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(6 hr ago) Alibaba officially announced the establishment of an independent chip company yesterday to promote the industrialization of domestically produced independent chips. Ma Yun named it “Pingtou Ge Semiconductor Co., Ltd.”. According to Alibaba CTO and Dharma Dean Zhang Jianfeng, Ali's first AI (Artificial Intelligence) chip is expected to be available in the second half of next year.
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(6 hr ago) In the Android camp, one plus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, LG G7 ThinQ and Samsung Galaxy S9+ are equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor, which has the best performance of one plus six cores, reaching 9088 points, Samsung Galaxy S9+ multi-core results The bottom is 8295.
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(14 hr ago) On the evening of September 19, after nearly 24-hour rehearsals, speeches and interviews, Zhang Jianfeng, with a slightly husky voice, strode into the six-floor conference room of the Business Platform Division of Alibaba's Brazil Creek Park for a one-on-one interview with Business Weekly/Chinese. Born in 1974 as a partner of Alibaba Group, he holds two positions at Alibaba, Alibaba CTO and Dean of Damo.
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(20 hr ago) On September 19th, at the "China Chip Development Summit Forum" held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Zhao Weiguo, chairman of Ziguang Group, said that it is estimated that in the next five years, China's IC industry will basically be able to stabilize its heel.
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(1 day ago) Due to the popularity of PCs and smartphones, Intel, Qualcomm and Samsung have spared no effort in popularizing them. We all know that there is a big gap between the domestic digital chips and the international advanced level. But in fact, in addition to these digital chips, the gap between our analog chips and international leaders is even more obvious.
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(1 day ago) Liu Dengyin (middle), Yunzhisheng CEO Huang Wei (left), and Shen Ziyu (right) September 19, Yunzhisheng and Geely Group's ECARX announced the establishment of a joint venture to carry out research on vehicle regulation AI chips for the automobile front-loading market. The joint venture landed in Hefei hi tech Zone.
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(1 day ago) Ali has just announced at the Cloud Qi Conference the establishment of an independent chip company, "Pingtouge Semiconductor Co., Ltd." is the integration of Sinopec and Damo Academy chip team. Like Damo, Pintou's goal is to eventually operate independently, with sufficient input and support from Alibaba Group in the early years, to become profitable after several years of operation and eventually grow into a self-financing enterprise.
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(1 day ago) Interview: Aliyun - First time to buy enterprise-class servers to enjoy a 50% discount "Damo now has more than 300 researchers covering eight global cities," said Zhang Jianfeng, Damo to solve two problems: how to deal with such huge data and how to solve the fundamental problem of AI.
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(2 day ago) Japanese chip maker Reza Electronics announced on Tuesday that it has agreed to buy American chip design company Integrated Device Technology (IDT) for $6.7 billion. The acquisition of IDT is also the second major acquisition of Renessa Electronics to push the driverless car semiconductor market further. Last year, Renesas spent $3 billion 200 million to buy Intersil, an American chip maker.
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(2 day ago) On September 17, Huami Technologies launched its first new product launch in Beijing, releasing $799 in AMAZFIT smart watches, $699 in AMAZFIT health bracelet 1S, and Huami's first AI chip, Huangshan 1.
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(3 day ago) Apple said that this year's iPhone lineup is running the most intelligent and powerful cell phone chip. From Apple's introduction, there is nothing wrong with this statement. The new iPhone uses the A12 bionic chip, which represents an important upgrade to Apple's A-Series processor.
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(3 day ago) Iris is the only external visible internal organ of human body. Using iris to verify personal identity has incomparable advantages such as identity uniqueness, lifelong stability, security and anti-counterfeiting. Iris recognition technology has been put into practice in the 1980s, but has been limited to the government, law enforcement, finance and other special areas of application, can not achieve as widely as fingerprint recognition technology.
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(3 day ago) It is reported that "Huangshan No. 1" is the world's first wearable processor integrated with AI neural network. It has four core artificial intelligence engines: cardiac biometrics engine, ECG, ECG Pro, and heart rhythm abnormality monitoring engine. In addition, "Huangshan No. 1" is the world's first wearable processor with integrated AI neural network module. It is also the world's first RISC-V open source instruction set wearable processor. It has three characteristics: AI drive, lightning performance and slim power consumption. , applied Always on technology...
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(5 day ago) This article is the exclusive news Tencent asked him, author: micro-channel public number "technology watch another" (ID: gh_f9f1ca65e1e3) Gree has publicly responded to the outside world all the conjecture made batteries for Gree, Gree said the zero boundary integrated circuit recently registered in Zhuhai Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gree, and Gree officially takes the chip as an important part of its future development strategy.
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(6 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) is the highest score in the current Bunny v7 version, leading the Dragon 845 to nearly 70,000 points. iPhone XS is equipped with Apple A12 biochip, which is based on 7nm process. According to the official introduction, compared with A11 biochip, A12 bionic chip graphics processor speed up to 50%, performance core speed up to 15% Energy efficiency core energy saving up to 50%.
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(6 day ago) Let the vehicle "long" out of "Guiyan" Let the intelligent "guardian" safety At this year's Chongqing Zhibo Fair, this smart binocular stereo vision chip displayed by Chongqing Xinxin Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is refreshing. Three years ago, Jiangsu Yanxin Integrated Circuit Technology Co., Ltd., the parent company of Chongqing Yuxin Vision Technology Co., Ltd., saw that the automotive electronics market was almost monopolized by foreign countries. To fill the gap in the domestic market, the company decided to enter the automotive electronics market.
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(6 day ago) According to screenshots, the Tianmao-based international chip giants include almost the top 10 microcontroller manufacturers in the world, including Cypress, Renesas and STM.
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(7 day ago) As a public number that focuses on Silicon Valley's high-tech, we won't be able to summarize what Apple's new iPhone looks like and what new features it has, and you'll know it on the official website.
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(7 day ago) For basketball fans, the most eye-catching launch of Apple's new fall product in 2018 may not be mobile phones and watches, but an App, the Home Court, at the launch as a demonstration of the iPhone X's performance.
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(7 day ago) A growing number of analysts believe demand for memory chips will not be as strong for the rest of the year as it was a few months ago. Goldman Sachs analyst Mark Delaney (Mark Delaney) said in a note to clients on Wednesday: "in the fourth quarter of this year and in the first half of next year, we expect demand for memory chips to wane as supply growth accelerates.
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(12 day ago) According to Ziguang's plan, their DDR4 chips are under development and are expected to be completed and brought to market by the end of the year. They are also investing more in DRAM memory chip products. Currently, DDR3 is the mainstream product, and DDR4 is expected to be completed within this year.
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(13 day ago) Kanji is the first generation of artificial intelligence chip (product model: K210) launched by Jianan. It is positioned in two fields of artificial intelligence and edge computing. It is mainly used in the IoT market. It is a system-level chip integrating machine vision and hearing. (SoC).
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(14 day ago) In September 5th, HUAWEI released a new mobile phone chip, Kirin 980, in Shanghai. The Kirin 980 is the world's first cellphone chip to be fabricated using TSMC's 7Nm (nanometer) process, which will be carried by Huahua next month's flagship Mate 20 series.
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(14 day ago) Analysts in the via: SK Hynix industry point out that the memory chips used in smartphones and data centers have recently been upgraded rapidly, but the technological strength of Chinese enterprises still needs to be developed, so they can only rely on imports. According to the report issued by the Chinese government, the market share of self developed storage chips in 2017 was almost zero.
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(14 day ago) On September 6th, Micron announced in its blog that it has reached a cooperation with NVIDIA to supply GDDR6 memory chips to RTX 2080 Ti/2080/2070 graphics cards. In terms of technical parameters, Micron's first energy production is only 8Gb (1GB) capacity, 1.35V voltage, 12Gbps/14Gbps particles, and promises to launch 16Gbps higher speed models in the future.
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(15 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, according to foreign media reports, as Apple begins to adopt 7-nanometer A12 chips in its new flagship iPhone this year, the company will be far ahead of its competitors in technology, and this lead will last until next year.
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(16 day ago) However, there is still a chance for domestic GPUs in other fields. Changsha Jingjiawei is one of the domestic GPU companies. The JM5400 GPU chip developed by the company has already replaced the ATI M9 chip on domestic military aircraft. Yesterday the company published Announced that the next-generation GPU chip codenamed JM7200 is successful, and this GPU chip will enter the civilian desktop market.
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(16 day ago) The engineer has joined a growing number of senior Taiwanese professionals working in the booming semiconductor industry in mainland China. The engineer, who declined to be named, said his mainland employer offered him a new three-bedroom apartment with a 40% discount on the condition that he worked for the company for more than five years and raised his salary by 50%.
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(17 day ago) The Taiwan Hsinchu District Prosecutor’s Office only announced the employee’s surname Zhou. The report pointed out that the employee of Zhou’s name was accused of copying confidential documents of TSMC's 16nm and 10nm process technology and related equipment, and was therefore accused of violating integrity.
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(20 day ago) Access: Huawei Mall Kirin 980 related data, the Kirin CPU subsystem introduced an intelligent scheduling mechanism, designed 2 super large core (based on Cortex-A76 development), 2 large core (based on Cortex-A76 development), 4 small core (Cortex- A55) New energy efficiency architecture.
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