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(1 day ago) On April 19, the National Library's Internet Information Strategy Preservation Project was launched in Beijing. The first Internet Information Strategy Preservation Base was established in Sina. Chen Binbin, Vice Director of Public Service Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Rao Quan, Director of the National Library, Wei Dawei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Library, Sun Yigang, Wang Gaofei, CEO of Weibo, Wang Wei, Chief Information Officer of Sina, and relevant experts and scholars, representatives of the National Library and Sina attended the event.
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(2 day ago) Russia has positioned the law as a security and privacy measure designed to counter the increasingly aggressive cybersecurity stance of the United States and the increasingly dangerous overall security threat landscape. But activists outside Russia and other international observers say the law will give the Putin government greater control over domestic Internet traffic.
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(2 day ago) Editor's note: This article is from the Wechat public number "Poisonous Eyes" (ID: youhaoxifilm), Wen Jiangyuqi, Zhang Ying, editor Wu Yanyu.
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(2 day ago) Original title: Hangzhou's next stop: Unloading the "Internet Capital" aura, how does Hangzhou lead the next 20 years of innovation? On April 2, 2019, a paper approval from the People's Government of Zhejiang Province was screened in the circle of friends in Hangzhou.
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(3 day ago) In the past few years, SpaceX has applied to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the launch of up to 12,000 low-orbit satellites to build the space Internet, which are called Starlink. Now, SpaceX announces that it will launch the first Starlink satellites in May and will continue to launch in the next five years. This represents the project from the development stage to the product stage.
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(5 day ago) This topic has also attracted the participation of many Internet companies. They have expressed their views on the "996 working system" and pushed the event to a climax. As one of the Internet companies with the highest market value in China, Alibaba's attitude toward the "996 working system" has received much attention from the outside world.
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(5 day ago) In the view of Wang Haibin, general manager of Siemens Digital China Industrial Group, there may be a round of reshuffle in China's industrial Internet platform in the future. At the Hannover Fair on April 2nd, he told 21st Century Business Herald that the current industrial Internet platform is mostly a universal platform. "If there are three or five hundred (universal) platforms, it is not for users. Good thing."
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(9 day ago) Web traffic and data, and the establishment of a national DNS system to maintain the Internet after disconnecting from foreign infrastructure. The bill also proposes installing network devices to identify the Web
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(9 day ago) This article from the micro-channel public number: City data group (ID: metrodatateam), Author: group secretary, Xiao-Peng "Internet city" in Hangzhou, with Alibaba, Netease and other giants, tens of thousands of Internet companies and 40% of the Internet industry every year Speed ​​up. In addition to jobs, the Internet has brought a series of urban developments to Hangzhou:
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(9 day ago) The original title: Internet Protocol "Version Upgrade" By the end of next year, half of Internet users in Sichuan will use IPv6 News (Reporter Xiong Xiaowei) our province's Internet Protocol is ushering in a new version. On April 10, at the forum of high-quality development, construction and application of IPv6 next generation Internet technology in Sichuan Province held in Rongcheng, the relevant person in charge of the provincial government office introduced that according to the relevant deployment of our province, the number of active users of IPv6 in the whole province will exceed 50 million by the end of next year.
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(10 day ago) Starting from March 27th, as of this writing, the number of Stars in the 996.ICU of GitHub has exceeded 180,000. This campaign by the programmers, which is openly opposed to the 996 work system, has already passed through the Internet circle. In the workplace paradox of the whole society, it has triggered a big discussion in the workplace from top to bottom. There are fierce arguments in all major communities, from Weibo to knowing and then to the context.
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(10 day ago) When programmers spontaneously rebel against "996", when honest people are labeled "Little White Rabbit", and middle-aged and middle-level managers are cleaned by their old owners, many people realize that the Chinese Internet, which has been running wild for 20 years, has become exhausted.
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(11 day ago) The announcement issued by the China Internet Association said that in order to further smooth the complaint channels of Internet information service users, under the guidance of the Information and Communication Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Internet Association has built a complaint platform for Internet information service, which went online yesterday to receive complaints related to Internet information service.
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(11 day ago) This article is originally created by ID: rancaijing, author / dawn, editor / weijia. At the end of last year, Internet start-ups encounter "growing pains" and set off a wave of layoffs. This year, head Internet companies represented by BATJ have to "adjust and optimize" their teams.
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(11 day ago) Together with the chairman and CEO of Tencent's board of directors, Tang Daosheng, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent and President of Cloud and Intelligent Industries Group, is also on the road. And the "Tao" they want to publish is the industrial internet.
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(14 day ago) He is the No. 67 employee of Alibaba. He is a well-known “China Railway Army”. He was financially free in 2011. After being invited by Wang Xing six times, he joined the US group as COO, bringing the experience of ground combat and the methodology of organization management. The beauty groups that Wang Xing, Wang Huiwen, and Mu Rongjun were not good at not only helped the US group win the group purchase war, but also extended the advantages to the new battlefields of the wine brigade and takeaway.
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(14 day ago) The “996 Work System” usually means that employees go to work at 9:00, work at 9:00, and work 6 days a week. Recently, more than 40 Internet companies have been accused of implementing the "996" work system, including many well-known Internet companies. Some media said that even if employees showed resistance to this kind of work, many of them were forced to accept it silently.
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(15 day ago) "Golden three silver four", the annual job hunting season has such a saying. However, in recent years, the general technical talents in the Internet industry tend to be saturated. This year, Internet industry practitioners seem to encounter "cold spring" in job hunting and job-hopping.
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(15 day ago) BEIJING, Apr. 5, China New Zealand Network Client (CNN) reported that in 2018, China's digital economy reached 31 trillion yuan, accounting for more than one third of the national economy. This is the data from the press conference of the newly established Digital China Construction Summit.
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(15 day ago) The picture comes from the user @oiax. Someone ridiculed: "The biggest dilemma for Chinese programmers is that yesterday, on the Github, the anti-996 project was added to the star. Today, we will work overtime to 360 browser, QQ browser, UC browser... update Block the URL of the anti-996 project.
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(15 day ago) The event staff complained that the overtime work of the dog CEO roaring recently, there are users who have certified for the Sogou staff broke the news on the pulse of the job, "Sogou cattle, began to count the time of overtime work, many colleagues around are now insisting for at least 11 hours a day. It’s amazing. Everyone eats together and bends time. Formalism is doing a good job.
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(16 day ago) It was originally a complaint from a person, but it is now a community of 160,000 people working in the form of open source software development. A protest about labor rights broke out in the past week, and the 996 (early nine, nine, one Saturday) overtime hours that Chinese Internet companies are used to have become the focus of attention in China and the world.
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(17 day ago) It was launched on the Wechat Public Number "ID: Together with God". Many years ago, several advertisers from 4A Company, feeling the current situation of "malignant overtime" in the advertising circle, co-founded an advertising company, known as "life first, never overtime".
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(17 day ago) Data show that in 2019 at least 5,000 technology practitioners may become millionaires after the company goes public. This article is from Wechat Public Number "The IPO Things" (ID: ipopress), author: Diogenes
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(17 day ago) -- Illustrations by Gosia Herba Beijing is at the top of the chain of discrimination. The country's first- and second-line Internet companies have almost all headquarters here. Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou are close behind, fighting for the ranks in the middle of the discrimination chain, leaving the "missing Internet era". Shanghai does not speak at the bottom of the discrimination chain.
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(17 day ago) Beijing Business News On April 2, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in January-February this year, China's Internet and related services industry revenue and profits have achieved simultaneous growth, and the industry scale continues to expand. Among them, in January-February, China's above-scale Internet and related service enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "Internet companies") completed business income of 149.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10%, but the growth rate dropped 10.4 percentage points over the same period last year.
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(19 day ago) Sina Technology News, April 1 afternoon news, Inspur Group released the new strategic goals for the 2019 fiscal year. Inspur said that it will accelerate the transformation to the “cloud+number” new Internet enterprise, and its investment is expected to grow by 36%, focusing on cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence key core technologies.
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(19 day ago) The self-cleaning function is a bright spot of C1's brand-new function. In this mode, the evaporator rapidly frosts, freezes the micro-dust on the evaporator fin, then starts defrosting work, removes the micro-dust from the fin, and then sterilizes the bacteria by drying at high temperature. Thus, the automatic cleaning of the inner fin of air-conditioning system can restrain the growth of bacteria and prevent mold for a long time, which greatly reduces the cumbersome work of manual cleaning.
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(19 day ago) Abstract: Cheng Wei: We think we are an internet company, but it is actually a transportation company. Our product managers and teams lack awareness of the scene, lack of preparation for human nature, and lack of sense of responsibility. ”
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(19 day ago) Xinhua Online Haihai, April 1st (Wang Ruoyu) In the second half of the Internet economy, Shanghai is handing over a brand new answer sheet: "Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies in 2018" jointly released by the Information Center of the Internet Society of China and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In the “Single”, 21 companies in Shanghai were selected, accounting for one-fifth.
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