December, WeChat launched the identity card "net card". Now, there is another place in the mobile phone to place your ID card. In April 17th, Alipay launched the "electronic identity card" function. Just open the Alipay app card package - documents, choose new ID card, according to the instructions you can quickly receive the finished face brush. You only need to scan the two-dimensional code at the bottom when you use it.
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