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Sony(索尼)News list

(20 hr ago) Sony's official flagship store will launch SC-1. at Kanuca Bay Resort and South East Okinawa Botanical Garden in Nanyu, Okinawa, according to Thursday's announcement There, the first passengers will be seen as one of the two Moonlight Cruise programs.
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(1 day ago) (photo: SellCell,via PhoneArena) 2018 was also a record year for the average price of a mobile phone. Under the pull of Apple's iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note, a number of phones have broken the $1000 mark.
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(2 day ago) Sony's official flagship store may have felt the enthusiasm of Chinese fans, and the 40th anniversary was moved to Shanghai today. Like the annual Sony charm reward, this afternoon and evening is a celebration of Soho fans in the Wafo 2 warehouse on the Bund.
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(2 day ago) Sony's official flagship store also includes two Wallman 40th anniversary stickers. Sony has also customized the software. The nw-a100tps is designed as a tape playing interface when playing music, and different tape styles will be presented for different decoders and resolutions of music.
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(11 day ago) But the launch of the Xperia 8 phone is a bit confusing, first of all, the general naming, of course, the most critical is the hardware configuration, the Xperia 8 phone is a little insufficient to look at, Cellong 630 processor or 4 4 core A53 architecture, released two years ago, CPU,GPU is out of date.
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(21 day ago) The total pixel of IMX492LLJ in Sony's official flagship store is 8432 × 5680 (47.89MP) and the effective pixel is 8336 × 5648. 47.08MP), ADC supports 10bit and 12bit sampling accuracy and is compatible with CSI-2,SLVS-EC bus.
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(26 day ago) Despite being 158 x 68 x 8.2 mm in circumference and 164 g in weight, Sony still praised the smooth and compact Xperia 5. The back of Sony Xperia 5 is made of Corning's 6th generation gorilla glass. The vertical three-shot is located in the upper left corner. The specifications are the same as Xperia 1, i.e. three 12-megapixel CMOS. It supports double optical zoom, eye-controlled focusing, automatic mode support 10 continuous shots per second, etc.
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(29 day ago) According to officials, the Xperia 5 supports P3 and BT.2020 HDR gamut, and movies from Hollywood can be reproduced through Amazon Video or Netfix, making the content lifelike.
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(30 day ago) Original title: Sony Rejects Third Point's Proposal Calling for a Company Breakup
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(32 day ago) According to SEGA, the official authorized game "Sonic Olympics - Tokyo 2020" (SONIC AT The OLYMPIC GAMES - TOKYO 2020') for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games confirms the landing of iOS and Android, and meets with mobile phone players in the spring of 2020. The game ontology is free and needs to pay to unlock all content.
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(33 day ago) Sony's official flagship store, of course, even if audiences believe Chucky exists, scientists will sneer at it. The bipedal walking of a single robot is enough for them to think for decades, not to mention the head of a killing doll ghost. In addition, not all robots are so evil. More robots are not good at killing, but selling, for example, Sony's "Robot Dog" AIBO.
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(34 day ago) Sony's official flagship store (figure via TechSpot), different number of modules arranged, can create different large screen size and display resolution. If you think the Full HD is enough, you can use 18 panel modules to make up a 1080p @ 110 inch (8 × 4 ft) screen.
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(41 day ago) Sony's official flagship store is reported to have launched this Retro Modern Walkman for the 40th anniversary of Walkman. The Walkman, called NW-A100TPS Walkman, has a 40th Anniversary Logo on the back and an image played on tape on the other side. The product was officially inspired by the original TPS-L2 Walkman.
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(42 day ago) After Sony's official flagship store Manway reached an agreement with Sony, Spider-Man of Dutch Brothers successfully joined the Avenger Alliance. But the deal ended with the release of Spider-Man: The Hero Expedition, which was also a huge success for Sony, with a box office receipt of $1 billion, making it the highest-grossing Spider-Man movie ever.
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(42 day ago) Sony's official flagship store, NW-A100TPS, is similar to a smartphone that provides music streaming and local audio playback. The device's unique feature is its back design, which draws a 40th Anniversary Logo and a model image of Sony's first Walkman, making it look very retro.
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(42 day ago) Hammer powder with pointed eyes found that the picture was originally the work of photographer @ Yang Zheng Thorn. Sony's official picture uses its product P to the right side of the screen as publicity, and it is not clear whether there is any infringement problem. In addition, Luo Yonghao also forwarded the relevant Weibo and replied to netizens: "well, not surprising (loving expression)."
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(43 day ago) Sony's official flagship store Sony WI-1000XM2 uses the same HD noise reduction processor QN1. as WH-1000XM3 When traveling on an aircraft or out of the city, Sony allows users to adjust the extent to which noise is eliminated so that users can still hear noise such as traffic without any accidents, or keep it up for maximum isolation.
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(43 day ago) Despite BWH 158 x 68 x 8.2 mm and weighing 164g, Sony praised the Xperia 5 for being sleek and compact (Compact). Back Corning 6 generation gorilla glass material, vertical row three photos in the upper left corner, the specification is consistent with Xperia 1, that is, three 12 million pixel CMOS, support twice optical zoom, eye control focus, automatic mode supports 10 shots per second, and so on.
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(43 day ago) In addition, realme Q also carries 4035 mAh batteries, supplemented by VOOC 20W flash charging, which can be filled in 80 minutes, and has three life waterproof designs. In addition, realme Q design is further upgraded.
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(43 day ago) Compared with Xperia 1, the biggest change of Xperia 5 is that the rear three photos are located on the left and no longer pursue the globally symmetrical design language. In terms of core configuration, the Sony Xperia 5 may be equipped with Cellon 855 flagship platform, equipped with 6GB memory 128GB storage, followed by Sony's own 12 million AI triple photo, including the main photo super wide angle 2 times zoom, battery capacity is uncertain for the time being, offering blue, black and red three colors.?
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(47 day ago) From the rendering, you can see that the same screen as the Xperia 1 uses a 21:9 screen, and the rear three shots move from the middle to the upper left corner. From the photos, Sony also retains physical buttons similar to Xperia 1, including dedicated camera buttons and embedded fingerprint sensors.
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(49 day ago) Sony's official flagship store, via The Verge / Sam Byford, is a newly opened public space located at the site of the recently demolished old Sony building. At this time next year, another Sony building will be erected.
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(49 day ago) Sony's official flagship store, the α 6600 α 6100, and Sony's only new APS-C painting this year, also launched the α 6400 a few months ago, understanding the progressive relationship from the name of the product. All three cameras use the latest Bionz X image processor of 24.2 million effective pixel APS-C frame Exmor CMOS image sensor.
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(49 day ago) In the core configuration, realme Q is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 mobile platform. It is built on a 10nm process, using the same third-generation Kryo CPU as the Opteron 845, with a maximum clock speed of 2.3GHz, a 10% performance improvement over the previous generation, and the GPU is the Adreno 616.
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(51 day ago) DxOMark commented that the advantage of Xperia 1 photography is that in most test conditions, autofocus performance is fast and accurate, good low light color rendering, and good exposure under low light. The shortcomings are more: some outdoor and indoor scenes are underexposed, HDR is sometimes unable to trigger, and several obvious artifacts include halo and edge noise, sharp loss of sharpness at the edges of the picture, irregular texture, and appearance when using the flash. Strong red-eye effect.
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(51 day ago) On Aug. 26, at the Sony KOOV Programming Robot Education Solution Conference, Sony International Education CEO Yoo Jin Zhengming expressed the importance of China's education market.
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(54 day ago) Original title: How Sony’s Walkman Created Headphone Culture As the Sony Walkman turns 40, we scrutinize the iconic tape deck’s impact on popular culture: the way we imbibe our chosen audio...
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(58 day ago) What's interesting about Sony's official flagship store is that Sony doesn't plan to sell the car, which means it might use it as a technology and content display. The SC-1 Sociable Cart has a top speed of 19 km/h, which is perfect for socializing.
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(58 day ago) The future Manway universe will lack a key hero: Spider-Man. Sony Pictures and Disney / Manway failed to reach a new agreement acceptable to both sides. Manway President Kevin Feige will no longer be involved in future Spider-Man movies. The main difference between the two sides is money.
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(58 day ago) Sony phones are suffering a lot because their shipments are falling wildly (from 13.5 million units to 6.5 million units in the first quarter of this year, and that number is likely to fall to 5.5 million units in the future.)
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