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(1 day ago) There are not a few things like selling fake tickets or using some means to get tickets and resell them. Recently, the poor reviewer saw a related news when he was hanging out on the Internet. There were no fewer than 50 fans who bought tickets on the Ferris wheel, ticket cattle and other online platforms to see the performance of the band "Sunset Speed". Was stopped by the staff and said the ticket was fake.
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(7 day ago) The annual "Internet Queen" Internet Trend Report officially released the latest version of 2019 today. Similar to the past calendar year, this report comprehensively summarizes the global Internet development trend in 2018, from users, e-commerce ads, users, free + pay The 11 chapters of Business Model, Data Growth, Work, Education, Immigration, Healthcare, and China are elaborated.
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(8 day ago) The following picture shows the resident's point message received by the reporter after receiving the garbage. Reporter Zhao Qian Photographed on the left is a resident of Guangzhou City, in front of the smart garbage recycling equipment "Yiji Island", the accumulated recyclables are sorted into boxes. Reporter Zhou Yingshe's use of "Internet +" to promote the management system of waste separation and recycling is currently being launched rapidly in major cities in China.
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(9 day ago) Outside Beijing's North Fifth Ring Road, a 2.6-square-kilometer piece of land called Houchang Village is known as the “China Silicon Valley”. This area away from the Beijing area has gathered Internet giants such as Baidu, Tencent, Netease, and Sina. It is "the place with the highest unit economic output and intellectual density in China."
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(14 day ago) Iceland in the Arctic Circle has become a popular tourist destination in recent years because of its beautiful scenery and aurora. Iceland's national team's brilliant performance in the last European Cup and World Cup has also been countless fans in this small Nordic circle. However, Icelanders are anxious that their language is on the verge of extinction when tourists can hear English, French and Chinese everywhere in the streets and alleys of the capital Reykjavik.
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(14 day ago) The tender announcement was officially issued on April 29. Through public bidding, three Internet bicycle rental operators were identified. In the next three years, the quota of Internet bicycle rental in Guangzhou will be 400,000. It is understood that the tender will divide the quota of Internet bicycle rental for specific operators, which are 100,000, 120,000 and 180,000 respectively.
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(14 day ago) Tencent Technology News, June 4th news, Guangzhou City, 2019 Internet rental bicycle operators tender public bidding results, the Mobike cycling comprehensive score ranked first, becoming the first winner of the target of the first winning bid, winning the bid The share is 180,000. The winning bid for the Harbin bicycle is 120,000, and the winning bid for the green orange bicycle is 100,000. The date of publication is from June 4, 2019 to June 10, 2019.
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(18 day ago) Recently, the Institute of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other institutions issued the "Blue Book for Youth: The Report on the Use of Internet by Chinese Minors (2019)". Through the children's participatory research, the Blue Book gives the voice to children and uses data to explain the impact of the network on them.
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(18 day ago) Over the past 30 days, Baidu's share price has fallen by 30% and its market value has evaporated by $20 billion due to declining performance and executive turnover. Metro took advantage of the situation to catch up with Baidu and overtook Baidu in market value, formally replacing Baidu in BAT position.
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(19 day ago) (Image: Loon, via Cnet) Over the past few months, Loon has been negotiating contracts with Spanish Telecom in the hope of providing mobile Internet access services to all parts of Peru, especially in remote areas that lack base station signal coverage.
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(19 day ago) The Wool Party is a derivative of the Internet economy. As long as the Internet exists and you have enough popularity, the Wool Party will adhere to it. A user invited 100 people on the interesting headline App at once. The user received a relatively generous reward, but the 100 people invited did poorly in terms of retention and activity.
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(20 day ago) Mobile Internet in sub-Saharan Africa has developed unevenly: mobile phone penetration has reached 91% in Kenya, but less than half of Mozambique's 31 million people have access to the mobile Internet, and many people may not even see the display screen.
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(21 day ago) Tencent Technology News, May 29 news, according to foreign media reports, the US space exploration technology company SpaceX has created a new website, specifically to update its space Internet project "Starlink" (Starlink) information, which is only launched After six times, consumers are provided with a prelude to Internet services.
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(25 day ago) According to foreign media reports, Elon Musk, a US continuum, is optimistic that SpaceX, his rocket company, will provide cheap space satellite Internet services to the public, and eventually turn long-term fantasy in the field of science and technology into reality, according to foreign media.
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(26 day ago) Falcon 9 launches SpaceX's Star Link project, a next-generation satellite network designed to provide reliable and affordable broadband Internet services around the world, especially in areas that are not yet connected to the Internet. SpaceX will launch a total of 12,000 satellites for the Star Link project.
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(26 day ago) At 10:30 am on May 24, 2019 Beijing time, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) launched 60 satellites at a time, at the Cape Canaveral, Florida (SLC-40), USA. It is a mature and reliable Falcon 9 (Block5) launch vehicle.
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(28 day ago) Recently, the eight-year anti-trust case of Apple's App Store finally came to an end. Apple lost the lawsuit by 5:4 votes, which also means that users can continue to sue for the monopoly of the App Store. The 30% commission rate Apple charges on the platform may be required to reduce.
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(31 day ago) Industrial Internet is a concept derived from consumer Internet. It refers to the traditional industry, which relies on big data, cloud computing, intelligent terminals and network advantages to help traditional industries transform and upgrade. At present, the technology giants headed by BAT are beginning to lay out the industrial Internet.
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(32 day ago) 域名物联网互联网+新华网报道,在5月13-15日“2019·中国云计算和物联网大会”上,我国拥有自主知识产权的“.chn”网络域名首次亮相,这标志着我国已经解决阻碍物联网发展的标准、平台、网络空间资源等三大核心难题,使核心技术不再受制于人,让物联网发展进入快车道。
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(33 day ago) Starlink Map (from Wikipedia / Mark Handley) Google and Facebook have similar plans to replace satellites with balloons and long-range UAVs to form a similar global Internet. However, because of the high technical and financial requirements, most of these plans ended in failure.
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(35 day ago) Anxiety has entered the space industry since the world's richest Jeff Bezos revealed that it would put 3236 satellites into orbit and provide high-speed Internet around the world.
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(37 day ago) In the past few years, Internet people have caught up with the rapid development of the Internet and enjoyed the high salary brought by the industry dividends. As a result, they have become one of the main players in the purchase of houses. “The growth rate of corporate loans in the six major state-owned banks in 2018 lags behind personal loans. The main destination of personal loans is mortgages.”
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(37 day ago) According to the image released by Musk, SpaceX's first 60 "Star Chain Project" satellites were installed in the fairing of the Falcon 9 rocket.
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(37 day ago) One day in the future, when you are on the road, you are suddenly hungry. There will be information about nearby restaurants in your brain immediately, instead of using a search engine to query like this, because your brain is connected to the Internet. . Is it cool if the scenes in "The Matrix" are reproduced?
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(42 day ago) With longer switching cycles and more complex supply chains, what will be the future pattern of the TV industry in the Red Sea? Six years ago, on May 7, the first generation of TV X60 was released, which opened the first year of Internet TV. Today, after experiencing dramatic ups and downs, etv, whose Chinese name has been changed to Happy and Harmonious, has released more than 5 series and Y series TV products for young people.
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(43 day ago) Ma Huateng said that "industrial Internet" is becoming an important carrier of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization. Informatization is the biggest variable in the new round of global revolution of science and technology and industry. Industrial Internet will play the role of "transformer", and transform the biggest variable of informatization into the biggest increment of innovation and development in all walks of life.
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(43 day ago) At least in the field of "living", no one is more representative than today's protagonist. In one year, Shell Search has covered 98 cities and joined 160 new brokerage brands, serving more than 200,000 brokers and linking 21,000 stores.
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(45 day ago) The National Internet Emergency Center said that in order to grasp the spread of WannaCry ransom virus and its variants in China in real time, the National Internet Emergency Center continued to monitor the virus. According to the analysis, after the WannaCry ransomware successfully infects the computer and runs, it first connects to a switch domain name.
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(47 day ago) In 2019, the Internet company's major layoffs, financing failures, and bankruptcy were repeated. The "996" became the unspoken rule and the new normal of many Internet companies. At this moment, the major Internet companies in the first- and second-tier cities are stepping on the brakes. At this moment, the new generation of unicorns that focus on sinking the Internet are expanding against the trend.
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(50 day ago) This year's Space Day event was very exciting, especially for the topic of space Internet, and the guests who participated in the event repeatedly mentioned the discussion. In the space exhibition area of ​​Changsha, there is also a display of space Internet in various fields. This made me feel the fiery momentum of domestic commercial aerospace in Beijing.
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