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(5 hr ago) Unwittingly, the block chain has been strong "kill" the game circle, the block chain virtual pet hit the "first gun".
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(9 hr ago) According to a report by Qutee, a research firm dealing with games and technology, most people do not care about the micro-transactions in the game. The report passed more than 10,000 surveys, covering more than 450 topics, nearly 2000 comments, discussing the views of today's game player for the game industry.
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(2 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official mall At least for the current information, all kinds of UWP, including Microsoft Office, 4K video playback and so on are not a problem. However, according to neowin, upright Microsoft on February 17 updated a Windows 10 on ARM's technical documentation, clear some of the limitations of this platform, if you have plans to start the related products, may wish to understand.
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(3 day ago) These games all feature Arxan for data protection. Although these games may not be your favorite, they may be the beginning of a series of cracked UWP games. However, CODEX specifically mentioned that it should not be connected to the Internet while running cracked games, and that blocking related processes in the firewall is a must.
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(3 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official mall game as early as last year has shelves Win 10 stores in the country, priced at 67 yuan, earlier on ChinaJoy2017, Microsoft confirmed that "Age of Empires: Ultimate Edition" will bring Simplified Chinese, at present The page has not yet been updated with the release date.
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(3 day ago) In February 11th, "the game industry:" "the" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" " In this period, "dialogue" focuses on the environment and background in which the game industry should develop healthier and more orderly.
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(4 day ago) "For the above reasons, we will terminate the cooperation with Insel Games and remove all the company's games from the store." Previously someone broke the news on reddit, Insel CEO threatened employees brush praise, and V community launched a survey, broke the news also revealed a screenshot of the internal mail, from the company's CEO and founder Patrick Streppel, In the e-mail, he referred to the recent company's work "Wild Destroyer:
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(5 day ago) The study, published in Transforming Psychiatry, examined 12 patients with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and was shown a virtual rocket ship that responded to the part of the brain that recorded speech. They were instructed to safely land the rocket ship in the game but were not told what to do.
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(5 day ago) Tencent Technology News, South Korean game company Kakao Games announced today the completion of 140 billion won (about 819 million yuan) of financing. Five players, Tencent, Netmarble Games, Actoz Soft, Bluehole and Premier M & A PEF, financed the company, which had previously established direct or indirect relationships or strategic relationships with Kakao Games.
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(6 day ago) In February 12th, it was known that two answer products were on line. One is known as the App end of the "king of knowledge" answer to the game, the other is the WeChat small program end "know the answer king" game.
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(7 day ago) The NetEase, which is always "slow to beat", takes the lead in the same products as the predominance and product advantage of the "wilderness action" in tactical competitive games.
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(7 day ago) PUPUPULA co-founder Han Yi told "Daily" curiosity, hits this morning and her team 3 days before the on-line H5 game "2018 Nianquan Wang family" breakthrough one hundred million, about 3000000 independent access. "My goal was 500 thousand independent visits, and so far we haven't started to promote it."
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(8 day ago) In January 2018, the global hand travel revenue ranking list is left: Apple App Store right: Google Play, besides SONY and Mixi two Japanese enterprises, China's Tencent's "glory of kings" has also reached the third place.
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(8 day ago) January 2018 global revenue Mobile Games rankings (from left to right for the total revenue, and revenue source to the apple App Store in Google Play's revenue) in SONY and Mixi, two Japanese companies in the top two for the fight at outrance when the Tencent's "king of glory" on the third place.
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(9 day ago) In February 8th, the grand game "2018.1-Fa into the Soul" was held in Shanghai. Wang Ji, chairman of Shanda Games, delivered a keynote speech on "living for good Life for Happiness," Wang said. The previous generation has solved the problem of food and clothing for the Chinese people, and the next step is to solve the problem of how to live happily and how to live a good life for this generation and the next generation of Chinese.
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(10 day ago) Last week, Google's DeepMind team found a new way to train in-depth learning networks - integrating advanced algorithms and old-school video games. Based on ID Software's Quake III game, the team built the DMLab-30 training package to learn 57 running Atari games simultaneously. The team also developed a sci-fi training system called Importance Weighted Actor-Learner Architectures (IMPALA).
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(10 day ago) "We are taking back control of the gambling market as soon as possible to ensure that the Swedish Consumer Protection Act can be applied to the perpetrators of all gambling practices." Shekarabi said in an interview that while the current Swedish law does not characterize krypton out of the box as a gamble , Shekarabi emphasized that they will investigate the phenomenon further to assess whether there is a need to change the legislation.
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(10 day ago) PocketSprite is more compact than the key string Game Boye, including a color OLED screen, a Wi-Fi connection, a Bluetooth and lithium battery, and even a built-in audio. Equipped with 240 MHz dual core ESP32 chip integrated with WiFi, 520KB RAM can transmit game ROM through WiFi, and can run Game Boy, Game, Game through built-in simulator PocketSprite.
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(11 day ago) Tencent Technology News, in the home video consumption, Google rely on cheap video stick Chromecast gained a lot of market share, so Google also won the "living room Internet" market development potential. According to foreign media latest news, Google is developing a TV-oriented streaming media game services, and even introduced a dedicated game console.
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(11 day ago) Analysts said the move could be the most significant move Google has taken to tap the video game market. The future may let Google at the forefront of the video game market, especially the game streaming service market, allowing users to play online games, rather than downloaded to the local.
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(12 day ago) In February 7th, PUBG counted the data of the game in EA test, and made charts, showing the big data of the game. The total time the players grew up in the game was about 2 billion 700 million hours, and converted it to 310 thousand years ago. The data also showed that a total of 130 million successful game player to eat the chicken, they had lost 10 billion 200 million game player bandage, and a total of about 13000000 game player hit the pan.
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(12 day ago) February 6, according to business information, Shanda Games in the domestic control entity Sheng Yue Network Technology (Shanghai) has introduced Tencent as a new shareholder, new director Ma Xiaoyi, Tencent Group, Senior Vice President Tencent gaming business reality Trader.
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(12 day ago) Class 3A masterpiece has been the industry bigwigs ace, Ubisoft is also committed to this, in recent years is introduced such as "blockade", "all 2" watchdog "glory", "fighting spirit, Ghost Recon: Wilderness", "Assassin's Creed:" on the origin of a series of 3A masterpiece.
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(12 day ago) Catherine Kennedy, president of Lucas Pictures, said in a post, "David and Dan are among the best storytellers of the day. I'm excited that the depth of the story and the richness of the myth will open up new ground for Star Wars and boldly push it forward.
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(12 day ago) According to, on January 31, 2018, Jingdong Games teamed up with Intel, NVIDIA and the Internet cafe industry to organize a "competitive iteration of the game of Jingdong Game" in Beijing to jointly discuss the development of the game industry and announced the establishment of a " Jingdong game ecological co-build platform "to promote the formation of the game industry ecological chain.
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(12 day ago) Sina mobile phone news February 6 afternoon news, near the New Year, Apple Inc. for the user to prepare some New Year benefits. Now, Sina mobile phone for you to do some inventory, I hope you do not miss the new blessings Apple brings.
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(13 day ago) In fact, the cooperation between the two sides can be followed. Before this capital cooperation, the grand game and Tencent game jointly released two products of Dragon Valley hand tour and legendary world hand tour in 2017. Among them, the Dragon Valley hand Swim has achieved nearly 2 billion yuan in the first half of 2017, and the total number of registered users is over 21 million.
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(13 day ago) The morning of February 2nd 9, CCTV news channel broadcast a general news, with the focus length of the domestic variety of Dezhou poker game gambling problem quite long, including Lianzhong, the Tencent's Dezhou poker game is directly named. At the same time, the same day CCTV has also issued a graphic video report through its official WeChat, which has caused the attention of the game industry and many netizens.
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(13 day ago) Consecutive monthly limited time offer: Mango tv, love Fantastic Art, reading, NetEase snail reading, Enlight VideoLeap, Chinese characters Kingdom, Lake: coloring book, microblogging, iCook love cooking, LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime.
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(13 day ago) Today, NetEase held a game called "early adopters conference" conference, in addition to review the NetEase existing chicken games made remarkable achievements, the site also announced in addition to the heat has been very high "wilderness operations" 5 new chicken-eating games outside Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
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