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(1 day ago) According to Tencent Technology, according to the Taiwan branch of market research firm IDC, Foxconn outperformed Samsung Electronics as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer in the fourth quarter of 2017 due to orders from Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices.
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(2 day ago) However, this time the heavyweight product of the conference was Geely's answer on the Internet of Vehicles - GKUI. Whether it is the design of more and more intelligent and intimate mobile phones or the trend of household appliances in the Internet of Things, intelligence has become more and more common in our life scenes. The intelligence of the car is also constantly being discussed. Although assisted driving or unmanned driving seems to be a long way from us, the intelligent equipment of the car is already an unavoidable topic.
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(2 day ago) The American public opinion is very concerned about the issue of mobile phone addiction recently. As one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the U.S. market, Apple naturally needs to assume this responsibility. Today they launched a website called "Family" that provides parents with some precautions and information about the "Parental Control" feature in Apple devices.
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(2 day ago) On March 15th, according to foreign media reports, graphene was called "miracle material" because of its unique characteristics. It has five potential uses in the real world, including the full charge of smartphones within 7 seconds. .
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(3 day ago) Opal company sued, opal company is a world famous manufacturer of intelligent terminals and mobile Internet service providers. "OPPO" opal company in 2008 registered trademarks, later respectively in 2013 and 2014 two related trademarks.
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(3 day ago) A few days ago, according to a new report from market research company CounterPoint Research, the current revamped smartphone market is growing at a very rapid rate, and one of the most profitable companies is Apple.
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(3 day ago) In the afternoon, chip maker MediaTek released its first chip with built-in AI capabilities, the P60. With the help of AI technology, MediaTek hopes that P60 will maintain its position in the high-end smartphone market.
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(3 day ago) Although Librem 5 Linux phones are still far from formal production, Purism has initially implemented KDE's Plasma Mobile (installed on PureOS operating system) on the i.MX 6 development board.
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(4 day ago) Note: the average running score of Anhare in the chart of this paper is not the highest (the actual running test results will fluctuate and belong to the normal phenomenon) the data collection time is February 1st 2018 to February 28th; A single type of data statistics > 1000.
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(4 day ago) Still remember that last year after the release of the iPhone X, Samsung specifically shot the ridicule of Liu Haier screen advertising? Perhaps this year, Samsung's taunting objects will become more. Although the Samsung S9 has not changed much from its predecessors, it is like the Samsung spokesperson at the press conference two days ago - "At least this phone has no awkward ‘Qi Liu Hai’.”
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(5 day ago) AGM is a manufacturer of three outdoor mobile phones from China, but X3 seems to announce its entry into the mainstream consumer market. In terms of design, one of the main selling points of the aircraft actually has the word “light”. The configuration is a bit of a bunker, such as the Xiaolong 845 chip, the highest 8G+128GB storage, 5.99 inches 18:
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(5 day ago) Tencent science and technology news, according to foreign media reports, custom-made, super safe Blackberry mobile phone is still a number of criminals often used by criminals. The latest arrest confirmed this. It is reported that the FBI (FBI) arrested the well-known mobile phone distributor Phantom Secure founder and CEO Vincent - Ramos (Vincent Ramos), because he suspected of aiding criminal organizations including the Sinaloa cartel engaged in criminal activities.
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(7 day ago) Tencent Technology News, local time on March 10, many industry sources said that Motorola's mobile company, Motorola's mobile company, will lay off half of its headquarters in Chicago, the future of modular mobile phone project unknown.
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(7 day ago) If the Moto X series is canceled, Motorola currently has three major product lines: Moto E, Moto G and Moto Z. The Moto X series is the flagship product line that Motorola launched after it was acquired by Google. The first generation of the Moto X was released in August 2013. The main customization and voice interaction of the aircraft.
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(7 day ago) The reorganization is still volatile Jin mobile phone continues, "finance" reporter in March 10th the latest information obtained shows that the industrial park is located in Dongguan Jin Jin will disband, already dismissed employees. There are close to Jin industry to the "financial" reporters, a series of financing can completely reverse the Jin crisis, not known.
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(7 day ago) An interesting possibility is that Moto Mod supports some basic augmented reality features, because the exposed camera can shoot videos of the wearer's perspective, and even built-in Daydream VR features that support Android. In contrast, even Microsoft Windows mixed reality headsets with external cameras have not provided similar AR features. [Compiled from: TheVerge]
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(7 day ago) Cell phone radiation is not like radiation from a nuclear explosion. This is called "ionizing" radiation - this radiation can destroy your DNA, researchers have determined this will lead to cancer. The energy emitted by the phone is much lower (below visible light) and is considered "non-ionizing."
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(8 day ago) The price of non-residential gas sales has been liberalized, the price policy for special medical services for children has been adjusted, and the price of tickets for scenic spots has been strictly controlled... The price work conference held in the province on March 8 revealed a series of heavy measures for price reform this year.
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(8 day ago) The phone is built at the company's plant in New Assiut Park, and New Assiut Park is a technology special economic zone for IT and telecom communications. Because the company has established offices in Kenya and aue, the target markets for this handset are Africa and the Middle East.
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(8 day ago) Leagoo emphasized that although the infection was found on the devices at the beginning of 2017, it was actually a false report triggered by some pre installed APK on mobile phones. After that, the company has solved the problem through the Android OS update, and the misinformation no longer appears.
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(8 day ago) Onset: train feet collapsed before the Ashanti boarded the return to Guangzhou from his hometown in Henan long train. Because the car crowded, walking inconvenience, Ashanti has been sitting in a seat. In order to kill time, she kept her handset off her hand, twisting her head to brush his friends and playing games.
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(9 day ago) A 82 year old man mobile phone card was declined in March 6th, a netizen in micro-blog claimed that China Mobile Jiangsu Huaian branch to the system cannot input the elderly over the age of 70 information on the grounds, refused to handle the mobile phone card for people over 70 years old. According to friends said, some time ago, she and her 82 year old grandmother to China Mobile the operating room for the mobile phone card, I arrived at my grandma's and carry identity documents, but the office staff told the system requirements, the elderly over the age of 70 can not handle mobile phone card...
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(9 day ago) Last year, HUAWEI's plan to develop the mobile phone market in the United States once again was a major setback. T & T gave up cooperation with HUAWEI under political pressure. According to the latest news from foreign media, HUAWEI is still ready to develop the US market for a long time, and recently began to launch a $more than 200 cheap mobile phone through e-commerce channels.
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(10 day ago) According to the key escrow encryption system, FBI or other institutions can unlock the device's key escrow system according to the specific environment, which is weaker than cryptography's traditional password system called "strong encryption". One more question is how to force devices and software manufacturers to impose this system on their customers.
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(10 day ago) Second, open the phone camera sketch, at the back of 100 yuan at the right blank space scan, can vaguely see the RMB symbol "¥" is the real banknote. So, the method described in this article fly it? Reporters conducted a verification. Verify the method of an enlarged miniature text counterfeit text is more vague.According to the first method described in the text, the reporter opened the phone camera, the phone camera at a really 2005 version of 100 yuan back of the back of the micro-text, Then pull the phone lens to the maximum.
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(10 day ago) Why only the smart phone industry, Apple and Huawei sell more expensive mobile phone? What is the principle of sustained premium of high-end products? This is two very worthwhile questions to discuss. First broke a story. Huawei terminal executives got the real machine three hours after the release of iPhone X. Everyone saw the iPhone X are very excited, Yu Chengdong studied carefully after a full day of confidence.
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(10 day ago) Since the self-vivo APEX full screen concept mobile phone MWC 2018 since the public, has received widespread industry attention. On March 5, the new technology research institute in Hangzhou demonstrated in vivo vivo APEX full screen concept cellphone that has just appeared at home and abroad, as well as the latest image research and development achievements - super HDR technology, and made in-depth interpretation.
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(10 day ago) Today, Beijing Consumers Association released the "Mobile APP Personal Information Security Investigation Report," the report shows that some mobile APP over-collection, illegal use of personal information, leading to a large number of personal information leaked or stolen, and even lead to criminal cases such as information fraud , To bring serious risks to people's lives and property risks.
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(10 day ago) (Original title: Never play electronic products 8-year-old girl why myopia 600 degrees) Chai Yueying Zhang Yingying "This is a dilemma multiple choice questions, but also the most often I was in the hospital counseling parents." Li Jian said recently every day Nearly 100 to 150 myopic children, he made a statistics clinic, at least 20% of children before the age of 8 years of myopia is due to learn the piano.
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(11 day ago) The public opinion in the United States has been very concerned about the problem of cell phone addiction recently. Even Apple is under pressure to commit to adding new parental control features in iOS 12 to prevent the addiction of young cell phones. But the population is obviously not satisfied, and last week Stanford University students organized a protest rally calling for Apple to be responsible for cell phone addiction among adolescents and adults.
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