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(1 day ago) Roberts said the crashed host of the drone had contacted him and hoped Roberts could help him locate the location of the crash. This crashed drone is a product of Xinjiang. It is not yet clear what went wrong. The owner of this drone has contacted Apple and told Apple about the whole matter, and it's unclear how Apple handles it. Visit: Apple Online Store (China)
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(2 day ago) Although the main building of Apple's Apple Park has been completed for a long time, afforestation and renovation work has been under intense work, but it is not far away from putting 100% into use. Because Apple has recently changed its corporate contact address to One Apple Park Way, this means that the park has become Apple's "main battlefield."
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(3 day ago) According to foreign media reports, shortly after Apple's shareholders' meeting in 2018, the company formally changed its corporate contact address to "One Apple Park Way," where the new Apple headquarters campus is located, This means that Apple Park finally officially put into use.
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(4 day ago) Today, Apple's business address has changed to Apple Park. As shown below. This address change is of great significance, after all, the last address change or 1993, which is 25 years ago. Apple Park's new headquarters Apple Park cost $ 5 billion, which will accommodate 12,000 Apple employees, including venues, fitness centers, visitor centers and the main ring building. Visit: Apple Online Store (China)
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(5 day ago) Apple version of "Carpool karaoke OK" with different celebrities, musicians, athletes with the way, let them sing together in the car well-known songs. In the first season, the celebrity mix includes Will Smith and James Corden; Miley, Noah, Billy Ray and the Cyrus family; Shakira and Trevor Noah; The Game of Thrones Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams; Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith John Legend ...
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(7 day ago) But Cook also consoled everyone, "the sales of Apple mobile phones are getting better and better, which means there will be a lot of people choosing Apple Pay in the future." At the same time, Cook also gave hope to the future, and he wanted to see that cash was completely replaced in his lifetime.
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(8 day ago) Apple Music college student discount is expanding, and now it has landed in 82 new countries and regions, and college students can enjoy 50 percent off discount. In China, Apple Music's personal subscription price is 10 yuan per month RMB, and college students only need 5 yuan RMB. Countries and regions that support college student preferences include Israel, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Portugal and Taiwan.
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(8 day ago) Visit: Apple Music These countries still need to verify that UNiDAYS confirms their student identity. Student discount version of Apple Music 2016 launch. In the United States, the price of individual users is $ 9.99, college students discount version only $ 4.99.
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(9 day ago) - Maintenance facility finally completed - Apple still laying on lawn - Stadium near fitness center ACCOMMODATION ACCESS: Apple's Online Store (China)
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(9 day ago) Some time ago, Apple and Peter Chan co-launched the movie "three minutes," the protagonist little boy just three minutes of the Spring Festival reunite extraordinary, full of tears. Do you also want to make a commendable blockbuster on your iPhone? Today, Apple introduced Today at Apple.
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(12 day ago) The HomePod service can be booked at a service provider authorized by Apple Store or Apple. Apple also provides customers with a box to ship their HomePod to its maintenance center, for which users pay $19.95, $13.44 and $29.92, respectively.
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(12 day ago) At WWDC 2017 Apple Developer Conference, watchOS 4 announced that it had joined GymKit function. Users could connect fitness equipment to Apple Watch and synchronize data. In the past, we can't "take away" the data on the fitness equipment in the past.
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(12 day ago) In this romantic February, Apple invited Apple Watch wearers to participate in the new "Heart Month Challange" (Heartbeat Challenge).
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(13 day ago) According to a tech blog TechCrunch reported on February 8, a new clinical research report released by health technology startup Cardiogram said Apple's Apple Watch can detect diabetes symptoms previously diagnosed with diabetes, with an accuracy rate of 85%.
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(14 day ago) The Apple Store in Melbourne Federation Square was approved in December last year. Although the bold design has been recognized by some people, many people think that the architecture which is not magnificent is incompatible with the surrounding buildings.
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(15 day ago) Although we often take the Jobs that "the stylus is silly to laugh now Apple Pencil, but it is undeniable that the" pencil "is indeed a good experience, before the news that Apple plans for this pen with tactile feedback, even to iPhone with a pen.
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(15 day ago) Apple obviously intends to obscure its working principle in patent documents, claiming that the mobile phone can be traced to a set of motion and orientation sensors, cameras, electromagnetic or sound based measurement schemes. The document also points out that the scheme can be traced in three-dimensional space, so it is not limited to specific surface contact.
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(15 day ago) Behind the installation of the USB 3.0 hub front has been unable to plug into the 5.25-inch floppy disk, but only accept the disc. Internal structure (USB, circuit boards, power lines, etc.) After reading the video, do you feel itchy, but also suffer from their own no such technical strength? The good news is that RetroConnect has opened up product bookings, interested friends can come up with 500 US dollars to buy a knife; or take their own collection of Apple Disk II floppy drive "trade-in" ...
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(15 day ago) Gale's main task will be to oversee all Apple music platforms, including texts from Beats 1 and iTunes, as well as some video-related projects. Apple confirmed on Sunday that the Apple Music service already has 36 million paid subscribers and has grown faster in the United States than Spotify and is likely to exceed its size this summer.
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(16 day ago) Apple's Single Sign-On feature on Apple TV is similar to the Apple ID single-sign-on found in the iOS 11.3 beta, which allows users to seamlessly log in to different different TV channels after a single sign-on Can mean just need to enter the Apple ID, the use of first-party certification of Apple can seamlessly login in iOS multiple websites or third-party platform, no need to resort to other accounts (such as QQ) ...
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(16 day ago) Recently, the foreign media 9to5mac found in the iOS 11.3 beta code, Apple is developing a feature that allows users to use the Apple ID login to multiple Web sites at a time. This way of authenticating the site will be able to access the user's iCloud data, although it is not certain exactly which data will be accessed, but will likely limit the real name and e-mail address range of the user's user.
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(16 day ago) According to informed sources, Apple subscribers in the United States about 5% monthly increase, as compared to Spotify only 2%. If you continue to follow this trend, Apple is expected to surpass Spotify this summer. But Spotify has a clear lead around the world, a month after the music service disclosed it already had 70 million paid subscribers, almost double Apple Music.
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(21 day ago) Although only a small part of the impact of the user but continue to push the repeated news still let them send a complaint on Twitter CNN. According to users, they receive pushbacks every 7 seconds, which lasts about 10 minutes.
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(23 day ago) Apple Park has been completed for a long time, but the decoration, formalities and other approval work is still in progress, so even if Apple has held a conference at the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple Park also did not welcome all the Apple employees.
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(25 day ago) Apple is giving users a fair warning that if users do not cancel their subscription, the subscription will be validated at the new price, as the existing account will be automatically updated at a higher price. It is unclear whether the monthly fees for family and student programs are also affected by the cost increases.
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(25 day ago) It is reported that Apple will get a similar temporary occupancy permit in the near future. The spreadsheet containing the license data dated January 17 shows that the remaining licenses are likely to be available by March at the latest. In fact, in July last year, Apple received a temporary permit, including the use of the park's restaurant and Atrium area.
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(27 day ago) Charitable donations help protect the world's largest open source foundation, as well as billions of users who rely on Apache free open source community-driven software. Apache. ®The Software Foundation manages and incubates more than 350 open source projects and programs. Announced receipt of a $1 million donation from the pineapple Pineapple-based $88.34 Bitcoin BTC.
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(28 day ago) Apple has announced that the HomePod Smart speakers will be on sale on February 9th, allowing users to make advance purchases on Friday, similar to Apple's other devices. Apple HomePod can also buy AppleCare services.
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(29 day ago) Apple Music for Artists interface can display the current total music playback, song purchase quantity, the album purchase quantity and so on. The data in the Dashboard started counting in June 2015, which is when Apple Music was just launched.
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(29 day ago) January 22 afternoon news, sponsored by Sina, "2017 Science and Technology Billboard Awards Gala held today, the festival" to them, change life, "as the theme, with many industry leaders, the industry Gangster times talk technology era, the scene released A heavyweight list, Apple Greater China Managing Director Ge Yue speech, which is the first time since taking office in the media to make a public statement.
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