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LeTV(乐视网)News list

(10 day ago) In the 12 consecutive falls, the music network in February 8th early in the early market in the early February 8th, there was an influx of more than 2 billion yuan, once more than 7%. At the end of the year, the stock price of music network rose 5.39%, 5.08 yuan per share, the turnover was 4 billion 110 million yuan, the turnover rate was 29.06%, and the amplitude was 21.66%.
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(12 day ago) Beijing News (Reporter Zhu Xing) 11 consecutive limit-down, the music open the daily limit to open the network, ushered in the red. Yesterday, the music video open the board early in the morning, a lot of money to enter, the music video quickly dazzled, as of the close, music as up 5.39%, reported 5.08 yuan, the transaction amount of 4.1 billion yuan, turnover rate of 29.06%.
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(12 day ago) In fact, but also because of a long time before the suspension, resume trading after a continuous limit, I simply can not sell. At 9:39, at the time of LeTV fell 5.39%, I sold the remaining 200 shares reserved for the music video. At that moment, my heart calm as before, just think 200 shares of loss is not much, but bought a big lesson: as an investor, I hope in the future can enhance their ability to judge, to avoid shares such as music Watch .
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(12 day ago) The 8 day after the published charts show, Thailand securities Limited by Share Ltd Dezhou 38 Road Securities Business Department to buy 136 million yuan, sold 688 thousand yuan, is the day to buy the largest amount of business department; GF Securities Limited by Share Ltd Shenzhen Shennan Road Securities Sales Department to sell 132 million yuan, ranked first in the standings to sell.
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(12 day ago) LeTV yesterday's amplitude of nearly 20% after-hours data show, music video yesterday, the total volume of about 4 billion yuan, 29.06% change hands. For the fundraising on Feb. 7 at BDO, if it can be sold at its highest level yesterday, it will have a profit of 9.54%.
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(12 day ago) "If you come back again, I will not choose such a heavy position to buy music Watch, but the world did not regret medicine." February 8, Zhang Jun said. Behind the data of LeTV Jumping is destined to have more stories and will serve as an allusion to the future investment in A-share market.
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(12 day ago) LeTV opened the daily limit, which is also considered a small gift received by investors of the music video stock in the Chinese Lunar New Year. For yesterday morning in the position of the daily limit grab chips of investors, can be considered a big red envelope. In fact, LeTV yesterday's opening is not much suspense.
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(13 day ago) Up to now, Jiayue Ting holds 102,426.66 million shares of the company, accounting for 25.67% of the total share capital, of which 1,019,539,800 shares have been pledged to financial institutions and 1,024,266,600 shares have been frozen by the judiciary such as the Third Intermediate People's Court of Beijing.
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(13 day ago) Among them, the main five seats from the transaction records in the past are analyzed hot money, Shenzhen Shennan Road, Guangzhou Avenue, Hangzhou Wenyi Road is a classic hot money seats. The seller sold a GF Securities Shenzhen Shennan Road business hall, yesterday appeared in the Dragon Boat Show 46,207,600 shipments, and then again out of 132.25 million, after a rough calculation, two days sold a total of about 40 million LeTV Shares, the top ten shareholders of music network, Jiayue Ting, Jia Yuemin, Liu Hong shares have been frozen ...
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(13 day ago) It has been most value investors as "junk" LETV (300104) in the limit for 11 days, today (February 8th) after the opening unexpectedly turned red open up, 5.28/ shares rose to the highest, close to the limit, the turnover rate of more than 26%, the day's closing price of 5.08 yuan / share, compared with the previous trading day rose 5.39%.
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(13 day ago) January 24th, LETV after rehabilitation, the stock turnover has been sluggish. However, it was close to 400 million yuan in the early day of the morning market in February 7th. Today, 213 million shares are banned, accounting for 5.35% of the company's total equity. The restricted shares lifted, in August 2016 three LETV is given by the agency in the post fund, Harvest Fund, CAITONG fund and Sanzhang shares held by Jianping cattle.
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(13 day ago) Liu Zhao and Peng Bo in the first World War? Yesterday 400 million bottom of the fund floated! In fact, yesterday LETV has emerged a large number of transactions, from the early days of yesterday LETV pay into the situation, not more funds to buy a large number of LETV, but the mechanism of induced single case, small and medium-sized retail disk access to the amount of the transaction.
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(13 day ago) However, it is worth noting that, just yesterday, LETV suddenly broke the amount of days of the transaction, all day long turnover of more than 820 thousand hand, turnover of nearly 400 million yuan. If it is still reasonable to lick the blood at the tip of the more than 10 drop - stop, it is ununderstandable that one day before the 200 million limit of the sale of the stock.
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(14 day ago) This is the 11th trading day after it resumed trading. Compared with the market value of 61.2 billion yuan when it was suspended, it has evaporated 42 billion yuan. But today, there is a signal at LeTV: trading volume soars to 822,400 lots with a turnover of 396 million and turnover of 2.93%.
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(14 day ago) On the evening of February 7, LeTV sent out four notices in a circular to clarify matters such as stock price changes, employee stock ownership and extraordinary shareholders' general meetings. LeTV said the company does not violate the provisions of fair information disclosure, there is no major issues that should be disclosed but not disclosed, there are no major issues in the planning stage.
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(14 day ago) In early February 7, 2018, when the music network approached 10, when the volume suddenly appeared, there was a large number of checks. The turnover was 200 million yuan in about 10 minutes. This is the first time that the entertainment network has resumed its licence in January 23, 2018, and it has been sold for 11 consecutive days. The volume before volume has reached over 30 million except for the first day of the resumption, and the transaction volume at the 9 trading days is only about 10 million.
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(14 day ago) On February 7, LeTV dropped its trading price for the 11th consecutive trading day since the resumption of trading. Its share price fell 10.07% to 4.82 yuan. From 9:53 onwards, LeTV net deal put a huge amount, a huge amount of money began to buy bargain-hunting. LeTV currently the latest market capitalization of 19.229 billion yuan, compared with the suspension of 612 billion yuan, the music market 11 trading days the market value has evaporated 41.971 billion yuan.
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(14 day ago) The restricted shares were lifted in August 2016, the three organizations involved in the music network to increase the postal fund, Harvest Fund, the Fund and Niu Sanzhang Jianping shares held. Specifically, China Post Fund and Harvest Fund holdings of 42,657,000 shares, both floating Fukui 730 million yuan, Tradable Fund holdings of 7820 shares, floating deficit of 1.34 billion yuan, 49.767 million shares held by Zhang Jianping, floating Loss of 850 million yuan. The four floating losses totaled 3.65 billion yuan.
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(15 day ago) February 6 News LeTV announcement announced that the lifting of the number of restricted shares of 213,285,936 shares, accounting for 5.35% of the total share capital; the actual tradable shares of 213,285,936 shares, accounting for 5.35% of total share capital.
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(15 day ago) In August 21, 2017, after the division of interest in 2016, the non - publicly issued circulation shares in 2016 were changed to 213285936 shares. At present, the total number of shares of LETV is 3989440192 shares, and the tradable shares are 1180482840 shares, accounting for 29.59% of the total share capital of the company, and 2808957352 shares are sold on the condition of unlimited sale, accounting for 70.41% of the total share capital of the company.
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(15 day ago) February 6 News, LeTV shares today still lower limit to open, since the resumption of trading has been on the 10th limit, the stock fell 9.92%, reported 5.36 yuan. Music Watch currently the latest market value of 21.383 billion yuan, with the suspension of 612 billion compared to the resumption of trading as the 10th trading day, the market value has evaporated 39.817 billion yuan.
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(16 day ago) Troubled Chinese Internet company said they had to pay off 5.62 billion yuan of debt by the end of 2018. The huge debt stems from the financial problems of LeTV, the brother company of WatchTV. (Both companies were founded by Jia Yueting and he resigned as CEO of LeTV last year)
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(16 day ago) On Monday, the stock market fell 10%. The stock has been suspended for 9 months, and it resumed its card in January this year. It has fallen for 9 consecutive days, which has reduced the company's market value by $37 billion 500 million and now is $23 billion 700 million. At the peak of 2015, the net was valued at 153 billion yuan.
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(16 day ago) Music Watch released a notice of performance last week, is expected in 2017 loss of 11.605 billion yuan -11.61 billion yuan.
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(19 day ago) LETV February 2nd evening announcement, the Jia Yueting holds 1 billion 24 million shares, accounting for 25.67% of the total share capital, of which 1 billion 20 million shares have been pledged, risk disposal and related institutions was due to additional collateral in a timely manner, which may lead to the company's actual control people change.
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(19 day ago) For the first time, LeTV Notice mentioned that as of December 31, 2017, the Company had a total of RMB9,288 million of financing loans and loan-type liabilities, of which RMB6,619 million will expire in 2018. If the company's business scale can not be back to a higher level, the line of credit recovery, the company will be further strained cash flow caused the company debt pressure.
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(20 day ago) Anti ecological LETV, create the strongest surface Yukui, this time, let us for the loss of asphyxia. Listing 8 years LETV, in 7 consecutive years to achieve profitability, to break the record yesterday, notice in 2017 to a loss of 11 billion 610 million yuan, equivalent to kuidiao 300 GEM companies in 2016 total profits, 2016 gem run 11.47%, become the 2017 annual report of Yukui wang.
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(20 day ago) News: On the evening of January 31, LeTV released an announcement again emphasizing the risk that the actual controller of the company may change. Announcements, Jiayue Ting holds 1.042 billion shares of the company, accounting for 25.67% of the total share capital, of which 1.02 billion shares have been pledged to financial institutions.
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(21 day ago) On the sixth day of resumption of trading, LeTV (300104.SZ) was still crucified on a daily limit of no limit. The market capitalization of six days has evaporated by nearly 29 billion yuan and the latest share price has slipped to 8.15 yuan. This means that the equity pledge of Jia Youting Explosion at any time.
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(21 day ago) For reasons of the loss, LeTV Notice said that due to continued funding constraints by related parties, liquidity turmoil, public opinion continued to ferment and continue to expand, the company's reputation and credit caused a greater Affected, the company's advertising revenue, terminal revenue and membership revenue and other businesses have shown a more substantial decline.
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