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(1 day ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports, recently, a federal judge in Manhattan, New York, the United States, finally approved Alibaba Group's $250 million settlement agreement related to the 2015 investor lawsuit. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff argued that Alibaba artificially inflated the value of its shares
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(4 day ago) On the 14th, the Alibaba Group Marketing Public Relations Committee noticed that Wang Shuai responded to the topic of "two choices one" in his microblog, "We sincerely thank you for the open hearing on the topic of"two choices one"in Beijing. The hype on this topic is already boring. We respect any decision of the court, and we really do not want to passively cooperate with the endless speculation of certain enterprises.
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(22 day ago) It is reported that Alibaba and WFP reached a strategic cooperation agreement in November last year to help WFP achieve digital transformation through the sophisticated technology and platform ecological resources provided by Alibaba. Aliyun provides comprehensive technical support for the "Hunger Map" project.
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(22 day ago) On September 26, Alibaba first announced the scale of artificial intelligence call at the Hangzhou Yunenthos General Conference, which called over 100 million times a day, with a service of 1 billion people, a daily processing image of 1 billion, a video of 1.2 million hours, a voice of 550,000 hours and a natural language of 500 million sentences, which has become the largest artificial intelligence company in China.
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(22 day ago) Ma Yun said that the Damo Academy, which lived longer than Alibaba, announced its research results and progress on its second anniversary. According to the data, by September 2019, Damo Institute had published nearly 450 papers at the top international academic conference, and the algorithm had won the first place in the world in the fields of natural language processing, intelligent voice, visual computing and so on. It had become the "technological cornerstone of Ali's gathering of scientific and technological talents and basic technology research and development."
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(23 day ago) Ariyun-up to 1888 yuan in general vouchers are immediately available, compared with many science awards are awards for scientific and technological achievements, while the Green Orange Award enters a "no man's land" to reward only young scientists under the age of 35. Under the same conditions, the Green Orange Award will give priority to youth awards that have not yet won science awards.
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(23 day ago) Alibaba Cloud-up to 1888 yuan is available immediately, but in the course of international business operation, Alibaba has a lot of problems due to the expansion of the limit of the market. Such as the establishment of the platform's international service rules, local protectionism and unilateral trade, as well as the strong international competition, have become an inevitable and urgent problem for Alibaba.
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(24 day ago) [TechWeb] Sept. 24, Alibaba Group announced today that it has received 33% of Ant Golden Wear. According to previously disclosed information, Alibaba holds this part of Ant Golden Clothes through a Chinese subsidiary.
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(31 day ago) After receiving the new funds, AutoX indicated that it would be used to build an autopilot fleet and add new members to its technical team. Since it has joined Alibaba's ecosystem, AutoX also plans to use automated driving solutions in the logistics industry.
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(37 day ago) At the same time, Alibaba (Henan) Co., Ltd. was set up in synchronization with Zhengzhou Big Data Development Co., Ltd. and Digital Zhengzhou Technology Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Big Data Development Co., Ltd. has registered capital of 200 million yuan, and its business scope includes database management, database services, data processing and storage services.
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(38 day ago) When Ma Yun stepped on the stage to speak, he said, "If I am not the chairman of Alibaba, it does not mean that I retire. I will not stop." "Thank you for the great times and the great city." Ma Yun said, "I think Ali people are becoming more and more powerful. There may be few literary and artistic performances to achieve that major. We need to have both good work and good play.
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(38 day ago) At the beginning of the annual meeting, the scene lens was directed at Ma Yun. Ma Yun was moving and his eyes were moist. Last September 10, Teacher's Day, the 19th anniversary of Alibaba, Ma Yun announced that he would retire on September 10, 2019. Today, on the 20th anniversary of Alibaba, Ma Yun will officially step down as chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group and hand the baton to current CEO Zhang Yong.
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(38 day ago) Sina technology, Myrica rubra, originated from cloud computing and intellectualized Ali business, can be roughly divided into five parts: core business, payment and finance, cloud computing, logistics and large entertainment. Among them, cloud computing is one of the "strengths" besides e-commerce, and its market share is among the top three in the world.
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(39 day ago) In 1995, when he went to the United States to collect debts for the Department of Communications in Zhejiang Province, Ma Yun first saw the Internet. He knew nothing about computer technology. He felt that "this thing may play in the future."
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(41 day ago) [TechWeb] September 7 news, next week, is the 20th anniversary of the founding of Alibaba, will also release the "new six-pulse sword." Today, Alibaba wrote a letter to his hometown of Hangzhou, saying thank you, Hangzhou, to read our original dream.
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(41 day ago) In the letter, Alibaba said that Hangzhou and Ali have "the same genes, the same persistence, the same responsibilities, the same future". In 1999, Hangzhou Lao Ma Yun and 17 young partners founded Alibaba in an apartment in the lakeside garden of the West Lake District.
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(41 day ago) The spokesman added that the company had no intention of competing with existing e-commerce companies in the country and that Alibaba Group would not oversee the development of the service. A spokesman for UC Browser said that UC Browser will use its "extensive user base in India" to build e-commerce business.
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(43 day ago) [TechWeb] Sept. 5, according to a recent report by IPR Daily, an intellectual property media, China accounts for nearly 70% of global block chain patent applications. The report lists the number of patents issued worldwide for block chains from January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019.
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(43 day ago) [TechWeb] September 5 news, Alibaba official said today that it will become the 20th anniversary, that is, September 10, the official release of the "new six-pulse sword." Over the past 20 years, Ali has been different because of his values, Ma said. For the next 20 years, Ali should and must be different because he adheres to values.
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(44 day ago) According to the latest data released today by Tianmao, since 2008, there have been 54 listed companies in Taobao Tianmao, with a total market value of more than 1 trillion. Among them, 22 enterprises have become the top 100 local taxpayers.
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(51 day ago) On August 28th, Ma Yun said at the 2019 Global Women Entrepreneurs Conference today that after the recent acquisition of several companies by Alibaba, the proportion of women has dropped sharply. Ali must set a warning line. The proportion of female employees is not less than 33%. Too little, Alibaba will not succeed.
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(57 day ago) Alibaba Cloud - Up to 1888 yuan universal vouchers are immediately available. According to the agreement, the Henan provincial government will support Alibaba to build the Central Plains Regional Center in Zhengzhou, build a flying domestic regional cloud platform, and support Alibaba's participation in Henan's digital economy. Henan Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng and Governor Chen Runer pointed out that with the chairman of Alibaba Group Chairman Ma Yun and his party, Henan is a large province with a large population and a large network. It has abundant human resources and data resources, and has great potential for developing digital economy. broad.
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(63 day ago) In mid-August, it reached the "assessment period" of Zhongguo shares. This week, Jingdong, Fighting Fish, Ruixing Coffee, Tiger Tooth and other companies have disclosed their own financial results. Yesterday afternoon (August 15, 2019), Alibaba also handed in its report card to investors, releasing its Q1 financial report for fiscal year 2020 as of June 30, 2019.
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(63 day ago) Harvest more than half of the population in less developed areas, how much dividends are there in the sinking market? Author: Yan Xiangqing user growth promotes performance growth, Ali realized operating income of 114.92 billion yuan, an increase of 42 percent over the same period last year, and net profit of 21.252 billion yuan, an increase of 145 percent over the same period last year.
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(64 day ago) Alibaba Cloud - The highest vouchers of up to 1888 yuan were immediately available on the previous trading day, and Alibaba's share price closed at $162.06. Alibaba's share price (Source: Sina Finance) Alibaba today released its first quarter financial report for the fiscal year ending June 20, 2019. (Note: Alibaba's fiscal year is not synchronized with the natural year, starting from April 1 of each year. , until the end of March 31 of the second year).
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(64 day ago) Alibaba Cloud - The highest net profit of 1888 yuan universal vouchers attributable to ordinary shareholders was RMB 21.252 billion (US$ 3.094 billion), a year-on-year increase of 145%. Not based on US GAAP, net profit was RMB 30.949 billion (US$4.508 billion), a year-on-year increase of 54%.
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(64 day ago) Over the past 10 days, Tencent News "Front Line" has learned from different sources that Alibaba may postpone the listing of Hong Kong stocks; in addition, foreign media published the same report today. Tencent News "Front Line" learned last week that Alibaba's listing hearing has not yet been approved, because the listing committee still has some questions to be answered by Alibaba.
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(65 day ago) Sina Technologies News, Beijing Time, August 14, morning news, according to the New York Post, quoting unknown sources, Alibaba co-founder Cai Chongxin is now close to the agreement to buy the remaining shares of the NBA Brooklyn Nets from Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov for $2.35 billion.
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(93 day ago) On the evening of July 16, the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government and Alibaba Group announced a strategic cooperation in Harbin, and will jointly build the “Digital Dragon River” with the advantage of the Alibaba Group's digital economy.
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(94 day ago) On the 16th, Alibaba announced that its annual shareholders'meeting approved the increase of authorization data for common shares and approved the "one split eight" plan for common shares, including all options issued outside, restricted stock units (RSUs) and details of stock splitting.
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