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(17 hr ago) Visit: Bradley of Apple Online Store (China) (photo via Apple insider) thinks that the lighting port can be used to access the firmware of Apple TV 4K. If you want to escape from the prison of this streaming set-top box, you can start from this aspect.
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(1 day ago) Access: Apple online Store (China) specifically, the European Union survey covers some of the topics: the behavior of, Apple Pay pop-up when users set up iPhone, and the "set now (Set Up Now)" dialog box that appears in the settings.
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(2 day ago) Just two months after Apple card went public, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs, the co issuer, shared his satisfaction with the launch in an interview today, saying he thought it was "the most successful credit card issue in history."
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(3 day ago) The Apple TV service will be launched in some countries on November 1, and in less than a month before it is officially launched, Apple has launched a "dedicated media promotion page", the Apple TV Press..
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(4 day ago) The official version of macOS Catalina was released last week, and the new version has brought many exciting improvements, but compatibility issues have also "discouraged" some users who originally planned to upgrade.
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(8 day ago) Apple has opened more than 500 Apple Stores around the world. These retail stores in different countries and regions share a common goal: to serve local and even global consumers, and eventually become a bridge between consumers and Apple.
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(8 day ago) In iOS 13, Apple Music can be said to have a "big change". Not only does the overall UI become better looking, but also many practical new features have been added, the most popular of which is the "synchronous lyrics with time", that is, the "scrolling lyrics" function, which allows users to master the current and next sentence lyrics in real time when playing certain music, while scrolling and gently clicking on any line of lyrics can jump to the corresponding music section.
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(8 day ago) IT House October 10, Apple officially launched the Apple Card credit card in the spring, this credit card features hidden a lot of key information, to ensure that the card is safe enough to prevent stealing. Apple Card credit card no card number or CVV code and other information, only to keep the name of the user, seemingly safe enough, but the situation is not as good as it thought.
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(8 day ago) Interview: David, a reader of 9to5Mac, a foreign media outlet in Apple Online Store (China), shared his recent experience with a fraudulent transaction during his use of Apple Card. After receiving multiple validation and confirmation warnings on the iPhone, David contacted Apple staff.
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(8 day ago) In an email received by Frequeniquity, a reader of MacRumors at Apple's online store (China), Apple found that he might have been "affected by natural disasters" and invited him to sign up for the Disaster Relief project.
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(10 day ago) Access: an unseen feature of Apple online Store (China) in the Apple Watch version of the alarm clock app, there is a screenshot of the alarm clock app with the "Sleeping" label and small words saying, "set your bedtime and wake up time in the sleep app."
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(11 day ago) Interview: In last year's Championship between Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots, Apple Online Store (China) (via Phone Arena), Bill Belichick, the latter coach, was so angry that he threw the tablet to the ground and then to the bleachers.
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(15 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) has users saying that without any operation, Apple Watch Series 5 will lose 5% of the electricity per hour, and will still lose 2% per hour after Chang Liangping closes. In addition, users of the old Apple Watch upgraded to watchOS 6 also said battery life was significantly reduced.
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(16 day ago) (Title via MacRumors) Cook, who was busy and idle, even interviewed Stern, a German news website, whose content was published today (in German). During this period, the two sides discussed about the App Store App Store App Store, anti-monopoly litigation and the progress of the Supreme Court litigation.
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(17 day ago) Visit: available magazines and publications in the UK online store (China), including the times and Sunday times, the British metropolis, Elle UK, British fashion, Four Four Two, Empire, Hello!
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(18 day ago) During his eight years as chief executive of apple, he visited Canada, China, France, Ireland, China, Britain and many other countries, and often went to meet with employees and users all over the world. Cook said that many of the work done by Apple's Bavaria design center team has silicon chips that can enhance battery life. Thank you for your excellent engineering design and attention to detail in Munich.
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(20 day ago) Logging in to (Sign in with Apple) via Apple is a new service launched by Apple at this year's WWDC19 developer conference. Its function is to enable users to register or log on to other third-party applications or websites through Apple ID, thus eliminating the steps of filling out forms, verifying email addresses and selecting new passwords, which is essentially similar to the common domestic "login via QQ" via WeChat "login via Weibo."
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(21 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China), but in terms of details, "Log in through Apple" is somewhat different from other third-party logins. To use "Log in through Apple" in an adapted application or website is very simple. First, click on Logo "Log in through Apple". If you use this function for the first time in the application or website, three items that can be selected or modified will pop up in the login page, namely "Name".“ Share my email, hide your email address, and ___________.
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(23 day ago) Visit: Apple Watch Series 5 (title via Apple Insider) has been in the tech fashion world for many years. Apple still wants to add some durability to Apple Watch, so it uses brand new materials for Apple Watch Series, even on the once high-end gold watches. None of them have ever been used.
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(24 day ago) Apple has more than 500 Apple Store, stores around the world that share a common goal in different countries and regions, that is, to serve local and even global consumers, and ultimately become a bridge for consumers to talk to Apple.
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(27 day ago) Visit: Apple online Store (China) in this fall test video produced by Tom's Guide, they have just bought the two iPhone, in front of Apple's fifth avenue Apple Store, which has reopened, and dropped it in front of fans lined up in the store.
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(28 day ago) Visit: The existing "Me" tabs in the "Find My" app of Apple Online Store (China) (via MacRumors) were redirected to all tabs and hovered on the map.
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(30 day ago) Visit: Apple Watch Series 5 is the second ever-burning screen to appear at the fall conference. This is the most significant change of Apple Watch this year. This function, called "Always-On" and "Always Display" by Apple, was initially inspired by Samsung/moto and other manufacturers on their smart meters. What the user saw then was that the color dial went out and turned into a monochrome black-and-white display.
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(32 day ago) Apple's success is reflected in many details, such as the soundtrack of advertising, which are cold but ear-catching songs. In fact, Apple's creative advertising not only makes the product concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but also wins a lot of songs. In 2017, for example, the AirPods iPhone 7's one-minute ad used < Down > as BGM (background music), so the cold single jumped to 37th place on the Billboard Hot 100 music charts.
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(32 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China), but for some early Apple Stores, the early design style may not match the space required for existing in-store activities, so the transformation of Apple Store often occurs.
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(33 day ago) For those who want to buy, the cheapest option is a 40 kW array of solar panels, which costs $88,660. It is estimated that this energy approach through incentives can bring 8-12% annual returns -- up to $62,062 a year.
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(34 day ago) Interview: Goldman Sachs, Apple online Store (China), said a one-year free trial of the TV would affect hardware margins and have a "substantial negative impact" on profits. Goldman Sachs believes the launch of TV services will cause the stock to fall sharply and cut Apple's target price for 12 months.
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(36 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China), then what devices support Dolby Vision? The iPad Pro 12.9 inch (third generation) and 12.9 inch (second generation) iPad Pro 12.9 inch (second generation) and Apple TV 4K4K, 4K HDR, 4K Dolby View and HDR 10 content can be viewed on all 2018 or updated Macs for iMac Pro smart TVs (4K, HDR and HDR can be aired separately). Dolby Horizon Content) What about Dolby Panoramic Sound? All MacPhone 11 iPhones XRiPhone XSiPhone XS Max11 inch iPad Pro and 12.9 inch iPad Pro (third generation) Apple TV in 2018 or updates
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(36 day ago) When everyone focused on the fall new product, Apple quietly launched a AppleCare service program for Apple headphones, which cost only 299 yuan to provide expert technical support for AirPods,Beats earphones or Beats headphones for up to two years from the date of purchase of the service, as well as additional hardware warranty services. You can also get up to two accidental damage warranty services (199 yuan per service charge).
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(36 day ago) Access: one of the interesting things about Apple's online store (China) is that, Apple Watch 4 was removed when the, Apple Watch 5 was launched on the official website. Why on earth is it?.? The biggest bright spot in the screen is that the, Apple Watch 5 has little change in appearance compared with the Apple Watch 4, and the biggest bright spot is the screen design.
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