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(7 hr ago) Recently, Zhao Ming, the president of the glorified mobile phone, said that the development of artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as AI) is the trend of the times in an open and integrated manner. The Tencent "frontline" has also learned from the internal channel that all the input and technological innovation around AI will be the most important part of the glory of the 2018.
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(12 hr ago) Original title: Pay attention to mobile phone users! 3 of 10 individuals have eaten this loss, the loss is not just money! More than 50 years of age cheated more than 20 years of age the loss of major mobile payments, including code scanning, flash payment and transfer payments three. A survey of more than 100,000 people in 34 cities across the country found that while mobile payments bring convenience to us, its security needs extra attention.
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(20 hr ago) The Moto G6 Plus with a 5.93-inch screen is equipped with a Snapdragon 630 processor and 3200 mAh battery pack. Perhaps the most interesting of the three models is the Moto G6 Play, which features a 4000 mAh battery and is the only model in the three that moves the fingerprint scanner to the back.
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(22 hr ago) From January 18 onwards, the PED is onboard and passengers flying on Hainan Airlines can use portable electronic devices (PEDs) such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and e-readers. Hainan Airlines has not announced the use of PEDs on the aircraft. However, according to China Eastern's requirements, passengers can use their mobile phones with flight mode and portable computers, tablets, e-books and other devices within the specified size while flying, Mode, turn off cellular mobile communication.
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(23 hr ago) In January 16, 2018, the Civil Aviation Authority issued the guide for the evaluation of portable electronic devices (PED), which provides specific requirements and guidance for airlines to verify and evaluate the use of portable electronic devices on the aircraft.
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(1 day ago) "I vote for you": remote sharing of cell phone screen and remote operation, because of its convenience, not only increases gradually in the use of work, but also gradually penetrated into everyday life. We often imagine that when a teleconference is used, a phone screen is displayed directly to a colleague in a different place. When a friend party, project the content of the mobile phone to the large screen for sharing? With the launch of the sunflower remote control of 8 mobile phones, the scene that is only for fantasy will become a reality.
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(1 day ago) In fact, before the stock freeze, Jin once encountered a storm. In December 2017, shares of Ophelia, the leading handset supplier in the supply chain, plunged 7% in the morning and the market value shrank by 4.3 billion yuan a day. As a result of the internet gambling, the chairman of the board, Liu Lirong, gambled in Macau and lost hundreds of millions of dollars. Jinli Capital Chain was nervous and Ophelia was its upstream supplier. As a result, the stock price plunged.
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(1 day ago) At the same time, handset makers are also gradually releasing their 2017 transcripts. The domestic market share is increasingly concentrating on the top five brands Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Apple and Xiaomi. China Institute of Information and Communications recently released "December 2017 domestic mobile phone market analysis report" shows that January-December domestic mobile phone market 491 million shipments, listing 1054 new models, down 12.3% year on year and 27.1% .
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(2 day ago) Defendant had a Department of Shaoyang City, Shaoyang Xintao County migrant workers young farmers, technical school after graduation in a professional counterparts private car repair shop, because work time is not long, art is not fine, including eating and drinking monthly salary 2,300 yuan. Zengmou talked about a junior high school girl and girlfriend while studying at a technical school. They often lie and cry for money when they are in school to cope with spending time with their girlfriends and friends.
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(2 day ago) On January 16, 360 mobile phone president Li Kaixin announced at the year-end media communication meeting that 360 handsets will ship 5 million units in 2017, unchanged from 2016.
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(2 day ago) "T-PEDs that use wireless transmissions with low transmit power below 100mW (including Bluetooth, Zigbee and Wi-Fi in the 2.4GHz band) are open." The handsets we used are for this type of T-PED device, but at Use cellular mobile communications (language and data) of portable electronic devices when in the air.
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(2 day ago) In response to today's "mobile phone manufacturers Jinli chairman Liu Lirong equity was frozen by the court," Jin phone mobile phone official has just returned Tencent technology, said the incident has now entered the judicial process, the company inconvenience further response.
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(2 day ago) In recent years, Chinese handset manufacturers have fully expanded their market in Asia, Africa and Latin America, among which half of India's market has been won. Recently, a foreign media coverage of Iran's mobile phone market, the strange thing is that Samsung and Huawei control 80% share, but no other real machine made a sense of existence.
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(2 day ago) The most "heavyweight" invitations - Charm Blue S6: The invitation is actually a brick from us recently is issued before the "inviting bricks" Charm blue, this brick is really scared me, originally looking at the invitation The box is not large, did not expect tired to the courier little brother, but inside a solid brick ah! This square box of bricks, blue with a classic Blue Charm, and in the middle carved a "good quality" Words, let you see at a glance this is the charm blue invitation.
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(2 day ago) Apple's recent system upgrade caused by the performance of the old iPhone to reduce the behavior caused serious consumer dissatisfaction. Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission has sent a letter on this matter inquiries Apple, and asked each other before January 19, 2018 to give a reply.
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(3 day ago) In the India smartphone market, Samsung Electronics and Chinese millet are fighting for the first. According to the latest news from foreign media, Samsung will launch a cost-effective online direct phone in India this year, which will weaken Millet's dominance in the field of online direct selling.
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(3 day ago) The global handset market has formed a "sandwich" pattern. Both Chinese manufacturers and Samsung Apple occupy two ends. The middle manufacturers have less living space and have a hard time. According to the latest news from foreign media, South Korea's LG Electronics is considering reorganization of mobile phone business, may give up the high-end plate.
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(3 day ago) At this CES exhibition, there are not many items related to mobile phones. Among them, the most significant highlight is vivo's screen fingerprint phone. After all, this is the best partner of the comprehensive screen.
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(3 day ago) There is no clear reason for the long and painful media meeting, and the official failed to respond to a request for comment for the time being. In fact, the White House has long been tasked with the lack of technical ability to hold a conference call. Last year, for example, there had been an Oolong incident that had been interrupted by a phone call last year, causing everyone to hear the word "My inflatable doll is a lesbian".
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(3 day ago) In 1987, the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp raised 2 trillion and 200 billion yen through IPO. The softsilver executives did not comment on it. The Nikkei news says that Softbank makes its mobile phone business listed, with the aim of giving the latter greater autonomy. In recent years, Softbank has become a multinational investment company. Softbank will invest in future growth by using the mobile phone business, for example, buying foreign IT shares.
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(4 day ago) Beijing January 10, the well-known interactive company Synaptics unite famous domestic mobile phone brand vivo together at the CES show in the United States released the world's first under-screen fingerprint recognition technology with vivo X20 Plus phone.
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(4 day ago) Singer with the domestic mobile phone triumph trend showing "the most Meng development difference," Samsung and Apple are represented by the overseas handset makers in the past year's weakness. Data show that millet handset production in 2017 increased by 76% over 2016, while OPPO and vivo increased by 17.8% and 19.5% respectively.
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(4 day ago) With the "hop" fire on WeChat, the endless potential of H5's game once again received the attention of the industry. Following the WeChat, QQ as a social software, it also tested a new feature on the line: "Play and play."
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(4 day ago) Gabbard's tweets, along with a screenshot of the fake alert received by the handset, are known to have been on the television, in addition to the handset, at that time - "If you are outdoors, immediately in the building Find a refuge. Stay away from windows.
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(5 day ago) The following are the winners of TechRadar's 2018 CES: Best Product Award: Samsung The Wall TV Samsung's first modular MicroLED TV brings the latest OLED standards. The Wall size of 146 inches, to achieve a very gorgeous picture effect.
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(5 day ago) Although the official has yet to give the Shell's specific battery life, but in an emergency, you can still get the device built-in rod to generate electricity. Hands 3 to 5 minutes, you can add a certain amount of Shell calls.
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(5 day ago) The 8848 M3 was released in July 2016 and is known as a cellphone for successful people. The fuselage features a Dutch first half calf leather, hand-polished titanium and sapphire crystal glass, high-tech ceramics and more. Configuration, the use of 5-inch 1080p screen, equipped with Qualcomm eight-core processor, the memory combination is 4GB RAM +128 GB ROM, the main camera is 21 million pixels (front 300 million pixels), dual SIM dual standby full Netcom.
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(6 day ago) Official calls are 90 hours of call, 100 hours of music play, 25 hours of online video, and 1008 hours of standby (42 days). The measurement showed that K10 watched the network video on the condition of opening Wi-Fi, the maximum screen brightness and the highest volume. After 1 hours, it only dropped 1%, 4 hours later, the remaining 86%, 7 hours later, the remaining 70%, 17 hours later, the remaining 15%, 20 hours later, the remaining 6%.
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(6 day ago) The vivo X20 Plus UD, which has just appeared at the CES exhibition, uses the technology of fingerprinting to realize the fingerprint identification of the front screen of a full screen phone. This function has not been used by vendors for many years, but instead of using other identification schemes, why in the end? It's time to talk about the fingerprints on the screen.
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(6 day ago) Human society has entered the era of smart phone. All streets and lanes are addicted to mobile phone screens. At the same time, the phenomenon of addiction to mobile phones and electronic devices has also aroused public concern. According to foreign media news, the day before Google and Apple executives Fadel told the media that deal with mobile phone addiction, for companies such as apple and Google have no technical difficulty, the two companies should bear the social responsibility.
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