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(10 hr ago) As early as July 29 this year, Google announced the motion sense function of pixel 4 on its blog.
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(1 day ago) The slightly mysterious Huawei Hisilicon chip has taken another key step in opening up. Huawei Haisi recently announced that Shanghai Haisi Technology Co., Ltd. has launched Balong 711, the first Huawei Haisi LTE Cat4 platform, to the Internet of things industry.
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(1 day ago) Visit: AnandTech, Apple's online store (China) is a media of technology school. However, in order to fully realize this improvement, apple must increase the peak power consumption of CPU core: "in the spect2006 benchmark (a set of CPU intensive cross platform integer benchmark suite), we can see that Apple's A13 chip has increased the peak power consumption.
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(2 day ago) NetEase Technology News, October 16 news, Huawei Haisi announced to the Internet of things industry announced the launch of the first Huawei Hayes LTE Cat4 platform Balong 711. Since its release in 2014, the chip has hosted a large number of shipping applications, supporting LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/WCDMA/GSM multimode system and providing solutions for customers in the Internet of things industry.
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(3 day ago) Access: Apple online Store (China) new Solo Pro also supports "transparent" features, using microphones can hear ambient sounds. When Solo Pro is turned on, the power supply is turned on automatically and the power supply is turned off automatically after folding. The, Solo Pro score of battery life is 22 audio playback (turn on noise reduction).
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(3 day ago) To what extent the cloud computing industry has developed in China, few people can say it clearly, and there are few interpretations that put the cloud computing industry in a global perspective. Recently, the white paper on the development of China's cloud computing industry, produced by the International Institute of technology and economics, development research center of the State Council, was officially released.
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(3 day ago) On October 15, Ziguang Zhanrui announced the launch of targeted solution Hubin T117 to help operators reduce operating costs and accelerate the evolution of 2G/3G users to 4G/5G.
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(3 day ago) In the 5-G commercial year, the mobile phone manufacturers have set up the 5G market, and the 5G chip also becomes the head-phone manufacturer and the chip supplier's strategy.
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(5 day ago) More than a year ago, Bloomberg Business Weekly seized the field of cyber security with an explosive topic: the super-micro motherboards in servers used by big technology companies like Apple and Amazon were quietly implanted with rice-grain-sized chips so that hackers could penetrate these networks for espionage.
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(5 day ago) But even if the story has not yet been confirmed, the security services warn that the possible supply chain attacks it describes are too real. After all, the NSA has been doing something similar, according to whistleblower Edward Snowden.
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(5 day ago) This morning (October 13), Intel China released a popular science interesting video on the topic "Why do researchers uniformly dress when making chips?"
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(6 day ago) It is well known that Apple will release the 5G iPhone, next year but they use Qualcomm's baseband chip. A report released today by Fast Company confirms Apple plans to release its 5G baseband chip in less than three years.
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(6 day ago) Earlier rumors suggested that Apple was using Decawave's ultra-wideband DW1000 chip, which could provide radio-based precise positioning (with an error of less than 10 centimeters). But the recent dismantling of the U1 chip in the iPhone 11 tells us that Apple uses chips designed entirely by itself.
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(6 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, disassembly found in the iPhone 11 U1 chip is Apple's own design. There has been speculation that Apple is using a Decawave ultra-broadband DW1000 chip with similar performance, which can provide accurate radio positioning below 10 centimeters.
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(10 day ago) At present, there have been many incidents of electric vehicle accidents, such as fire and explosion, from Tesla to Weilai, Weima and so on. While electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, their safety also raises concerns. Of course, it does not mean that the accident rate of electric vehicles must be higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles, but as a new thing, it often receives more attention.
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(11 day ago) On October 7, Samsung Electronics announced that it had taken the lead in developing 12-layer 3D-TSV (Silicon Perforation) technology in the industry. With the expansion of the scale of integrated circuits, how to insert more transistors in the smallest possible area becomes a challenge, among which multi-chip stack packaging is considered as the star of hope. Samsung said it was able to connect 12 DRAM chips through 60,000 TSV holes, each of which is only one-twentieth the thickness of hair.
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(12 day ago) Visit: Jingdong Mall, however, industry experts believe that the above situation is only a reflection of the effect of provisional price stabilization measures by suppliers and sellers, but in terms of the overall pattern, the memory supply is still in excess of demand, in other words, the price decline in the fourth quarter is unavoidable. Despite Japan's sanctions on key semiconductor materials in South Korea, DRAM does not seem to be affected.
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(14 day ago) Meiguang's fourth generation 3D NAND uses up to 128 active layers and continues to use CMOS. in the array design approach The new 3D NAND memory changes the floating gate technology for gate replacement in an attempt to reduce size and cost, improve performance and simplify the transition to the next generation of nodes.
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(14 day ago) Visit: at the end of 2019, the RISC-V based products will continue to be listed. So, how will RISC-V seize the AIoT market? Can RISC-V really be the representative of ISA in the new era? RISC-V free is a misunderstanding, flexibility is the greatest advantage, perhaps because the industry has some opinions about Arm's licensing fees, or simply because free products are more attractive, simple structure, completely open source RISC-V instruction set once launched has aroused great concern.
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(14 day ago) Technology will never stop the pace of progress, we have gone through the PC and mobile Internet era, is moving towards the era of AI and IoT. One of the important factors driving the progress of the times is the improvement of computing power, of course, each era has its representative processor architecture.
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(18 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) in recent years, Apple has upgraded its power technology, and every generation can see new progress. For example, apple first introduced fast charging technology into mobile phones in September 2017, iPhone 8, and all the iPhone models such as iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, etc., all support the fast charging function of the accelerator as a standard configuration.
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(18 day ago) Visit: At the first milestone meeting of "BF-Xijiao" on the spot of Jingdong Mall Conference, Leung Huiqiang, Vice Chairman of Grants Group, delivered a keynote speech on "Beyond Manufacturing". From 1978 to now, Glanz has gone through 41 years.
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(18 day ago) Following the ZTE incident last year, many downstream terminal manufacturers have announced their foray into semiconductors. This includes Gree Electric Appliance, Kangjia Group, Meizhi and other household appliances enterprises. Recently, another household appliance enterprise "cross-border" into the semiconductor field, ready to "core."
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(20 day ago) At the Yunqi Conference in Hangzhou in 2019, Ali's first AI chip, Hanguang 800, although only a few minutes of introduction, has become the most concerned news. It is no news for Internet giants to enter the field of self-research chips, but every time they officially launch and commercially announce their self-research chips, they still attract countless attention.
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(20 day ago) At the same time, it also demonstrates to the system single chip designer the design method of the two-way cross-core mesh interconnection function built in the chip with operating frequency 4GHz, and the small chip on the CoWoS intermediary layer of TSMC to link each other through the speed of 8Gb / s. TSMC further points out that unlike the traditional system single chip, where each component of the integrated system is placed on a single bare crystal, the large size multi-core design is dispersed to the smaller small chip design, which can better support the current high performance computing processor.
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(21 day ago) Visit: Apples Online Store (China) clearly, considering the product development cycle, there is no time to switch in such a short period of time. Recent disassemblies have basically confirmed that the iPhone 11 series is still Intel baseband. Now, TechInsights, a professional chip analyst, has released a detailed dismantling report on their iPhone 11 Pro Max, with particular attention to baseband chips.
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(23 day ago) Li Gan reports from the concave temple quantum number QbitAI, just now, at the scene of the Yunqi Congress, Zhang Jianfeng, president of the CTO, Damo Academy of Alibaba Group, showed off the first AI chip of 800 Kuang-Ali to the whole audience.
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(23 day ago) Aliyun - up to 1888 yuan general voucher can be used immediately "This is the first chip developed by Internet companies, this is the first step of the Long March". Zhang Jianfeng said that Alibaba has enough ability to do the things of traditional companies, "We completed the chip production in a year and a half. Therefore, Alibaba will become a company that integrates hardware and software. (ROC)
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(23 day ago) Netease Technologies News September 25, at the 2009 Yunqi Conference, Zhang Jianfeng, president of Aliyun Intelligence Business Group, released the MPU chip containing light 800. He said that Hanguang 800 is the highest performance AI smart chip in the world.
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(24 day ago) Being likened to "Chip Industry Medicine Mingkang De", Xinyuan shares are favored by many capital, and are supported by the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund and Millet Fund. According to the prospectus, the company plans to publicly issue no less than 48.3193 million shares, raise no more than 790 million yuan, invest in IP (intellectual property) application program of smart wearable equipment and development and industrialization of system-level chip customization platform.
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