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(2 hr ago) “Self-control is the premise, and there is no autonomy to control other security.” On July 11, at the Fourth Season Summer Summit of Chinese Maker, Ni Guangnan, an academician and computer expert of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, emphasized his self-control through a video address. The importance of the problem.
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(1 day ago) Tencent Science and Technology News on July 14 according to foreign media reports, Facebook continues to increase its efforts to develop artificial intelligence chip products. And has just hired Shahriar Rabii, a senior engineering director at Google, who was the former head of Google's chip product development division.
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(2 day ago) At Facebook, he will work under the leadership of Andrew Bosworth, the company's head of virtual reality and AR products and hardware, according to people familiar with the matter.
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(3 day ago) In January of this year, MacWorld's Jason Snell analyzed the T2 chip in detail, detailed its role as a mass storage controller, and pointed out that the T2 chip has full control over the flash storage array inside the iMac Pro.
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(5 day ago) This is due to the sensor chip developed by CERN for the Large Hadron Collider. Scanner R&D company Mars Bioimaging describes a leap similar to black and white to color photography. In traditional CT scans, X-rays are scanned across a section of the body.
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(5 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, time flies, two months later this year's new generation of iPhone will be available again, in addition to the enlarged version of iPhone X (6.5 inches), I am afraid that the most attention is 6.1 inches The LCD version of the iPhone, the aircraft's broader audience, will become the first choice for many "shame" users.
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(7 day ago) However, as the air-conditioner boss, Gree has undoubted manufacturing capabilities in the field of air-conditioning, but whether it can make a difference in the field of chips, was questioned by the outside world. After all, compared to home appliances, the chip industry has a high threshold, high input costs, and long cycle times.
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(9 day ago) In the trend of making chips in the home appliance industry, Gree is the most determined. In 2017, Gree did not pay dividends. Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, said that the chip must be done. Subsequently, Gree founder Zhu Jianghong said: "Gree is a high-end chip, I don't have much confidence."
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(10 day ago) In July 5, 2017, Lu Chi shook his arm less than half a year after taking office. Baidu's comprehensive All in AI. At that time, in his highly infectious speech, people felt the new course of Baidu's big ship. They immediately launched the two open platforms of DuerOS and Apollo, and Baidu's core values were determined to be the success of the developer, the success of Baidu.
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(10 day ago) Editor's note: at the 2018 CCF-GAIR global artificial intelligence and robot summit in Shenzhen, Wei Shaojun, director of the Tsinghua University microelectronics, gave a speech on the architecture of the AI era chip. After the meeting, Wei Shaojun accepted an interview with NetEase intelligence, talking about the development of China's chip industry, architecture innovation and core upsurge.
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(10 day ago) In the trend of making chips in the home appliance industry, Gree is the most determined. In 2017, Gree did not pay dividends. Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, said that the chip must be done. Subsequently, Gree founder Zhu Jianghong said: "Gree is a high-end chip, I don't have much confidence."
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(10 day ago) “Many investors have been busy with two things recently: one is to look at the blockchain, and the other is to look at the chips.” At a recent venture capital summit forum, an investor who participated in the roundtable discussion said. Since the ZTE incident, the company has quietly set off a chip R&D boom. In addition to ZTE’s intention to increase its core chip R&D investment, Alibaba also announced the acquisition of Zhongtian Microsystems’ AI chip industry. "The chip is unwavering," and recently announced that Gree air conditioner will use its own chip next year.
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(11 day ago) On July 4, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Hao said at a regular press conference that this should be a commercial case concerning intellectual property protection. As to whether this is related to Sino-US trade friction, he believes that there is no necessary connection between the two. According to public information, as of mid-2017, Samsung, Micron Technology and Hynix accounted for 96% of the global DRAM chip market share.
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(11 day ago) Huawei's Xinsheng Community announced a letter from the president of Huawei earlier, mainly because Ren Zhengfei answered some of Huawei's directors and some of the lectures of the European Institute. The content mainly focused on the Sino-US trade war and how Huawei is in this international context. response.
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(11 day ago) Visit: Huawei Mall "At the same time, we hope to greatly increase the funding for university professors and world standards organizations." Ren Zhengfei said that we support university professors to do the day after tomorrow's exploration and research; the company does more than 10,000 people doing basic research. Tomorrow's "know-how" and "know-how" are things that need Fellow to see clearly and understand the external scientists' thoughts and theories, to guide the way, let our experts and young people do research.
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(14 day ago) To stop and say: "History is the best proof"; the bones are in the throat: "The facts are facts"; not spit up: "Now many media, always mention that Gree was losing money before 1997. This is nonsense, In 1996, we surpassed Chunlan air-conditioning and became the boss.
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(15 day ago) For Zhu Jianghong, founder and former chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, almost every time he appeared in public, he was asked questions about Gree. When he answered, he often went through a “trilogy”. Today (June 30), when Zhu Jianghong participated in an event in Guangzhou, he again went through the Q&A “trilogy”:
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(16 day ago) According to foreign media Bloomberg, Gus Richard, an analyst at the north capital city of foreign investment banks, predicts that the future Apple baseband chips may give up Intel and Qualcomm and adopt the products of the United States. Can't it be changed from Phoenix to apple? Qualcomm has been the only supplier of Apple's baseband chips, but since 2016, Apple has introduced Intel baseband chips for the first time on iPhone 7 to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm.
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(18 day ago) In June 27th, the mobile phone held a new release conference at the the Summer Palace in the Summer Palace, Beijing, officially released the standard version of the US map, and introduced the limited edition of the T9 the Summer Palace for the first time with the cross boundary cooperation of the the Summer Palace. At the same time, it announced that it will enter the chip area and launch the self developed MT-AI image processing chip.
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(18 day ago) For the 5-nanometer process, Wei Zhejia was revealed at the time that mass production would start at the end of 2019 or early 2020. At present, TSMC has a leading position in the 7-nanometer process and has obtained a large number of orders from various manufacturers. Its latest integrated fan-out package (InFO) technology has been approved by Apple to enable it to acquire the next-generation iPhone processor. Order.
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(18 day ago) In the semiconductor chip market, Intel’s biggest stack in the past was the process technology leader in two or three years, but this year everything changed. Intel’s 10nm production is difficult to use and 14nm technology is still used. AMD’s 7nm chip will be shipped this year, and the process technology will catch up. Intel is not a dream.
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(19 day ago) As the earliest domestic CPU in China, Godson has been quietly working in the autonomous market for many years, and has always insisted on the route of independent CPU core R&D. As a domestically-manufacturable and controllable CPU representative company, Godson has the sustainable development of intellectual property rights protection, masters core technologies independently designed for processor micro-architecture, and possesses relevant safety qualifications. Godson is no longer subject to control from intellectual property, core technologies, and qualifications. With independent development rights, it is a truly autonomous and controllable domestic processor.
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(19 day ago) The Tsinghua University Thinker team presented two papers related to very low power AI chips (Thinker-II and Thinker-S) at the conference, in the "Machine Learning Processor" sub-site (C4) and "Robots and Machines." The "learning application" session was reported by the venue (C13).
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(19 day ago) Two years ago (2016), the smart voice market opened its first year. In the past two years, smart voice technologies have been applied to smart homes, smart vehicles, and other fields to achieve better development. It is considered one of the more mature technologies for AI applications. Major companies have gradually launched the layout of the intelligent Internet industry-oriented voice industry chain.
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(20 day ago) Original title: Dong Mingzhu responded that investment chip stock prices did not rise: because Gree was really doing business, information yesterday Dong Mingzhu said at the shareholders’ meeting: “According to the usual practice, my dividends are at least 100 million yuan. I use the power of the chairman of the board. Promoting it will also satisfy shareholders.
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(20 day ago) At the International Symposium on Computer Architecture conference held earlier this month, AMD researchers proposed a potential solution to this problem. The research team found that chip networks only need to abide by simple rules to basically eliminate deadlocks. These rules specify the problem of data entering and leaving the chip, limiting the direction of movement.
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(21 day ago) Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology designed a microchip last year to help micro-drone navigation. Nowadays, their chips have undergone an upgrade that has not only become smaller but also consumes less energy.
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(21 day ago) If nothing else, Apple's flagship phone this year will be equipped with TSMC-produced A12 chips. This chip adopts a 7nm process and is already very advanced in its current position. However, the latest news that Apple's next-generation A13 chip, or will use 7nm chip.
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(21 day ago) The foundries will produce 40 thousand wafers a month, which cost between 15 billion and 20 billion dollars. Before 14nm, every 18 months, the progress of the next generation process, the sex price increased by 30%, however, after entering 14nm, this trend is almost invisible.
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(22 day ago) PPS belongs to a kind of Power Supply type supported in USB PD3.0, it is a kind of charge standard that can realize voltage and electric current to regulate using USB PD agreement output, PPS standard has integrated the high-pressure low current, low voltage and high current two charging modes at present, Therefore, this kind of charging standard has very good compatibility; in addition, the PPS specification can also fine-tune the output voltage according to the power of the device, so as to achieve higher efficiency and lower temperature rise.
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